Another Unhappy Ending

The 2012 Yankees season ended in an all too familiar fashion for the Yankees. It ended without a parade down The Canyon of Heroes, just like every season has other than 2009 has since 2000. This postseason exit, at the hand of the Detroit Tigers, was probably only topped by the 2003 collapse against Boston as the most embarrassing postseason exit yet.

It is unfortunate that the futility of the Yankees in the ALCS will override the regular season they had, as it was one of the most satisfying regular seasons the Yankees have had in a while. It was not just another ho- hum division championship. The Yankees had to battle every single day down the stretch in September, with the Orioles giving them no breathing room. They avoided loosing a 10 game lead and overcame a mountain of injuries to key players like Alex Rodriguez, Mariano Rivera, Mark Teixeira, CC Sabathia, Andy Pettitte and Brett Gardner. It really is amazing that the Yankees won 95 games with all these injuries and Joe Girardi deserves credit for squeezing everything he could out of this team.  However, the 2012 Yankees will be remembered for none of that.

They will be remembered as the team that batted an anemic .157 in the ALCS, which is the second lowest total for teams participating in a LCS since 1969. They will be remembered for the RISP fails that crippled them. That was a little overblown during the regular season, but it certainly was not in the postseason. The Yankees showed a lack of mental toughness that is unexpected from a team of veteran players and so unlike the 90′s Yankees.  What will also be remembered is that the Yankees wasted the champiohsip caliber pitching that they got.

This will also be remembered for what happened to Alex Rodriguez. He was unfairly benched by the organization, while others around struggled as much or more than him. He was the scapegoat and the reason for the benching probably goes beyond his performance on the field, as they probably wanted to embarrass him enough so he might waive his no-trade clause. It is a shame that something like that would come before winning.

The Yankees scored six runs in four games against Detroit, after scoring the second most runs in the AL this season. Without Raul Ibanez’s heroics in the ALDS it would have been the same story in that series. The really scary part is that other than Justin Verlander, the Yankees did not see another elite pitcher in these playoffs. The Yankees face a similar problem this offseason that they have in the past. How can they get an offense to hit in the regular season and the postseason? That is one of many questions they must answer heading into the offseason.

This is the kind of series that you think will evoke change and if it doesn’t there obviously is a big problem. We will have plenty of time to get into what’s next later, as this winter could be one that shapes the Yankees for awhile. Today is about remembering what was and reflecting on that. It was really a fun regular season, that was really satisfying, and it ended about as bad as you can imagine.  It seems so strange that the team showed such toughness in September and once October came it all went away.

Many fans expecting a World Series championship every year are spoiled. 26 other MLB would have loved to have the season that the Yankees did and would love to have their playoffs. However, how they went out this year is unacceptable. The feeble at bats, not putting up a even a fight and seemingly looking like a little league team in the elimination game was truly awful.  This kind of performance should leave a sting.

Remember this season however you want, but in five years we might look back at it as the season that changed the direction of the Yankees. We might look back at it as the last stand by some of the core guys the Yankees have had over the last decade. It was another fun season that ended wrongly, that will lead to another winter of discontent. That has become too much of the norm lately.

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About Matthew B

I am a student at William Paterson University and studying to become a sportswriter. I have a huge passion for the Yankees and love sharing my opinions on them. I can analyze every aspect of the Yankees very well. I am very active on Twitter so feel free to contact me there Twitter: @RAYROBERT9

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  1. Matthew B. your last paragraph is well written and to the point. Nice article.

  2. this team is not constructed correctly,…….. they had 2 closes oin the team, mariano making 15 million,….soriano at 11 million, and only one basically played,……

    the lineup was home runs hitters,…… and streeaky hitters,.. funny how the streaks seemed to coincide with easy pitching,…..

    they won the most games in the AL on sheer home runs and pitching

    that was never, the home run side, hold up in the post season,.. not streaky home run hitters like that

    the construction has issues,.. and now we all can see it, even cashman,….

    so,.. dont feel bad

    yes, cano struggled, but also jeter went down,…. and tex could only hit a single or walk, ichiro could hit \some,

    the lineup is just weird

    top loaded, or back loaded with power guys

  3. this was not a last stand of the guys from thge past 10 years, lolololololol,.. i didnt understand that statement

    the yankees reconstructed the team,…… and no one knew it would turen out,.. and now they know

    one ws,.. but that was even with melkey cabrera in centerfield

    JETER CAN PLAY 3RD BASE , if they yankees can trade arod for reyes

    jeter has an accurate arm,….. and i have no problem with jeter at 3rd base going out


  4. if we get jose reyes, at short, you put him at leadoff,…… not 3rd or something else,.. you bat reyes 1 and jeter 2,…… now you can let ichiro go,… another 15 million

    i’m telling you

    it works

    • Question; What makes you think Jeter can hold down the 3rd base job? It would take about half the year to learn, 3rd/1st is for power hitters. In high school and college one can shift around…no problem. But we are talking about the AL East, Jeter can learn it I believe but, he is not the right hitter for the position…DH is.

      • Rose went to third base, Ripken went to 3rd base, Molitor went to 3rd base. Jeter is better than all 3. He can go to third. Ideally though, you wanna hang at the corner, ya gotta lean on the pole.

        • Twasp honestly no one knows if Jeter will be able to play next year. Will he have a setback or two? Will he be like David Adam the prospect and have a difficult time running straight ahead in his first year back. Will he be able to play on consecutive days without his ankle swelling up. Will his ankle effect his stance when hitting?

          Jeter is NO sure thing going forward.

          • I don’t disaree Hank.

            • This is exactly why I am willing to consider trading Cano. If I could acquire a SS in return I would do it. Danny Espinosa of the Nats is my number 1 target. If Jeter comes back healthy and can play SS everyday then Espy can play second next year and take over SS the following year.

              • I’m hesitant to lose a 30/100 second baseman that gives you such a matchup advantage over every other team. I like Nunez at SS, I love his bat and speed and I think he can learn to cut down on the errors.

                • I like Nunez more then most. Signing Cano long term does not seem like a good idea to me. If he is willing to come back on a 5 year extension great but what if he wants 7 or 8 years?

                  If I owned the team the only major players from this year team left in 2015 would be Tex and CC. Everyone else would be replaced including the manager and Gm.

                  • I’d go 6 , maybe 7, not 8 for Cano. He’s a once in a decade all- around player.

                    • I am very concerned paying any position player big money after he turn 36 so I am only comfortable with a 5 year extension. Maybe with a couple of team options added.

                    • I’m figuring his style of play (doesn’t dive much, doesn’t get taken out on the DP etc..) may give him an extra year or 2 of play. But in principle, agree with limiting long term contracts past 35.

                    • Remember history, for some reason afte 2nd basemen reach mid 30′s they fall off a clif. We should not disregard the history of 2nd basemen.

  5. i wouldnt mind a lineup next season maybe

    1- reyes- ss
    2- jeter- 3rd base
    3- teixeira- 1st base
    4- cano—- 2nd base
    5- right fielder
    6– center fielder
    7- dh
    8- martin—- catcher
    9- gardner- left field

    even if you keep granderson one more year in center

    you replace swishers contract with a low pay right fielderm, a kid like dickerson, or anyone of ability for low pay

    you trade soriano for prospects that wont appear on the 40 man roster yet, — draft picks, a and aa ball players

    the staff is fine on pitching-=– we just saw an all time great pitching staff during a pennant race and the playoffs

    keep developing your a, aa, and aaa pitchers

    we can do this thing

    do it right

    to me teixeira and cano, and the only prime untouchable players

    jeter is a untouchable role player

    but i would ebnjoy this lineup i just pout up for 2013

    theyll win 100 games

    reyes could have a mvp season ion the yankees

  6. doesnt anyone understand what i am saying?

    reyes and arods contract, with the reyes buyout included, are equl if you pay 18 million and arod to miami, and get reyes back, eqwual for both teams agaionst what they are facing right now in potential salary payouts,…

    now, you want to say it shopuldnt be ok, ok,.. you pay double, 36 million in cash,…

    thats prorated over 5 years, 7 million a year, about the 5 year 96 million for reyes with the buyout

    so now the 40 man roster has to be 182 million,…. so the 25 man roster about 170 million

    this is doable,…. even with trading arod and 36 million to the marklins, for reyes

    doesnt anyone see this except for me?

  7. the math was explained,……. in an earlier post, it is simple addition and substraction,….. how confusing can it be, it is easier than basic college algebra

  8. reyes is owed 6 years 114 million,.. but the 6th year at 22 million, has a 4 miullion team buy

    114 million – 22 million + 4 million —- 96 million over 5 years

    arod is owed 114 million over 5 years

    you trade arod and 36 million in cash for reyes

    now both teams liabity to salary is the exact same as it would have been,, only they swaped players

    you then say, well 18 million isnt enough,.. you double it to 36 million and areod foir reyes

    you can proate the extra 18 million over 5 years against the cap as far as luxury tax

    what can not you unjderstand about it

    arod isd happy, the yankees are happy

    jeter is happy

    the bank is happy

    who is unhappy?

  9. jeter couild play another 5 seasons at third base,…. pete rose polayed 3rd base going out too a bit,….

    the math and banking is do-able

  10. what are you talking about, arod is finished, reyes is in his prime,…. a poosible all star,…… we trade arod and 36 million to the marklins— makes sense for both teams

    • Do you think the Marlins management are all idiots? They are going to keep the better player. Honestly this idea of yours make you look like a buffoon.

      • well, listen, if the marlins can save money, and make more money with arod and 36 million in cash, than keeping reyes,… i thin k it is possible,.. the marlins cant draw, and reyes has little draw there in miami,….. transplanted mets fans go to a few games,….. the stadium is dead,.. if tyhe money works out that the companby has a better bottom line in miami,… and can put a competitive team on the field,m.. yes i think the deal can be done

        it is not an idiotic move

        • Alex may end up in Miami but Reyes is not coming back. Give this dumb idea a rest.

          • i dont know if you just against reyes because of leg issues from 8 years ago, or what,….. but i’d do it in a heart beat,.. put reyes at short, jeter at 3rd,……… one two punch in the lineup,…….

            i wont give it a rest, til it becomes fact it doesnt happen

            • Dude it is NEVER going to happen…hell would need to freeze over but first you would have find hell and quantify it!

              I think you would make a great GM for the Red Sox.

          • Free, I agree, if A-Rod does get traded to the Marlins the Yanks will get next to nothing for him. I don’t think the Yanks can make a good deal for A-Rod, it will haunt them either way.

            • Doug, I do think if Arod goes it will be a good deal for all involved. The Yankees, Marlins and Arod would need to be happy. Does this mean a lot of money being exchanged? Maybe the Yankees add in a couple of prospects. All I know is all need to be happy for this to work, My gut feeling is that it’s going to happen.

              • Free, OK, what is a 37 yr old player worth that hits .270, 25 HRs, 90 RBI. who is one of the best players of all time past his prime? A-Rod would be worth around 3/ 24. So the Yanks eat 90 million. Would it be better to wait a year? Where do the Yanks get a player to replace that production? Can Adams, Nunez, or Joseph play third better? Do the Yanks sign a guy like Youk? These are the questions that need to be answered.

  11. the idea arod singed an autograph or 2, or more even, should not have a negative connotation,….

    the players should sign everythuing, be pleasant to all fans,.. no matter what

    a team like the brooklyn dodgers did it constantly, signed everything, for no money, at the stadium,…

    and baseball should kneel and kiss the brooklyn dodgers ass on that,.. cause baseball was great because of brooklyn

    arod signing balls is opposite of bad, it is good for the game

    • I don’t think you understand what is going on here. Who on this team, can be treated like dirt without the Team looking bad? Yup! You got it, A-Rod!
      Others had bad hitting numbers but, right off the bat, they all started putting the onus on A-Rod. If Cano, Swisher, Granderson, Martin can get away with hitting as badly as they did…why put all the hate on one guy?
      Yes, A-Rod should have been hitting better, that’s a given! But putting the whole loss on him is stupid.
      Also, why go out and pay for a SS, use Nunez until one of the kids come up.

      • I was considered negative this past winter here when I screamed that we needed a BAT and not pitching as well as shouting about the postseason failures of so many players. I simply didn’t see why anything would change.
        That “pitching is everything” BS is ridiculous. You need BATS to win in the postseason.
        Cashman’s quest to have as many lefty and switch power hitters as possible in the lineup is simply not feasible.
        You need guys who hit for average as well.

        • “That “pitching is everything” BS is ridiculous. You need BATS to win in the postseason.”

          Need a balance of pitching and bats – not one or another.

          • Mike or anyone else in order who would you be most upset about losing for next year of these 5.

            Combo ( Prospects: Austin, Sanchez, Williams)

            • Cano! He is one of the best players alive.
              Hughes has some trade value now, but I’d rather keep him, I think he’s better than most people do and I think he has upside. I wouldn’t be crushed if he was traded.
              You all know I can’t stand Granderson(Dave Kingman) or any other all or nothing player.
              Swisher is a good regular season player, obviously has a mental block in the postseason. I can take or leave him.
              As far as the prospects go, if we trade them for someone like Headley(assuming ARod goes), I’m good with that.

            • I would only miss the prospects. All the rest can go.

              • Free Hankies. You are all over the place, at times. Sometimes hard to follow. He should go, this guy sucks, blow up the team, the managers a moron, Brian Cashman knows nothing, the team can’t hit because Girardi is an idiot….on, and on. So, Free Hankies, what is your clear cut solution? You rip everyone, but what is your solution?

                • Dude go away…I do not like what you are all about. Your stupid comment about “Cowboy Up” is totally inappropriate for this site. Please leave me out of all of your BS.

                  • I disagree, Free Hankies…..’Cowboy Up’ was simply a phrase, to raise the morale of the site’s posters. Inappropriate?…are you joking? Anyone who posts here, is open to opinion. What makes you any different?

                • Who are you the receptionist of this site? Do you know anything about baseball ? Cowboy up is a Boston cheer you dumbo.

              • Keep the prospects and Cano.

                • When I hear Cowboy up. I think of Millar and the Sox. Know he’s known for Got Hemm! Millar has Mitch Williams have proven that anyone can make it on TV.

              • I’ll buy that, Cano is great but, thinking down the line, I’ll stay with the prospects.

            • Cant loose Cano. Sorry he is just so much better than any other 2B. He has had very good postseasons before just can’t base him on these playoffs. The others are all replaceable although with Swisher people don;t realize that it will be tough to replace his regular season sumbers. Hughes should be looked to be traded this offseason as his value is pretty high and he may not be resigned long term. Im with Mike as far as giving up prospects for Headley or Upton. .

              • Matt, the reason I say I don’t care about the prospects is because of the current on the field management team of Girardi/Cashman.
                They simply refuse to allow prospects to play full time at an early age and will just screw them up anyway. My views on the Joba rules are well known. What they did to the Hughes/Joba/Kennedy trio was as big of a disaster as anything imaginable.
                Hughes and Joba had their arms and minds jerked around really bad, and their developments stunted. Joba was our BEST starter, better than CC even, for two months in 2009. Was never the same after they put him in the pen and then scewed him the next spring for Hughes……who was fantastic in 2010 until they started the 7 days rest and skip starts thing and then he wasn’t the same. Kennedy? Please guys, no more “he couldn’t do that in NY” stuff ok? I beg of you. If you want to keep making that insane nonsense true in your minds, than can you say that the guys who didn’t hit in the postseason can’t handle NY? Or is Granderson just not very good at anything except hitting home runs with that swing? It’s just too convenient of a rationalization for every guy we trade who does well elsewhere, perhaps to numb the pain of watching them excel elsewhere. It makes Yankee fans sound incredibly stupid and arrogant. He was simply given up on too early and that Kennedy, Coke, and Austin Jackson for Granderson trade was disastrous.
                Speaking of Ajax, why did we trade him again? Cashman put out a story about his attitude? Well where is this bad attitude he supposedly had?
                Then lets talk about Montero, hitting in a park that is probably the worst place in the world for him to hit, his season was still good. In his away games he hit .303. Even if he wasn’t in future plans longterm, that cover story that he had a bad attitude? Well where was it?
                Melky had a PED positive, but he was just fine and could have matured with US into a player instead of elsewhere.
                This tag team of Cash/Girardi would simply rather play “veterans”.
                These guys refuse to allow players to develop and swallow rookie mistakes on the way to them becoming experienced.
                Of course, the refusal to allow young players to start also dooms payroll.
                Imagine the increased flexibility in payroll if these guys had been allowed to develop and what a better team the Yankees would have now.
                Sanchez is going to be a monster, but control freak Joe will never allow him to start in 2014 like he would with other teams. He’ll be platooned where his skills can’t be developed so why not trade him?
                It’s disturrbing to accept that the last players developed in a system that has an insane scouting and development payroll to start on this team are Gardner and Cano.
                What’s even more disturbing are the trades made with these players.
                Guys, please stop defending Cashman’s moves, noone else does, they laugh at us. People were howling about the Granderson for Coke, Kennedy, and Ajax trade during the ALCS and I don’t blame them.
                In the last three years the Yankees traded Coke, Kennedy, Ajax, Melky, and Montero for Javier Vazquez, Granderson, and Pineda.
                As far as Pineda goes, lets take the insane assumption that a guy with one half of a good season in a HUGE pitcher’s park was worth trading for if he didn’t get injured.. But with a GM who supposedly knew that Montero and Ajax had character flaws(both were supposedly lazy) how come he didn’t do the same homework on Pineda? For a guy who supposedly was on top of the character flaws of the guys he traded, he sure didn’t do much background on a guy who turns out to have a huge problem with overeating and overdrinking! Can’t you guys see the irony in that?
                You see, when Cashman was allowed to just sign free agents and buy his way out of bad trades and signings, this didn’t matter as much. If George was he’d say sign away on the free agent market. The new plan on payroll will prohibit Cash from doing that.
                ARod isn’t the problem here, the management is.
                This team had too many all or nothing hitters and I said so at season’s beginning.
                For all of you who claim that batting average means nothing and its about power, well, then how come everyone fell in love with Ichiro so quickly? You know why? Because he banged out hits constantly. Everyone was crazy about Jeter this year again, you know why? Because he banged out hits. Yeah, Cano has power, but those hits he takes to the opposite field and those gorgeous doubles he rips are the reason we oohed and aahed all season about him.
                Martin? Can’t hit. Teixeira? All or nothing, and not even that in the postseason where he now has 150 at bats in the postseason as a Yankee with 3 home runs and 14 RBI’s!! He’s averaging one home run in every 50 at bats in the postseason, and one RBI every 11 at bats!!! His average in the postseason as a Yankee is now .196( 27-138). Granderson? A joke. ARod? He’ll never be close to what he was.
                This team needs guys who can hit for average. Since we have none ready in the system, and little money to spend in free agency, where are we going to get them?
                My outlook for this team is very bleak.
                Next year you’ll have Cano, Gardner, Teixeira, and Jeter for sure. Granderson may be traded. ARod may be traded. In any case, even assuming blockhead Joe insists on using the DH as a “rest spot”, the Yankees need a catcher, as many as two outfielders, and a third basemen. If they bring back Martin and don’t trade Granderson and Arod then I don’t care who they acquire for the other outfield position, they won’t go ANYWHERE and will miss the playoffs.
                This team never that good, and I pointed out time and time again that the 36-13 run they went on from late May-mid July masked what they were.
                The Yankees went 98-73 this year including the playoffs. You take away that 36-13 run(that included interleague) and they were 62-60 the rest of the year.
                That was accomplished with a miracle year from Jeter, who has aged and who cannot be counted on to ever have a year like that again.
                Without some great moves from Cashman, who never makes great moves, this team’s run is over and they will miss the playoffs next year.

              • The time to get Headly was last year, the horse has left the barn on that one .Upton is a very good young player,wouldn’t mind him.

                • ballpark, if we can get Upton for less than Grandy is getting say 12 million a year then Yes. I seem to remember a Yankee team 5 or 6 six years ago that had most of the team hitting almost .300 and they didn’t win the series.

            • Matthew keep swisher and keep the young guys. I like Hughes too

          • Thats not what you guys all told me this past winter!! :)

            • The key is to hit in the clutch, the 90s Yankee had hitter who had bad series like Brosuis, and O’Neil but the team won. Somebody has to hit, this year was random, you take the same players last year and they hit with RISP. Go figure!

              • Doug, you need to stop with all this random bs. It does not make any sense. Detroit was the better team last year an again this year so there was nothing random about the Yankees losing if anything it was predictable.

                • Yes, it does the Tigers and Cards won the least amount of games this year, and they might be in the series, it’s a crap shoot. So you predicted Zito pitching well, the Braves making 4 errors and the Cards winning with 4 hits, Raul hitting like Reggie for a while, the Rangers collapse at the end of the season, the Nats pen blowing a game to the Cards, and the Cards making it to the series with a new manager no Albert, and a sudden death wild card team. All these things seam to be major parts of the playoffs that are random. Oh yeh, Beltran gets hurt and his sub hits a homer.

                • Doug – that all games are completely random is just a silly idea. Stop with the BS !

          • Remember Baltimore had one of the best pitching rotations in MLB from 1969 thru 1974. They went to the WS 5 times and won once!
            Cleveland The best hitting team in the AL from 1995 thru 2001 went to the LDS and won 2 times and lost 2 of two times in the WS.
            If that will help anyone change their mind, fine if not…ok! History is not kind to teams with one way of winning.

            Hint, hint Yankees, HR’s or nothing is not good.

      • old yankee, I agree, A-Rod is the whipping boy here. If anyone should get a pass in this series it is A-Rod, Tex, and Gardner, they were injured. The Yanks knew A-Rod wasn’t 100% going into the series. The rest of this team was putrid.

  12. Twasp what are you willing to pay him and for how many years? Let’s not forget we have two guys in Adams and Joseph who are MLB ready and can play second.

  13. Hank……I’m biased because I’m a big Cano fan…….. Is $20 for 6 too much?

    • I think that is reasonable but do you think Cano’s new agent Boras will think so? He is going to want 8 years and what 23 or 24 per so if that is what they want what should the Yankees do?

      I think trading him may be the better option. At the very least find out what he’s worth.

  14. Yeah Boras is a megalomaniac…….he’ll ask for too much….just gotta hope they can reach a mutually acceptable compromise. 8 for 23/24 too much.

    • I hope your right but sadly I don’t think there will be a compromise. This is why I hope they will at least entertain trading him before potentially losing him for a draft pick.

      • Cano is incredible, but if you could really pull off a blockbuster trade that strengthened the team than you do it.
        I’m still weeping that it turns out that the Dodgers approached the Yankees before the Red Sox and offered the same deal they gave the Red Sox for Teixeira and CC. To have that money off the books would have been fantastic.
        Imagine having an extra 50 million a year to spend for the next 4 years and those prospects to convert into someone else in a trade or develop?

      • Free, you are right, I don’t see Cano signing for 20 per. This will be the toughest decision the Yanks will have to make in the near future. I would float him out there, and if you can’t find a great deal then just pick up his option and see how he does next year. If we win the series, we keep him. Things can change quick in baseball, look how he hit at the end of the season and then last week. The key is to make a smart move. I would look to a team like the Pirates, Nats, Dodgers, the Yanks need to get 2 good pitching prospects, and a good OF,SS for Cano.I know you mentioned Espinosa,and Rendon, but would it be better to get 4 top prospects who are not quite ready for the majors. You might be able to rebuild to the team with one trade like Texas did with TEX.

        • Doug, I agree the Yankees need to make a good decision here. They can’t be held hostage over money and years because they’re desperate to keep the player.

          I mentioned the Nats because I think they are a natural fit for Cano. They have very wealthy aging owners. They could keep him and he might like to stay as that team is going to be very good going forward. The Nats and Boras have one of the better relationships in the game. I like Espinosa because he can play SS at the MLB level. I also like Rendon but he is an injury risk. I didn’t mean that is all I would want mind you as like you I would want at least another 2 players. I like Skole and Solis as the additional prospects.

          Say the Yankees could acquire Espinosa then it would allow them to move Nunez. I think Nunez has nice trade value so could he be moved in a deal with the Cardinals for say Matt Carpenter? Nunez could flourish there with tutoring from the great Ozzie Smith.

          The point for me is I hope the Yankees are willing to risk and become more proactive instead of staying complacent.

          • Free, I like that move, how about trading Nunez to the Padres for Max Fried. I would like to see the Yanks get a top pitching prospect from somebody.

            • Hal will never go for it, he wants the payroll down not up or the same.

            • Why trade Nunez he’s the only one who hit verlander?

              • Also, we may need him for SS next year.

                • This is just a suggestion on my part but if you read the whole you would see the Espinosa would be our SS of the near future…if Jeter can’t go then he’s the SS this year.

                  • Would Espinosa be that much of an upgrade over Nunez? He seems to make a lot of errors also.
                    I have never seen him play, so I can’t comment on him or his impact with the team. One thing I do know is, he better have one heck of a thick skin…replacing Jeter is like replacing Mattingly. We know Nunez can handle it! Can Espinosa?

                    • I don’t know but at least he has 2 years starting as a middle infielder with the Nats. He was a very good college SS playing out of position at 2nd.

                      You say Nunez can handle it? I see him making tons of errors so that’s not handling it imo.

                      I am a Nunez fan so I would be fine if he stays.

                    • Nunez made most of his errors at 3rd and 2nd and over a three-year time line. Espinosa has made a bunch of errors also.
                      Nunez has a game I like but, Espinosa sounds like he is about the same player.
                      I think I would like to see him for 1/2 the year at one position, before I say he can’t play the position well.
                      I guess I can go either way, it may cost us to much in players to get him when we already have Nunez.
                      What is your thoughts?

            • Doug, you can’t trade for Max Fried because he was drafted this year until after his signing date next summer. Personally I am looking more for position players then pitchers. I still like Banuelos, Marshall, Turley, Tracy, Ramirez along with Nova, Phelps, Pineda and Warren so young pitching isn’t a big need imo. I agree with Ballpark on adding another veteran starter. If Arod and Cano are gone then going after a Greinke, Sanchez or Haren if he’s let go makes sense.

              So I could have a position player lineup something like this.

              C Romine/Martin if he comes back reasonable or maybe Ross.
              1b Tex
              2b Adams/Joseph
              SS Jeter/Espinosa
              3b Carpenter/Rendon
              OF Granderson/Gardner/Ichiro/Mustelier

              This idea brings new life to the Bronx which could be very exciting to follow.

  15. Oh, and does anyone remember me railing on about the Yankees’ record against winning teams the last two seasons? Well you can add this year’s record to display the medicority the Yankees displayed against good teams the last three years.
    This season, including the playoffs, the Yankees were exactly .500 against teams with winning records, making them exactly .500 the last three years.
    This is a team that has beat up and pounded on lesser rivals, whose hitters can’t hit good pitching.


  17. set arod free

  18. By the way Barry Zito’s pitching last night was totally random!

  19. Question—Why is 2014 THE year to hit 189m what happens if the yankees drop to whatever is the number in 2015? We save the 50M a year later or what?

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