Morning Bits: Trading A-Rod, Girardi, Justin Upton

Good morning all.  Let’s get right to the links…

Cashman said yesterday that he is not trading A-Rod.   Is it he doesn’t want to trade him or more likely no one wants him.

Giardi mentions don’t rule anything out when it comes to the off-season.

The Daily News has an article about how the Yankees could explore a trade for Justin Upton.

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About Matthew S.

Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. Good morning everyone, sorry I haven’t been around in a week, I was tied up. I hope everyone has their power on and is safe.
    As far as the Yankees go? This offseason figures to be a boring one. I chuckle when I hear about the Yankees “getting younger” as if just having younger players is some sort of magic solution. Younger players who aren’t very good will get you nothing.
    The time for the Yankees to get “younger” was when they had players in the system like Melky, Kennedy, Montero, Coke, Jackson, etc.
    Those players were very foolishly traded away and this is what is left. I realize that there are some prospects at lower levels of the system who may indeed impact the team some day, but not a single one is ready to play next year and impact the team.
    This whole thing is so much simpler than people want to come out and admit, because just admitting it eliminates all of the debating and discussing and drama.
    The whole thing boils down to this, and only this, you cannot achieve greatness when your GM loses every single trade he makes.
    At the end of day, that is what being a GM is all about more than anything else.
    When you lose a trade, it doesn’t just weaken you for the season that trade occurs in or before, it weakens the entire structure of the organization by causing a domino effect.
    I have absolutely no faith that Cashman can make the proper trades the Yankees need to make to be a serious contender in 2013(not just a contender to make the playoffs as usual).
    I can say that with total confidence because Cashman has never, ever, never given us any reason to believe he can do so.
    I don’t think many people have ever stepped back and put their Yankee love aside and truly thought about how incredible it is that Cashman has been beaten in virtually every trade he’s ever made.
    When you have the incredible resources Cashman has had, the ability to ignore costs(up until recently), and the players he has had as trade chips, it is almost impossible to lose trades as consistently as he has.

  2. i want to start my own blog,….. can someone on here tell me how to do it?

  3. The ARod stuff is sort of comical. He’s a guy who is average defensively who can probably hit .270 and 20 home runs next year. That’s not the end of the world. The problem is the way that ARod is going to be used on this team next year. Without an acquisition of a bat, ARod and/or Tex will be batting 3rd or 4th next year along with Cano and the other guy will be batting 5th. How many times do you need to see this to know its a disaster in the playoffs.
    This team needed a bat before last season and needs one now. I don’t care who pitches, it makes no difference. Without the acquistion of a bat the Yankees aren’t good enough to win it all.

    • Michael, that’s just not true, the Tigers had the triple crown winner in the playoffs, and they got smoked by the Giants.

  4. Did everybody read this from Sherman in the Post?
    To me it doesn’t add up. Assuming they don’t sign Granderson next year and obviously Swisher and Soriano they should have enough money to sign Hunter or trade for Upton. Also Kuroda, Andy, Mo, should only be on one year deals so you lose a lot of money there for 2014. I’m no mathematician but with them losing all those guys I don’t see how they would not have enough for Hunter and Upton, who will not be huge deals.

    • Matt you just stole my thunder!! I have been working on this equation all morning long after reading that column, searching for contract details on all Yankee players as far as their 2014 salaries go, as well as figuring out who who would be likely to be offered arbitration and what they would get.
      I might add that Arod’s deal starts to DECLINE in yearly salary also, and that AJ Burnett’s contract is off the books after 2013. I’m also going to assume that either Romine or Sanchez is the catcher in 2014 at MLB minimum salary and that Martin is gone.
      I’m not done yet, and don’t have another 10 hours to burn on this but my initial math says Sherman is completely wrong.
      You know what I think this is? Another “Yankee sources say” media guy who is beholden to Cashman.
      You may think I’m over the top on Cashman but I do know this, the NY media NEVER goes after Cashman the way it should. It’s no “conspiracy theory” to say that these guys have spent a decade or more grooming a relationship with him and he is the source for the “Yankee sources say” articles with breaking news.
      Sounds like a defense for Cashman in advance when someone else deals for Upton and the Yankees don’t.

  5. Michael my dad says Melky wasn’t fat and he played well for the Yankees. We shoould get him back now that he is slim…I agree.

    PS …CC is not fat….my dad says…..just hefty….like the trash bags we put leaves in now.

  6. Interesting to see Florida hire Tino as their hitting coach.

    • fishjam25……good evening. Tino was blocked in NY, and unproven in the batting coach ranks. Living in Florida was a natural fit for him………. R.A.Dickey(sic?) a Yankee target?

      • Hi patrick…..Tino was a special advisor to Cashman this year and I thought it would lead to an eventual move to the dugout. i read that Boston also wanted Tino as their hitting coach. If Tino has success in Florida, I wouldn’t mind seeing him in the Yankee dugout, not as hitting coach but as bench coach or Manager!

  7. Melky bulled up on the Yankees to hit more home runs …… red bull, taco grandes, paella, testosterone……my dad does too, though he drinks tequila with monster shots.

  8. Yes husky! Hearty, hefty, humpty……but not fat ….

  9. Metro bloggers….good evening. This one is too hot to put a lid on. Today, the Miami Herold reported, in an interview with Kevin Long…….that Long feels certain, that with Derek Jeter’s natural athleticism, he could make the transition to switch hitting easily. When pressed, Long said it would only take about a week.

  10. Tino is my favorite player behind Prince Fielder and Sandoval.

  11. Young fatboy……….if Haystacks Calhoun played, he would top your list. Your father should be jailed.

  12. What would you do? Would you trade Robinson Cano today, for Felix Abraham (Garcia) Hernandez?…..What is with these spanish names anyway? The remake of the Alamo?

  13. Fatboy slim …..Melky hit 3 pie winners and ate 9 pies.

  14. Tori Hunter?…really. Nah! I think that ship has sailed. I think Melky Cabrera, in Kevin Mass’s body, is a good fit. Would Melky succumb to the big city again? Or, has his time come? ….fatboy slim, only joking, come back up.

  15. Tommy Gun…………long time..I think Mr. Slim has taken his son to the …all you can eat, ‘Cantonese Hour’… College Point.

  16. Patrick – I think you insulted Fboy’s father….he’s already in jail…….

    • No, Gun…I did not insult his father. Don’t start that stuff with me. So, how do you know he is in jail?………..where he belongs, anyway.

  17. Fish…..has there ever been a player who successfully turned to switch hitting later in career?

    • Gun…, and your naysayers laugh at this. Why do you have to ask someone else? Of course Jeter can succeed in switch hitting. I’m tired of your horses ass comments, directed at me.

    • Tommy….not that I know of. Most switch-hitters start at a very early age. You need to do it then to developdexterity with those muscles and to get the muscle memory down. to attempt to do it in your 30′s is hard because your body isn’t used to moving that way. Jeter has more Hits than all but 10 people in history…..he’s doing fine hitting Right-handed. He hit .294 vs RHP in 2012, I don’t think he’d come near that hitting left-handed.

      The only player I remember even talking about learning to switch-hit in the majors was Mike Pagliarulo. he played 3B for the Yanks in the mid 80s and had good power but was dreadful vs LHP. if I recall he may have even tried it in Spring training but he was even worse.

  18. Switch hitting is a question for Ballpark….
    Switch hitting is something that takes a lot of work, don’t laugh but, my mother talked me into switch hitting when we played stick ball in the streets.

    • Nice ‘new’ logo…Old Time Yankee7. Switch hitting is mostly mental. Don’t make too big a deal of it. Ballpark?…I like Ballpark, but understand what I’m talkin’. An example…….my old friend Dennis Fogarty, and I, played an entire stick ball game switch hitting…..many years ago. I transitioned very nicely to it. So will Jeter, 4-5 days, per Kevin Long. Your mother was smart.

      • Patrick…
        Someone forgot to tell you the difference between playing stick ball and a FB coming in at 90+ or curves that drop out of sight along with a good Change-up that is unhitable.
        I had been switch hitting for well over 45+ years. When i was given stand down for a time, I would play baseball and after being away from it a while, it was tough getting my swing back.

        Sorry Patrick but, switch hitting isn’t mostly mental, it is mostly physical and muscle memory, and then one adds the mental and confidence part of the equation. It is damn hard work, trying to work on both swings at time.

        • Kenny……just like that you close your mind? Mostly mental, was a poor selection of words, on my part. But it is a fact, that gifted people are……..gifted! Check out Kevin Long’ interview, in the Miami Herold the other day. He said that Jeter is a natural switch hitter, and can convert in short order. A natural switch hitter, just has to cross over to the other side of the plate.

          • Patrick…
            I am and have been ambidextrous for my whole life, I can throw from either side and bat from either side. One thing I can’t do, is pitch from both sides. That is why I could play 2nd base and still be a left-handed closer.
            Anyhow, it was easy for me to take up switch hitting, but it was hard work and even harder keeping both sides production about the same. It is easy to get out of whack and harder to get it back.
            Why is it a big deal all of sudden, for him to become a switch hitter? Because his numbers are bad against rightys, fine they are but, that’s called age. Being a switch hitter is not going to fix that fast ball inside that he can’t wait on as long as he use to, I found by shorting my swing I could still get around on most fast balls. But even so, the last 10 years I made sure I only hit against guys I knew very well, or those that were not as fast as they once were…of course I was in my 50-60s.
            Oh, by the way Patrick, there is no such word as JUST in real life. JUST, means some one other than you, thinks it is easy…they are usually wrong.
            Hell, maybe he can hit from both sides but, I don’t think I would bet on it being as well as he is doing now!

            • Kenny…Ex-Ranger..good morning. Lets see what you left me. But first….KEVIN LONG, being quoted in the Miami Herold, this week…..”the kid(Jeter) is a natural switch hitter. Most can not do it, but He and I will make it happen in spring training. Inside of five days, and he will be top flight.”…Ken, this all started after he broke the ankle, and is designed to get him out of the box faster………….also from Kevin Long.

              • Patrick…
                I have the utmost respect for Kevin but,even with the talent Jeter has, I just don’t see it happening that fast. Remember the year Kevin and Jeter worked on his swing…that lasted about two weeks or less!
                Jeter has never shown a propensity for patience…so I really wonder how he can slow down enough to learn something that his muscles have never done before! Training ones muscles takes a bit of time.
                For him to hit well enough to do it in games…well, we will see.

                • Kenny…our Nations Ranger. Evening. Two quick responds for you. First, don’t be surprised if you hear…..that this switch hitting story, had it’s roots during this season. ESPN’s, Joe Asanti, brought it up during the world series. As far as the ‘big boy’……not ready to commit on whom it might be. I do have an idea. Stay well.

  19. I’d like to be a switch-hitter …myi dad says is not easy?

  20. Ken… Patrick right is it easy to be a switch-hitter? Are there many pro switch-hitters? Why can’t they all do it?

  21. Fatboy…
    It was ok for a short while but, now I know for sure!

  22. Fatboy…………if you are going to quote someone, get your facts correct.

    • Patrick…
      Does Fatboy sound and write like someone you know? He does to me…therefore, he gets no answers from me. My choice! LOL :)

      • Mr. Oldyankee07….

        I am not sure if you said you will not respond to me. Is it because I am overweight? My shirts are so large I have to dry them on the roof of my house. Some people think it’s a flag.

        I iron my pants in the driveway…more room.

        • Fatboy……..I feel sorry for you. When the Dept. of Child Welfare gets hold of your father, he will be jailed. And, you will be putting hacksaw blades in deep dish pizzas…..for when you visit him at Attica. And, your mother, she’s in the merchant marines………..right?

  23. fishjam25…….morning, Thanks for the heads up. I was not aware of Tino, and Cashman. Hope all is well.

  24. My Dad says it’s impossible to switch hit that late in a career. Never been done he said . He only weighs 425 so he is still slim.

  25. The back of my Dad’s neck looks like a package of hot dogs. He’s husky.

  26. People ask me why I iron my pants in the driveway …… Well, I tried taking them to a dry cleaner and the lady said ” we don’t do curtains”.

  27. I saw Slade Heathcott and Montegomery on TV last night, although Monte didn’t pitch well both look to get a shot at making the team this year. Heathcott looked good in CF, he could be the Yanks 4th outfielder.

    • doug…
      Let us hope both of them get more than a, hi and good bye! Slade could very well be the 4th OF.
      We have guys that could jump to the Scranton team next year and should be invited to ST in 2913. I like what I have heard about Mason Williams and Slade of course I have seen play.

  28. I’m used to performing in front of an empty house, over at iYankees. Is not the road of life mysterious?..So tonight, Cowgirls, wherever you are………I will give you the Yankee outfield, that I saw in an Irish vision, during hurricane Sandy……LF: Ichiro Suzuki….CF: King Curtis Granderson….RF: Josh Hamilton…..on the bench, Jason Bay. Trade Gardner, Sanchez, Mesa, and any other faux minor league talent….for a young, talented,… ‘hard’ thrower. Like I said, Tigers, in five.

  29. Hey Patrick….you are right… My dad said this is a ghost town.

  30. Young, Mr. Slim………What is your given christian name? Your dad is correct. It has been a ghost town recently. Maybe there is a convention going on, and we were not invited? You never mention your mother? Did you, and your dad roll over in bed, as squash her?

  31. My mom always embarrasses me…so I try not to think of her. Yesterday she was a vendor at a flea market in town and used my pants as her tent. Embarrasses the hell out of me……

  32. My name is Fatian Boyer Simmings. But you can call me Fatboy. My family and friends do.

    • Fabian?…..another Jersey guy. You are funny. Laughed so much, I had tears. My boss needs to use the PC…back in a bit. If you are still up.

  33. IS THE WATER COLD?….alright, I’ll go first, today. Where is everyone? I know the trade winds are calm, but this is odd. Reminds me of iYankees, when you could hear yourself breathe.

  34. COSMOPOLITAN BLOGGERS….WHERE ARE YOU? Oh I get it, you want patrick to work an empty house, like he youst to do. No problem….. Trade winds…Mike Napoli, catcher, free agent, RHB…24HRS… 30 HRS, last year. Possibility…… Next, I have Ramiro Penas cell phone #…..for those of you that may want to call ‘el grande leather foego’. (I’m tryin’)…………Finally….breaking news! Kevin Long, now admits, to having an affair with Larry Rothschild’s wife, the temptress, Judy Lynne. E-mails of the steamy affair, were found near the fungo rack. This will not be detrimental, to switch hitting 101, as per Mr. Long.

  35. POST iYANKEES STRESS DISORDER!…..That’s what is happening to me!…Next thing you know, the Gravatars will start moving around, and weirdos will start posting. So they can call me names, and tell me to go away. Like the Vietnam syndrome. I’m all by myself on a raft, in the Mekong Delta……bullets flyin’, night flares, wild women, and ‘They’ are coming after me……………….it is cocktail hour?…yes?

    • Patrick…for the Vets out there….
      What is the Vietnam syndrome? Oh yes, that is something the Doctors can’t really understand so they give it a very nice name and tie it up to make it sound good.

      From the desk of Doctor Ken….!
      Having dealt with this problem a time or two in my 40+ years.

      What is it really?
      Every man/woman has a breaking point, not only with physical pain but, even more so with the mental aspect. The movies can’t really show you, they try but, there is no way for you to understand the mental stress and horror if you haven’t “been there and done that”.
      Those that have PVS are looked down on by some people and called chicken etc., sorry for anyone saying that to a vet I am around.
      I have seen guys with NO injury at all end up in wheel chairs, eyes wide open and there is nothing there at all. These vets were not weak, actually, some were heros, they just reached a limit…their limit…been there and done that! I got upset one time, it took us 8 days to track down those that upset me.

      • Kenny………well said. You are the senior veteran here, and you garner my utmost respect. A respectful Veterans Day to you… friend.

  36. NAH!…. Now I get it, another Irish dream…….I’ve died, and gone to a bloggers limbo. A cyber-space, potters field, if you will. You post… an empty blogoshere. Kind of like “Hotel California”, with Ballpark, being the man at the desk.

  37. YANKA-Fan……………come save me! From myself!

  38. LADIES & GENTLEMEN….the great OLD RANGER…Ken7. For those of you that do not be called a Army Ranger…puts you in an elite group. With the finest of men. Many did not come home. Kenny, because he is humble, will not tell you that. But, I will……Thank you Ken, and your fallen.

  39. JOSH HAMILTON: Who says he going to have a relapse?.Perhaps he never will. God only knows. That said………there is a monster masher sitting on the Yankee door step. It may not happen again, for a long time…………….Envision, that line-up!

  40. Patrick…
    Have I been a pain in the neck lately? My wife says I have been! I told her I was tiered of being a nice guy and being called names because I have a different view of things. Besides, being PC takes too much work. One has to think about every word one says….that is BS. Damn near every line has a code word of some kind, so they say. I say, kiss my a-s, treat everyone as they do me!
    I have no idea why there are no posters on this week-end and today?
    Stay with it! :)

    • KENNY………if your wife says you are a pain in the ass…you are! ….At what goes on here, don’t worry about anything, you are…Ken. Posters?..if you put the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ crowd. in uniform, there would be movies made about them. Scum.

  41. Kenny………come back, give us one last post! Anything, it’s important, I’ll explain…bring it, son.

  42. Kenny…………..I got it. NO DISRESPECT to YFU. But did you see the names who ran the table tonight, and last?..Top, to bottom. Old privateers, from another time. I’m proud to be in their company. Know your friends.

  43. Yeppers not much to talk about—but need something here to bother checking

  44. John…this is my favorite blog too… can call me Fatboy….even though I am starting to slim down. It’s depressing being husky…… When i go to the zoo the elephants throw peanuts at me…… When I go to the beach, members of Greenpeace try to push me back into the water……

  45. JOHN:…”THIS IS BY FAR, MY FAVORITE BLOG FOR READING RESPONSES”….John, it certainly is. Very funny stuff, all the time. How about the post from Fatboy, letting us know that the elephants throw peanuts at him. Great line.

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