Morning Bits: C.C.’s Elbow, Mo might retire, Worst contracts A-Rod & Tex

Good Morning.  Giants now with a huge 2-0 game lead.  It’s Friday thank god for that.   Lot’s of Yankee things to talk about it let’s get right to the links….

– Tex and A-Rod were on the top ten list of worst contracts in MLB done by ESPN.

Bryan Hoch dives into the big topic of Mariano and him maybe wanting to retire.

The Daily News has all the latest on C.C.’s elbow.

The Austin video did well yesterday how about a Ronnier triple video:  Enjoy

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  1. This off season will be the most difficult rebuilding that the Yanks have had in 16 years.It will be the 1st real test to see if Cashman has learned anything during his long tenure.He has a multitude of openings to fill and very little money to use.The Yankee ownership fefuses to hand out multiple year contracts and the pickings on the scap heap are way to thin and not nearly good enough to fill this ageing teams potental holes.
    These are the questions that must be dealt with,and the Yanks are coming up to the self imposed 189 at the same time as declining numbers both at the gate and in Yes ratings.
    1-AROD AROD AROD…NO way to build a championship caliber team with his salary and ego.
    3-Andy,Kuroda,if they don’t return how in the world can the Yanks have a quality rotation?
    4-The Walking DEAD-Jeter- can he come back and play SS? CCis the surgery going to work?Moe wants to retire or is he posturing for mare money?
    5-Granderson ?????????? needs to move out of CF.
    6-Can Gardner stay healthy,so far in his career not able too.
    7-NO catcher,Martin is not the answer at the money he wants
    8- Hughes and Joba are fa’s next year and will become too expensive, trade them now .
    9-Yanks need to intergrate their young talent whether they want too but is there anything that can help???????

    • 1) ARod can certainly be part of a championship team. Many players with big contracts who were diminished in talent as compared to earlier in their careers have been part of championship teams.
      2) I completely agree on Cano. If they intend to resign him, do it in April!!! Don’t let this become a huge distraction.
      3)Andy and Kuroda are both aged. The chances that both could return and pitch effectively for a whole season aren’t great. The chances that one could aren’t more than 50-50. I kind of like the CC, Hughes, Nova threesome. Phelps could be a five man. They probably need to grab a pitcher somehow.
      4) I think CC will be even better, that spur had to be bothering him all year. Jeter should be Jeter. Mo should be Mo if he comes back.
      5) Granderson is a joke. Watching Jackson speed to those balls in the outfield makes me want to projectile vomit. Unfortunately I don’t see any options at CF but to pick up that joke’s option and watch him hit .220, hit 40 home runs, and strike out over 200 times.
      6) Gardner’s injuries have been kind of fluky. I don’t think he is made of glass, just unlucky so far.
      7) Having NO catcher makes me nauseous.
      8) I think Joba is going to be sensational with his bionic arm. His command returned after some work and with a full offseason and spring under his belt don’t be surprised if he displays closers stuff next season and is the man that replaces Mariano as the closer. If DRob can be included in a deal to land someone like Justin Upton, ship him out!! He looks like a setup man for life to me.
      9) Sad and sorry farm system at the top. Noone ready to pitch or play next year. Perhaps in 2014 someone will be ready.

        Health,he can.t stay on the field.

        His play is regressing in every aspect of the game.

        His salary will cost the Yanks as it pertains to salary cap + payroll taxes 30 mil a year,So in essence the Yanks will have a 159 mil dollar’s to work with in 2014,thats a huge drop from the 220′s that they have been working with.

        There are bad feelings on both sides,Arod is a hated player by most baseball fans.Miami could be his saving grace and OURS a split has to come and I will add he will becOme the whipping boy when this team fails.

      • Mike onto your #4 response,
        Let me just say no injury is good and when players are older its even worse,Take it from me I know.
        Any arm surgery to a pitcher has the potential to be bad.Jeter may never be the same coming off a severly damaged ankle.Plus he has to playSS,He’s not Big Papi,he needs his speed and if he looses a step or 2 how will he be able to play the hardest position in the game????

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