Morning Bits: ALCS, C.C., Tigers, Pettitte & more…

Sticking with the old mug for good luck

Good morning everyone! Yankees eliminated the Baltimore Orioles last night and will now compete in a 2011 ALDS rematch with the Detroit Tigers. Tonight it will be Andy Pettitte taking the hill vs. Doug Fister of the Tigers. Here are your morning links!

Marchand looks at the top 5 things heading into today’s series.

Wallace Matthews has the rapid reaction to last night’s game.

– (This article should get most of you going) Mike Bauman writes Stellar pitching and Girardi’s shrewd moves lift the Yankees.

Steven Miller writes that the Yankes have little time to celebrate with the Tigers game today.

–  If you are looking for tickets to the game TIQIQ has plenty left.  Click here.

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Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Great win for the Yanks but lets face it it was all about CC ,he carried this terrible lineup which was poorly managed to victory.
    Jeter once again proved why he is one of the top 5 Yankees of all time and the top ss in the history of the game.
    I don’t think most fans realize what they are watching when they see Jeter playing the game at a level few have ever achieved.
    Everyone’s making excuses for why Arod can’t do this or can’t do that ,his hip, his wrist ,his steroids its pathetic,the guy is playing baseball not football or boxing.Jeter has been hurt half the year and he still produces.If Arod is that hurt get off the field and to be honest the guy should retire.
    Raul Ibanez wow what can I say?

  2. The play Jeter made in the 8th inning 2 outs bases loaded game on the line is why ,
    U CAN THROW OUT ALL THOSE FIELDING METRICS,They mean nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The game is played on the field not a computer and all you need is your eyes if you know what your looking at.Trust your eyes a very famous old baseball guy once told me,best advice i ever got in the game of baseball.
    That slow roller had a very high degree of dificulty due to the situation,and Jeter made it look easy on a bad wheel to boot.That was the 2nd biggest play after Rauls amazing 2 hr performance,but if Jete doesnt make that play Raul’s hrs go for nothing because Yanks would have lost that game IMHO.

    • I agree….the play of the game, made by the best player in baseball. A Rod would have thrown it away in that situation but in a similar game on a hot night in June would have made it look easy and made web gems.

      • ARod’s postseason fielding has never been an issue. Have no idea what this means.

        • It means Jeter is 10 times the player A Rod is…period. If it came down to a tough play to save the game, A Rod would have probably botched it up.

          Hey, A Rod is running at Belmont today. Hunch play? I think hes a new gelding too!

          • This is a bit harsh? I call Girardi a eunuch but Alex is still more then a lousy gelding at Belmont today.

          • Thats bull. A-Rod is 10 times the fielder Jeter is at this point in their careers. The only reason the Yankees were in that position to begin with was Jeter’s range of a 5 year old.

            • Matt B u have the wrong logo ,it should say U hate the Yanks,A true Yankee fan could never hate one of the top 5 players to ever wear the pinstripes!!!!!!!!!!
              If u think AROD is that much better than Jeter fielding there can only be 2 explanations.
              1-Your just trying to stir the pot with rediculous statements.
              2- You know nothing about Baseball.

          • Tim, others have said otherwise but, fans have a habit of not seeing the times the ball gets through on the left side because Jeter can’t get to it.
            In five games he has 4 real errors (only three were called) and one ball he waved at and another he went back on and never reached. so let’s be honest here. Compare MLB career numbers of Jeter and A-Rod, then say Jeter is the better player. One can even check out the defensive numbers from this year. One must remember, to be one of the great players one must play both sides of the ball…most of the numbers talked about are Jeters hitting but not his fielding.
            Jeter is the best SS the Yankees have ever had, no question about it and a HoF player.
            Jeter wasn’t playing hurt all year, A-Rod wasn’t playing hurt all year either.

    • The problem is unless you’ve played SS you don’t realize how tough that play is because Jeter makes it look so easy. Charging that fast, timing the bounce, transitioning from the glove to the hand and making and accurate throw…….Jeter makes it look PRICELESS!

      Maybe Matt B never played baseball ( no offense Matt B)

  3. pitch enough………..check —-CC does his job

    Homer enough……..check —-with CC 1 was enough

    Next up Tigers, my home town team—Go Yankees

    • John your enough posts are one of my all time favorites.I’m going to add 1 .
      clutch enough ……… check — Jeter

    • The big Cats are going to be hard for the Yanks to handle.Yanks will need contribution from more than just CC,JETE,RAUL to beat this power house team.
      Lets face it the O’S are not a top talented team ,i told Fish that the O’s were the weakest team to make the playoffs in the last 20 years.
      Yanks will have to step up their game to move on.

      • Yes that play where Jeter charged the ball was great, but why fail to mention the one before that where once again he fails to range more than six feet to his right?
        I know it’s blasphemy to bring it up, but there’s two dozen other shortstops in baseball that make that play. Jeter makes up for *some* of those lack-of-range plays with his offense, but to pretend that stuff never happens is homerism at it’s best.
        Great game by not-an-ace CC and hopefully those bats wake the hell up for the ALCS.

      • I would hope the Yanks are smarter than they have been in the past and pitch around Cabrea. That is one of the keys for the Yanks in this series. I think the pitching will continue to be dominant due to the cooler weather. Sometimes it’s not how they look on paper, but how they play again’st each other. The Yanks look to have the advantage in defense and relief pitching. The Tigers really have under achieved this year only winning 88 games. There starting pitching is good, but their defense is weaker than it has been in past years.

        • Right on the money

          • BP. – seems like old times on iYankees……we just gotta get Ken to stop hatin’ on the Captain…… :-)

            • What is this Tommy Gun? You hate A-Rod with supposition, innuendos and storys from the so called, “someone said”!
              When have I lied about Jeter? I have admitted to my hitting mistake. But, I have been right on the other things and you know it. Saying the truth is not Hating a player. I don’t hate Jeter and never have but, I don’t like the fans saying such outrages things every time the Yankees win a game.
              Seems as if every win is won by Jeter himself, the rest of the team did nothing at all.

              • Ken – every time TWASP says something good about Jete , oldyankee07 says something negative about him. But if you say you don’t hate him , I’ll take you on your word because you are an honorable man that I trust.

        • Doug – how many games did the pythagorean say Detroit would win this year.? More than 88?

          • TWASp – Pythagorean had Detroit at 87 as they only outscored opponents by 56 runs……726-670.

            The number os regular season wins doesn’t tell you which team is better or how they match-up with different opponents. Also, strategy changes a lot in a 7-game series where loser goes home. For instance, Kuroda would NEVER start on 3 days rest in the regular season and ARod would NEVER have been Pinch hit for in the reg season.

            • Fish the Tigers outscored their opponents by 50 runs in the second half an also improved defensively with Infante.

              • Yes, they are a much better team now than in the 1st Half. They are 50-34 from July on after starting 38-40. They’ve outscored their opponents by 65 since July 1st, 385-320. they are a VERY tough opponent and they have the best pitcher in Baseball, the best Hitter and baseball and a secondary hitter who is as good or better than our best hitter. The fact that this team had 88 wins does not make them an underdog in ANY way, shape or form.

                • Hankies – who do you think will win?

                  • Fish – I think the Yankees are in for a tough series …..7 games……with Jeter or Arod hitting a homer to win it

                  • I have to keep with rooting against the Yankees. They keep coming back and making me look silly but it’s working. (superstitions need to be accounted for)

                    I think the most interesting aspect of this series could be Gardner if our Fuehrer will play him. I like the addition of Eppley to the pen as a match up right handed reliever with good ground ball skills. I would not have minded Dickerson on the team but not sure who he would replace.

                    So the the best hitters are with the Tigers.
                    Starting pitching favors the Tigers with the extra day of rest.
                    Bench favors NY.
                    Pen favors NY.

                    Yankees in 6. Jeter’s leadership is inspiring finally!

                    • Agree with everything you said…I think that’s your best post ever …….and I’ve been reading them for 4 years……..

          • Fish – it does say that based on run differential, Doug is incorrect in saying they under achieved.

            • I think Doug is saying that they didn’t play up to their ability, not that they should have won more games basd on their run differential. In other words, I believe he’s saying that with their offensive talent they should have scored more runs and allowed less with their pitching talent. But I could be wrong so I’ll let Doug answer.

              Twasp – What do you think of today’s lineup? Would you play Ale?

              • Yeah, I’d play Alex, I still think he can get back to the hitter he was right before he got injured in July. That Alex is much better than Chavez or whoever….

        • Good points Doug. Only tough part is Fielder hits behind Cabrera which offers Detroit the same tag team duo like Boston used to have with Manny followed by Ortiz.

          Ballpark raised a good point….Gardner should be playing and if he can’t hit, just lay down some bunts and let Fielder and Cabrera try to make the plays. I think Ichio may try this once or twice on this series especially off a tough pitcher like Verlander.

          • FishJam – I agree with BP…Chavez made the right play going to the ball … Why?

            • Tell you the truth Twasp….I didn’t see the play. But the 3B has to go for EVERY slow roller to his left because he has the better angle than the SS or Pitcher. Unless it’s right at the pitcher the 3B has to be aggressive on slow rollers

              • Yeah …’s too tough a play to guess that the pitchers going to get to it, run back to the bag, turn around and take a throw. 3bmen are taught to charge and at least get runner at 1st.

                • Twasp… use a similar baseball situation…..when a slow roller is in between the Pitcher and 1B it’s a very gray area. The pitcher is suppossed to take off towards the ball and grab anything he can get BUT he must communicate with the 1B. Similar to an OF calling a flyball the pitcher and 1B must say I GOT IT or YOU TAKE IT. In that situation the pitcher is suppossed to take anything he can get to because his momentum is taking him towards 1B, similar to how the 3B should take everything on the other side because he has the best angle to 1B.


  5. Jeter was the MVP of the ALDS wasnt he?? do they even givew that award?

  6. did the nationals get ripped off last night?

    • Ripped off by who? The strike zone was on point, I saw no blown calls on the bags. Those bozos pitched their way out if a championship series, plain and simple. has the pitch graphs if you aren’t satisfied with the calls behind the dish.

      • Jimmy, watching the strike zone on TV there were times in the some games where their were 6 pitches and none showed to be strikes and the count was 3-2. In baseball, the home plate ump can really make a difference in the game. I don’t go under the theory that they are making the mistakes for both teams because a missed call is never the same.

  7. Question!!! Who do you want to start tonight…Swisher or Gardner?

    • Hank-ster i want Gardy in over Swish for the following reasons;
      1- defenseI Gardy is the best lfer in the game ,and ichiro doesn’t look comfortable or as agressive IN LF as he is in RF.
      2-We need gardy to get going so he can help beat Verlander,Gardy hits him well,to win this series Yanks will have to beat Verlander.
      3-Tigers D is suspect and the way to exploit that weakness is with speed.Gardy bunting would pressure the Tigers slow corners,and when on base would pressure everyone.
      4-Swisher is the worst post season performer in Yankee history.

  8. Great, great win. Not pretty by any terms, but hey, they’ve bought themselves at least four more games to try and prove to people they are the deserving AL champions. We got Andy in Game 1 and I have just as much confidence in him than I would with CC. And the fact that I’m going to Game 2 makes it all the more exciting. I can’t wait, and all of a sudden im infused with optimism and hope, but it could be all gone by later tonight.

    Might as well enjoy this feeling of advancing and the World Series looming with just four more wins.


  9. Derek Jeter SS
    Ichiro Sukuki LF
    Robinson Cano 2B
    Mark Teixeira 1B
    Raul Ibanez DH
    Alex Rodriguez 3B
    Nick Swisher RF
    Curtis Granderson CF
    Russell Martin C

    LHP Andy Pettitte

  10. I’m OK with this lineup although I’d like to have Gardner playing. I like putting ARod back in the lineup although he’s 1 for 9 with 3 Ks vs Fister. I have a hunch ARod will do something productive today. I see Nunez is off the roster since Detroit has no LH starters. This would be Fish’s lineup:

    Derek Jeter SS
    Ichiro Sukuki LF
    Robinson Cano 2B
    Mark Teixeira 1B
    Raul Ibanez DH
    Alex Rodriguez 3B
    Curtis Granderson CF
    Russell Martin C
    Brett Gardner LF

    LHP Andy Pettitte

    • Who’s going to RH pinch hit? Nix……

      • Twasp – I said it last yr and I’ll say it again. I PRAY Leyland goes to a Lefty reliever this series! Detroit is loaded with RHP and their best lefty reliever is Phil Coke. I think our lefties canhit him. Leyland was too smart last yr to bring in lefty relievers despite what conventional wisdom says. He’ll use Coke for a batter or 2 here and there but that’s about it.

  11. Yeah, lefties can hit that dope Coke, but will Joe leave in our lefties ? Or pinch hit Nix, toast, or Stewart?

  12. T-MAN,
    What say u? can the Yanks beat Leylands BIG CATS?

  13. Yankees in 7 …..Jeter HR in 12th innning walk off .

    • I hope your right buddy,but if the Yanks play the way they did vs the O’s….NO CHANCE
      3 GUYs is not enough to beat the Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. We need to manufacture runs with Ichy, Jeter, Gardy, Grandy….SPEED KILLS(tm).

  15. I wish Nunez and Dickerson would have made the rooster instead of Lowe and Girardi.

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