Morning Bits: Game 2, Cano & more…

Good morning all.  Back to the grind.  Tough weekend for the bombers as they still can’t hit a lick.  The pitching has been awesome the whole post season which is great but it all goes to waste.   Phil Hughes will have to pitch the game of his life as he will be up against Verlander tomorrow.   Let’s get to the links…

Matt Ehalt looks at five things from yesterday’s game.

Wallace Matthews has his rapid reaction from last night’s game.

Steven Miller writes that Cano’s hitless skid sets a new post season mark.

Jeff Passan writes that the Yankees deserve the boo birds after looking like a 200 million bust.

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. if the yankees lose this in 4 games,, and cano goes another 0 for 10,, to be at 2 for 42 and o for his last 36 …….

    that will be the worst post season in history



  2. Are the Yankees allowed to replace Jeter on the roster now in this series,, or do they have to wait by rule? I must have missed when they talked about it.

    the yankees brought 14 hitters onto the roster for the post season.

    who do they call up if the can — jones, pena ceveli, dickerson?

    through 7 playoff games now ——-

    the bad and ugly
    cano———— 2 for 32,,,,,,,,,,,,,,1 walk
    swisher——– 4 for 26,,,,,,,,,,,,,,2 walks,,,,,,1 sac fly
    granderson— 3 for 26,,,,,,,,,,,,,,3 walks
    arod————- 3 for 23,,,,,,,,,,,,,2 walks
    chavez———-0 for 11,,,,,,,,,,,,,0 walks

    12 for 118 = 0.102 avg, 8 walks, 1 sacrifice

    the good
    jeter————, 9 for 27,,,,,,,,,,,,,2 walks,,,,,,1 sac bunt
    ichiro————9 for 33,,,,,,,,,,,,,1 walk,,,,,,,,1 sac bunt
    teixeira——– ,8 for 25 ,,,,,,,,,,,,7 walks
    Ibanez———-7 for 16,,,,,,,,,,,,,4 walks
    martin,,,,,,,,,,,,,5 for 26,,,,,,,,,,,,,3 walks

    38 for 127 = 299 avg, 17 walks, 2 sacrifces

    the rest of the bench
    nix————— ,2 for 7 ———-,0 walks
    nunez————1 for 5————0 walks
    gardner———-0 fro 1————0 walks
    stewart———-has zero late appearances

  3. 1996 through 2001 — the 6 seasons these 4 players played together,, they went to 5 world series,, winning 4 of them,, almost won all 5, except mariano blew the save in the bottom of the 9th in game 7 in arizona

    jeter——————1187 hits,,,,710 runs,,,,481 rbi,,,,320 xbh,,,,,, 394 walks,,,,,,312 avg
    bernie williams—-1037 hits,,,,642 runs,,,,629 rbi,,,,381 xbh,,,,,..,478 walks,,,,,321 avg
    tino matinez——- 966 hits,,,,-523 runs,,,,,690 rbi,,,,366 xbh,,,,,..367 walks,,,,,,279 avg
    paul oneil———–1001 hits,,, 499 runs….604 rbi….345 xbh…….399 walks,,,,,,,297 avg

    2010 through 2012 – the 3 seasons these 4 players played together so far

    cano——————-584 hits…..312 runs,,,,,321 rbi,,,,239 xbh,,,,,156 walks,,,,311 avg
    granderson———-406 hits,,,,,314 runs,,,,,292 rbi,,,,190 xbh,,,,,,213 walks,,,247 avg
    teixiera,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,413 hits,,,,,269 runs,,,,,303 rbi,,,,187 xbh,,,,,,223 walks…252 avg
    swisher……………,,.446 hits,,,,,247 runs,,,,,267 rbi,,,178 xbh,,,,, ,230 walks,,,274 avg

    ading it all up 1996-2001 those players had:::
    4191 hits,,,,,,2374 runs,,,,,2404 rbi,,,,,,,1412 xbh,,,,,,,,1638 walks

    adding it all up for 2010-2012 those players have::
    1849 hits,,,,, 1142 runs,,,,,1183 rbi,,,,,,,,794 xbh,,,,,,,,..822 walks

    so,, if we multiply the 2010-2012 numbers by 2,, assuming those 4 players can do what they did again,,,,, we see they can not get to the hits, runs, or rbis the first core had.

    and we see a problem with batting average compared to the first core as well…..

    the book is not closed yet,m, and the book is not finished being written yet

    but they have already blown 2 years, and maybe a 3rd year, playing together, they have failed to get to the world series

    is it simply hits and batting average ???? the ability to get hits ???

    i really can not say the pitching has failed the yankees

    is it the role players around the core that are failing?

    what is it?

    are the other playoff teams just better now????

    • For me it comes down to pitching and timely hitting.

      The Yankees didn’t pitch well this year overall. They were very flawed plus lucky.

      Hitting wise this is an old one dimensional team that is boring to watch. Either they lose or bludgeon and win. Kind of boring but the organization thinks home runs brings fans to the park but attendance was down.

      If you want to see what a good organization does look at the Cardinals. They let Pujols leave and still have a great chance to repeat.

    • jeter—- the last 3 seasons, 2010-2-012

      557 hits,,,,,,,294 runs,,,,,,,186 rbi……124 xbh,,,,,,154 walks,,,294 avg
      he did not play in 39 games

      so Jeter has added as a roll player to compliment the new core 4 —— average for each of the last 3 seasons

      185.67 hits
      98 runs
      62 rbi
      41.33 xbh
      51.33 walks
      294 avg

      arod——- the last 3 seasons, 2010-2012

      370 hits……..215 runs…….244 rbi,,,,,134 xbh…157 walks….272 avg
      he did not play in 128 games

      so AROD has added as a roll player to compliment the new core 4—–average for each of the last 3 seasons
      123.33 hits
      71.67 runs
      81.33 rbi
      44.67 xbh
      52.33 walks
      272 avg

      so, the team, with the new core 4, and these 2 high end roll players– have made the playoffs all 3 years, won the division twice, and are in their 2nd ALCS

      so,, maybe it just comes down to , in reality,, timely post season hitting

  4. in the 5 games in the ALDS the yankees pitchers had a combined ERA of 1.76
    in the 2 games in the ALCS he yankees pitchers have a combined ERA of 3.86

    The yankees had the advantage in game 1 of the ALCS once the game was tied going into extra innings—– they had to win that game

    In game 2,…… if the right call was made at 2nd base,.. the game still woulda been 1-0 , going into the bottom of the 8th,, the 2 chances of ups to tie the game with a bomb,…

    and like girardi said, 1-0 is different than 3-0,… one mistake the game could have been tied

    if it did go like that– yankees up 2-0 in the ALCS,.. despite the poor hitting by cano, arod, granderson, swisher, and chavez in the post season…..

    Then we would see what they did as an incredible feat, instead of an incredible failure

    but, the series is not yet over

  5. The series is not over, and I can hardly excuse this team for barely even showing up…however, they clearly pounced on Fister early on in Game 1, and had the Cano call been correct, this might be a completely different playoff scenario. Playoff games are rarely blowouts, as we all are watching what should be the cream of the crop in pitching and hitting. It all comes down to inches, literally. I hate to use the “M” word (momentum), but the minute Cano slammed down that helmet, the game seemed like a Herculean task until the 9th. For that, I have to look at management. We are not going to have instant replay this year, or even next, possibly. All a team has at its disposal is what is in front of them. And for that, Girardi and his team needed to rally. And they simply did not.

    • I understand why people aren’t talking about that blown Cano call as they should be, the lack of hitting and the injury to Jeter has overshadowed that call with most people but it sure hasn’t with me.
      That call was the series to me. Instead of going up 1-0 with the bases loaded and Fister being forced to labor some more in the second inning and possibly giving up more runs, the Yankees were royally screwed.
      To those who try the tired old cliches of “they still could have won” or “the calls even out” my only response is that ANY team can still win any game, but if you have crooks wearing blue taking runs away from you or giving runs to the other team your task becomes exponentially harder.
      As far as the calls evening out? LOL!! Getting a borderline strike called for you doesn’t come close to “evening out” a blown call on a bases loaded single that is improperly called an inning ending out.
      The MAGNITUDE of blown calls like the calls that have been blown in this series cannot possibly be “evened out”.

      • Mike, I agree that replay is needed yesterday, and that the situation is making a sport we all love a laughing stock. That call in game 1 was the game, period. However, even given the unbelievable chance to come back and score 4 runs in the 9th, and then have a man on second in extra innings, they STILL could not get a hit if Ichiro or Raul wasn’t up to bat. Which lingered into a disgusting display in game 2, followed by another horrible call. Sometimes I think MLB thinks that if a horrible call goes against the Yankees, it isn’t that horrible. Which is horrible. Have I said the word horrible enough?

  6. Aye mates—this is not over. As always in 2012—-pitching and home runs wins for the Yanks.

    Game 2 ALCS

    pitch enough…….check

    homer enough……..0

    They CAN waken and get to Verlander—–Hughes needs to continue what the starters have done

    Go Yankees

  7. Ballpark – I remember our conversations last winter in the offseason and went back to find some old comments on this site. A few of us were saying that the team needed to improve it’s offense because of it’s tendency to go into prolonged slumps and to disappear in the post-season. Yet here we are again.

    Specifically, we said Swisher’s option shouldn’t have been picked up or he should have been traded with Carlos Beltran being the #1 choice to bring in. Beltran had a great season and continues to rake in the post-season. I read that he has the highest HR rate in the postseason. His career batting line in the postseason in 29 games / 133 PAs is as follows:

    .370 BA – .481 OBP – .824 SLG – 1.305 OPS – 14 HR – 23 Walks – 9 SB

    • Fish your right and I think he could be had for next season.Cardnals are loaded and Beltran’s money is about 15% of their payroll.

  8. As dead as the yankees have looked in this series, if they can come to play and pull out a victory vs Verlander tomorrow, they will be back in business. They will re-gain confidence by beating the league’s best pitcher and will have their Ace on the mound Wed with a chance to even the Series.

    In my opinion they need to make some changes. And I have 2 possible suggestions as follows:

    1) Play Gardner over Swisher. They need his defense and speed. Detroit has perhaps the biggest OF in the A.L. and with Gardner, Ichiro & Granderson the Yanks will have an incredible OF defense with the flyball pitcher Hughes on the mound. Not only that, Brett is 5 for 11 with 3 Walks in his career vs Verlander for a .571 OBP%. Swish is lost and is hurting the team on offense, defense and his attitude now sucks too (see next post).

    2) The other possibility involves playing Gardner, Ibanez AND Chavez. Swisher goes to the bench long with either Granderson or Teixeira. Now, there are obvious reasons why tex should play…..he’s great at 1B and he’s been one of the few guys getting on base with several walks and a lot of seeing-eye singles which have led to a .320 BA in the playoffs. Only reason to bench him is he’s just 3 for 35 in his career vs Verlander including 0 for 9 this yr. On the other hand, Chavez is 6 for 10 vs Verlander this year with 2 Doubles.

    Granderson is hitting .115 and strikes out 2 or 3 times EVERY game.His only value is as a decent defensive OF and the power to hit one every now and then. Ibanez doesn’t have good career #s off Verlander but he’s been the team’s most dangerous hitter so has to play.

    ARod is 8 for 30 vs Verlander with 3 HRs and with Jeter out I think ARod has to play. I’m gonna sit Granderson or Chavez and I think it’s gonna be Granderson because he just cannot make contact. Chave will at least use the whole field and the fact that he’s 6 for 10 vs Verlander this yr has me intrigued.

    • Fish great thoughts but the one IF, is nearly impossible.Hughes beating Verlander.
      Yanks loose tonight and its over,time to go home and wait and see if the Stein boys have any part of their fathers dna.Heads need to roll…!!!!!!!!!

      • Yeah, that will be tough. Hughes did beat Verlander earlier this year when he threw that Complete Game gem – but let’s be real, that was in June when Detroit was playing poorly and things turn up a notch in the postseason despite what some people think.

    • Fish with the fly ball pitcher in Hughes in the gigantic OF in Comerica i can’t sit Granderson in this game. Gardner for Swisher yes though.

      • Makes sense. It’s a tough choice. But if you want to get Chavez in the game who is 6 for 10 vs Verlander this yr….Granderson, Ibanez, Tex or ARod would sit. Who would you sit out of those 5?

  9. My lineup vs Verlander:

    RF- Ichiro
    3B- Rodriguez
    2B- Cano
    LF- Ibanez
    1B- Teixeira
    DH- Chavez
    C- Martin
    CF- Gardner
    SS- Nix

  10. Read these quotes from Swisher. He’s shocked that the fans are on him for his failures and is acting like it’s hard for him to go out and give it his all when the fans are being tough on him. GIVE ME A BREAK!! You get paid over $10 Million per year and the fans have ALWAYS been behind you. You are now failing for the 4th post-season in a row at the plate, have mis-played 3 flyballs in the last 2 games, dogged it to 1st base on a looping liner to second base and you are shocked the fans aren’t happy?!?!?

    “A lot of people saying a lot of things I’ve never heard before,” Swisher said last night. “Prime example – I missed that ball in the lights [in Game 1] and next thing you know I’m the reason that Jeter got hurt. It’s kind of frustrating. … They were saying [Jeter’s injury] was my fault.”

    “It hurts,” he said. “Sometimes I’m a sensitive guy. Some of the things people say, they get under your skin a little bit but hey, I’ve been lucky to be here for the last four years, and we’re not going to go out like this.

    “I’m one of those guys that you give me a hug and I’ll run through a brick wall for you. Right now it seems like there’s a lot of … I’m trying to find a way to word this the right way, it’s tough. It’s really tough. Because you want to go out there and you want to play for your city, you want to play for your team. Just right now, it’s just really tough.”

    “But to go through a stretch like this where it’s kind of a negative attitude, a negative-type setting, that’s tough,” he said. “But, hey, it’s part of the game. Rightfully so. There’s a lot of expectations here, and I guess when you don’t get the job done, you’re going to hear about it.

    “That’s the last thing that I ever thought would be in this ballpark, that people would get on you that bad, especially your home, where your heart is, where you’ve been battling and grinding all year long. It’s just frustrating.”

  11. Fish I really can’t get on Swisher that badly for these comments. Obviously he feels really bad about what is going on, even worst than most. The guy loves being a Yankee and he really wanted to stay a Yankee. At least he cares about what is going on.
    I’m not one to blame hitting coaches for slumps but this time is really different.
    Harvey Penick was one of the greatest golf coaches who ever lived and definitely the best mental coach who ever lived. Here is a quote from him: “once you address the ball, hitting it to the desired target must be the only thing in your life. Allow no negative thoughts, and focus on your goal.”
    In addition to the mental approach he taught, the foundation of what he taught about the swing was to UNDERSTAND and be in tune with YOUR swing. He didn’t try to create robots, or force all of his students to learn the same swing. He understand that everyone’s biomechanics were different, and that the exact same swing wasn’t going to work for everyone. In other words, you don’t try and ask Rory McIlroy to swing the same as Bubba Watson or KJ Choi.
    As I watch the Yankees I’m in awe of how they all have the same uppercut swing. The level swing that Teixeira used to have? Gone. The more compact swing that Swisher used to have? Gone. Granderson’s swing was never pretty, but it’s comical now, he looks like a golfer on the first tee with that swing that goes straight up.
    Jeter’s swing was straightened out last season when he was injured and went to Florida to work with his old hitting coach.
    Russell Martin is another member of the uppercut swing.
    When you watch players on other teams, you almost say to yourself “wow, look at that guy, he swings level”.
    When everyone tried to argue with some of us that living on home runs would kill us in the postseason, I was firm that living on hr’s had knocked us out of the postseason the last two years and would again. The reason? You face better pitchers in the postseason and rarely face mop up guys or bad relievers and don’t get to face a team’s 5 man or some Triple A callup kid filling in for an injured starter like you do in the regular season.
    I also have to howl in laughter at the metrics fiends who overdo the metrics. I’m still trying to determine how anyone can label batting average as “arbitrary”.
    A walk will not score a runner from first or second base, it will only score a run if the bases are loaded. From a psychological standpoint, pitchers don’t get scared to throw a ball over the plate or lose as much confidence in approaching hitters when they allow walks. Pitchers treat walks as a problem they can control. When pitchers are hit, all you have to do is watch their faces and reactions to see how much more rattled they get.
    Batting average may be an absurdly simple stat, and in this day and age of overanalysis and complication it may offend some people that something so simplistic that’s been around since the 1800′s could be so important, but it is.
    Long has all of these guys swinging for the fences and while he gloats in June, he is shamed in October.
    The key is to make contact and these strikeouts are ridiculous. When you make contact good things happen, noone makes an error or bad throw on a runner trying to stretch another base on a walk.

    • Mike ,Swishers comments should be gotten on.They sound like a little girl making excuses.Swisher is a complete 0 when the pressure is on ,or vs an above average pitcher.I for one look forward to never having to see him imbarress himself with his stupid antics and horrible play in a Yankee uniform ever again.The guy is a clown and these statments seal the deal ,he’s a pussy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Your 2nd point on hitting is way off base,Long doen’t teach hitting the way you suggest.You used Swisher as an example your way off check the stats his avg has gone up under Longs teaching.Swish sucked completly when he 1st came over here.
      One last thing there is no such thing as a level swing.

    • Michael P….
      Very good, I go along with it in almost everything except, K.Long being the reason why most are swinging with an upper cut.
      The guys (even Cano, somewhat) that swing from the left side, are hypnotized by that short wall in right field. Martin has found out he can get away with a .220 BA if he hits 20+ HRs (see Granderson). Jeter, A-Rod, Cisco and Brett have very little upper cut. Long can help the hitters hit anyway they want to but, he can’t tell them not to swing for the HR all the time.
      Maybe he isn’t the best of the best but, he does have a lot of hitting coaches saying he is a very well-respected coach. I’ll always give a coach the benefit of the doubt, dealing with all those egos, has to be hard work but, damn good money! LOL

  12. I;m not gonna blame it all on KLong…..I have to put most of the blame on the players. I really believe that Long is telling these guys the right approach but he’s not in the batters box with them. You know the old saying in boxing that everyone has a plan until they get hit? I think that applies here. These hitters know what they have to do but when they get in the box they revert to what is comfortable.

    Long has tried to get Granderson, Swish,Tex and others to use the entire field over the last few years and hit the ball where it’s pitched. They all tried it for a few weeks and went right back to their pull-concious, HR swings.

    Girardi stated the other day that the hitters have to adjust based on how the pitcher is approaching them. He said they have to alter their 2-strike approach to put the ball in play. If Girardi is saying it to the press, you know they are saying it to the hitters. It’s obvious that the Detroit pitchers are throwing Curveballs and offspeed pitches early and often. Make the adjustment!

    • Good points ,i’ll try to get back to u after work

    • Fish that is the biggest problem with veteran star players is the inability to adapt. Add to that the tuning out of the manager and coaches and we have this terribly flawed Yankees team.

      I want youth and more youth going forward.

      ??? Do you want Cano long term or should the Yankees trade him? I want to trade him.

      • I wanted Cano but now I’m not 100% sold. He’s without question their best player and if this was the Yankees without the lower budget, it would be a no-brainer. He’s had problems driving in runs all year and still swings at too many of the pitcher’s pitches. This 0 for 26 is brutal but I can’t let that overshadow his career. He’s really one of their few assets and I don’t think they can let him walk just because of the terrible contracts given to ARod and Tex.

        I’d make a reasonable extension offer this season but I wouldn’t sign him at all costs. If he’s looking for insane money & contract length, I’d explore trading him. I don’t think the Yanks can afford not to give opportunities to Joseph & Adams as trading away Jackson, Montero, etc. has led to the current dearth of young, dynamic position players on the team.

        • IMO without Jackson and Montero as Yankees Cano’s value has been diminished to the point where he needs to go. He will be too old when the next core forms. I wonder if the Nats would want him? Cano for Espinosa plus a couple of quality prospects gets it done for me.

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