Yankees Hit the Road

 Today, the Yankees hit the road in Detroit trying to erase the 0-2 deficit that they have put themselves in. Most of the time you would think going on the road down 0-2 would be a detriment, but going on the road is the best thing that could have happened with the Yankees.  Getting away from the negative and dull energy of Yankee Stadium is their only hope to refocus and start playing Yankees baseball again. That is a really sad reality.

The fans at Yankee Stadium over the past 5 days have turned the Yankees’ own ballpark into a house of horrors for their own team. The empty seats during these postseason games are truly embarrassing. There are many excuses like price, game time, NFL and weather but they are all futile. It is not just price, as it is not just the high priced seats that are empty and Stubhub has many affordable tickets. I don’t know what the reason is, but all I know that during the 90′s playoff run this would never happen.

The less then full capacity crowds are only part of the story. The people who have been there have lacked energy and have been merciless and unruly to the wrong team. Ask anybody who has spend an considerable amount of time in the old Yankee Stadium and the new Yankee Stadium and they will tell you the atmosphere is not the same. The new building does not shake like the old one and visiting players are a lot more comfortable playing in it. Some of it has to do with the structure of the building. It is massive; the seats are much further from the field and cushioned seats probably takes away from the noise as well. However, those are not the only reasons. The fans are to blame as well.

A lot of people have said that the die hard fans have been priced out of Yankee Stadium due to the prices. A lot of that may be true, but the fans seem to have a lot of the same vitriol that they had before, they are just directing it at the wrong team. The standing up and cheering whenever a Yankee pitcher has two strikes on the opposing hitter has been replaced with non stop booing of everything and almost everybody.

Fans certainly have a right to be upset with how certain Yankees have hit the ball during this postseason and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t either. However, there is a time and a forum to express that frustration. That is what this blog is for. That is what social media is for. That is what sports bars and sports radio is for. Yankees fan you should want every player to perform their best. It is clear that the negative atmosphere in the stadium is doing way more harm than good. Nick Swisher had some thoughts on this.

“But to go through a stretch like this where it’s kind of a negative attitude, a negative-type setting, that’s tough,” he said. “But, hey, it’s part of the game. Rightfully so. There’s a lot of expectations here, and I guess when you don’t get the job done, you’re going to hear about it.

“That’s the last thing that I ever thought would be in this ballpark, that people would get on you that bad, especially your home, where your heart is, where you’ve been battling and grinding all year long. It’s just frustrating.

“You never want to be in that spot. It’s not like you’re trying to go out there and do bad on purpose. It’s just tough.”

There are two sides to this quote. One is that Swisher was wrong to say it. Nobody wants to hear this when you are performing like he has performed. Clearly, he thought he had been so nice and interactive with the fans that they would never turn on him, which is obviously not the case. However, he should never have to be in a position to feel this way.

Fans spend their hard earned money to go to these games and have a right to do whatever they want. However, it is clear that the fans acting the way they have towards Swisher and others has gotten in the players heads. So why keep doing it? These are our players and whether we care for them or not, we should want to give them the best atmosphere to succeed in because we are supposed to want the Yankees to be successful. You can say that these are professionals and that this shouldn’t bother them, but we forget that these are real people and not robots. They expect this kind of harassing on the road, so that shouldn’t bother them, but to hear it from the home crowd is different. We are supposed to get the visiting team rattled and make them feel uncomfortable. If I were in the Tigers dugout I would be laughing at these fans and would be very relaxed.

There seems to be a real disconnect between these players and fans and I do not know why that is. Most Yankee fans are still really spoiled. Getting to the postseason 17 out of 18 years is something to be celebrated and not ridiculed because they only have one championship since 2000. They should have more, but every team would sign up for this 18-year run. In the NFL, the New England Patriots are quite comparable to the Yankees. They haven’t won a championship since 2004, still been quite successful since then. I wonder if their fans view them the same way? You can talk about payroll all you want, but it doesn’t guarantee anything. You can ask the Red Sox, Philles, Angels and Rangers about that this year and they will tell you.

The journey this team has taken so far to get this point should be celebrated and not ridiculed. They have overcome so many obstacles to get to this point and just won a hard fought series against a division rival. They are down 0-2, but are not out yet. A win over Justin Verlander and another ace performance by CC Sabathia can still get them back in it. Hopefully if the Yankees do return home again this year that they are greeted with a much better environment to play in.

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About Matthew B

I am a student at William Paterson University and studying to become a sportswriter. I have a huge passion for the Yankees and love sharing my opinions on them. I can analyze every aspect of the Yankees very well. I am very active on Twitter so feel free to contact me there Twitter: @RAYROBERT9

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  1. its also a problem when a 3rd party like tiqiq has thousands of tickets for sale, and no ones ever heard of them….

    thats probably why all the empty seats all the time

    • There are a lot of third party ticket sites. Stubhub, Ticket IQ etc etc. just search yankee tickets in google and you will see a bunch. They don’t get the tickets people buy them then try to sell them on those sites.

      • yeah,, buit stub hub been pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into advertising for what, a decade,……. they are known and trusted

        all these other sites no one ever heard of

        it is dangerous to put card information and stuff to a company that yoiu never heard of at all
        and the tickets might not be legit either, right?

  2. In the 90′s playoff run the tickets were alot cheaper. The ticket prices are ridiculous.

  3. how about just make it free

    first come first serve

  4. derek jeter is my favorite of all time

  5. If you asked Kraft and Bill Bel if they considered themselves successful since 2004 they would give you a huge NO!! Success is measured by titles, and only titles.
    Making the playoffs means nothing if you don’t win the title. The Giants and Steelers have won two Super Bowls apiece since 2004 and therefore are the teams in that era with the most success. The Giants missed the playoffs in 2009 and 2010. Who cares? Would playoff appearances followed by eliminations in those playoffs make them more successful? Nope! All that matters are titles.
    Getting to the postseason doesn’t mean squat unless you validate with a title, especially when you have such deep and talented teams as the Yankees have had. Hell, the Yankees weren’t even eliminated by an eventual WS winner in 2005-2007 and 2010-2011. The Yankees had a better team than the 5 teams who beat them. That is what is really sickening.
    It’s not about being spoiled, it’s about understanding how far a team should be able to go based upon what they have.
    I’m a Knicks fan, and I expect them to do squat this year. Why? Because they are running the NBA’s version of a geriatric ward(Camby, Kurt Thomas, Kidd, and now Rasheed! LOL!!) and have as much chance of beating the Heat and Bulls to the finals as we would here if we put together a staff team, none.
    Therefore my expectations are tempered by reality(I know people REALLY hate that word and those who grasp but, oh well) in the Knicks case. I will consider it a success if the Knicks make the playoffs and win one series.
    I’m a Rangers fan. By dealing for Rick Nash the Rangers have cemented the most talented Rangers roster of my lifetime, even better and deeper than 1994. It’s a mix of powerful guys who hit hard, scorers, incredibly talented young players who will only improve, and the best goalie in the game in King Henrik.Front line is Gaborik, Richards, and Nash. Second line is Kreider, Stepan, and Callahan! LOL!!
    Defenders? WOW! Staal, Girardi, McDonough, and Del Zotto!!!!
    Goalie? King Henrik!!
    They’re the favorite in Vegas now and for good reason, anything less than a title from that team and I’ll be mad as hell.

    I’m a Giants fan and its quite obvious to me that the Giants have the most talented 53 guys in the NFL. The fact that they have lost two games is mindblowing to me and Coughlin taking credit for the loss in Philly doesn’t make me feel any better. If the Giants get eliminated in the playoffs because they lose a home game by one game(which to me is the Philly loss) I will be angry as hell. No team in the NFL can hold a candle to the Giants when they play their best game, just ask Harbaugh and the 49ers about that. They looked like they’d been hit by a train allowing 6 sacks and getting none themselves. Manning is the best qb alive right now, and anything less than a SB title to me means total failure.

    It’s about expectations based on what a team has.
    With the players and talent the Yankees have had? One title since 2000 is an absolute disgrace. It almost seems impossible that only one title has been won since 2000.
    In 2004 the Red Sox simply had a better team than we did. Lost in the hype of the comeback by the Red Sox was that they never should have been in an 0-3 hole to begin with. Their starters were LIGHT years better than ours were.
    In 2001 the Needlebacks beat us in game 7, I can accept that.
    In 2003 we had multiple injuries to starters in the world series, that one is ok also.
    2005-2006 was about ARod being dreadful.
    2007 was about Torre not just taking the team off the field when the midges came out. The umps were NEVER going to forfeit that game if he did so and we all know it. It cost him his job and as much as I love Joe, that really was the low point of his career here.
    In 2008 they get a pass from me on the injuries, it was a MASH unit.
    But in 2010 and 2011? Uh-uh, that was pure Girardi with an assist from Cashman on not making the proper deadline moves as well as a plethora of bad trades
    This team needed a BAT before this year began. We all knew it too. Too bad Cashman didn’t.
    Derek Lowe instead of DRob in the 8th inning of game 1? To me, that one is going to go down with Grady Little bringing Pedro back out to pitch against us in 2003 in the 8th inning of game 7. Little lost his job for that move and so should Girardi for using Lowe, but he won’t.
    The Girardi/Cashman era feels like one that is always going to end up a day late and a dollar short.

    I agree on getting away helping them with the horrible play they’ve displayed in their last 5 home games and the crowd getting on them.
    If the Yankees win tonight I predict a win in this series for them. If they don’t win? I still expect them to at least bring this back to NY.

  6. sucess is measured on how much you can charge for tickets

    • jimmy222/444…..David Cone? where did that come from? Actually, I feel I’m morphing into Ramiro Pena. Long, and involved…….talk later.


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