Yankees Offseason Notes: Yankee Stadium, Who the Yankees should get?

Good evening everyone. I hope everyone is doing well in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and hope that everyone safe.If you have power, you can read this. If not–this article will be here when your power comes back. Anyway, here are some notes from today.

– Yankee Stadium was left unscathed in Hurricane Sandy. The power is on, there’s no flooding but there are a few broken windows.  Nothing money can’t fix.

– The New York Post mentions the 5 players the Yankees should probably look into this offseason: Carlos Beltran, Torii Hunter, Jeff Keppinger, A.J Pierzynski and Scott Hairston. If the Yankees want to talk money and short term they should go with Hunter. If they want a consistent bat that will also hit in the playoffs, they should go with Beltran though Beltran is a risk.

– The Gold Gloves will be announced tomorrow and there are 3 Yankee candidates for the award: Robinson Cano, Mark Teixeira and Russell Martin. Remember guys, if you don’t win the award that doesn’t mean you aren’t the best at your position. Remember the Gold Gloves last year and how Brett Gardner was robbed.

– There are seven Yankees that are arbitration eligible. Here is the complete list of Yankees that are arbitration eligible.

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About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Anyone see a trend in the players the Post things the Yankees should sign….age, age, age!!! Pierzynski as the Yankees starting catcher? Yikes! Tori Hunter the Yankees starting right fielder? Nope!!! Keppinger is the only player I’d want from that bunch. Had a solid year for Tampa and could be a great back-up infielder or a temporary replacement should Jeter not be ready for the start of the season or needs rest.

    Also, Beltran I’m pretty sure got a two-year deal last offseason, and if it’s an option for 2013 St. Louis will definitely pick it up.

  2. Brian…just say no to age! You da man.

  3. All 3 deserve gold gloves. Even Martin.

  4. Delia – where did you get the candidates for the GG. And who picks?

  5. Delia – if they gave out Iron Gloves …which Yankees deserve one?

  6. Pierzynsky ……please Noooooooooooooooooooo

  7. Brian – do you think Jeter deserves another gold glove?

  8. I’m not saying Nunez is a bad fielder …….but when he throws to first base he should yell FORE!

  9. I really believe he has the talent to be a very good all around SS. Fast hands, great arm, some power, good BA …….

    Some more practice and i think he can do it!

  10. I’ve been pushing for Gardner and Nunez to become regulars for many years……

  11. I say, leave them to someone else, I am sorry but I don’t see the need for old washed up players!
    I want some power mixed in with speed and defense..
    Give me 5 good pitchers in the range of #2′s to #3′s and a great BP, along with great defense/speed and all having BA of .290+. (i know, there is more to metrics). And I’ll find a way to win.
    Yes Brian but, one must remember, they are the media, they have a few people who are considered Experts: Ever notice the experts are always disappointed or surprised that their prognostication ended up the way it did?

    • Very true. The experts are proven wrong year after year and they sit each winter predicting what will help teams win the best/most. It’s the whole premise of MLB reporters, and yet here they are with stable jobs watching and debating games for free. All the more reason to want to be one god willing.

  12. If a batter has a BA of .290 and an OBP of .300 ……. Do you really want him? I know what Mike P thinks.

  13. Absolutely, you can’t drive in a run from second with a walk.

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