The WWGD Narrative

There are plenty of things to love about New York. Wether it’s real pizza, salt bagels (or biali’s if that’s your style), The Met, Broadway or Bronx baseball, the city that never sleeps can fulfill every vice. Another area that there’s certainly no shortage of is media coverage, for better or for worse. This brings us to the sportswriters of NY and all of their lovely narratives. From the idea that the Yankees can’t hit good pitching or guys-they’ve-never-seen, to too many home runs and various wild observations about the third baseman that everyone loves to hate, our not so freindly neighborhood press box covers it all. Their conconctions aren’t pulled entirely out of thin air; in fact they have their toes dipped in the shallow end of the reality pool which draws just enough blood to attract the sharks. Enter my favorite NY media hustle which almost gaurantees a stir with the fanbase: WWGD or better known as “what would George do?”

This one is by far my favorite. Let’s be clear first; George Steinbrenner is one of my favorite Yankees. His penchant for winning and putting his own money up to do it was what brought our beloved franchise back from the CBS graveyard. He was a major proponent of free agency and did whatever he thought necessary to bring the title back to the Bronx. He was outspoken and ostentacious. He loved his team more than anyone, but let’s be fair; he didn’t always make rational and informed decisions. Alas, over the last couple of years the idea that “George would have fixed this” comes up every time something goes wrong. This my friends, is revisionist history at it’s finest. George’s knee-jerk reactions are hardly a way to build long term and the risidual effect of that might be shadowed onto outbidding yourself on a contract for a guy who just tried to walk away from your club. A move of desperation that was not all that unfamiliar. That’s exactly what George would have done, yet it gets swept under the rug so the narrative can be continued and articles written.

I’ll always be grateful to GWS for saving the team and bringing them back to glory, but it came at a price. The “World Series or bust” attitude is fine for the players…in fact I wouldn’t want it any other way, but as for us fans it’s created a half baked reality that leads to a lot of disappointment, vitriol and all out hatred torwards players and management when the season doesn’t end in a parade. The dynasty of the 90′s does nothing but add more fuel to the fire; any time an argument is made that the playoff structure makes it incredibly difficult to repeat over and over the dynasty is brought in to the fold. Let’s be real folks, what happened back then was incredible and while it’s a great goal to have to expect that to happen every decade is a recipe for a let down. Fans that have reached that level of expectation for each and every season are due for a reality check, and if you are under the impression that if George were here and how a new dynasty would be taking hold of New York, think about where he was when the last one was being molded.

The 2012 Yankees were one of the biggest offensive forces in baseball over the course of 162 games, yet they went cold at the worst possible time. New narratives are being born as I type this aricle and will certainly be the focus of the hot stove season. I really can’t tell you why they sputtered or how (and better yet, if it’s even possible) to go about finding players that are sure fire performers in October. One thing I will bet on is that there will be plenty thrown about this winter, and my money says the ideas that get tossed around the shallow end of the pool will be based more on feeding off the emotions of the fanbase more than ideas born of rational thinkers.

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  1. nice article Jimmy T. We gotta get WWGD rubber bracelets made. I was a big GWS fan.

  2. I don’t think that throwing money around on its own will fix this. I firmly believe that this is a management problem. It’s obvious that Cashman had a hand in the Posada demotion last year, which was shameful in the way it was done. Posada was greeted by media at his locker who informed him he was batting 9th against the Red Sox in the first game of a series with them. Obviously this was a big media game. Do I think Cashman and Girardi chose that game to humiliate Posada? Absolutely. Why that night? Why not the night before?
    Based on Cashman’s comments today about ARod and ARod’s comments subsequent to this latest soap opera, I would say it is clear that the war going on is between Cashman and ARod.
    To borrow a term from someone I asked the opinion of this weekend about Girardi, he creates his own soap operas.

  3. Pineda will not be ready to pitch until June, not the best news for the Yanks.

    • You had a different expectation? He had surgery on May 1st an it normally takes a year recovery so him being ready for spring was fools gold from day 1.

      I thought for sure that he would start the season in extended working on the change up. Maybe he can be a power arm out of the pen in the second half with an eye on starting in 14.

    • The only news that would be better would be if he couldn’t pitch until June of 2014.
      Just pretend he doesn’t even exist, that’s what I’ve done since the day he was injured.

      • Don’t be silly…no one knows for sure if he’ll be a player for the Yankees all we can do is hope for the best.

        • His makeup seems so poor to me. It started the first day of pitchers and catchers when he went to his locker and saw all the media and panicked and told them he’d be right back and then ran away and never came back. I remember Wally Mathews tweeting that and saying oh no!
          He was 300 pounds when he came to camp, apparently that’s how seriously he took being traded to the Yankees. Then he gets in trouble this summer.
          Not too many guys come back from shoulder surgery that well. For every Schiling there is an Erik Bedard.
          I questioned how good he was in the first place, before any of what I just listed took place. The guy had exactly one good half of one season in a pitcher’s palace.
          Look, if he comes back and is good I’ll be ecstatic(and stunned) but I have absolutely no faith that the guy will ever be worth squat for the Yankees.
          I believe the Yankees will proceed in building a rotation for next year as if he doesn’t exist, which is prudent.
          Even if he makes it back in June(which is an awfully optimistic scenario) he’ll be 21 months away removed from pitching a real game. He will obviously need to start in the minors and need a lot of work there before coming up to the bigs. You’re talking the end of August or September when that happens which is simply too late to be used in the playoffs.
          If he does make it back, realistically it will be 2014 before he is able to be a member of the rotation, and he’ll have an innings limit.
          Face it, we traded Montero for nothing. Even if you don’t think Montero would have helped us this year( I do) you have to realize that we could have gotten more for him.
          It was a trade I’d just as soon try and forget.

    • I think we’ll be lucky if we get anything positive out of Pineda in 2013.

  4. I hope the Yankees are interested in Pelfry on a 2 year deal. Maybe 2 million in year 1 with an 8 million team option in year 2 with a million dollar buyout. He could be nice veteran insurance for the 14 rotation.

  5. If George doesn’t get suspended the Yankees might never have had the dynasty in the 90s.

  6. Jimmy T…
    I like your posting very much, GWS Was one of the best Owners in baseball and one of the most reckless ones. He built an organization that worked better when he was banned for a few years, than when he was in charge, (more than he should have). Cashman did what his boss wanted him to do, “Start getting the payroll in order for our target of 2014 Cap”.
    He did what he was asked to do, that is the problem, he followed orders! If he did it well, is up to each individual to decide.
    Cash brought in:
    And some rookies.
    By only spending the money they did, Cashman has a lot of flexibility with the people he brought in. None are making big bucks or have a long contract.
    I am not making any judgement, I am just lining things up as I understamd them, you make your own!
    Something to think about!

  7. George was a big bully, a liar and a prick.

    I wish your wife was the woman he fired for getting him the wrong sandwich.

  8. No , you are a friend , I would not mention your wife. I don’t even know if you have a wife. I don’t even know if you are married . I don’t even know if you are a liberal or conservative. I don’t know if you are straight or gay?

    • Now maybe you can add “I don’t know you at all”. Because you are not included as my friend, not by me anyway!
      People like you are the same all over the world, you are funny and quick with the quip, most people like you and you always play the offended one when you are told to get lost. But, you keep going and everyone takes your side because, you are being told to get lost. But you keep picking at anyone that calls you out on it as I have, for the last few years.
      You call me a Jeter hater which, with this crowd, is bad, bad news.
      But it sets well with the fans of Jeter, and makes me look real bad.
      To bad none of these fans have ever gotten on your wrong side because, you are a poison and were so on the other site, you always kept things messed up.
      I see a couple of the other guys here (under new names) and that is nice but, I wonder how long it will take for you to aggravate a situation again?
      What is the over and under?

      • Kenny, Twasp….we have know each other for years. Forget Jeter, forget A-Rod…they mean zero! Don’t do this, stop now.

        • Why, he is a big …….@#%$!
          He has been picking at me for years but, now he wants to hide behind you, and oh, pore is me!
          I will fix this right now, I will promise not to comment on anything he writes ever again.
          And don’t get in on this again Patrick!

          • Ken…we have debated several issues over the years , and you gave as good as you got…and enjoyed it. Why all of a sudden are you mad?

  9. Patrick – why does Ken think I was a poison on the other site?

  10. Jeter has never said he is continuing to play to get Roses record…..NEVER!

  11. Ken…let’s go fishing …upstate NY….fall foliage….few cold ones…..

  12. San Fran beating the Cards 7-0, in the 5th. MVP for the Giants- Marco Scuturo, who the Giants picked up at the end of the year. Top pitchers Vogelsong and Zito for the series, not Cain, Baumgartner, or the Freak. Posey hits .171 in playoffs. Pence hits a double and the bat hits the ball 3 times, another first in baseball history. Giants come back down 3-1 to the comback Cards and beat them at their own game. Cain pitches great after stinking in past playoff starts, while Loshe has great year and pitches a stinker. This is about as random as it gets, the short series.

  13. Doug – seriously , is there any references you have regarding your theory of randomness in the playoffs?

    • By the way, the Giants are hitting .220 in the playoffs and their pitching is 8th out of the 10 teams in the playoffs with a 3.86 ERA.

  14. This post season proves that defense is very important.

  15. The Tigers had a 1.74 ERA, 1st in the playoffs, and second in hitting with .274. I quess the Giants don’t have a chance, but the Tigers haven’t played in 5 days and this is a short series.

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