Morning Bits: Cashman, Long, Granderson, Otani, Steinbrenner

Good morning all.  The world series teams are now set as the Giants will be up against the Tigers starting tomorrow night.  Cashman has been doing a lot of talking lately and this is off-season should be an interesting one.

Let’s start off with some links…

– Cashman & Long have some thoughts on Curtis Granderson writes Dan Martin of The New York Post.

Mark Feinsand of The Daily News mentions that the Yankees are intrigued by Shohei Otani, Japanese teenagers with a 100mph fastball.

Filip Bondy writes that Hal Steinbrenner is running a low key and more boring Yankees than his father.

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About Matthew S.

Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. Wierd event last night, Hunter Pence’s bat hit a ball 3 times as it breaks with one swing, this is random.

  2. Wow, Cashman and Long obviously see Granderson as their personal pet project. Makes me sick. Pick up the option and trade him to someone looking for a one year CF rental and move on with it already!!

  3. What perfect timing….some poor schlub from the Daily News with a WWGD article! Imagine that…a journalist upset that he doesn’t have another Bronx Zoo situation happening to fuel their fire.
    The only part of the narrative that’s missing is where George trades half the farm for some hack with a dusty award on his mantle that hasn’t been good in half a decade, only to have it blow up in his face for the seventy third time.

  4. Who does everyone have winning in the world series and in how many games? I got Giants in 6.

    • its all random. I’ve got the Mets in 4.

      • To defend Doug a little here what he is saying that over a 162 games the best team will come out on top and in a 5 or 7 game series anything can happen, which is the truth. Anyways I have tigers in 5. Obviously since I picked the Tigers as my preseason WS pick I’m not backing down now.

        • Exactly why the “purists” don’t like the current (or any for that matter) playoff method. When a team can tank a good portion of their season playing in a weak division and make the playoffs over clubs that won more games people, even proponents of a championship and division series get a little cranky and scoff at the flawed system in which we are subjected to.
          Someone i spoke to earlier tried to defend the necessity for divisions by arguing that it
          wouldn’t be fair to the region if clubs were left out of a playoff race….baseballs version of affirmative action I suppose.

        • Matt, great job picking the Tigers, I had the Angels.

        • What Doug is saying is just plain dumb.

          The Oxford English Dictionary defines “random” as “Having no definite aim or purpose; not sent or guided in a particular direction; made, done, occurring, etc., without method or conscious choice; haphazard.”

          • Hank – an even better definition of random states that every outcome has an equal chance of happening. Thus there is no such thing as a favorite….or an underdog…..anything can happen.

            • twasp, you made my case for me, underdogs do win,you are an determinist. Random or unpredictable it’s hard to say, no way to prove it. If it makes you feel better I will use unpredictable. Giants are the underdog in this series, but they can win. I know how people on this site think they can predict things through stats and sabermetrics, but in a short series the unexpected happens more often and has a greater effect on the game

          • That’s one definition!

        • Matt B. – if your pick is correct and Detroit wins , it means absolutely nothing. It doesn’t mean you know anything about baseball. It’s random (you agreed with Doug)……so why bother picking?

      • fish, so you think these are the 2 best teams this year?

        • Not neccessarily the best 2 teams but the 2 teams that played the best, did what they had to do and took care of business on the field. All teams play by the same rules in the playoffs and the club that performs the best wins….no different than the regular season. By you calling every single play in the postseason random is flat out ridiculous.

          Playoff baseball is different than regular season baseball because you are managing for a 19-20 game season as oppossed to 162. 4th and 5th starters start 40% of games in the regular season but rarely see the field in the post-season. Middle relievers pitch all the time in the reg season , very rarely in the Playoffs. The regular season is a marathon where a team’s entire roster and depth is tested. In a 7-game series, the sense of urgency is heightened and the margin for error is so much smaller than a 162-game season. It’s about who has the best 3 starters, 2 relievers and best 9 players. So the team with the best record in the reg season doesn’t mean they are the best equipped to win in the playoffs. There are teams that are better equipped for the regular season and teams that are better equipped for Playoff baseball. That is the truth. That has nothing to do with “randomness”.

          If Playoff baseball is Random, why do we all care about lineups and things? By calling it random you are saying that it doesn’t matter if you play better players or not because it’s all governed by chance anyway. You are saying that the Astros or 25 guys off the street have the same opportunity to win as the Yankees.

          • fishjam, some of what you said is true, most of it is not true. The Giants won with players like Zito, a 5th starter who is starting the first game of the series, Pence who was not on the team most of the year, MVP Marco Scuturo was not on the team most of the year. The Freak is coming in in relief. The line ups are meaninless. You just don’t like the fact that stats and common sense have nothing to do with who wins. There are smarter guys than you that realize that the playoffs are a crap shoot, I don’t know why you can’t grasp it. Any GM will tell you that they make their teams up to make the playoffs and let the chips fall where they may. You should be able to understand what I am saying, I have given many examples. If it is so cut and dry why don’t GMs all do what you think, and why doesn’t the smartest guy win every year. I’ll tell you why, the Rays,Angels,Rangers,Yanks,Nats,and Phils GMs know what I’m talking about.

            • Doug, every time someone who isn’t a star makes a contribution you call it random. It’s a team sport! It’s not random! IT’S BASEBALL! What the hell does the fact that Scutaro and Pence weren’t on the team the whole year have to do with Randomness? Because they were traded for, all of their contributions in the playoffs become random? Zito is their 4th starter and had a great year (15-8 4.15), so why are his contributions random?

              We’ll just have to agree to disagree because you are in love with your theory and it’s impossible for you to change. I try to ignore when you constantly say the word Random but you say it in 80% of your posts so it’s difficult to ignore.

              It’s a cop out to say the Yankees lost 4 games to 0 to Detroit because of randomness. Why are people so reluctant to hold them accountable…..they played like shit and that is why they lost. They played brutal defense, failed fundamentally and the bats went silent. They showed all of these tendencies throughout the season and many people pointed it out. It had nothing to do with randomness.

          • Fish I have to agree with your assesment.
            If I can give an example of a better 162 team being beat by an inferior team, but because ot 2 dominant pitchers were beaten.
            Twasp can you give me the answer

  5. I was just listening to Cashman on WFAN, and it sounded like the only changes that would be made would be RF with question marks with Martin, Ichiro, Chavez, Ibanez, and Kuroda. He didn’t sound like he was going to bring up any of the prospects like Adams, Joseph, or Nunez as starters. He did mention taking a good look at Montegomery. Sounded like he feels that the older players are still better than any other options he might have. I kind of agree with him, bring back Andy, Kuroda,Ichiro,Ibanez,Martin, and Chavez on one year deals. Add either Adams,Nunez, and Joseph to the mix. I can see Monte making the team, his a K machine with a good slider, he could be the 7th inning man next year. Sounds like the rotation will be CC,Kuroda,Andy,Hughes, and Nova again. Cashman said, the Yanks are still targeting the 189 million in 2014. Cashman did say alot will depend on how much these guys want, but did say that all these players enjoyed being on the Yankees.

    • If Cashman brings back the same pathetic team he will be fired after next year. Yankees attendance declined this year and will again if this same team is back. YES ratings declined this year by 9% an again will drop if the same pathetic team comes back.

      Boring is not good in NY especially with the bland kind of Baseball Girardi likes and wants.

      • Free, I will talk to you in 2015!

        • In 2015 I will be happy as there will be young players playing and the Cash/Girardi regime with be gone.

          • I still can’t believe that CashHog and Girardi don’t see the value of Nunez…the game seemed to speed up when he was out there. The other Yankeesnwere playing in slo motion. The kid’s an all star in the making.

      • Girardi is history…..if GS was alive he’d be gone already.

        Girardi has no idea how to play aggressive baseball, no idea how to play small ball, no idea how to manufacture runs. He’s a typical engineer who overth inks and over thinks and over thinks a decision until it blows up.

        • Girardi the engineer…boring.
          Cashman the ______ what is he?
          Levine the attorney…boring with bad hair.
          Hal the accountant…boring with weird hair.

          Where is the business man with vision? He’s DEAD!

  6. No comments for otani?—deems the Sox and Rangers are hot on him. didnt pursue any of the others this year. Seems as a way to flex some financial muscle without hurting to much. Some say he may be a #1 pick if available in normal draft class.—Hello Yankee brass

    • john, that’s the old Yankees, they are not going after him.

    • JOHN – Otani is definitely interesting but I’m not sure the rules he would be subject to. Under the new CBA, the Yankees lost a lot of their ability to spend on International Free Agents. I’m not sure how much they have left in their IFA budget but I know they started with less than most teams because it goes by record. The Yanks could always blow past the budget if they really like the kid but they would pay a stiff luxury tax and loss money towards their IFA budget in subsequent years if I remember correctly.

      IMO, the Yanks blew golden opportunities to sign guys like Darvish, Cespedes, Chapman, Hecheverria & Soler in recent years. That was one area they could have used their financial advantage in and many of these guys are big-time talents.

      • If the money is there, he maybe a good guy to sign, there are two things that could make it hard to do; #1-As you said, is there money for him in the IFA moneys and would he be in the same category.
        #2-Hal and his cap numbers for 2014

        I believe the reason we never signed the IFA was because of Hal again. Am I wrong in Hal being the maine road block?

        • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

        • Ken, I think you are right. Hal and his evil sidekicks Levine and Lonn Trost are behind the budget crunch. It’s really ironic. Since they put the new budget parameters in place, the Yanks are left to operate like a mid-market team. They don’t have the flexibility to sign any significant players to anything more than a 1-yr deal.

          I don’t like the early talk coming out of Cashman so far this offseason. It sounds like he’s going to bring mostly all of the team which I think is a big mistake. The team needs to Reload. They don’t need to rebuild but it’s time to bring in some new blood to the lineup. The Yanks have basically had the same lineup with 1 or 2 minor changes since 2010, now everyone is 3 yrs older. Swisher will be replaced but unless other moves are made, epect Ichiro or another vet on a 1-yr deal as a replacement.

          • It is a shame, we have a team (as you said) 3 years older and slower.
            What we need, is a fine mixture of hitters like Jeter and Itchy, mixed in with bombers and speed.
            That is the way we won so many WS in the past. Get’um on, push’um over and bring’um home!
            Yup, I could see many of the things Cashman did as being because of the money problem. Bringing back the older players, just doesn’t make the team better, give a kid the job, once in a while.

      • So here we go, sign this #1 prospect and forgo the next year’s crop and pay the penalty. Last chance for a #1 pick

  7. Doug – if the playoffs are random ……why do the favorites win more than they lose….. 70% of the series were won by the favorite.

  8. Seriously Doug…..are you smoking a doobie? Gin and Juice?

    • twasp, don’t get personal, that’s what got you in trouble on this site. I really don’t expect you to understand what I’m saying.

  9. I know what your saying better than you know what your saying.

  10. Heres one for Snoop Doggie Doug

  11. That Gin and Juice be Random.

  12. My thing is how can you predict playoff success as opposed to regular season success? Even players on the 90s Yankees had bad postseasons and nobody noticed because they won. Go back and look at some individual numbers for some guys for some of those series and you would be surprised. How can the Yankees this winter say ok we know this guy we traded for or signed will hit in the playoffs? There really is no way of knowing.

    • Matthew, you hit the nail on the head, there really is no way of knowing who will perform in the playoffs, there is no formula. Just trying to keep your pitchers healthy going into the playoffs is not an easy task. The same players perform very different from year to year.

  13. You are not wrong Matt…it is impossible to predict who is or who isn’t going to perform in the playoffs. But there is a better chance (higher probability) that the better players will play better. Thus making it not random.

    • Its not random, but its unpredictable, as there is no true formula for playoff success. Like in football you know if you don’t have a great QB and you don;t have a good pass rush you know you your chances of winning the super bowl are slim. In baseball all sorts of different teams have won and you don’t know which of your players will perform as there always are great players not coming through and unknown heroes coming through.

  14. Come on Doug…..tell us …..where did you get that theory…..FanGraphs? Money ball? Marijuana?

  15. Helloooooooooo Cow Girls! Those that object…deal with it. Doug…don’t let instigator, Twasp, push you around……do your thing, my brother. Kenny (Old Something)……do you need help dealing with your devil? …And, one of the truly good guys,….. Ballpark! No dark paths….we shook on that….yes? Let’s talk? Not on e-mail, but on the big stage, so all can read, and understand. Nothing, we can not correct. All others, Cow Boy-Up.

    • Good morning Patrick,
      You do make things intresting,You and T-MAN fighting now thats a first!!!

      Stay tuned ,this could get

      • Ballpark…………good morning, big city blogger! How are you? It’s been a few days. In case you missed it, I responded to you……emphasizing that we have no dark paths to travel. Interesting term. Misunderstandings at times, but all are correctable. Ballpark, re: Tommy Twasp…… you think he is an instigator?…..I have my opinion, as does Kenny. Just being curious. Stay well, take care.

        • Hey Patrick ,
          T-Man is the straw that stirs the drink!!!!!
          I’M a big fan of what he brings to a forum.

          Ken is awesome and I have always enjoyed his work.He’s the guy that comes to the field with his lunchbox and just goes to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Patrick..
          Don’t do that, you are trying to have fans make a choice. That is not fair to them!
          I already know where they all stand, so don’t drag anyone into this, that goes for you also!
          There is no more problem…it has been resolved just fine, leave it alone!

          • Patrick……

            I don’t know what happened to Ken……he’s changed……very sensitive and resorts to cheap name calling…..but I still consider him a friend…..because Tommy Gun is loyal.

    • Patrick…
      Stay away from this thing…it is over with. No repeat of the other place will be tolerated! I can take care of myself, been doing it from ‘Hells Kitchen’ to ‘In town Detroit’ and 40+ years in the Army.
      T-Man and you get along fine, leave it that way…don’t make trouble where none exists.
      I know I can’t match T-Gun in this forum. So, I won’t…end of problem!

      • Thanks Ken…very well said. And you can more than match anyone on this site.

      • Old Kenny, the Motown Mauler……….good evening. Stop with the ‘not be tolerated stuff’…no need to say that, and it’s dumb. I know you can take care of yourself, but can you water board? hmmm. I was in Hells Kitchen also, last fall, had eight beers, and chased my wife down 10th Ave. T-Bone and you, will be fine…………….you get so girly, when you are angry. LOL. Relax. Take care.

  16. Ha ha not many cow girls out there tonite.

  17. T-Bone…….Mind your own business. You owe Kenny, a major apology. Lay off him. You always go after guys that can not defend themselves. Do you have a problem with Cow Girls? It was part of my posting, in a prior life, and no one objected. Deal with it.

  18. Cow girls? Ridiculous.

  19. Ballpark , hankies , Matt and Fish, mike p and Ken Or, Jimmy 2244, are not cow girls!

  20. Delia maybe a cow girl?

  21. Doug……good evening. This is my time of year. Trades, rebuilding, rumors, free agents….et all. I love this stuff. Disregard all the dumb asses, that say I can not talk baseball. Jerks. The season stuff….anyone can do what they do. If you want………lets talk about off season news. Take care.

  22. t-bone twasp…………get over it! I will not bite. It, Cow Girls, is just a term/greeting. Don’t drag me into your dumb world. get your apologies in order………………………..moron.

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