Morning Bits: Pineda, Phelps, Kuroda

Good Morning all.   Let’s get right to the links…

– Pineda threw at Yankee Stadium reports Andrew Marchand of ESPN NY.

– ESPN picks David Phleps as the Yankees Rookie of the Year.

Newsday mentions that the rotation would take a huge hit if Kuroda is not back with the team next year.

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About Matthew S.

Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. I guess we need to have some faith in Cash to put together something (anything) that will work for 2013 and beyond

  2. the way i figure it, arod, jeter, granderson, cano, and sabathia combine for 120.5 million in base salary for 2013 season,……. that leaves 58.5 million for 19 other players on the 25 man roster.

    if you pay kuroda 15, mo 10, pettite 10,,

    that leaves just 23.5 million to be split among 16 other players

    all this to have a 25 man roster at 179 million,, to have a 40 man roster under 189 million——-

    the days of giant salaries are over,…… and from right now through 5 more seasons,…. the yankewes are going to be dwindling away with all the high salaries,……… and find out if just maybe some of the guys they got in the pipeline can play,…….

    and then insert a few free agents where necessary

  3. What up with the Blue Jay and Marlins blockbuster i want some of that. If it goes down

    • john……whats going on with Toronto, and the Marlins? There are names all over the place! The Yanks should think real hard on Hamilton, and pray someone wants A-rod. That would be a great start,…. to putting together the 2013 roster.

  4. teixeira, cano, jeter, arod, granderson, sabathia = 120.5 million base salary in 2013
    if we add Kuroda at 15 m, mariano at 10, pettite at 10, and ichiro at 10,………..

    that leaves 13.5 million left for 15 players on the 25 man roster

    to get the 25 man roster at 179 milion to have the 40 man roster at no higher than 189 million.

    the yankees got some wheeling and dealing to do here.

    • JIM – There is no need to get under $189M in 2013…..2014 has always been the goal as it is the year the Luxury Tax rises to $189M. Yanks payroll will be over $200M in 2013 again….they are just scared shit to sign anyone to more than a 1-yr deal.

  5. Fitting in to the roster, 15 players for only $13.5m ? It’s like me trying to put my pants back on after dinner…..ain’t gonna happen.

  6. Pretty good Matt….how you doing?

  7. CowGirls back in the saddle!…good evening. Good to see the squad flesh out, a bit. A new face, on the big stage tonight….”emr”. Mr. emr, come back up, so you can be welcomed properly. Interesting names in the wind today, but no smoke. Reached out to Ballpark, a few times last night. He proudly defends this site, and says many well meaning words……..and then nothing. Maybe, I misunderstood.

  8. RAILRIDERS?…with a porcupine?….How Dumb!…I thought it was a cartoon. The logo looks like it belongs on a bottle of ‘Sal Hepatica’. The same stuff, Ken’s mom, packed in his lunch box.

  9. KENNY….Alex:..Mr. Cashman is dying to pull the trigger on him. Do you want four more years of this? When his Trust Ratio Metric [TRM] went below 10% this season….even the guys in his card games, knew it was time to move on.

    • And you know this because of……..? :)

      • KENNY…”and you know this because of”…..the fact, that I know as much as anybody here, about baseball. And, I have an opinion. The Thrust Ratio Metrix, does not lie. Ken, we are taking below 10% here!

        • Patrick…
          The question was about your knowing what Cash was thinking…nothing else! But I will point out….

          I never thought you were the type to jump on the band wagon before the facts were in (in regards to Alex). We have a couple of players on this team that never ever use injures as an excuse for poor play.
          One is A-Rod (hate him or not, he is a stand-up guy). When we could see his hip was bothering him, he said he was alright, and got boo’s for it. He didn’t complain or defend himself at all. This year he had a good thing going, until the hand was broken. After that, everything went down hill.
          It is easy to hate A-Rod, every day you are told to hate him by one or more writers or bloggers, while at the same time we are told how lucky we are to see the greatest ball player that ever lived play for the Yanks…not the greatest SS, oh no! The greatest player, ever to play the game.

          I get very upset when day after day some fan or writer takes a cheep shot at A-Rod, for what? His girl friend feeding him pop-corn at a game…why is that a crime?
          Just keep it about baseball, his personnel life is his own, just as they never write about Jeter and his girls why only A-Rod? A-Rod is the guy everyone hates and that makes good copy.
          If you think I like defending this guy you are nuts, I don’t like him at all but, the talent he had for all those years and still has, has to be admired.

          Jeter is another player that should be admired for what he has done over the years but, here is a scary thought for you Jeter lovers, if A-Rod can play out his contract as an above avg player he has a better than even chance of putting up a few hits himself, and he already leads him in the runs department and damn near every other number you want to check!

          Jeter and A-Rod are both great players but, it is a bit unfair to hate on one player and the other player gets a pass, that is my whole point…Fair is Fair, at least, to me it is.

          Well, I have come to the end of my short dissertation on fairness. No bad adverbs or anything please!

          • The Great…. KENNY: I can not fully acknowledge your fine post tonight…family, needs personal care tonight. All is OK. Simply…a band wagon jumper, nah! I hate A-Rod? no. He can not survive here for five more years. If a team is interested? MAKE IT worth their while. Stay well, Ranger.

  10. DELIA E…good evening. What is your impression of this “Railrider” logo, complete with porcupine? I think it would be ideal, on the back of an exterminators truck. Or, a laxative product.

    • Good morning Patrick,

      Hmm, when I see porcupines I think they’re adorable little creatures who just happen to have quills on their backs. If you pet them they’re dangerous…but overall they’re cute and not scary. A porcupine mascot is not intimidating.

  11. FATBOY….you and your Dad, have a dunkin donut, and an egg cream on me. Porcupines?…Jesus!..Next?……Skunks, Illegals, Occupiers?…all names better than Railriders.

  12. THE PICTURE GETS CLEARER…The Tigers, with power arms, unlike the Yankees….now have an arsenal of Cabrera, Fielder, Jackson, Martinez, and now Hunter!..Go big, on Hamilton. Move the declining narcissus, A-Rod. Package Gardner, the harmless bees, and the porcupine…for a young, healthy power arm. And start from there!

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