Morning Bits: Final regular season game, Banuelos having Tommy John, Ibanez & more…

Good morning all.  What a thrilling game last night.  We can go nuts about the lineup from yesterday all day but what is important is the Bombers won.  With a win today the Yankees will have won the division and more importantly have the best record in the American League.   Texas vs Oakland have a day game today which starts at 3:35PM EST.  On the mound in that game is Dempster vs. Griffin.

The Baltimore vs Tampa game starts at 7PM EST.  On the mound in that game is Tillman vs Hellickson.

The Yankee vs Red Sox game starts at 7PM EST as well.  On the mound Matsuzaka vs Kuroda.

Enjoy the full day of baseball.  Now for some links…

Andrew Marchand writes that game 162 is for everything.   Marchand also has 8 notes from last nights game.

– The New York Times writer Zach Schonbrun mentions that the late surging Ibanez shifted the momentum for the Yankees again.

–  Bryan Hoch looks at ten reasons why the Yankees are headed to the playoffs.

Steven Miller has the latest path to the postseason.   Miller also has some tidbits on the team.

Brendan Puty looks into Kuroda’s final regular season start.  Puty also writes that Gardner is in the mix for a playoff roster spot.

– Bad news for Banuelos as he is going to need Tommy John surgery writes Mark Feinsand of the Daily News.

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About Matthew S.

Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. Orioles have to pitch Tillman today

  2. If the yasnkees lose and oakland and baltimore win,, — the three teams are tied for best record,….. and even though Oakland on face value may have the tie breaker against the yankees, it will not come into play,..
    because the yankees play the baltimore in an extra game,, and by virtue of that game,,by one extra win , a 1/2 game,, that team gets the number one seed,..

    is this correct?

  3. that would be weird,.. cause oakland plays at 4 oclock today,.. if they win….

    that would mean if the yankees and baltimore loses,.. the a’s get the best record,…..i think

    i guess it is not as complicated as im making it out to be

    if the yankees win, they have best record

    if the yankees lose, they can still get best record in a few different ways

  4. will jeter reach 3500 hits by end of next season?, possibly passing tris speaker with 212 hits at 3115 total?
    then jeter would be 5th place all time — only rose, cobb, arron, and musial in front of him

    no one may ever reach 3500 hits again aside from jeter,…… unless somehow arod plays the next 5 seasons and somehow manages to average 121 hits a season for 5 more seasons,….he is 601 hits away now

    i dont think arod can do it,……

    the l;ast 4 seasons arod had hits of 127, 141, 103, 124

    an avg of 123.75 hits per season

    i guess it is possible,.. thats why i am thinking about it

  5. Truth be told the season still comes down to can the yankees pitch enough and hit enough Home Runs

    Go Yankees

  6. jeter has 3303 hits and 1858 runs

    if jeter plays 6 more seasons he needs to average—159 hits a season to reach 4257

    and 73 runs a season to reach 2296

    i predict—– jeter will reach both those marks, breaking both the records, on the same day

    August 29, 2018—- and both the marks will be broken on the same swing of the bat—– a home run

    and the fans will go crazy,

    and mlb will stop the game for a half hour so everyone can relish the moment,.. maybe even present jeter with an award

    and from that moment on, jeter will be known as the king of baseball

    he can then retire at age 44,……. and have the rest of hgis life to enjoy being king, or whatever else he wants to do

    he will still have probably at least another 44 years ahead of him,.. as he is in great shape and takes care of himself

    he can manage, he can own a team, he can be a special advisor,.. he can become a business man like magic johnson,…he can announce games, he can sit on his own tropical island somewhere swimming and relaxing

    whatever he wants to do

    but first things first

    4257 and 2296 are the priority,.. and by getting it will also help the yankees win a lot of games along the way

    • Jim2244…
      The words Cause and Effect mean anything to you? The reason I ask is, singles hitters are like HR hitters, in as much as, it is when the hit or HR is made that counts more (for the team) than how many.
      Example; Rocky Colavito was one of the big HR hitters for a while, a few years ago, the bad part of him was, he hit HRs when they weren’t needed. Same as a BA type hitter, if the team is winning 10 to 0, what good does the hit do…for the team, production wise?
      In other words, it is fantastic jeter and Itchy are getting hits…I think that goes without saying…but, a team guy wouldn’t be very happy getting 3 hits with none of his hits helping the team win. Let the same players git on base with an error and then get driven in by one of the other guys to help win the game and they are happy.
      Thus we have Cause and Effect….Hit by lead-of-hitter, bunt by the next batter, BB on another and another hit and the winning run is in! Now one has the C&E….Lead-off hit (Cause) final hit (Effect)!

      No reason for this, just something to do, it’s raining around here.
      Have a good day Jim2244! :)

      • the more hits you get, the more pitches the pitcher throws,.. the more pitchers the other team has to use,.. it is a sxelf perpetuating avalanche in a series

        by the 3 rd you may be seing the same long relief for the 3rd day in a row,.. and that also helps hitters

        i dont understand if you are against me or not—– but i think i have a good sense of what i am saying about hits,.. hits lead to more plate appearances, and therefore more chances for the power hitters

        thats how the yankees went to 6 world series in 8 years 1996-2003

        i saw it with my very eyes

      • i dont see what fanticizing about jeter breaking pete rose and ricky henderson, on the same swing of the bat on august 29, 2018,…. has anything to do wih what you wrote. lol

  7. most seasons with 84+ runs scored
    hank arron —- 18
    barry bonds—18
    derek jeter –17
    ricky henderson– 16
    ty cobb–16
    mel ott—-15
    frank ronbinson–13
    eddie collins—13
    ted williams—11
    cap anson—8 plus 1 from pre mlb

    those are from the current top 20 all time runs scored players

    it is a list of who’s who in baseball from baseballs very beginings to present day

    i should continue the list down the list,…… see what maybe the top 50 did in seasons of 84+ runs scored

  8. most seasons with 150+ hits – from 28 players on the 3000 hits list

    Jeter —17

  9. jeter just needs 2 more seasons of 84 plus runs scored and 150 plus hits scored,.. to have the most seasons of each by any player 1877-present, to be standing alone, ABOVE ALL OTHER PLAYERS THAT EVER PLAYED MLB BASEBALL

    rose, jeter, and arron are the only players with 17+ seasons of both 150 hits and 84 runs

    AND IF JETER DOES IT IN THE NEXT 2 SEASONS,….. he will have 19 seasons of each,.. and all in the same seasons, and all in a row, 19 in a row

    just another tidbit for those of you who dont think jeter will one day be considered the best of all time

  10. something real bad would have to happen for jeter to not get 100% of the hall of fame vote on the first ballot,… that is just my opinion.

    it is not clear to me,.. butr especially for the nfl,.. some writers do not vote for a hall of famer on the first ballot, no matter what

    the BBWAA should do the right thing and give jeter 100% of the vote

    by the time jeter is finished, after 6 more seasons,…. as the all trime leader in hits and runs,…… as well as holding many more marks that one would put together through stats—-
    it should surely be clear derek jeter is the best of all time

  11. if you really think about all the great players that ever played the game ,… loook at the lists,….especially on hits and runs,……. and expand the lists to include the top 50 or top 100 hits leaders, and runs leaders of all time

    and seriously study the lists,….

    what jeter has done and is doing, and will do, ,…… no one ever has done

    back in what they call the dead ball era,. or whatever, even if you go 1877-1939—– you had hitters batting 390, 400 ,… all the time,…… crazy numbers

    i dont see how that say that was the era of pitching,……. in fact, I SEE IT AS THE ERA OF HITTING

    If i expanded the list of players with 150 plus hit seasons i made above,.. you’ll see a ton of guys pop up that played 1877-1939 , a l,ot of old timers were stopping shoret of 3000 hits,… anywhere betweenm 2500-3000,.. that simply had amazing hall of fame careers,……

    it is way harder, in my fan opinion, to get a hit in todays game

    pitching is so good, ever getting better across mlb,…… because the players are better scouted today,.. are more in tune with conditioning and health,… take care of themselves better,…. and there are more teams, 30,… and these teams are able to identiufy the best pitchers in the world in highschool, college, minors, foreign, and independant,…..

    and they use the bull pens now to hold teams down ,…. as early as even the 5th inning,….

    and they come in throwing 90 plus mph,.. and usually have a 2nd pitch, either a changeup, a slider, or a curve,— and have mastered it, to be in the majors

    all this makes what jeter is doing even more impressive

  12. I agree Jim, with today’s pitching specialists and the evolution of pitching mechanics , it’s much harder to hit the ball today. practically everyone throws 95 nowadays……before only one or two guys on each team did.

  13. most seasons with 150+ hits – from the top 50 current all time hits leaders—— total hits from 2774 – 4256

    20 of the top 50 all time hits leaders played their entire career prior to 1950,..
    29 player played their entire career 1950 or later
    and 1 player played seasons both before and after 1950– stan musial

    boggs, clemente, burkett (16 seasons) sisler (15 seasons), and jeter are the only players in the top 50 nlist that played games in less than 19 seasons

    37 of the 50 players played games in 20 or more seasons

    putting jeter up on this list,.. thtis high as he is,.. in only really 17 seasons ( but played in 15 games in 1995, as a caqll up in season for injury, and later in september)
    shows that what Jeter has done,, stands up against any era,, all time,, 1877-present,

    and not only stands up to it,.. but by the time he is finished,.. will be standing alone at the TOP, AS THE KING OF BASEBALL

    Jeter —17

    sam crawford—-14
    george sisler—–14

    sam rice—13
    franky frisch—-13
    jessee burkett—–13
    jake beckley—12
    al simmons—12

    mel ott—-12
    charlie gehringer—–12
    zack wheat—-11
    babe ruth—–11
    brooks robinson—–11

    omar vizquel—–10
    andre dawson—–10
    frank roninson—9
    griffey jr——8
    barry bonds—7

  14. I would like to know, how many ball players died in WW2. It is strange that only 1 player in the top 50 all time hits list played at least even 1 season in the 1940′s.and at least 1 season in the 1950′s

    by 1942 a lot of players were going to war,….. thus missing time in the majors,.. as well as 18-22 year old kids went to war that didnbt get their shot in the majors ,… and died in the war

    what this does in an academic sense,….. it makes a clear line in the sand, pre 1950 and post 1950 MLB

    then of course you have the change from 154 to 162 games,…… in the early 60′s,…

    but that 8 game change , along with the lowering of the pitching mound ,…… only made up for the difference in ever increasing better pitching.

    those guys that were hitting 400 , high 300′s, in the early days, were getting meat pitches to hit

    and remember their were a lot less teams back them,… like in 1906, their were only 16 teams in all of MLB.

    so a lot less players than today,…

    for the old timers to hold 40% of the top 50 hits list says alot about my argument for lesser pitching in the old days of the game

    anyone have any insiught, or a place i can go, to get serious info on the effect of WW2, towards potential mlb players?

  15. if we dare to go down the liost further 51st place to 100th place, top hit leaders all time,….. we are still going to get a bunch of old timers,….. and see where they place on the most seasons with 150 plus hits,…. ted williams played 19 seasons but only had 10 seasons of 150 plus hits.

    but i want to look more closely at the popular thought that rivckey henderson is the all time best leadoiff hitter

    henderson has only 6 seasons of 150 plus hits

    however, henderson had 2190 walks, lol,..he is 2nd in all time walks to barry bonds at 2558

    as bonds, a good portion of hendersons carrer was played during the time the strike zone was so big, you could drive a mack truck through it, lol

    pitches were being called strikes that were a good 8-12 inches off the plate– remember tha?t,… ever watch the games on tbs back in the day?

    how the heck henderson worked so many walks i have no idea

    and why the heck would you walk henderson to get on,.. when he is going to srteal 2nd base, lol

    henderson was a phenonenon,.. that is hard to explain considering the strike zone he played in

    hits wise, henderson was not the best leadoff hitter,….. but when you throw in the 2190 walks and 1406 stolen bases,…. now you can see where people are getting that from

    and henderson hit 297 homers, 510 doubles, 66 tripples,……..

    jeter has 255 homeruns, 524 doubles, 65 tripples, in only 17 seasons,.. henderson played in 25 seasons

    so while jeter will be over 1000 stolen bases behind henderson, and wind up maybe 600,700 walks behind henderson when all is said and done,…. JETER WILL HAVE MORE THAN 1000 HITS THAN HENDERSON, A LOT MORE RBIS,.. AND PROBABLY GET HENDERSON IN RUNS

    although jeter played a lot of games from the 2 hole,…….for entertainment purposes i am considering jeters carrer as a leadoff hitter

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