Morning Bits: Welcome to the Off-Season, free agents & more…

Happy Friday all.  Well not very happy for the bombers as they were eliminated yesterday.   If you weren’t apart of our blog last off-season stick around for many articles on season reviews, trade ideas,  and who should stay and who should go.  Thanks for the support and visiting our blog as always.

Now for some links…

Ian O’Connor writes it’s time to break up the Yankees or they won’t see next October.

ESPN STATS looks into what led the Yanks to an early trip home.

Wallace Matthews gives the list of Yankee free agents and club options.

Mike Bauman mentions the Yankees need to retool not rebuild.

Peter Botte writes the Yankees need to hope Pettitte wants to return if they want to compete next year.

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. Let’s hear some quick things form you guys on who you want to stay and who goes.

    I want Swisher gone and I am praying Soriano opts out for some cap space. Also I know I will be crushed for this I hope Mariano doesn’t come back so we don’t have that contract as well. If he does come back just on a one year deal.

    I’d like to see Ibanez and Ichiro back.

    • I wouldnt see them resigning Mo for more than 1 year if he came back anyways Matt. 3 guys to target in trades are Headley, Upton and Choo. Choo less so because he is awful against lefties and platoon splits killed us this year. Headley would be ideal because he could play 3rd against righties with ARod DH and against lefties he could move to the OF and ARod to 3rd. Don’t trade ARod unless you have a surefire replacement. I’m not as crazy about Gardner/Ichiro corner OF as most. Swisher provided a lot more in the regular season than most realize and that production will not be as easy to replace as most realize. I would try to trade for a younger OF for RF rather than sign Ichiro. Granderson’s option will be picked up for sure, but you gotta put him on the market and see what he is worth. Hughes as well can be good trade bait, especially for a team with a big ballpark.

  2. Good morning Matt,
    The 2 phases of retooling the Yanks imho are;
    1-RE-build a veteran starting staff,I only want 1 young homegrown starter of the 5.
    A)Attempt to bring back Kuroda and Andy.
    B)Sign 1 FA/Haren/Sanchez/Kick the tires on Grienke
    C)Buerle if traded for AROD.
    D)Pinaeda/Nova Phelps /Warren-1 =5th starter 2= 6th starter,longman3= aaa depth

    Trade Hughes he has no value going foward and he will get too expensive,his value is at its height vand could be used to bring back a nice player or a top prospect.

    2-Get younger and more athletic on the position player side.
    I will explain later

    • i think it woul dbe best to get rid of most everyone,…….. as asson as apossible,…. so the transition can be done as soon as possible,… a lower payroll team, where we have to get used to it

      • This team won the most games in the AL this year, so now is not the time to panic.I too would like to see some change to get younger. Hopefully the Yanks can resign Kuroda and Pettite for starters. I might try and trade Hughes for a young outfielder, my eyes go to the Cubs, a trade for Almora OF, and Baez SS. I would let Swisher go and try and sign Hunter or Ichiro short term. I don’t think the Yanks can stay on top without one of either Soriano or Mo for next season. We can also look to upgrade the pen. I would pick up Grandy option for nexr year and Cano is a no brainer to me. Yanks must look to get younger at SS, 3B, and OF through trades. I don’t see where getting rid of A-Rod is a positive right now.


          economic times are different now,……..

          so it is not about panicingh, but far from it

          i am talking about a systematic course of action that will reduce payroll down to a 40 man roster at least under 189 million,..

          i hopew they get a 40 man roster down below 170 million,. within 2 years

          and go fram their to work to further reduce it

          if anyone can do it without panicing, the yankees can,, and should,, as they are the pnes that created the mess for decades of ever increasing – unnecessary payroll.

        • Doug your idea of going after young players makes sense but those 2 are not attainable at this time. First Almora can’t be traded until after the draft next summer. Baez isn’t ready to be a MLB SS so why target him? There are other guys more interesting like Espinosa with the Nats and Rutledge with the Rockies.

          Ichiro yes but a hell no on Hunter as I would rather see Mustelier as our right handed outfielder.

          I would look to trade Cano if he isn’t reasonable with his contract demands. He is not a leader through no fault of his own as the Yankees never allowed him to become one.

          You need to look at our own young players more imo.

          • Hank thoughts on Pineda? he is def starting the season in AAA right?

            • I would hope so as the Yankees lost a full year of service time with him being injured. If he spends some time in the minors to start the season the team will gain an extra year of control. 172 days out of the 182 day season equals a full year of service time.

          • Free, I just thought the Cubs would be a good fit since they have 4 great outfield prospects and they need pitching, I thought Baez would have a year in the minors thinking Jeter will still play SS next year. The Nats would be a good match also as you say Espinosa, Rendon, and a Morse. Hunter did have a good WAR this year 5.3 Frangraphs, and both are good RH bats. Mustelier, Joseph, Almonte, and Adams should get long looks next year.

        • Doug the only good thing to take away from the playoffs is?
          Yankess get out from under the worst contract in baseball history and with Hals imposed 189 in 2014 the Yanks can now keep a playoff caliber team going,With some changes.

          • Ballpark your not really getting out of him as he will still count towards the payroll and luxury tax.

            • Matt how do u figure?
              If he’s traded he comes off our payroll ,right???
              He’s already gone if u understand what just happened and why.
              You have to
              read between the lines and listen to what they don’t answer.Play connect the dots.
              If a person is capable of that kinda thinkin the answer to the outcome is right in front of your face.
              Arod traded for Beurle with the Yanks adding a small amount of money,no more than 10 mil.

              • No Ballpark if they trade him they will still be paying him a huge chunk of his salary so whatever they pay him is still on their payroll.

                • Matthew we have no clue as to how MLB accounts for the money paid to the Pirates with respect to the Burnett trade. Meaning the 5 and 8 million…do the Yankees tax on each number during that year or do you add and divide coming out with 6.5 per year or did the Yankees just add 13 million to the 3 previous years and divide by 3 and pay a revised tax?

                  So what if the Yankees decide to pay all of Alex’s 28 million next year and some of the 20 million owed in year 5. If they did that how would that affect luxury tax?

  3. I was really surprised to hear that the Yankees scored 804 runs, versus 808 for the league leading Rangers. WIth all the RISP issues they had this season, that tells me they could have ran away with scoring from the rest of MLB scoring runs this season and our payroll is going toward underperforming talent.

    Curtis Granderson drove me mad this season, I felt he was always striking out and his 2011 numbers versus 2012 numbers exemplify that. Some of the concerning ones, 35 fewer runs scored, increase in strikeout rate, 30 point drop in batting average in 45 pt drop in slugging. Do we really need to pay this guy another $13 million and watch him strikeout 200 times? I’m all for bringing back Cano, yes he struggled mightily, like the rest, in the postseason but I still think he’s one of the best at his position where there are slim pickings.

    This offseason, I agree, another veteran starter should be a focus. Phil Hughes needs to go- that guy has had way too much leeway to be at best, inconsistently good. My thought: how about Kyle ,Lohse? He pitched 200+ innings and I think he’s the under-the-radar kind of guy that would fit in well with the Yankee clubhouse (the world series experience doesn’t hurt either)

    • Good thoughts Monica. There’s no way Granderson will be re-signed long-term. Only question is can we get someone better for the $15M he’s due or is he worth trading? We definitely need more diverse, complete hitters. Guys who use the whole field and will hit the ball where it’s pitched. The Yanks have too many guys who look to pull the ball over the fence which works out in the long-run of the regular season where pitchers make mistakes and there’s a lot of bad pitchers. In the playoffs, teams are attacking the Yankees on the outside corner and with offspeed stuff and our hitters do not adjust.

      I agree on Hughes……he has some value now after a solid season. I would not re-sign him in 2014 so now is the time to get something for him. Lohse is interesting but I don’t think he’ll be worth what he will get on the open market.

    • Monica the juiced ball helped the Yankees a bit more then other teams as they ended up hitting the most home runs. With that said if there are not changes made this team offensively will not be nearly as good next year.

      I like that you see Hughes for what he is as most Yankees fans still think he has a future in NY.

      Granderson in the short term does provide power so batting him 6th or 7th and playing him on a corner isn’t the worst thing the Yankees could do.

      I do think bringing in another veteran starter is prudent but not sure about Lohse as he’s coming off a career year and those guys scare me.

      The team desperately needs a 3 hole hitter. Maybe that guy is David Adams by the end of the year, Joseph could also be an option.

  4. Fall Ball Update: Scottsdale Scorpions won 8-3! Melky Mesa was 2-5, 1 R, 1 RBI in the Dominican! Ronnier Mustelier went 2-4, 1 HR, 1 R, 1 2B, 1 RBI and Walter Ibarra went 2-4 in the Mexican League!

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