Twelve Yankees file for free agency

Now that the offseason has officially begun, the Players Association released the 137 players (12 Yankees) that are filing for free agency. They are able to negotiate at 12:01 am on Saturday but until then, the Yankees can negotiate exclusively with the following players before Saturday:

Eric Chavez
Pedro Feliciano
Freddy Garcia
Raul Ibanez
Andruw Jones
Hiroki Kuroda
Derek Lowe
Russell Martin
Andy Pettitte
Mariano Rivera
Ichiro Suzuki
Nick Swisher

There are 3 players that have options but they haven’t picked up as of yet: Robinson Cano, Curtis Granderson and David Aardsma. Those 3 are unlikely to become free agents. Rafael Soriano however can opt out of his contract and can most likely become a free agent.

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About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. As far as Mariano goes,, there is still secrecy surrounding what happened last week.

    If Mariano had th emeeting with Cashman tio tell him whether or not he wants to come back for 2013,.. and did inform Cashman that he wants to come back,… and cashman low-balled last week in th emeeting,., maybe 1 year 3 million,, and Mariano said he needs to think abou tit,.. here we get the answer.

    Mariano has filed for free agency.


    Playing hardball with Jeter last time was just a learning experience for the Yankees,.. cause jeter is untouichable commodity – the face of the franchise–

    but now push is coming to shove on a so called hard cap– because of severe luxury taxes.

    so here we go,….

  2. From the list above, I would try to get a deal with MARTIN first,….. because the pitching is really good and Martin catches well.

    Ichiro, Ibanez, and Chavez can be talked to,…… but if you can get other players that may play just as well, or fit in just as well for less money,….. they are fgree to walk if they dont like the offer

    I believe Jones and Swuisher will be given a thank you for youyr srrvice, and sent on their way.

    As far as the pitchers go,….. mariano should be metted with again, and bring up the secret offer to a reasonable number,, or even leave one spot open for a few months, and then watch him pitch with a radar gun and see his stuff,.. then come back with an offer

    This would not benefit Mariano wo have them wait, moneywise,…. but if he wants to pitch, a deal can probably be made in a few months.

    Andy and Kuroda should be talked to and decent deals made

    Andy got ripped off this season,, but he did get hurt and did not have to pitch for 2 months, even after missing the first couple montrhs on top of that.

    The injury though was a freak accident that had zero to do with his arm though.

    The other 3 pitchers on the list can be replaced, .

    I would not try to keep keeping the same team with the same chenmistry,.. although i would change up the hitting chemistry more than the pitching.

    So I see it like this

    3 must signs—– martin, kuroda, pettiite

    and try to sign reasonbly ichiro, mariano, and inanez, and chavez,…. unless you got other guys in mind for those spots,.. to change up the lineup chemistry

  3. Chavez- See ya!! Washed up role player
    Feliciano- another great signing by the Cash Man, bye bye
    Garcia- Giving that IDIOT 4 million dollars last year was a disgrace, so long
    Ibanez- Glory and guts late in the season, but too old and best left to sign elsewhere, don’t want him
    Jones- Another who never should have been resigned, what a joke, good riddance
    Kuroda- feels like one best let go, pitched well later in the season but is old and unlikely to accept the same kind of one year deal he just had. I’d let him walk.
    Mariano and Pettitte- if they want to play, then sign them
    Martin- supposedly good defensively and only looked average. Can’t hit for average on a team that desperately needs average. Better off looking at a one year deal from a free agent with a better bat and comparable defense.
    Lowe- Had this washed up relic not been signed, the Yankees probably win game 1 of the ALCS and who knows what happens after that. Of course, Lowe was probably more stunned than anyone when Girardi sent him out to pitch the 8th inning. Bye bye!!
    Suzuki- depends on whether or not Swisher is resigned and what kind of deal he wants. A one year deal would be ok by me.
    Swisher- postseason zombie whose going to want more years than he is worth signing for. Let him walk.

  4. I never saw a first place team get such disrespect. Ha ha we Yankee fans are a tough crowd.

  5. The Low low low was Lowe………..

  6. the only must signs on that list are martin, kuroda and pettite,…… all the rest are replaceable

  7. I would try and sign Martin,Ibanez,Ichiro,Mo,Kuroda,and Pettite. As things are right now the Yanks need a C,RF,DH, and 2 starting pitchers. It will be difficult to replace all these positions with other players. I would like the Yanks to try and get younger, and give either Adams,Joseph,Nunez, or Mustelier a chance. I could also see the Yanks making a trade for a younger player.

    • Doug – TWASP predicted the Yankees loss in a discussion with you. Remember? TWASP said the Yankees offense was too one dimensional and good pitching would eventually beat them.

      • Tommy, that is true, Twasp predicted the loss, but I doubt if he would have predicted the Giants winning over the Tigers 4 straight. Let’s not forget that this Yankee team went one step further than last year, with alot of injuries. Overall I think they did pretty well. They were in near the top in hitting, fielding, and pitching. I’m not one that thinks that the Yanks are failure if they don’t win the series.

        • I agree Doug… would think they finished last if you read some of these commenters. You are one of the few who are more realistic about expectations and you don’t exaggerate players faults . bravo…..

      • Better pitching and TIMELY DEFENSE! Sadly the Yankees defense crumbled.

  8. I feel like in letting most of these guys go the Yankees will immediately look and feel younger. Only offer contracts to Martin, Ichiro, and of course Pettitte and Mo. But otherwise, that’s a bunch of 35+ year olds off the team, which is a plus.

  9. Bring me the Lefty Korean!

  10. As usual, my list is a bit difference,
    Eric Chavez—Gone
    Pedro Feliciano—Make sure we have bo needed
    Freddy Garcia—Gone
    Raul Ibanez—Gone
    Andruw Jones—Gone
    Hiroki Kuroda—Bring him along if he is up to it
    Derek Lowe—Gonne
    Russell Martin—I haven’t made -up my
    Andy Pettitte—Not sure about him
    Mariano Rivera—go out in style Mo!
    Ichiro Suzuki—Not for big bucks, only one year
    Nick Swisher—not easy to replace his bat but, Gone

    I don’t think we need most of the players that quit.
    I think dumping a lot of players is going by ones heart more than ones head.
    I think Cashman has to see the players that are avalible and afforodable. Then he has to look at what we have on the farm, this BS about “Well, we can’t bring him up, he is only 23 years old or less.” Al Kaline 19 years old, Alex 19 years old, and many others have come up, some became stars others…not so much!

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