Morning Bits: Tied in the East, Playoffs, Tex coming back.

Good Morning.  We have 3 days to go in the regular season.  The Yankees and B’more are still tied.   The O’s will be up against the Rays while the Yankees have the Red Sox.   On the mound tonight is Sabathia vs. Buchholz.

Enjoy the day now for some links…

Andrew Marchand writes that C.C. needs to pitch like a number one tonight.

Wallace Matthews has the reaction from yesterday’s crazy game.

Bryan Hoch has a bunch of Yankee tidbits including Tex will start tonight and Nunez having a bigger role without Nix.

Hoch also has the updated path to the postseason.

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. Yankees are halfway there. They’re in the play-offs. Now they have to win the AL East to go to the ALDS and to send Baltimore to the WC game.

    • You know Boston would love nothing more than to ruin the Bombers season. I’m sure they will be challenging the Yankees every step of the way.

      Tampa always plays hard so I’m sure they will give the O’s some trouble.

      I’m also interested in the Texas vs Oakland series as Texas is only up 2 games.

  2. If the yankees have to play baltimore an extra game to see who wins the division,, that counts as a regular season game,, and Jeter could use that game to get the batting title, and also surpass 220 hits

  3. Good morning, all you fine outer borough bloggers. Hope this finds you all well. Three games left, on this fine Monday. Maybe, Baltimore will never lose? Maybe, Baltimore is the real thing? Maybe, the Yankees will set a season long record for men left on base?…Too many maybes. Confidence, is an emotion that comes and goes. I’ve been stuck in the middle..the past 6-7 weeks. Don’t they say…what you see, is what you get? We shall see.

  4. Jeter is
    1st in plate appearances
    1st in at bats
    1st in hits – only player in MLB with 200 hits
    5th in AL batting average but only 7 points behind the leader
    8th in AL runs scored but only 5 out of 3rd place
    3rd in the AL times on base
    289 total bases, ,,13 bases out of 10th place in the AL
    16th in AL OBP, only 0.006 out of 11th place
    30th in AL OPS

    Jeter has played in 156 of 159 games, with 155 starts
    365 avg against leftys
    347 avg on the road
    388 average in 25 games as DH, 40 for 103, with 18 runs
    379 avg as 1st batter in lineup in first inning, 53 for 140, with 7 walks
    354 avg leading off any inning
    420 avg on a full count, 34 for 81, with 25 walks, 557 OBP
    313 avg RISP
    327 avg with men on base
    306 avg 2 outs RISP
    429 avg in 7th inning, 30 for 70 with 6 walks and 2 sacrifices, 474 OBP
    42 infiield hits including an infield double
    403 avg against baltimore, 31 for 77 in 18 games, 5 walks and a sacrifice

    Jeter has
    63 multi hit games
    127 games with a hit
    29 hitless games only
    of the 29 hitless games, reached on a walk, hit by pitch, or erron in 16 of those games
    of the reamining 11 hitless games from above, he has a run or rbi in 3 games ,

    Jeter has scored 2 runs in 20 games,, the Yankees are 15-5 in those games
    (never scored more than 2 in a game this season)

    Jeter has scored in 78 games, (half of the 156 played in) for 98 total runs

    Jeter has had at least one run and one rbi in the same game in 35 games

    All this despite Cano having only 4 RBI in the first 27 games , while Jeter had 47 hits, and no Gardner batting 9, Martin batting 200,, and the rest of the back of the lineup seemed like it was home run or nothing, Arod and Teix both out considerable amount of time, and Granderson, despite the 40 homers, is only batting 226 with 64 hitless games, and Cano has played in 100 games where he failed to get an RBI.

    Jeter could have been in serious MVP contention had the rest of the team around him lived up to what it could have been. To what we hoped it would be

    Yet,, the Yankees are still in World Series contention, thanks to Jeter’s efforts this season

  5. The yankees are averaging 8.92 hits per game, that is less than 1 hit per each of the 9 batting spots per game

    Jeter is averaging 1.36 hits per game he played in

    Last season the yankees averaged 8.96 hits per game

    Aside from 2011 and would be 2012 seasons,….. the yankees havnt averaged less than 9.00 hits per game since 1991when they averaged 8.75 hits, 1990 at 8.16 hits, 1987 at 8.92 hits, and 1982 at 8.75 hits

    Jeter has 3301 hits in 2582 games played = 1.2785 hits per games played

    So while Jeter has stepped his game up against his carrer, the rest of the team has failed against the majority of yankees teams over the past 31 seasons.

    Jeter is the true MVP of the yankees

  6. See, if the yankees coulda got more hits,,, and hit more with RISP,.. the coulda knocked pitchers out earlier,, got into bull pens earlier in 3 game series,… giving themselves and Jeter more oppotunities against lesser relif pitching,… which like a avalanche,, woulda led to more hits and more runs,.. and thereby more WINS

    Jeter coulda easily had 120 runs scored this season, with 80 or more RBI,, and even more hits than he has.

    This is what the Yankees used to do in the line up,….. 96-2003,, when they went to 6 world series in 8 seasons

  7. you saw what happened yesterday when the yankees had 15 hits in a game, .. it didnt matter they were down 5-1,.. when the hits came, they scored.

    they only had 1 home run, it was a solo shot,…… the other 14 hits were just hits,…… 2 doubles and 12 singles

    next thing yoiu know the yankees are up 9-5 and winning the game

    a glimpse into the past of 1996-2003

    everyone likes the home run,… and the yankees are close to a team record,….. and you can even win a division with that type of team,…… through the regular season,….. but as we see, it is tight to get it done

    in the playoffs, the teams theyll face will all have decent pitching,……

    if the yankees fail to get hits,….. because they are not built for hits, against the better post season pitching than they face on a whole to the regular season,…… and therefore being even harder to get a home run,…the yankees will be home


  8. If instead of Jeter, you have a different starting shortstop, who is leading off , playing in 158 games, and only getting you 120-130 hits,…. the yankees would be no where near the playoffs right now

  9. This is all a big joke right, Matt S?

    • I have no idea how to explain Jim.

      • He has his thing going and he is carried away by his thing for Jeter! If he is that big a fan of Jeter…hay, what ever flots your boat. He sure can come up with the stats can’t he? Nothing wrong with him being a fan of Jeter at all, he did pick a good one didn’t he?

        • If he was not that good I would not have developed into such a big fan of his.

          No different from being a fan of music, a fan of acting, a fan of writting,.. a fan in sports,… a fan in anything in POP CULTURE.

          If I do not see something as that good, I wont be a big fan of it,…… just like I am noit a big fan of hip-pop music,… I am not a big fan of a hitter batting 190.

          What Jeter has done is like CSNY, of Led Zeppelin, or Eric Clapton, or Mohamed Ali,. or evil kneveval,. or bill rogers,.. or steven king,…..or anything else that is truly great

          People may see other things as great, and not necesaarily the things i see as great

          thats freedom

        • Thanks Ken, for defending Jim. Your analysis showed great understanding and acceptance. You’re a good man.

          • Twasp, in my head, it would be like telling someone led zeppelin sucks,.. lol,.. and while the person saying it may actually not like led zeppelin as a personal preference,…. it wouldnt deter me from being a nig fan.

            I could even say hip -pop sucks,… but if you like it,… you like it,…. does not matter what i say

            everything in popular culture is out there for us to like or dislike,….. and money talks in the end, as far as final analysis in an academic opinion,.. but it should not sway your feelings

            many tv shows are cancelled that i liked,.. but themajority did not like,

            doesnt mean i shouldnt have liked what i liked

            • Yes, Jim, everyone has a right to their own taste. That is basically what Ken OR was saying…..whatever floats your boat. Good advice

              Ken also complimented Jeter…….. Excellent job by the OLD RANGER!

      • He’s Twasp’s alter…

  10. I do not know what the joke is. The other day Ptrick mention cow girl in the sand, and put it out there for someone to say where it came from

    Being a big fan of neil young and csny, I knew that Neil had “coined” that phrase.

    I can not find another reference to it in popular culture.

    If it comes from some obscure literature, I would like to know.

    The song, most experts agree, is about neil young, and his feelings about leaving buffalo springfield to go out on his own.

    His own was short lived, cause csny was formed as a supergroup.

    If there is a “joke” to it that runs through the hisory of this chat room,.. could someone fill me in on it? lol

  11. By the way, if you didnt catch it on the TV the other night,…. Sarurday night ,.. Neil Young played a live concert in Central Park,… the concert whitch neil headlined and was the last act,. was a festrival for world peace and citizenship,.. and was telecast live on Fuse channel on TV.

    I caught it by accident flipping through the channels,…. and Neil Young and his band were amazing,

    and for the last some the foo fighters came out and played rockin in the free world with neil and his bank

    I was blown away how good neuil young still is.

    I dont know how long he played,.. but I saw the last hour of it, and it was all neil.

  12. you mean heart of gold,,,, is that his new band, band of gold?,…. …,…. but lets play a different song,….

  13. TWASP,,… case in point,.. as a child i was told DISCO SUCKS,…. as an adult i learned that wasnt true

    the yankees have to grease the wheels tonight and get a win

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