Morning Bits: Jeter, Teammates Reactions

Morning everybody. The Yankees had the biggest blow come to them last night when they lost 6-4 in extras to the Tigers in Game 1 of the ALCS but that wasn’t the worst thing to happen to them. Anyway, Game 2 of the ALCS is at 4pm with Hiroki Kuroda (on 3 day’s rest) taking the mound. Anibal Sanchez for the Tigers will face the Yankees. Here are the morning links.

Derek Jeter made his bad ankle injury worse. Jeter fractured his ankle in the 12th inning and will now be out for the rest of the year.

Andy Pettitte, Joe Girardi and Raul Ibanez all gave their reactions to Derek Jeter fracturing his ankle.

– With some of the Yankees that are struggling such as Alex Rodriguez, Robinson Cano, Nick Swisher and Curtis Granderson, ESPN New York wants to know–would you start’em or bench’em?

– TIQIQ has tickets for both home and away of this series check it out by clicking here.

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Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. With Jeter being out it’s time for Gardner to be in as he is a player that takes a lot of pitches and could lead off the game.

    Thoughts? Or would you guys rather see ichiro bat first?

    Let’s hear what your lineups are for today.

  2. The Yankees could still have what Jeter and Ichiro had at the top of the lineup…if Girardi ever decided to let Gardner you know…start. Gardner and Ichiro at the top could do some damage. They could be the table setters for Teixeira, Ibanez and Cano (whenever he wants to start hitting).

  3. will be interesting to see if he gives SS to Nix or Nunez.

    • It’s been given to Nix, which is a huge mistake.
      I’m still so mad about being beaten in a postseason game by yet another bad call that I can’t see straight. Cano was obviously safe and there is no excuse for that call being blown, none.
      Also, why Girardi felt that Lowe was the guy to put in the game with only a two run deficit is beyond me. Those extra two runs never should have happened. What was the point of sending CC nine innings the day before and giving all relievers a rest if you are going to use a scrub like Lowe the next night?
      This moron manages postseason games like a July game and I’ve had it with him.

      • Mike I agree with everything you have said minus Nunez over Nix.
        Nunez is a butcher a ss and Nix is solid .Hitting is about the same,but in the post season Defense is a premium.

        • Girardi has never understood that he’s not playing a best-of-162 series in the playoffs. Derek Lowe??
          I mean, wow. It was a two run deficit, not a 5 run deficit.
          Everyone in the pen had the previous day off, all were ready to go.
          What message do you send your players when you display that you think a two run game is over with?
          Lost in the hype of Aaron Boone’s walkoff was that Torre/Zimmer went to Mussina early and Mussina stopped that leaking and kept the Yankees in the game. Mussina never got his ring with the Yankees, but he sure as hell earned his pinstripes that night, chilling out Boston until the offensive cavalry could come riding over the hill.
          Girardi doesn’t think like that. He treats October baseball like a June game against the Royals.

          I’m really sick and tired of fans and media acting these damn division titles we’ve won mean spit. They don’t mean a THING to me and to most fans.
          TITLES are won in the postseason!!!!
          Do you think Giants fans give a damn about blown regular season games from last year? Nope, because winning a title erases all of those losses.
          The POSTSEASON is the only damn thing that matters, and anyone who thinks we should celebrate making the playoffs each year with a 200 million dollar payroll is insane.
          I wrote an article about this before the season began, we’re SUPPOSED to make the damn playoffs!!! Especially NOW with not one but TWO wildcards!!

          Girardi never has been and never will be the man for this job. You guys can cheer and wave your little hats in the regular season each year beating the Indians or the Royals 8-3!! YAY! Look at us!! We just won a regular season game over a team with a fifth of our payroll and resources!! YAY!!!

          Isn’t anyone else sick and tired of watching this movie over and over again?

          The guy is just a terrible postseason manager, and since the postseason is all that matters, that makes him a terrible manager.

  4. OUCH!!!

    “The Bad, the Good, and the Ugly”

    Pitch enough……….Pettitte—–check
    Rest of pen——check
    Phelps————like him but now 0-2

    Homer enough…….check—-should have been plenty, Raul continues to amaze

    Yanks live on Game 2 very important!!

    us “old timers” would be inspired and dig a lil deeper. Thanks Cap’n

    Go Yankees

  5. Ballpark observations;
    This team is in serious trouble after loosing a game that should have been won.
    The Yanks lost the game to defense;
    —— Swishers 2 plays that should have been made cost us 3 runs and Peraltas great plays took away 2 runs possibly more——

    Yanks need to change some things but lets face it improving the offense is impossible
    Cano is shot but he plays great defense–no option
    Arod is shot,but is playing well at 3b—- chavez is an option
    Grandyman is shot and his admitted swing at anything approach is insane what the hell is K-LONG doing,he hasn’t hurt the team on d —–option Gardy

    Which brings me to the all time choke artist —Swisher—-He can’t hit ,field,run,shit he can’t do anything but act like an asshole.He has to be benched,but he won’t because everyone is focused on the wrong problem” Arod”.Girardi has managed to kill any chance Arod could be productive and for that matter Chavez too.
    Replace Swisher with Gardner,change Grandersons approach,and have a sit down with Arod to put some confidence in the player.
    What the Yanks need is better d and a Manager with a clue of hiow to handle players that are under extreme pressure,probably not gonna happen.
    Sorry for the length guys but there’s alot to say.

    • def a lot to say after last night’s game. Can’t wait to see the lineup card come out today.

      • Matt, I wasn’t here last year for the playoffs(on this site) but I bet if I went back into the archives hereI’d find the same exact comments about last year’s Tigers game that Girardi blew by treating a small deficit as a loss and tossing a scrub in relief that I find here today and I was ranting about that game in the exact same fashion I’m ranting about this one.
        Don’t you guys get it yet? Girardi will never learn, he just won’t.
        People don’t change their stripes at Joe’s age. This is who he is and who he will always be.
        He makes players tight, makes incredibly stupid in game decisions, and doesn’t grasp that the posteason isn’t the regular season.
        I ranted this would happen again in the postseason this year in February and March and you guys said I was being overcritical of him and too negative.
        I’m not overcritical, and I’m not negative. I call them like I see them and there has been no doubt in my mind for a long time that he is just no damn good.

    • Ballpark

      I agree with all of this, I have resigned myself to cheering and wishing and hoping. Yet if we pitch enough and hit enough homers this can still happen. I never expect to string several hits together to score so like the 9th, get someone on and hit the next out. “Bingo” 2 runs and hope thats ENOUGH

    • Ballpark…good day to you.
      You seem to have things under control. Your critique covered the hot spots.
      I agree 100%. With Jeter out, we need someone other than just one guy—Raul—to put up some numbers.

      • Hey buddy how you doing,
        The Yanks can’t afford to play shoddy defense as their no longer a high powered offense,so I say put your best d on the field throw quality strikes and we have a chance.

        • What’s a high powered offense? I’m Joe Girardi and I find that statement offensive as I manage the NY Unstars!

  6. In 6 playoff games so far

    cano 2 for 28

    swisher 3 for 23

    granderson 3 for 23

    arod 2 for 19

    chavez 0 for 11

    martin 5 for 25

    -15 FOR 129 ==== 117 AVG


    JETER 9 FOR 27

    ICHIRO 9 FOR 28


    IBANEZ 6 FOR 14

    31 FOR 90 = 344 AVG

  7. how can the yankees winnow with no derek jeter?????

  8. I wasn’t as annoyed with the move to Lowe as the one from Robertson to Phelps. I think that having his best relief pitchers (Robertson, Soriano) pitch 1 inning in a game like that felt like Joe was not managing in the playoffs. Also, we needed to score immediately after tying that game to bury the Tigers, which we failed to do. This game was an epic fail on so many levels.

  9. Acquirinig Lowe after he failed with Cleveland …….Dumb

    Adding Lowe to the post season roster ………….Dumber

    Putting Lowe into an important situation in the ALCS …….Donkey

  10. True…In amending my earlier comment, as putting in Lowe was a classic Girardi white flag waving moment. But from the 9th inning on, I also think that Joe mismanaged pitchers.

  11. Swisher is still in the lineup,what a mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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