Yankees 2012 ALDS Roster

Here is your 2012 Yankees ALDS roster!

62 Joba Chamberlain
65 Phil Hughes
18 Hiroki Kuroda
48 Boone Logan
34 Derek Lowe
46 Andy Pettitte
41 David Phelps
39 Clay Rapada
30 David Robertson
52 CC Sabathia
29 Rafael Soriano

55 Russell Martin
19 Chris Stewart

24 Robinson Cano
12 Eric Chavez
2 Derek Jeter
17 Jayson Nix
26 Eduardo Nunez
13 Alex Rodriguez
25 Mark Teixeira

11 Brett Gardner
14 Curtis Granderson
27 Raul Ibanez
31 Ichiro Suzuki
33 Nick Swisher

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About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. This roster dictates how the Yankees will play. I expect them to lose the series to the O’s. Buck with out manage dipshit.

  2. Free Hankies -who do you think should be on the playoff rooster instead?

    • The roster says to me that they will play their normal lineup swapping different guys into the DH spot per AB. This will allow Buck to easily counter Joe Dipstick.

  3. I like how Phelps was chosen over Garcia. A no brainer move but ya never know with Girardi.

  4. Personally I wish Phelps was starting so no I don’t have any issue with Nova not making the team. Eppley got screwed IMO as Nix will likely never play as he’ll only be insurance.

  5. Exactly…….Phelps has been awesome….he can start in the playoffs. Nix is redundant with Nunez. Eppley should be on the roster the way Hee Haw changes pitchers.

  6. More predictions……lets see what you all got. What is the starting lineup tonight. Let’s see who gets it right and who get’s it wrong.

  7. Jeter

  8. To put the ARod debate to bed, there is NO WAY Girardi will bench ARod tonight vs Hammel. He’ll look at ARod’s 8 for 22 with 4 HRs career #s vs Hammel and have him hitting 3rd again. Even though almost ALL of that damage was done from 2006-2008 and Hammel and ARod are entirely different players today. Alex was 2 for 7 with 0 HRs this season and before that he hadn’t faced him since 2008.

    • So the point is the same as Saunders, only this years stats count, unless they pretain to Yanks poor play in past series.

      • Not only this year’s. But when you start going 4, 5+ years ago, they are meaningless. Do you care that ARod hit Hammel well from 2006 to 2008? ARod isn’t even half the player he was back then and Hammel is much better now.

  9. The debate was never about WOULD Girardi bench Arod…….of course he won’t. The debate was SHOULD he bench Alex.

    Free hankies and TWASP think he should (either for Ibanez or Chavez).

  10. Co Co Crisp just missed judged a ball by Cabrera, closed his eyes and cost the A’s big in game two. He’s no Willie Mays.

  11. Reddick goes yard, Cherrington should be fired before he desimates the Sox.

    • true, Cherington’s made some bad moves. He gave away 3 young regular starting players in Lowrie, Reddick & Moss for a couple of questionable relief pitchers. He’ll have a chance to redeem himself this season depending on how he spends all of the money he was able to dump on L.A.

  12. Cespedes is some talent. Singled, stole 2nd and 3rd and scores tying run on WP. For a player with his power to be able to run like that is impressive. And Reddick hits the go-ahead HR. Benoit got ripped by Cano and the Yanks last yr.

  13. Last year Tigers 72-0 when leading after 7, this year 72-7, 0-1 today, priceless!

  14. Cook gets the huge K with runners on 2nd and 3rd and 1 out then gives it away with a WP. Same way OAK scored the tying run.

    On a side note….does it seem that like 75% of the players in the playoffs NOT on the Yankees have beards????

  15. I don’t get why the Yankees can’t hit Verlander. So he throws high nineties…..who cares? Just cheat, start your swing earlier, and pound the ball.

  16. Delia….when TWASP played ball he would adjust to the pitcher by taking a few pitches until he saw the fastball. Then when the next fastball came I had it timed. I’d step up a a fraction of a section earlier , keeping my hands back and lace the ball all over the field. Verlander would be just another victim.

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