Cashman shouldn’t spend much to re-tool for 2013

They’re known as the Evil Empire. The New York Yankee$. Or in Nickelodeon’s “Fairly Odd Parents”, the Bankees.

Year after year, the Yankees and their fans are constantly discredited and disrespected because of how they take advantage of their surplus of cash, spend it on the best players in the game, and build a perennial All-Star team each year in the Bronx.

2009 is the most recent year anti-Yankee fans point to. After an 89-win 2008 season in which the Yankees missed the playoffs for the first time since 1993, general manager Brian Cashman went on a mission to own the proceeding winter’s free-agent market to put a championship-caliber team in the Yanks’ brand new billion dollar ballpark.

Well, some 400 million dollars later, Cash got his wish. He brought in not only stud lefty CC Sabathia and Roy Halladay’s sidekick A.J. Burnett, but slugging first baseman Mark Teixeira as well. Three players who were all still in the beginning of their primes despite having accomplished plenty in the seasons leading up to their pinstriped days.

As many predicted, the Yankees won the World Series that year by defeating the Phillies in six games. It was a glorious moment (one I witnessed in person), and of course there’s nothing better than your favorite team winning it all.

Besides one thing though: winning it all multiple times.

That’s something this seemingly stacked Yankees team has failed to do, after now three straight playoff failures despite having trophy-worthy regular seasons.

But of course as we all know, that last point is irrelevant to us. No trophy besides the trophy matters. George Steinbrenner set a precedent that is followed by everyone in Yankeeland – that anything short of a World Series is an unsuccessful season. Throw away all the memories and historic moments of the past three years. The Yankees didn’t win it all, and that signals it’s time for change.

Most fans are convinced this offseason will be a replaying of the spending-spree of ’09. Brian Cashman will go out and sign the top free agents [Josh Hamilton and Zack Greinke in this case] and the Yankees will become a superhuman team and power their way towards another world championship.

The worst part of it all is that they want this to happen. The same fans that are complaining about A-Rod’s contract are the ones begging ownership to give a drug abusing, clunky, and 32 year old Josh Hamilton hundreds of millions. Not to mention head-case Zack Greinke, who’s an A.J. Burnett waiting to happen.

Don’t get me wrong, those moves would definitely help the Yankees. The question is for how long? I don’t want to win another pennant/World Series, and then suddenly fall apart and fail to win again without a true core in place. This team is too old and has too many holes for it to be fixed with the ‘dough. Hopefully Brian Cashman realizes this and fans can stop their pre-orders of Josh Hamilton jerseys before they arrive at their doorsteps with Red Sox colors.

Just look at the San Francisco Giants. Here they are in a blink of an eye winning their second World Series in three seasons. Biting their lips in the 2000s and watching their West Coast foes enjoy championships and playoff baseball sure paid off, didn’t it? They let their farm system progress, made trades to help the club in a couple years, and locked up young players who clearly had potential others couldn’t see. Now they have two world championships with a roster filled with MVP contenders and Cy Young winners, and most of the players haven’t even reached their prime years yet.

To quote John Sterling, “isn’t that amazing?”

It really is, and quite embarrassing for the Yankees to be witnessing.

Austin Jackson. Phil Coke. Melky Cabrera. George Kontos. Arodys Vizcaíno. Jesus Montero. Ian, Patrick, Kennedy. Do you want me to continue?

Those players (plus many more) made up the future of the Yankees just a couple years ago. It seemed like the Core Four could pass the torch off to this bunch and they could continue the winning and success that Jeet, Mo, Andy and Jorgie enjoyed for the majority of their careers.

Now, after the Cash-man decided to deal away all of those young prospects, the Yankees are left with a team full of senior citizens (baseball-wise). Each season seems like a “last-hurrah” for this whittling core of the Bombers, and had the club simply instilled trust and held on to it’s promising young guns, a new dynasty could have just been getting underway.

Instead, we’re left with a home-run or bust center fielder, two injured pitchers, and suddenly many problems to be addressed this coming winter.

There’s no doubt in my mind this team is certainly still salvageable, and can get younger and stronger for the upcoming season. That’s of course as long as Cashman looks for trades that bring in youth, rather than dealing it away for pretty much nothing.

Then again, that’s just like telling a college student to change his study habits, or lack thereof the night before the big exam. It just won’t happen. Cashman isn’t that type of GM, and it’s certainly hard to be being in the “win-now” atmosphere of New York.

But I’m just flat-out tired of teams taking advantage of the Yanks’ farm system and winning pennants and making superstars due to our front office’s lack of faith in any youngsters. It seems like we hear about these top Yankee prospects for years and BOOM – they’re flipped to the Atlanta Braves for Javier Vazquez. Come on.

I want Curtis Granderson gone. Each time his name is brought up I think of IPK, A-Jax, and Coke. That’s it. He’s done nothing but make me regret that trade year after year. He still has value in being able to hit 40 home runs, and the Yankees could get a great deal including top prospects if you throw in a Phil Hughes or a Joba Chamberlain.

How about Alex Rodriguez? I don’t think he will be traded, and that’s because my personal lack of trust and faith in Brian Cashman. But if dealt, the Yankees could get a big head-case off the team and also either some prospects or a young established Major Leaguer in return.

Look, I am thinking of moves for 2013, 2014, 2015 and beyond. It seems like the Yankees’ offseason policy is just how to win in the next calendar year. And it really annoys me because clearly, that policy has only worked once in the past twelve years. When something ain’t broke, you don’t fix it. But something is clearly wrong in the Yankees organization, be it their outlook on fielding a team or the ones who do the very job.

As I stated, I want to win. But not for one season. I want a dynasty that can last with young exciting players you want to root for.

Hey, what can you say. I’m a Yankee fan. It’s in my blood for me to want that.

This has been a rant on the New York Yankees, sponsored by AARP.

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About Brian D.

A passionate 15-year old Yankees fan who has hopes of becoming an MLB journalist or broadcaster. He brings an optimistic, yet realistic take on the Yanks to Yankees Fans Unite, and essentially lives and breathes baseball.

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  1. Brian I agree with everything you say, except the part about not spending money. If Cashman has proven anything it’s that he is the worst GM in MLB at trading. I’d rather see him spend money on signing players than trading. It’s obvious that he will lose any trade he makes. At least when he signs he’s just blowing money and our draft picks.
    Hamilton makes all the sense in the world for the Yankees, but payroll cutting will prevent that.

    • How long though will Hamilton make sense? Might as well break the mold and look for youth and trading FOR youth, not giving it away. Giving another big contract to a seemingly invincible superstar at the moment will only result in regret and hate towards him when he’s 35 and can’t stay on the field.

      • Brian, I would go along with you except that you are saying that they should TRADE for youth. You just listed some of the train wreck Cashman trades, now do you really think all of a sudden the guy will pull off winning trades? Do you trust this GM to do that? I don’t!!! He’ll just screw it up. As far as Hamilton goes? How sweet would it be for a few years to have him and Cano hitting back to back? Pushing down ARod and Tex to 5th and 6th in the order where they belong? They could trade Granderson and save 15 million next season on his deal and maybe get a prospect back from someone who needs to rent a CF for one year. Atlanta is in that boat with Bourn leaving, and they have young pitchers coming out of their ears.
        I guess it’s more important to have our “losing playoff streak intact” than to win a title to some people but not to me.
        Whenever the Yankees have won a title, I’ve bought something to commemorate it. In 2009 I saw a really great windbreaker with the World Champs logo on it and bought it. I still wear it. I had to have the zipper replaced last month by a lady in a dry cleaning store, but I did it.
        I’ll be damned if I’ll buy a “2012 AL East Champions” jacket. Uh-uh. Only titles matter to me.
        Oh well, at least I have the Giants and the best team in hockey this year(if they have a season, that is) in the Rangers. I’ll be 70 before the Knicks ever win one, if then.

        • You’re definitely right. I don’t have any faith in Cashman, but it’s simply an idea that he should think of before selling out to another A-Rod type player. Hamilton would be awesome in Yankee pinstripes, no doubt. But he comes with a lot of baggage. IF the Yankees trade Granderson in time. IF they trade A-Rod. I’m all for Hamilton. But at some point contracts catch up to the Yankees and in three years we’ll be left with another group of 35+ year olds who simply can’t keep up with young superstars and young dynasties stemming from the players we gave up years ago.

  2. I love all the clamoring for Hamilton… The same exact people that are moaning about bad contracts currently on the books would really enjoy that one. Sure, let’s sign a streaky player that cant seem to stay healthy and has abused his body through drug abuse and a no tomorrow style of play to a long term high dollar deal. If they were to sign him to say a six year deal, I’d give him maybe three years total of actual elite level play. The rest of that time would be spent whining, overdosing on caffeine or some other substance, or on the DL.
    Sign me up!

    • Exactly my point. He’s another A-Rod. Just, not named A-Rod.

      • Brian that same ARod you mock will be hitting 3rd or 4th or 5th with Texeira occupying one of those three slots in the lineup next season without the addition of a guy like Hamilton.
        You make no major moves, you basically concede that next year is a lost cause.
        Since the crewcut and the womanizer are both huge Martin fans and will certainly resign him, the only possible place to add an impact player is the open spot in the outfield. Hamilton is the only guy available who can make an impact in that role.

    • Jimmy we all KNOW that these deals that stars get now are insane. Wait until you see Pujols or 400 pound Prince in a few years. We get that, really, we do.
      What you are doing when you sign these guys is saying that you are willing to eat the bad years to have them put you over the top in the front 3-4 years.
      The problem is you can only have so many of those bad contracts on one team.
      ARod’s deal was destined to be an awful one, and we all knew that.
      The Tex deal is the backbreaker, and a bitter pill to swallow. Yeah, we got a tremendous 2009 season out of the guy, but in addition to his pitiful .196 average and 3 home runs in 150 Yankee postseason at bats, the guy has hit .250 the last three seasons.
      We all figured he might have started to decline say, next season.
      What we got robbed of was the three seasons we all thought he’d be in his prime and now that window has passed.
      I know we can’t afford Hamilton, for the reasons you state. But damn!! Having him the next three years hitting in front of or behind CANO would be DEADLY!!! Instead? We’ll have ARod or Tex doing that and we all know how that works out in the postseason, it doesn’t, if they even MAKE the postseason.

      • Good point, but my point is I want to be able to win in three to four years. Not just for one year. The Giants were planning for 2010 in 2007. That was their target. Slowly build the team and stay low-key until BOOM. They have a perennial contender with the majority of the players under 30.

        You can’t stay low-key in New York, but you can’t just keep piling on bad contracts and either substituting them for a good and soon to be bad contract in Hamilton.

        • Hey Brian!! I have an idea!! Maybe we could put Ajax in center!! We could have Melky in right field! We can move Joba and Drob up to setup man and closer respectively because Mo and So are gone, and we can slide Kontos and Coke up to where Joba and Drob were!! Kennedy can pitch in the rotation as the 4 man if Andy doesn’t come back and Montero can catch.
          Oh wait, hold on, we got rid of those guys for Javy Vazquez(the sequel), Stewart, Grandy, and Pineda. HAHAHAHAHA!! It’s REALLY sick when you write it out like that and read it isn’t it Brian?
          You can either laugh or cry, or both at the same time.

          • My apologies to anyone who reads the above post after they have just eaten. The nausea will pass if you think about something pleasant.

            • Haha, yeah. Its horrible.Our whole core of the team now producing for the Tigers, Braves, Giants, and for some freaking reason the Diamondbacks. Why the hell did they send IPK to Arizona? They didn’t get ANYTHING from them! At least Detroit got Max Scherzer. That helped them out plenty. What was Cash thinking!!!!!!!

              • Detroit got Scherzer, Coke, Schlereth and Ajax and gave up Edwin Jackson and Granderson.
                Arizona gave up Scherzer and got Kennedy and Edwin Jackson, who pitched well enough for them and was traded for Daniel Hudson, who went 7-1 for them in 2010 and then went 16-12 in 2011 and helped them make the playoffs!!
                The Yankees? They gave up Coke, Ajax and IPK and they got Granderson! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

                So Detroit won huge, Arizona won, and the Yankees? They lost huge.
                Even in a three way trade this imbecile Cashman manages to get the worst of the deal.
                And you trust Cashman to trade the Yankees to the top? Not me!

      • If they could get Hamilton on the short term by running up his AAV, then sure… The reality of it isn’t in our favor however. I’d love a three year deal, even if it cost ~25M per, but you know damm well that some GM will be happy to leverage their future for the sake of today.
        And how will the Pujols/Sumo king contracts look if neither of their teams win a title? No matter how many PS runs they make, in Yankeeland it would be an utter failure unless they take it all.
        This is another case of “sounds good at the time” until of course were paying him to do nothing. Teix was a good sign at the time, but his average fell and he pretends to be Swishalicious in October. Those two make Berra’s first five WS look AS like, and that’s pretty hard to do!

        • I have questions about how Tex was achieving his average before he came here, if you know what I mean. He really does fit the profile in many ways. Remember, the effect and crash isn’t immediate. It takes a year or two before they show the dropoff.
          I didn’t want Pujols or Fielder in Yankeeland by the way. Pujols contract will be as bad as ARod’s once he starts his swoon and I love Fielder but at some point that big frame will take its toll.
          I agree that Tex looked like a great sign at the time, I was overjoyed when they did it. Mentally weak and maybe “missing a little something” now too.
          My point on Hamilton is that if the Yankees could afford it(they can’t) he would be an awesome addition for the next few years.

  3. Good counter, mike p. ….Little Jimmy Toucan will have to think about that one.

    • Oh Vinny Wasperino, you’d love that contract until Hambone ended up busted and on skid row trying to snort the first base line, and then you’d be outside Cashman’s house with another flaming bag of fun.

  4. Quick head count here. Everyone who thinks the Yankees can win the World Series next year with Tex and Arod batting 3rd and 5th or 4th and 5th, raise your hands!!!
    I only ask that because without any moves to acquire a real hitting catcher or a real hitting outfielder, that is EXACTLY where those two guys will bat next season.
    Chew on that for a while if you think this team doesn’t need to make moves this offseason in order to win.

    • I’m not asking for no moves. I’m asking for SMART moves. Bring back Hiroki. Sign Cody Ross. Go after a guy like Kyle Lohse, or Brandon McCarthy. Trade for a catcher like Jon Jaso or Kurt Suzuki. Those types of moves help the very next year, and longer. Thing strategically, not “sign the best players” mode.

      Name a free agent the Giants got within the last five years that helped a ton. Barry Zito? That’s one….any others? We’re the Yankees, so free agency is in our blood, but it’s not what we should resort to each year to solve our problems, just for one or two years!!!! This Yankee team is looking a lot like the ones from 02-08, and that’s not good!!!

      • Brian again, the Giants have made smart trades and not traded away their good young players!! Cashman made insanely dumb trades and traded away ALL of the good young players.
        I don’t trust Hiroki for another year but would be ok with a one year deal. Lohse stinks, we don’t need him. Mccarthy yes, would love him.
        As far as catcher goes, we’re screwed there. Cashman and Girardi love that non hitting Martin and will surely resign him.
        Cody Ross will not help us win.
        The Yankees number one need is someone who can hit 3rd or 4th with Cano in the other spot.
        If you don’t get Arod and Tex out of the situation where one of them is hitting 3rd or 4th, the Yankees are done.
        NOONE is going to pitch to Cano at all with one of those two behind him. Why would they?

        • Oh I know, that’s where my post stems from, just anger over how many great young players Cashman dealt in an attempt to win the World Series for just one year. Imagine a team with A-Jax, IPK, Coke, Montero……we most likely WOULD have won the World Series either this year or last…..I feel we can end up on the other side of these trades if we deal guys like Granderson or Hughes. Not conceding for next season, but overall becoming a better well-rounded organization with a bright future, in stead of a good team in place for one year.

    • That’s the win today attitude that sent Ajax to Detroit. Not sure if I’d be on board with that.
      Are you willing to saddle the team with more aging ex-stars down the line? Will you be OK with a team like, say the 2012 Yankees in a few years?
      If you want guys like Hamilton you’ll have to be willing to deal with the consequences of those moves down the line. Is Hamilton a lock to produce down the stretch in a close race or into the playoffs?

      • Jimmy, if Mo isn’t coming back with Soriano opting out and Swisher gone and the ability to dump Granderson if you get Hamilton, that frees up a LOT of money.
        After next season AJ comes off the books.
        We are stuck with 4 more Tex years but the way I see it Hamilton’s productivity would be in decline as Tex leaves, and then Arod.
        So then we’d have Hamilton playing Tex and Arod’s role. I can deal with that.
        If Yankee fans are willing to watch them win nothing the next few years in order to rebuild than doing nothing is ok, but keep in mind that without a move that ARod and Tex will be batting 3rd and 5th or 4th and 5th next year and anyone who thinks the Yankees can win the WS with that is insane.

        • I agree, the lineup does need to be refreshed. But one hitter won’t change our fortune. I doubt if Hamilton was batting fourth for us this year, we would have had that much of a better outcome. How did Miguel Cabrera do for the Tigers this fall? Prince Fielder? Sure, both hit a few jacks, but otherwise they looked just as bad as A-Rod and Teixeira did, though they are nearly half a decade younger.

          • One hitter CAN and DOES change things in many cases Brian.

          • I think the Yanks that were playing in June could have won the series, and a healthy Yankee team would have been tough to beat. I’m talking about Pineda,MO,A-Rod,Tex, and the rest.

            • Doug, the problem with this statement is that you don’t use the outlier as the rule. The Yankees went on a run in late May that lasted until mid July that I beat on constantly in my articles all year. The Yankees run in that period was 36-13. The rest of the season they were 59-54 and including the playoffs, they were 62-60.
              If you want to use that 49 game sample as “proof” of how good the Yankees were this past season, be my guest. I think it’s wiser to take a look at their incredibly mediocre record during the other 122 games as more reliable indication of what they were.
              This is a team whose pitching, both starters and relievers, were very good. This is a team whose defense was very good. This is a team whose inability to hit for average and inability to make CONTACT with runners on base was crippling.
              When people talk about the inability of this team to “hit” with runners in scoring position, they are only telling part of the story. The complete and total failure of this team to score runs with sacrifice flies or ground balls with runners in scoring position was incredible.
              Also, in looking at the raw stats of this team several things stand out with total clarity. The Yankees were 21st in MLB in average with the bases loaded. The Yankees were 19th in MLB in average with runners in scoring position and two outs. The Yankees were 17th in MLB in average with runners in scoring position.
              The Yankees LEAD MLB in average with noone on base.

              This was a team full of all or nothing hitters who strike out entirely too often.

              • Michael, those stats are fine, but the Giants just beat the Tigers 4 straight. It’s impossible to tell what the Yanks would have done if they didn’t have those key injuries. There is no proof of anything. In sports you will make a big mistake if you pick your team on past performance only, we know that from the free agent signings in the last 10 years. The Yanks and Tigers were better teams on paper than the Giants. I believe this team won the most games in the AL dispite their injuries.

  5. Kids at school make fun of me, call me “Sumo”.

  6. So I gotta iron my pants in the driveway… what? I’m still slim.

  7. Yankees over 32 years old;
    Jeter-38 @$17m, tex-32 @ $22m, A-rob-37 @ $24, Raul-40 @$1m, Ichiro-39 @?), Grandy-32 @10m and Mo-42 @ $17m. A ton of money, could come off the books this winter. A-Rod and Tex have contracts for the next 4/5 years, Jeter for 2013, 14. After 2014 Jeter comes off the books. There would be a lot of money saved.
    In other words, as the contracts of those older guys comes up, they should be replaced by younger players.
    Just my take on some of this.
    Hamalton and other high/long contract, players should be passed over. Find good young players from the Farms, ours or other teams.

    • System stinks now Ken. We HAD good young players, and they are all playing well for other teams. But we did get Javier Vazquez, Grandy, Pineda, and Stewart for them. A grub, a flub, a tub, and a scrub.

      • Michael P…
        Now that is funny but, true.
        The sad part of the whole thing is, we all could be looking at things from the wrong angle.
        We know Cash has had two bosses, King Geo. and Dumb and Dumber, right? Please correct me if I am wrong but, one does what their boss says or, looks for another job. If one looks at the type of trades that have been made over the years, one can see a correlation between the two different owners and the type of trades made.
        We have gone from;
        1–Trade anyone in the system and give them whatever it takes to sign them.
        2–Sign older players to one year contracts so we can get under the cap and dump everyone we can that has a large contract….A-Rod, Tex, Granderson, Cano, Swisher and Mo and anyone else we can think of.
        Yet every time I look around, I read fans saying they want this guy or that guy, totally ignoring the Cap Hal has imposed on Cashman and the team.
        So, the big question seems to be; Is Cashman just following orders or, has he really made some of those dumb trades himself. We all know Randy Lavin likes to think he has better baseball knowledge than Cash has, did Cash get over riden by Randy on some of the trades?

        Anyone and everyone can throw their 1/2 cent in on this one, I sure don’t know the right or wrong of it?

    • old yankee, it’s going to be tough to stay on top by going to the farm system alone. The Yanks don’t draft high enough every year. I agree with the fact the Yanks should get younger, just gradually from 2013-15. To be great you still have to use free agency and trades along with the farm.

      • doug…
        There is not doubt about that but, I say no one should hold their job if there is a damn good trade out there to be had. That goes for Cano on down to even the bat boy! The team has a lot of arms and talent down on the lower minors and above. Other than a small few Pitchers and position players, everyone should be on the block.
        A guy like Cano, Tex, Granderson and Nunoz should bring a good player or three. Not that I want to trade any of them but, business is business.

  8. Once again all are entitled to an opinion. I have lived thru all the losing seasons as well as the wins and WS victories since the 50′s. Tell me again which franchise has the correct formula for winning?

    Lets see, “27″ and if none of us see another no other team will still catch our Yankees.

    Yes we can whine and piss and moan yet this team stays competitive and we have a shot basically every year under this regime.

    I dream like everyone, give me Hamilton and Melky and , and, and.

    Oh, give me the New York Yankees and for each time I get laughed at for early exits I still give em the ole “27″ and typically win another before their teams.

    Go Yankees

    • John… I think you have something there, 27 is a good number but, I would like to see 28 before I get much older!
      I was lucky enough to see the good the bad and the ugly…from 1947 (or 1948, long time ago) to the days of to-day. I remember the great runs we had from 1948 thru 1964, 9 WS wins in 15 years with 5 in a row. The last 17 years, I have seen only 5 WS wins. over the years the Yanks have two bad stretches of time 1965 thru 1975 and 1982 thru 1994 with losses of 10 years and 12 years each.

      The game has changed a lot over the years, not the talent, it is the game itself. I read some fans saying things like, the Babe would not have made it today as he did back in the day (just to pick one) by the way, those pictures one sees today of a fat Babe Ruth, they were his last year or two; News flash for you young wiper snappers (I’ve always wanted to say that) about 2/3 of your heroes playing to-day wouldn’t have even made a sand lot team back in even the 50′s let alone the Babes day!

      The strike zone was as written not as with the guy behind the plate thought it should be. They didn’t wear body armor nor helmets, the mound was higher and the plate and an inch either way was for the pitcher, do not dive over the plate…the next pitch would take your head off. The plays you see fans yell about at 2nd base as being dirty play is kids stuff compared to what they did in the day…believe me, I still have some scares from the 50′s playing 2nd base in high school and college.

      The game itself has changed, not the talent of the players. 10 teams = 250 of the best players in the world, now it is what 32 teams and 800+ of the best…I would say the 250 would beat the 800 but, maybe not the 250 best of the 800+, then again why not beat them. lol

      • Yankee7—I too want to see another, I believe our chances are better “rooting” for the Yankees , than if we were fans of any other team. Oh prior to 09 i said “26″ and “25″ before that

        Go Yankees

      • My dad says the baseball players today are in much better shape…….and would kill the old times teams. Maybe, my dad is usually right….

        • Fatboy…
          Your dad is right!
          But my comparison was ment to be; take these players of today and move them back in time, or the old timers to the now days.
          The players would have only that which the players of each era had at that time.
          To bad, it would be one hell of season….twenty teams, 10 from days gone bye and 10 from these years!

          • It’s apples and oranges to me, no air conditioning, trains, no minority players and so on…

            • doug…
              I disagree, I don’t see the apples and oranges scenario. I don’t see the minority case at all. I have heard about the minority argument for years. There just weren’t that many real good players in the negro leagues. By my count there were about 20+/- players that were good enough to play in the 10 team league at that time, albeit they were some of the finest players in the negro league!

              One thing that would have to be taken into consideration is, those 20 +/- players could more than hold their own, in the big show…question remaines, would they have been as great and had the numbers they had in the other league? I don’t think so, they were the best in the league but, some numbers are questionable because the talent of all the players was not equal to the Major leagues at that time.

              Is there any doubt of the talent these players had? Guys Like Josh Gibson, Oscar Charleston, Buck Leonard, “Pop” Lloyd, “Cool Papa” Bell, “Satchel” Paige…The Greatest Pitcher ever and Willie “El Diablo” Wells the greatest SS ever…could have played as well if not better than some in the MLB league at that time or any time.

              • old yankee, I think you have researched this much more than me and I agree with alot of what you said. What I was trying to say is there are just too many different factors. One thing for sure is that the infielders are much better offensively today than in the past, and the outfielders aren’t as good overall.

    • john, great post,it’s nice to hear an optomistic approach for a change. Too many posts for the flavor of the week, like the Rays being the right formula, while they should have missed the playoffs the last 2 years if it wasn’t for the Sox collapse. As we all know the idea is to get to the playoffs and then it is ……

  9. We need to develop players and keep them to build a core this is a good article by b/r
    the team needs to have a home grown roster and let the bad contracts were out and i think we should let prospects develop over 13, 14, 15 and this could be a really special roster

    • Stephen i agree with you and some others here do as well. The one thing about going with a huge youth movement is it takes time and patience to let them grow. Something that is hard to do with the current Yankees since we are all spoiled with so much winning. Also the mass media in NY would crush the Yankees during a growth movement.

      I’m with you on this 100 percent. I’m just not sure I think it will happen.

  10. Inner City Bloggers…good evening. Can Kevin Long catch the proverbial ‘lightning in a bottle?’……with Jason Raymond Bay? Why not give it a realistic look. In his last year with Boston…2009. He batted .267… HR: 36…RBI: 119…SLG: .537…OPS: .921, and a Metrix Thrust of 12!…In three years with the Mets, he hit 26 HRS. With a good team, he excels. With the Mets, he circles the drain….Sign him. the Mets pay his salary anyway. Give him to Long, Jeter, and Girardi…..Missed you guys.

  11. The new “Mexican Gangsta”?..Who can throw 98MPH!…Another gem, left by your door, and he wants to play for the Yanks? Who other but…Joakim Agustin (Ramos) Soria. I know he has an issue, but…in 2010…ERA: 1.78, 65.2 innings…71K. The Yankees never, ever, touched this guy. Jason Bay, and Soria….there is no reason not to think long, and hard, over those two.

  12. Just watched a recommended video, of Slade Heathcott. I fell asleep. Nine pitches, four foul balls, and two hits. The second hit, was a replay of the first. Who watches this stuff?…..For those of you that follow scripture?……I found the great “UYF1950″…over at ESPN. I know he has fans. Lastly….as the curtain come down on patrick tonight….the best Gravatar of the season, so far…”Fatboy Slim”…funny.

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