Rebuild, Reload or do nothing?

Should Adams be the 3B next year?

I know it’s not the ideal time to talk about the off-season while there are still games to play but with how dead this team has looked this series, I think making improvements is on everyone’s mind.  We will delve deeper into these issues and examine everything after the playoffs but use this thread to talk about the future of this team.

The last time the Yankees looked this feeble was probably 2008 and it led to a massive spending spree in the offseason.  Adding 3 high-end Free Agents and the last seasons of some productive veterans (Matsui, Damon, etc.). With the impending payroll restrictions that Hal & Levine are putting in place, I don’t see the Yankees spending $450 Million on Free Agents like they did.   Add in the injury comebacks of Jeter & Mariano and the ARod debacle that is brewing and this is going to be a very important off-season.

I don’t think the team has the young players to do a re-build.  they traded away what would be the core of their young lineup in Austin Jackson and Jesus Montero - potential leadoff and cleanup hitters for the next 6 years.  What they do have ready are 2 potential hitters in Corban Joseph and David Adams.  I think Adams should be given a legitimate shot at 3B next year.  Joseph is obviously blocked at 2B by Cano but his bat appears ready.  Do they find another position for Joseph?  Along with these 2, they have a couple of OFs in Zoilo Almonte & Melky Mesa who could be useful players, but I don’t think either player is ready to make an impact or be more than a platoon player in the near future.  The true future of the team is 2-3 years away.  Guys like Tyler Austin, Slade Heathcott, Mason Williams,Angelo Gumbs, Ramon Flores & Gary Sanchez.  Out of these 10 position players if 2 or 3 of them become players, it will give the team their new core to build around.

This current team looks old and stagnant.  Their defense is average at best and most of the hitters are constantly looking to pull the ball over the fence.  Hitters that use the whole field and take what the pitcher gives you is what is needed.  Without much money to spend on FAs and only a couple of young players ready in 2013, should the Yanks explore trading some of their 2014 Free Agents like Granderson, Cano, Hughes, Joba & Logan? Let’s hear your ideas.

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About fishjam25

Was a 4-yr Pitcher and Communications Major at Seton Hall University in the 90s. His knowledge & opinion of the game comes from his background as a player and ardent lifetime Yankee fan. However, Fishjam also incorporates sabermetrics and statistical support to form a well-rounded view of the game.

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  1. obviously do nothing is not the answer. I think a mix of reload and rebuild. bring in maybe one player a hitter. I don’t think we need another pitcher espically if Pettitte and Kuroda are back.

    I also think some youth are a couple years away from playing on this team.

  2. Thinking about the Arod situation more and trading him doesn’t make much sense. He will still count toward the luxury tax, so you gain nothing there and was still an effective player. So you’re going to trade a player who was an above average regular season 3B, pay him at least 100 million and get nothing back? Doesn’t make much baseball sense. Only reason would be to get rid of a distraction.

    • Matthew, totally agree this whole playoff series with A-Rod has been a fiasco. Playing Gardner and Chavez have been stupid moves unless you just want to get the game over quicker. Panic moves to say the least. Gardner no rehab at bats, and Chavez is 0 for what ever and has been a sub for the last 2 years. This has been a team wide hitting nightmare. Hopefully the Yanks don’t panic in the off season and ruin the whole team.

  3. Target Headley,Upton,or Choo in a trade should be the main objective. Only way to improve this offseason this offense is through trades with the dry FA market.

    • None of those players are coming to NY so give up on this. The Yankees need to play their own youngster before making significant trades.

  4. Mattx2—–Agreed more to come–yet for sure can’t sit on this current roster and just hope. For me i hate the long-term deals-less tieing up young/very young stars

    • I’m with you I don’t like long term deals much as well. That’s why I’m on the fence about Cano. if he is going to ask for an A-rod type of contract then no thanks.

      • You guys will not need to worry about long term deals too much longer. Owners are going to fight for limiting contract length in the next CBA.

        I think there will be a backlash against older less productive players getting big money.

      • Matthew, Cano is a star player who must be resigned for the Yanks to stay on top of the East. Core players Cano, Tex, Robby, and CC must remain with the team, while the Yanks need to find 2 more star players to add to them in the short term. Possibly one from inside the system and one from outside.

  5. I agree the Yanks should take a good look at Joseph, Adams, and Almonte next year, but none of these guys a Harper, Trout type prospects. I feel the Yanks must let Swisher go, bring back Kuroda, Ichiro,Pettite, and Ibanez on short term deals(one year). Hopefully Pineda will be able to come back next year. I would like to see the Yanks get Ludwick, Choo, or Hunter. I think the Yanks should pick up the option of Grandy and then try and trade him. They could package Nunez, Hughes, Nova, Adams or Joseph for a good pitcher or outfielder, and try to sign Anibal Sanchez if the Tigers don’t keep him.

    • The only player in the Yankees system with Harper and Trout skills is Heathcott. He has that kind of talent but can he stay on the field and realize that talent in NY?

      I hate the idea of Ibanez, Ludwich, Choo Chavez or Hunter. They are not needed or wanted imo. Ichiro will pay for himself so bringing him back seems like a good move.

  6. We all have opinions, one as good as the next. My thoughts on building a team is an old fashioned eyeball test. I do have some experience in a very minor way. Girls travel fastpitch. 15 years. Laugh if you will however it is a great game and very skilled players, fundamentally better than a lot of the hispanic’s who have never watched a game they are not playing in.

  7. It seems on the comments above I’m in the minority, but I believe the Yankees need to reload in the sense of unloading some veteran guys and trying to get as much youth on the team as you can.

    It made me really think the other day at how old this team is. Look at the notable ages for next season, hypothetically speaking if they don’t do much:

    C Martin/Any FA backstop we may bring in – at least over 30
    1B Teixeira – 33
    2B Cano – 30
    SS Jeter – 39
    3B A-Rod – 38
    LF Ichiro – 39
    CF Granderson – 32
    RF Swisher/Any FA outfielder we could bring in would be at least 30 i’d guess.

    CC – 33
    Kuroda – 39
    Pettitte – 41

    That’s our whole lineup. 3/5 of our rotation. Past their primes. (except Cano) Experienced veterans can and have worked for the Yankees in the past, but not when it’s their entire team and when they don’t produce nearly like they used to. To me this team needs to make a lot of trades.

    Hughes is a trade candidate to me, but if we do trade him for a bat, then we’re stuck with another hole in our rotation and the rest of the guys having to step up in very advanced ages for top flight starters.

    Granderson I’d look to trade, certainly. As many teams will overlook his problems to get a guaranteed 30+ home runs from their center fielder. Yankees could get some good pitching prospects or an already established #4 or #3 guy in return for the Grandy man.

    A-Rod’s contract situation is a lose-lose no matter what. You keep him, and he produces sparsely over the next 5 years and it becomes a true waste of a roster spot. You trade him, and like we’ve said you still will have to pay the guy more than 75% of his due pay at least. I say still we trade him in the idea that he can allow players like Nunez and Tyler Austin to eventually get their shot.

    Overall, I say change needs to happen. Youth. Youth. Youth. Whether it’s a rebuilding or reloading phase, that’s up to you guys to decide. But the worse part of it all is that everything I wrote is for nothing as I see Cashman sticking with the majority of this team and trying one last run at a title with a core that is about to buckle and completely wilt away.

    • There seems to be 4 power teams developing. They are the Tigers an Angels in the AL if the Angels can find a pen arm or two. In the NL they are the Nats and Cardinals. The Cardinals have so much talent coming and pick up nice veteranss on good short deals. I just don’t see the Yankees as being close to those team over the next couple of years.

      I really wish the Yankees would follow how St Louis builds their team going forward.

      • Free, last year’s power teams were the Rangers- Angels- Phillies- and Reds. Where did they end up!

        • Imo only the Rangers were a power team from last year. I didn’t like the Reds and still don’t think they are elite. I liked the Nats a lot coming into this season and they with a move or 2 will be elite for years to come. The Phillies were hurt coming into this year so not elite imo. The Angels I didn’t really like that much coming into the season but now with Trout and a fixed pen can certainly be a top team going forward.

          With some fine tuning I suppose the Rangers could stay an elite team but who is there position player star if Hamilton leaves?

          The 4 teams I mentioned have young players contributing now with more on the way. I just don’t see the Yankees competing against them and coming out on top in the near future.

          • If I could have 1 player off the Rangers roster it wouldn’t be Hamilton………give me Adrian Beltre. The guy is a complete player. The best defensive 3B in the game, hits for average, power, drives in runs. He’s gotten better in his 30′s.

  8. Wondering with all the drama going on, Pettitte wants to win as does Kuroda, maybe neither comes back

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