Yankees Offseason Notes: Still quiet but Marlins make it interesting

So the Yankees are still being as quiet as ever during the offseason (honestly, this is getting tedious just doing nothing) but we had a taste of the Hot Stove today (no, it didn’t happen in New York).

– The Miami Marlins are close to a blockbuster trade with the Toronto Blue Jays. The details are a bit sketchy, but the Marlins are planning on sending Josh Johnson, Jose Reyes and Mark Buehrle to Canada! Honestly, this is the most exciting news I’ve heard since the end of the World Series.I had to literally pinch myself to see if I was dreaming that there was still baseball news. But here’s the part where we get to play Yankees GM all over again and focus on everyone’s favorite subject: trading (or attempting to) Alex Rodriguez. With the Marlins dumping all the contracts on the Blue Jays, do you think A-Rod will waive the no-trade clause and finally go to Florida? I know Brian Cashman said that he wasn’t going to trade A-Rod but…come on now! This is tempting!

The main question I have is this: Who do the Marlins think they’re going to get for 5 players (3 of them that are superstars)? Jose Bautista?

– The Colorado Rockies signed Dante Bichette as their hitting coach for the 2013 season. Does his name sound familiar? It should. He’s friends with Joe Girardi and his son Dante Bichette Jr. plays in the Yankees organization. The kid has a great bat, he could be as good as his dad.

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About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. I’m not a fan of trading A-Rod, but if Miami took on most of his salary, which they now could do and still have a lot of flexibility…..then you have to think about it if your Brian Cashman…..

    Not that Loria has any right to bring such a legendary player to his disgrace of a franchise.

  2. Brian D…..if they can trade A-Rod, Cashman will be sainted. Where ever A-Rod goes, he will laugh all the way to the next card game, or to his next blonde floozy..Think, Josh Hamilton.

  3. The mysterious….Delia E……….nice article. I can tell, that you are anxious to jump into the trading season, with both feet. If they find a taker for Alex…deal him immediately. Go big, for Hamilton. And (sorry) package Gardner, Sanchez, and the harmless B’s……for a power arm. [ie: like what the Tigers threw at the Yankees.]

    • Sorry, I wouldn’t trade Gardner. Gardner’s on lock down. You don’t see people who can steal 50-60 bags and with fantastic defense floating around in free agency very often. I’d keep him.

      • Mrs. D.
        my dad says Gardner has no leverage…no big fan base….he will be traded because of this. If he were more handsome ( not cross-eyed) , he would be like Swisher and hard to let go of.

        • With all due respect, the Yankees love Gardner and its hard to part with him. The Yankees didn’t sign Gardner to look cute or have a big fanbase. They signed him because he gets his job done.

          • Mrs. D.

            Thank you for the quick response. You are correct he keeps his weight low so he can run fast. If he would grow hair he may be more attractive but he will be slower.

            • NEWS FLASH!!…Just over the wires!…Bret Gardner, and his sister (Opie) have renewed their wedding vows, in Johnson City, Tenna.

            • FABIAN..Fatboy………….who should lead us while in this dullest time of year?..General Petraeus, Mike D, Big City of Dreams, Dead Ted’s Head, Chris O,or Ballpark?

      • Delia…no surprise on your response. Perhaps, they will keep him. By learning to switch hit, this off season, would increase his value to the team. Kevin Long, will be working with Jeter, on that

      • Agreed, Gardner needs to stay. Granderson, on the other hand, I would like to see traded. Really have gotten tired of his HR or K hitting style.

        • Michael D……..do you think Granderson could be a candidate, for Kevin Long’s switch hitting orientation class, this spring?

      • Delia, there is one such player on the FA market like you describe and he’s going to make a boatload of money this year. People who discount Gardner’s value should take a look at Michael Bourn….compare his stats to Gardner’s and see what he signs for. That will give you an idea of Gardner’s value.

  4. FABIAN…aka Fatboy Slim….I’m going to try and help you, not like Jerry Sandusky, so listen to me. When was the last time you were mentally tested? Did your father run a generator in the house, during Sandy? Your mother, not to upset you, did she ever see a doctor during her pregnancy with you? Do you want to see a Penn State game?………..only kidding.

  5. Loria dumping salary they are not taking on the A-Rod albatross. If they are building for down the road how about a few Yankee pieces for Stanton

    • john……..no harm in asking, Mr. Loria…….A-Rod, a handsome, cigar smoking, blonde chasing, card playing, Hall of Famer….would fill a lot of seats. Stanton?…you’re lips, to Gods ears.

      • Well perhaps A-Rod may fill a seat but as i understand a $16,000,000 payroll it may take 1 of his girlies at SS along side him to sell!!!

  6. BALLPARK…..lead us out of this funk. Lead us out of the wilderness. Our compass is broke, and direction is our dire need. We need a strong arm on the wheel…………you’ve done it before. America’s most talented site, reaches out to you.

  7. This is probably the slowest, most boring time of the year as far as baseball goes. Just have to look forward to December when things start to heat up again with the Winter Meetings.

    Read this on MLBTR: “Dan Martin of The New York Post reports that the Yankees have had ‘preliminary discussions’ about bringing Raul Ibanez back as a platoon player next season. The 40-year-old played more than the club would have liked this year due to Brett Gardner’s injury.”

    I think it’s a little scary that the Yankees, at this extremely early point in the offseason, are already considering bringing Raul Ibanez back as a platoon player. They need to do better and younger than that…

    • Mike, it’s not boring in Toronto

    • THE LEGEND, THE BUILDING BLOCK…MIKE D. ….how are you? You seem to be looking at the glass, half empty. This is the magic time of the year, when dreams are built! Ibanez, Damon, Yanka, Martin….all players, on the stage. …..Yanka, second night I mentioned him. Good guy, going to school in Florida. Some of the best lines today, are coming from Fatboy Slim. Funny stuff! Why not give him a hello?

  8. BALLPARK…good evening. The votes are in! You win 5-1, to lead us out of this off season funk. As Twasp would say….’You da-man”. Embrace it, it is your time. Grab the standard, with the colors,…and lead us forward. They rest will follow………Ballpark, this is show time. Your time. Go for it, son.

  9. My name is Fabian Boyer Slimmings…….but you can call me Fatboy Slim. I am NOT fat. I have a very small head.

  10. My name is Fabian Boyer Slimmings…….but you can call me Fatboy Slim. I am NOT fat. I have a very small head.

  11. Boston can’t be worse than last year I wouldn’t believe. B’more was a good solid team and can only get better. We now can see what this move Toronto will be better. Yankees have a lot to worry about.

  12. East is a beast. Happy just to make playoffs. Need Hamilton.

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