Spanning the Yankee Blogs: A-Rod, Wade, Ichiro & more..

* An A-blog for A-Rod takes a look at the postseason batting order and A-Rod.

* Bleeding Yankee Blue mentions that Corey Wade was DFA’D.

* It’s about the Money Stupid has a great screen grab motion of Ichiro doing the impossible.

* Pinstripe Alley looks into yesterday game if the Yankees lost it or did Chen take it.

* River Ave Blues mentions that Pettitte hints at a 2013 return.

* The Captain’s Blog looks into how to change the infield fly rule.

* The Yankee Analysts ask the question should Gardner be starting?

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About Matthew S.

Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. First Arizona Fall League game is starting soon – David Adams playing third, Austin Romine catching and Slade Heathcott is the DH! Team is the Scottsdale Scorpions!



    • Tex only has 2 games under his belt since the injury, and he’s running like a truck you can’t have him batting 3rd.

  3. Excellent lineup Jim, if you weren’t the next David Berkowitz, you could be the next Billy. Martin.p

  4. With Miguel Gonzalez on the mound, I’d go as follows:

    Jeter, Ichiro, Cano, Chavez,Tex,Swish,Grandy,Martin,Ibanez

    When Buck goes to the LHP out of the pen, you bring ARod in. It just makes ZERO sense to not be playing the guy who was your 2nd best hitter all year vs RHP.

    • Fish…I believe a better way would be…

      Ichiro, Jeter, Chavez, Cano, Granderson, Teixeira, Ibanez, Swisher, Martin

      Chavez and Alex in a full platoon.
      I want to see if I can get Granderson going so put him in front of Tex who is hitting. If Curtis gets on I don’t want his speed negated by Tex being on in front of him.

      Sadly Gardner can’t start or they will not start him. I wish Dickerson made the team as he could have been another option to start in the outfield without sacrificing defense.

      Nix will likely never see the field or get an AB but he was pretty clutch this year coming off the bench to get a hit.


    • Alex is not walking away from a potential 34 million season next year.

      • Free Hankies…good evening. First time for us, I think. Question for you…why are you so rude, and abrasive to other posters? Read your own words……….it goes on all daylong.

        • Go away…I find all that you are offensive as well. Cowgirls is offensive to all. Urban bloggers is offensive to all. Your comments are offensive to all as most have nothing to do with baseball.

          I may be blunt so take it for what it’s worth. If I respect your opinion I tend to be more pleasant but in your case there’s very little I find enjoyable. I am honest in my thoughts on game and try to be accurate when it come to stats I put out.

          If you’re passionate about the game you tend to be a bit on the confrontational side especially when others do not act intelligently. I tend to test people’s opinion and most fail miserably. I like good opinion and like to hash things out.

          Here is an example…Jim thought that the luxury tax threshold next year was 189 when it’s 178. It takes 2 seconds on Google to find this out so why not look first? You write this stupidity “How many?…..ten left on base, again! Joe Girardi’s fault?,,,,,,,,,,,,,get real.” The job of a manager is to put players in position to succeed but did our Idiot do this? NO! There were plenty of things that could of been done last night and he did none of them. He failed the team and all who watched game rooting for the Yankees. So what do you come with? Do you really think your comment would be well received? It was clownish and inappropriate especially when everyone is complaining about him. Should he have pinch run for Tex? Should Swish have hit off of Matusz when he is 1 for 19 against him? Should Granderson have moved in a 15 feet in CF with Andino up? There was a lot to call Girardi on and you write that?

  6. Tommy Twasp…..good evening. I try, but you know more, so………….how many years are left on A-Rods contract? More than one?…..( I know ) because this is only going to get worse. Picture this in two more years!……..”the fans are cascading onto the field, with long knifes..”we want Ramiro Pena!” Manager Girardi, may not be able to save him. Much like the arab spring, our own Yankee arabian nights summer. Jesus!……………..I agree with others, it’s Eric Chavez time. Alex, has shown his cards, and his game may be over. I like Alex a lot, but this is bigger than he. Fifty Cents plays Alex, in the movie…”Third base, or Hoboken”. Fifty…”Coach, Joe,…I can not cut the cheese any more, put me on the pines.”..Brilliant.

    • Unfortunately we are stuck with Arod through 2017 and he’ll be making $30mper including bonuse. Hes worth about half of that now and it will become worse as his hitting continues to deteriorate.

      • twasp, it’s not your money why do you care, I never begruge a man of his money.You would have taken the money if it was you! The A’s are tough at home and can sweep at home. They did it to the Yanks and Texas this year. The Tighers front office has to be commended for asssemblying a great pitching staff the last few years. Picking up Anibal Sanchez this year as a #4 pitcher, Fister as a #2 last year, and Scherzer as a #3 the year before. Eight time gold glove winner, Scott Rolen makes an error on an easy play in the 10th, and Cincy loses. How Random!

        • As a side note Terry Bradshaw said today that he made 300 thousand for his career in the NFL, not one year, but for all ten years with the Steelers.

        • Tommy Gun is a Socialist, he thinks we should share the money.
          A-Rods last contract was way more than he should have gotten but, who would have set there and refused the offer made by dumb and dumber?

  7. jim22234/444…good evening. You’re the fastest rising guy at the site, why not a Gravatar? Some say as David Berkowitz…holding a fungo bat. I think perhaps, as Gallagher…smashing a watermelon, or Joe Girardi’s line-up card! Become the superstar you were born to be! Enjoy your work. Funny.


    • James22….why not? You are funny, creative, and deceptive. All it is, is a logo…but it will give you instant gravitas! I used two others, before happily finding this……..”patrick”. ( from an 1890′ painting.) Jim, come out from that darkened closet! Give them something special.



    “17,941 players have played all-time. Of those, 8,674 pitched. I can’t easily say how many pitched and played a position, though.”

    Jeter has more hits than 17,931 people

    • NO,NO,NO!!!…………if you go on with that stuff, I’m out of here. That’s nuts, and you know it. I’m serious…if that’s what you want….those numbers from the Willowbrook Mental Ctr., then the floor is yours.

    • I’ll buy that Jim2244 but, how about these numbers; Out of 17941 players, A-Rod has;
      More HR’s than 17,936 of them, more X-tra base hits than 17932, more RBI’s than 17934 of them, also has 1 batting title and 3 MVP’s.
      I am not trying to knock Jeter or anyone, just trying to show you numbers are what they are. Numbers can be shown for good/bad points but the bottom line is players are never great in all aspects of the game, Jeter is what he is and other players are what they are.
      We all know Jeter has been a good player but, he is not the only good player on the team, that is why it is called a team…more than one!
      Keep going Jim, you doing good!

  11. “A-Rod is all done and will be a drag on the team for the next few years!”

    Says Who? A few fair weather fans? I don’t know if it will be next year or 2014 but, if he can’t get his numbers up to an acceptable avg. I would expect him to walk away from his contract.

    If you don’t like A-Rod, that is your business, and many things have been written of him that are not true.
    I think he has more self respect than to hang on for money.

    Unless these last couple years are an aberration, I don’t see him playing beyond 2013-14.

    • A-Rod was playing his best ball when he got hit by King Felix, the last few years he has come into the playoffs off a injury. Top players are expected to be in top form all the time which just is not possible. Both Tex and A-Rod are in this postion, others like Gardner just don’t play!

      • doug…I mentioned that hands and legs are very important to a players ability to hit. Both Tex and A-Rod have had injuries that greatly affect the way they hit. If one has bad hands, he can no longer count on them to give him the quickness or power he needs…about the same with ones legs.

        • The Yanks are in a conundrum with these 2 players, they are star players who aren’t at their maximum. It’s not an easy situation for coach. As I said before, It is time for Cano and Grandy to win these games, not the older players who are coming off injury.

  12. 17,931 peoiple have played in mlb, and Romney hates 47% of them

    • jimmy…knock off that 17,931 junk. It’s dumb,worn out, people click away from it, and you know it The trick is to keep the act going. Kinda, like finding that second hit song……Ken OR…good evening. 100% with you on Alex…Don’t be a stranger.

      • wjhats the jumk,, do you have a different number? if it is noit the correct number,, im sure its pretty close give or take 1000 no?

        thats what they guy rhat works there sent me

    • I’m surprised i haven’t seen Howdy Doody’s face on this site, he’s getting to be like Mao. naming a health care program after himself, and I can’t get him off the TV or my cumputer.

  13. Jim2244…
    If you must repeat talking points of your party, just take it elsewhere, incase you haven’t noticed…this is a sports blog.
    Never discuss religion or politics, words of wisdom from many people!

  14. only when the yankees wanted a new stadium, who did they come to, the tax ppayers,, eventhough they make money hand over fist as the same people say on here too

  15. Jim – that is an interesting statistic 17,931 have played MLB. Ever.

    That means if 30 or s0 hit 3,000 hits that is around 2%. JETER is amazing.

  16. Co Co Crisp made one of the best catchers I have ever seen tonight robbing Fielder of a homerun. Balfour is the Mad Aussie on the mound.

    • That was an amazing catch just the saw highlight. Both good games. Yesterday on the mound for the Giants pitcher Vogelsong went to the same University as me. We shared a couple of classes. He was very down to earth. I always root for him to do well. He has had a long journey to make it where he is today.

  17. As I always say, good pitching stops good hitting, all the pitchers shut down the offenses tonight! 2-1 and 2-0. I wonder how those line-ups looked?

    • doug…
      That is a very old axiom of baseball…and true! A lot of fans would disagree with that statement, for many reasons! When one shows them the power house teams of Texas and Clev. they always have a comeback…not a good one but, they try.

      • old yankee, another one I like is, your only as good as your next day pitcher. Being an old player and coach I always felt on the opposite side of the writers and fans. For example I have never Boo’d in my life. I can’t understand people cutting down their own players, i was always taught in my Sports Psych classes in college that their should be five positives for every negitive. That’s why I fight on this site for the players. The writers only want a story, you know they only want to write about something bad. The fans feel it’s their rite of passage to curse and boo at players. I never understood that mentality. After coaching 3 sports for 35 years, I quess I’m just a sports junkie. Co Co Crisp is 1-1 in the playoffs, one dropped ball, and the best catch of the year all in one week, how random. So that still means A-Rod has a chance to be a hero!

        • doug…
          OK, I’ll go along with most of that, it makes sense! I am accused of being a hater of one of our best players…not so! Also, I am a A-Rod lover…not so!
          I just got tiered of fans making accusations against players be cause of something they did in their younger days because of a faults sense of security. Everyone (almost) on the team was doing it so the pressure got to him. Ok, I don’t understand it myself but, that is the way some think!
          I have lived through some of the crap A-Rod puts up with.
          He is too small, he is a bad sport, he plays dirty, he is to mean. All is true but, I didn’t need the drugs to get a full ride to college in football. I played and coached (when possible) for about 60 years.
          I don’t believe in excuses, or not following orders (PC it is, request). I don’t believe in star players, everyone is a star, or they wouldn’t be playing. You do your job or are replaced, unless there is an injury problem. I do believe in reasons but, not excuses!
          In other words; do your job and work hard and the Junk Yard Dog will always have your back!
          Very simple. lol

          • old yankee, A-Rods stats are very similar to Mantle’s stats at the end of his career, the only difference is A-Rod is healthy now I think, so let’s just let it play out. A-Rod is a big boy, I don’t think it bothers him. He has been dealing with this his whole career because he is a lightning rod.

            • I agree 100% doug.
              I hope A-Rod is heathy right now, although, after a broken hand…who knows if it is 100%?
              It wouldn’t surprise me if he goes either way, down or up for the play-offs and next year.
              As you say, we will see.

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