Morning Bits: Pettitte, Nunez & Jeter, Should A-Rod be moved? & more

Sticking with the old mug for good luck

Good morning all.  The series is now tied at 1-1.   Pettitte pitched pretty well but the bats did nothing to back him up.  Today is an off day as the series moves to the Bronx tomorrow with Kuroda on the mound.

Let’s get right to the links….

Marchand writes it’s not all about A-Rod as both Nunez and Jeter struck out yesterday with the bases loaded.

Wallace Matthews mentions blame the bats again for the Yankees.

Girardi mentioned after the game that he has no plans to move A-rod in the order.

Mike Bauman writes that the Yankees have a fine line between experience, age.

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. A-rod has to be moved down for game 3 right?

    • You go with what got you there, line up stays in tack. WFAN did a survey yesterday and the majority of the fans thought he should stay in tack. Only 6% thought he should be benched. Some people on this site always complain about everything, they sound like the women in the teacher’s faculty room at lunchtime. This team played their best ball all year with A-Rod in the middle of the line-up, ten games up when he got injured and much better when he came back from injury. Good pitching beats good hitting, the middle of the O’s line-up hasn’t done so well either. The Yanks left 10 men on base last night, not all by A-Rod. I like the Yanks chances the rest of the way with A-Rod in the line-up

      • Go with what got you there? Doug, what season were you watching? ARod has been brutal against RHP ALL season long. If you go with what got you there, it’s Eric Chavez vs RHP!

        Of the 9 regulars in the lineup, only Russel martin had an OVERALL OPS lower than ARod’s .783 this year. He batted 3rd or 4th over 122 games and had a mere 57 RBI! He’s been terrible all year and even more lost since coming off the DL.

        Vs RHP, you mean to tell me that ARod out-performed Chavez this year?
        Chavez .298 – 16 HRs – 34 RBI in 245 Abs .365 OBP / .543 SLG / .908 OPS
        A. Rod .256 – 10 HRs – 33 RBI in 317 Abs .326 OBP / .391 SLG / .717 OPS

        Outside of Cano, Chavez has been the team’s BEST hitter vs RHP all season. He HAS to play. If you don’t see the stats right in front of you, use your eyes when watching the games. Does ARod look comfortable vs RHP? Has he even had 1 good swing vs RHP lately? He’s constantly jammed and even when they make a mistake he does nothing with it.

        The ONLY reason ARod is playing over Chavez is his reputation but he hasn’t been the big ARod in years. PLAY THE BEST PLAYER!!!

        • fishjam, I have to eat crow on this one, not only were your stats spot on, I’m just glad Girardi dicided to make the move. A-Rod isn’t playing as well right now as he was before the injury.

    • I have to agree with Doug. Matt S. their are just no other options that would be worth the distraction it would bring. It didnt do anything but create a distraction when Torre did it Who are you batting 3rd? Tex? No, no speed and I want the hot switch hitter protecting Cano. Swish, Grandy? Lol. If A-Rod’s hit in the 1st goes through we win the game and not having this discussion.

  2. Pitch enough—–check

    Homer enough—–0

    Nuff said

    Go Yankees

  3. AndrewMarchand (Beat Writer / Columnist) Yanks have canceled press conferences at Stadium because of travel issues.

    The real reason they can’t handle anymore Arod questions! Bleeping cowards!

    • Jeter and Nunez both gagged it up with the bases loaded last night. The Captains errors last night may not have led to runs but you can’t extend innings in the PS. More work for your pitcher es no bueno. Teix muffed a play and Cano let’s a grounder get past for what ends up the winning run. Yuck.
      Sloppy play around the DS games; they need to tighten up and stop looking like little league teams.

  4. Jimmy, it seems like all the teams in the playoffs are making errors, the defense and baserunning have been sub par for most teams in the playoffs.

  5. Jones and Wieters are a combined 2-23. I wonder how many people in Baltimore are screaming for their demotion in the lineup lol.

    • But did either of them K’d five times against right handed pitching in the first 2 games after putting up a season OPS of .717 against them?

      There were so many things wrong about how last night’s game was managed and played. The Yankees deserved to lose and did.

      • Bingo. It isn’t about him going 1 for 9 in 2 games. It’s the fact that he has struggled all year long vs RHP, has been even more dreadful since coming off the DL and you have a STUD 3B who rakes against RHP on the bench.

        ARod is getting beat on average Fastballs, continually gets tied up on pitches on his hands and is being challenged by oppossing pitchers so his Walks are nullified. Let him hit 4th vs LHP, sit him down vs RHP.

  6. Are either of them making $30mand getting HGHmassages from Cameron Diaz?

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