Morning Bits: Soriano, A-Rod, Randy Levine

Good Morning.  Away we go….

Andrew Marchand gives the Yankees Cy Young award to Rafael Soriano.

Marchand also writes that they Jays blockbuster means A-Rod stays.

Newsday has an article on Randy Levine who mentions “We have an off-season plan.”

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. Does the “offseaosn plan” consist of doing absolutely nothing? Because if it does, then it’s working fabulously.

    • Delia, as I have been saying for a long time, Cashman and the current Yankee management never think outside the box or of anything bold.
      The trade that the Blue Jays made would have made the Yankees a huge fave to win the whole thing next year.
      Reyes could have been moved to third to make ARod a fulltime DH, Johnson and Buerhle would have been in the rotation with CC, Nova, and Hughes alllowing the Yankees to let Kuroda walk. Buck would have allowed the Yankees to let Martin walk, and Bonafacio could have been redealt to someone else.
      The “offseason plan” is what I predicted it would be. Cashman will make some bargain bin signings and probably trade some of our prospects for an overrated starting pitcher. That has been the “offseason plan” since the end of the 2009 title year. Why would they change now?
      As long as the majority of Yankee fans stay placated with playoff appearances that lead to nothing, don’t get angry over stupid trades, and are content to watch other GM’s make aggressive moves while Cashman does nothing, this is what we’ll get.

      • Your anger of the Yankees not being able to do that trade should be directed at Hal because we obviously know Cashman can’t make a trade with that kind of money at this point due to his restrictions because Hal no longer cares about winning at any cost.

        • Matt I agree totally. What angers me to no end is that the Yankees are obsessed with getting to 189 million. Why? The FANS of the Yankees have built this incredible revenue producing empire known as the Yankees by paying ridiculous ticket amounts, buying incredible amounts of Yankee apparel, and demanding the YES network on cable systems which produces silly amounts of money.
          Why SHOULDN’T the Yankees spend more?!!!!!
          There is no committment now to winning it all. The only goal seems to be making the playoffs, something that will be very hard to do next year with this year’s team. Can Oakland and Baltimore repeat this past season’s success? Probably not. But the Angels will be tough with Trout playing from day one, the Rays staff will still be good and they barely missed this past season while missing Longoria for 89 games, and the Jays are obviously a serious contender now. Detroit will win its division and take one spot and the Rangers aren’t going away, they’ll grab their division or a wild card. The Yankees will have to finish at least 2nd in the AL East to make the playoffs and with the Rays and Jays in there it will not be be easy.
          The REAL concern about making the playoffs next year for any team in the AL East is the cannibalization that will occur in the AL East. Playing 72 games against the Yankees, Jays, Rays, Orioles, and even the Red Sox won’t be fun for any team in that division. 36-36 would be a good mark for any of the AL East teams in their own division.
          Assuming 93 wins are needed again in the AL for a wildcard, that would mean that an AL East team who goes 36-36 would need to go 57-33 in its games against other AL Rivals and NL rivals.

          • Totally agree Mike I mean look at the Dodgers. They have no $189 million restriction. Are you willing to tell me the Dodgers have more revenue and resources even with the new ownership? I doubt it.

            • Matt what the new management with the Dodgers wants is to reestablish them as the “brand name” West Coast pro sports team. As big as the Lakers are, when the Dodgers were good out there in their great run they were THE team on the West Coast.
              What the new management wants is everyone to clamor to have the Dodgers on their cable system, everyone to be wearing Dodgers hats, shirts, jackets, etc.
              They figure if you invest an extra 50-75 million a year in payroll, that its peanuts compared to the additional revenue that winning brings you in a big market.
              I can understand small market and midmarket teams not spending like crazy. There are so many hats and shirts and cable viewers you can max out in terms of revenue in a small or middle market.
              In places like LA and NY? The sky’s the limit!!
              For all of George’s flaws, he UNDERSTOOD when he bought the Yankees for 8.8 million dollars in 1973 what the goal was. The goal was to restore the glory to the Yankees franchise and cash in on the money from the revenue sources I just listed when everyone else in MLB still thought of revenue as ticket sales and concession sales. George knew that WINNING would be the only way to restore the glory and didn’t care what he had to pay players to try and achieve it.
              It seems to me that Hal is willing to coast on what his father built, which is an empire of over one and a half billion dollars all from a purchase price of only 8.8 million.
              Kudos to the Dodgers and Angels for trying to achieve greatness in a big market.
              When the Blue Jays are willing to pull the trigger on a deal that made more sense for the Yankees because the Yankees “don’t have the money” it is indeed a sad day.

              • Yup, it’s me again, about to point out a fact or two for you young fellows.
                The rules say one can get away with being over the taxable amount for three (I think 3yrs) years in a row before having to pay the taxes, right?
                Yankees have been over the mark for years, this is why the team is trying to get under the cap for ONLY ONE YEAR. then they can do what ever they want to for three years until the new cap comes around again. That’s when they will spend their money… in 2015!
                Toronto and Dogers have been under the cap for years now, so they have three years to spend all they want to.

          • Michael, I’m on the other side of this, I like the 189 million idea. I’m sick of people saying the Yanks buy their way to championships. When you say their is no commitment at all, you sound like a spoiled Yankee fan. There is no correlation between spending and winning the series. Outlier is the norm in the playoffs.

            • Doug if you consider one title in 12 seasons spoiled than I guess Yankee fans are as “spoiled” as the fans of the following professonal sports teams:
              Arizona Diamondbacks
              White Sox

              I guess we’re not as “spoiled” as the following franchises who have won two titles in the same time span
              Red Sox
              SF Giants
              NY Giants
              Red Wings

              I guess we’re certainly not as spoiled as the following franchises who have won 3 titles in the same time span:

              I guess we’re DEFINITELY not as spoiled as Laker fans, who have won 4 titles in that same timespan.

              Bottom line is simple. The Yankees are the richest franchise of any team in all of professional sports due to the incredible fans that they have. The Yankees have spent more money on payroll than any team in all or professional sports in the last 12 years.
              For all of that? They have the same number of titles in the last 12 years as 22 other professional franchises, and FEWER titles than 10 other professional sports franchises.

              We’re not spoiled, we’re underachieving horribly.

              • Few of those teams made the playoffs as much as the Yanks, baseball playoffs are outlier. Basketball is totally different, only 4 teams have a chance of winning when the season starts, it’s like comparing apples and oranges. I totally disagree with you on this one. You can’t have it both ways, complaining about paying players too much, and then saying they are the richest francise. Almost everything you have said makes no sense.

    • It’s so obvious that Texiera and ARod are no longer capable of hitting in the 3 or 4 hole. With Cano occupying one of those slots its pretty obvious that the Yankees NEED a hitter good enough to occupy that slot and put Tex and ARod down in the 5 and 6 slots where they are at least passable.
      I know about the drug problems, etc, but Hamilton would be such an incredible fit for this team for a few years. With his stroke and the short porch in RF he could do some serious damage.

      • Michael P…
        I think I may have been one of a few fans here that intertwined the Idea of signing Hamilton, my reasoning was sound, as he is the only true five tool player around today. After thinking about how hard for some players to adapt to New York, I am concerned, somewhat on his handling all the pressure playing for the Yankees.
        If the Yankees could get him four less then the six or seven years, I am sure he is going for, I say “sign him”!

        • Ken I still think that “pressure in NY” stuff is such a crock of nonsense in 99% of the cases. People use small sample sizes(microscopic actually) to determine this stuff.
          Granderson stunk his first year in NY, then had a great second year, and last year stunk outside of the long ball. To me, the NY pressure is a non factor in his case. He simply had one good year stuck between the other two, which is sort of what he did in Detroit.
          AJ was another example. Good first year, lousy 2nd and 3rd years but his playoff start in 2011 was spectacular in a huge pressure situation. I think the pitching coaches screwed with him too much, as his catcher Martin said after he was traded. So last year he goes back to what works for him and was great. I don’t think “less pressure” had anything to do with it.
          Players can either play or they can’t. Players have ups and downs no matter where they are playing.
          What I find comical is Tex’s pathetic OBP/BA the last three seasons. I don’t hear anyone accusing him of melting under the pressure in NY. You know why? Because most people like him as a person. That’s about the only difference I can find between Tex and AJ and its the only reason each was treated as they were. Both were signed to monster deals, both had good first seasons in NY, both dropped off the cliff after that. One was villified and traded, the other kept with people stating “they were sure” Tex was due for a big year. What it really comes down to is that one is a clean cut guy who runs a big charity who people like and the other was a weird looking guy who people didn’t warm to.
          I think people use the “NY pressure” thing conveniently and without basis when they feel like applying it.
          It’s become a really tired cliche that I’m sick of hearing about because even if it DOES exist to some extent there isn’t any way to predict who will fall victim to it and who won’t!! All you can go on is what a player has done and how talented he is. Trying to predict who can and can’t handle “NY pressure” is like to trying to catch a falling knife.
          Teixeira is a textbook example. The guy had been great with three different teams in two different leagues. He looked like a steal when the Yankees signed him. He was young, in his prime, and there was no reason to believe he’d do anything but continue to star as a Yankee.
          I don’t know what happened and would be lying if I said I knew what it was. Is it the pressure of NY? Is it the shift? Is it the short porch tempting him to swing for the fences that has ruined his former swing? Is it that he got his huge payday and stopped working as hard?
          Who in the world could have predicted this would happen to him? I sure couldn’t have, but I’m not going to blame his 50 point crash on “NY pressure” and ignore the other possible explanations.

          • Michael P…
            I think I may not have made myself clear enough, sorry about that!
            What I was getting at was, His drinking and a few other things in his life. I was thinking the pressure of New York and its media etc. may push him into his bad habits.

  2. it seems toronto got the money now,…….. why can’t the yankees make the trade with toronto—–

    arod and 24 million for jose reyes,…….. move jeter to 3rd,….

    toronto could use a big bopper like arod, to vget fans in the seats,.. they could even compete to make the playoffs then,…..

    then the yankees lineup could be jeter, ichiro, reyes, cano, teixiera, granderson, dh/bench , martin, gardner,…

    reyes is capable of winning a batting title, as well as getting 180-200 hits in the 3 hole

    the yankees would be a run producing machine

    with all 3– jeter-ichiro-reyes– all capable in 2013, bating 1-2-3– of each getting 180-200 hits,….

    we would be looking at 108 wins or more

  3. if you read the article on levine from the above link, you will see he re-stated the 189 million dollar mandate ive been talking about that he said months ago.

    but remember it is not 189 million for a 25 man roster, it is 189 million for the 40 man roster,… trhat would include 15 minor leaguers, mostly in tripple a.

    so it will be more like 179 million for the 25 man roster in 2014,…… which means they can not take on big time free agents this year.

    but trading arod and 24 million for reyes, would be a wash in salary,—— not adding, and not taking away salary,.over the next 5 seasons,….. but would BE A GREAT MOVE FOR THE TEAM,…. to get a more balanced team ,, as i showed in the post i wrote earlier above.

    sabathia, arod, and teixera — have big contracts going out for the next 5 seasons——- jeter will play in 2014 and after at a reduced rate,……… cano will be resigned at a decent rate,……. granderson may or may not stay after 2013,.. deopending on if he can get more money than the yankees can offer him in 2014 somewhere else

    but that doesnt mean the yankees can go out a get a different centerfielder at 5 years 100 million,….. and MLB WILL BE LOOKING CLOSELY AT SHENANIGANS OF BACK LOADING CONTRACTS.

    what we a really look at here, as i said the other day,.. is the minor league system to push the prospects up,.. force them to work hard,, on the promise they will get a shot to be on the yankees in the bronx,……

    for now,.. i would be talking to toronto everyday——- pusdhing the offer arod and 24 million in cash for reyes

  4. Arod’s base salary the next 5 seasons in millions = 28,25,21,20,20= 114 million

    Jose Reyes base salary the next 5 seasons in millions = 10,16,22,22,22= 92 million

    (the reyes contract has a “team option for a 6th season at 22 million, or a 4 million buy out by tthe team at the teams option)

    so ,, if you add the 4 million to 92 million , that = 96 million over the next 5 years

    so,, if you trade arod and 24 milllion in cash,….it would be equvalent to having reyes for 96 +24 = 120 million for 5 years,….

    toronto on the other side,, would be paying arod 114 million minus 24 million = 90 milion for 5 years

    arod has earned bonuses in his contract he can earn,, but toronto would benefit by ticket sales and increased souvenior sales,. as well as increased tv advertising monies and radio,…. so that would probably make money for toronto

    it makes sense for btoh clubs,, on both counts — money wise and baseball wise

  5. how can any yankee fan be mad at the yankees????

    Only 4 franchises in MLB had player salaries at the start of 2012 season over 133 milion.

    Tha yankee shad the highest at 1907 million,,and added some salary in season with ichiro,.. bt those numbers are not exact truth,.. becaus ethe yankees are also paying for AJ still,… and players that were not on the 25 man roster att ehs tart of the season, like Joba,….

    for the yankees to be talking about only getting the 25 man roster down to 179 million, and the 40 roster down to 189 million,,,,,, should not be something that gts the yankees fans upset.

    if the yankees salaries were at 179 million at the start of 2012 for the 25 man,,.. it would still be the highest in al of MLB,.. the phgillie were 2nd at 174 million.

    taking into account the harsh salry tax in MLB that is coming,, where if you go over 189 million for the 40 man,, you have to pay 40 million to mlb,… that is equvalent to taking 40 million dollars in cash out of the yankees private strickholders pockets — the inheritance the george left his children and grand children…..

    a business like this is not suppose to be leaking money out of personal fortunes,.. not when there is zero way to grow the business..

    the yankees can not create more jobs,.. they can nnot crete another team and exspand their business,….. they are locked in

    just paying mopney for money sake,.. with nothing in return, is bad business

    i wish the fans would accdept the economics of what has finally occured,….

  6. HIGHLY VAUNTED?…are we too close to the flame? Is the highly vaunted Yankee farm system, all that the hype says it is? No one is knocking down Cashman’s door, to trade for those players.

  7. we know nunez is finished,…… when nunez dropped a pop up, and on anoth play threw a fielded grounded directly into the dirt,——– that was the last straw,………… trading him , lol,……… ozzy smith made a lot of errors, and the padres traded him for gary templeton to the cardinals, remember?,,, but ozzy smith showed signs of spectacular plays, even on the padres, that nunez comes no where near.

    so that prospect is in the toilet now.

    the yankees have to see if the prospects can play,…… in order to eventually correctly rebuild the team,………

    thats sports, .. thats baseball,….

  8. Jose Reyes hits in his career are —- 84, 56, 190, 194, 191, 204, 41, 159, 181, 184 = 1484 hits playing in 10 seasons, the first 2 part time, and a major injury season in 2009

    Jose Reyes will be turning 30 on June 11.

    Reyes is 1516 hits away from 3000,….

    if jose reyes can average 189.5 hits a season over the next 8 seasons, he will reach 3000 hits,….

    reyes lifetime average right now is 291

    reyes is just entering his prime right now

    can jose reyes reach 3000 hits and be a hall of famer,.. and will he reach 3000 hits and be a hall of famer?

  9. 62 players in mlb history have had at least 2712 hits

    can you name the only 2 players in mlb history to reach thse 5 marks—–

    2712 hits, 1700 runs, 1200 rbi, 240 home runs, 340 stolen bases

    the answer is::::

    barry bonds – 2935 hits, 2227 runs, 1996 rbi, 762 homers, 514 stolen bases
    (but how much of that is hgh?)


    derek jeter—–3304 hits, 1868 runs, 1254 rbi, 255 homers, 348 stolen bases

    no other player has reached all 5 of these marks:: 2712 hits, 1700 runs, 1200 rbi, 240 homers, 340 sb

    i will continue to go down the list,, and show that jeter is one of the best players to ever play in MLB,….

    by the time jeter is finished,, he will be considerd by some to be a top 5 player of all time,… alongside rickey henderson

  10. derek jeter hits + walks = 4343

    rickey henderson hits + walks = 5245

    a difference of 902

    Jeter can make up that difference easily over the next 5 seasons

  11. Mike francesa just made an intresting but WRONG point just before the 6pm hour today.

    He was askinh or saying it was intersting and that he diesnt understand, why people, fans, in gneral , do not begrudge an artist like Elton John maing 200 million in his carrer,. but begrudge sports players.

    ( by the way ,m they estimate elton johns net worth at about 280 million today,, but he probably made a lot in investments)

    The reason is , FRANCESA, aretists that write , record, and perform songs, get paid on what they did,, and royalites on aht they did,….

    sports players,, as francesa said just beforew that comment,, talking about the NHL, are TRANSIENT.

    rock artists are not transient,, the greats are eternal,,.. people will always buy the miusic,, listen to the music,, if it is great,…. and their are a lot more greats in music than their are in sports.

    lisaten,,…… players are not played ,, ,on how many homers they it,.. and even it they were,, it is still transient,…

    lisaten,….we are talkinh about the players that are begrudged……

    personaaly we dont care,.. but the business of baseball has to be run as a business,.. the yankees need to make money,.. they cant pay money to the point the steinbrenner grandchildren are losing their inheritances


    there is a huge diffeerence here




  12. bands make tons of money, or have,.. because their music endures generations,.. where the consumer picks what they like, and pay for it,.. for decades,……. but artists like motzart and betovhen ben around also for a long time,.. and so will rock music,…

    ball players come and go,….

    • It’s all about entertainment! I dissagree, some of these rock singers I used to like are in their 70′s and look wierd rocking out. They don’t have much left. Baseball is the only sport that people care about the money they make. Know one no’s how much football or basketball players make, and they don’t care.

      • i disagreee in the entirety,……. the beatles cvatolog rakes ion over q150 million a year right now,, 75 million going to michales estate,………. get a grip,…… when arod, or jeter retires,.. they might rake in 2-5 million a yrar,.. depending on what they do for work,…… but they dont get revenuies based on how how many hits they had,, or homers they had,…. and it goes away for them,.. yet, people will still listen to strawberry fields for thousands of years,..

        you SIR ARE DEAD WRONG

  13. there iks a reason the eagles deserve more money than arod,.. god willing,, i will continue to show why the rest of my life

    • You are right Jimmy, the Eagles or Elvis can make one hit or 30 hits in their lifetime and they rake in money the rest of their lives. Ballplayers have to make hits for 150+ games a year for 15-18 years.

      Which do you think is the harder of the two, music or baseball? If you choose music, well everyone has a right to make their own choices in life.

      Me, I will pick ball players, the competition is the name of the game.

      I don’t think one can be wrong in any choice they make, if you believe one way more than another!

      • My point was not about the amount of money they can make, but that people only care about the money baseball players make. No one cares how much Opra, the Eagles, or Eli Manning make. I think it’s much harder to be a baseball player, since some great rock groups have singer who can’t sing.

        • doug…
          You are right, my sarcasm was skipped by you! But, sometimes (most of the time) it is hard for me to write how I would express it in person…which isn’t a bad thing, come to think of it. LOL!
          Opra keeps making $100m plus a year and no one says a thing. But let someone make $60,000 for 3 months work and you have everyone looking into my taxes for years. Every year it is the same, except for this one. LOL
          Life is short, we live and then die, nothing to it! :)

        • I agree Doug. many people begrudge athletes the salaries they make but have no problem with Tom Cruise making $20 Million for a movie that takes a few months to make. Oprah is a multi-billionaire.

          Ball players not only have a much shorter career, they could also lose it all in an instant. A freak injury can end their careers at any time.

          Sports provides just as much, if not more entertainment in this country than show business or TV. I don’t begrudge athletes making big money. However I hate to see guys make big money and dog it or act like morons. It’s an insult to working people who pay their salaries when athletes take for granted their good fortune.

          • fishjam, I agree 100%, plus I always look at it this way, if the player is the product that people are entertained by they should make the money. The owner is only going to pocket the money that is left over after salaries. The Yanks make somewhere between 400 and 500 million profit a year as it is now. People think that if players make less money that ticket prices will go down, we know this will not happen.

  14. Fatboy-Fabian Slimmings….leave a donut, or two, out for the great Ballpark. Maybe, that is what it will take, to entice the former…..ringmaster?

  15. Is patrick, really that dumb?….. For those who mock me [patrick, does not talk baseball]…..check out the LoHud photo, posted tonight at 9:15 pm…There he is, Derek Jeter, in his left handed stance, learning to switch hit!… His ankle must of improved faster, than most thought.

    • Who has been mocking you?
      Like I told Jimmy2244, everyone has their own opinion but, is your idea any better or worse than others have? As long as it is your opinion, it is just that, an opinion.
      I still don’t see him hitting well enough to play ball that way. He will be hitting about 2/3 of the time from the left side…is that good?

    • Good morning Pat,sorry but Im not the guy to carry the load here.There are better writers on staff that do a good job.I have become a casual once in a while player.I check in on occasion,but the truth is the Hal, Cash led Yanks are a boring group to follow.
      The hot stove was once my favorite thing to follow as a Yankee fan,and now its nothing but scap heap picking .I don’t have intrest in what the idiots that are tearing down the Yankee dynasty are doing.
      I will say this,if the Yanks don’t get some real starting pitching this off season they are headed for last place!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I agree totally ballparknj. I think last year’s squad really overachieved. That 36-13 run they went on from May 20th-to mid July was their whole season. Including the playoffs, they were barely over .500 in the other 122 games.
        The lack of players ready to impact the team from the farm system is very disturbing. There is NOONE ready to play this year.
        It appears to me that management will be content to be a “contender” to MAKE the playoffs for a few years while they lower payroll, wait for the lower level farm system prospects to be ready, and wait out 2-3 more years of ARod’s and Tex’s contracts.
        I see absolutely no signs that the current management has any interest whatsoever in taking 2013 seriously.

        • Your right Mike ,My only exception is that this is the worst 25 man and 40 man rosters that the Yanks have gone into an offseason in 15 to 20 years.They would have to do what they did in 09 to make this team good.That would be signing the 3 best FA’S Grienke Sanchez and Hamilton.That ain’t gonna happen.
          Lets look at the facts;
          1- OWNERSHIP will not spend money
          2-Gm has the worst track record in trades in history.
          3-Our over paid stars are all over the hill.
          4-The loss of AJAX-KENNEDY-Montero have stripped us of impact home grown players.
          I hate to say it but if something does’nt change the end of the great run is over……..

          • ballpark, I quess your picking the Yanks for last next year. Cashman has done such a bad job, I don’t no how they won the most games in the AL last year. It seems to me that our best home grown players keep getting injured. Teams change alot in the off season which as just begun. Teams that look good on paper don’t always win, and remember in the playoffs, Outlier is the norm.

      • BALLPARK…good morning. Good to see your post. I’m playing nurse, at home for a while. All is fine, will catch up with you in a bit. My intent was not for you to carry the heavy water…..only to rejoin the squad. Did the kid, Fatboy, leave you a donut?

      • Real starting pitching? That is far from the issue.

  16. UH OH!!!!!!!!……TORONTO TO SIGN MELKY!!!!!…{MLB Trade Rumors}…..throw out that dumb budget, and lets get going. Fatboy, pass me a donut!

  17. My dad says he are the players on the Yankees that got fat on roids:

    1. aroid
    2. Giambi
    3. Sheffield
    4. Knob lach
    6. Petite
    7. Clemens
    8. Stanton
    9. Leyritz
    10. Reggie

  18. Doug – I agree with you, my dad took steroids for years until my mom complained that his testicles shriveled up like raisins.

  19. Mr. Old Yankee07

    It’s as simple as this

    The best franchise …the Yankees… the best stadium…..Yankee stadium …..with the best fans….us…..should have the best player in the league….Josh Hamilton.

  20. My mom says that if I don’t lose weight one day I’ll be buried in a piano box. How embarrassing …

  21. My mom said I have “boy boobs” so I had to stop wearing my wrestling outfit.

  22. For Halloween I went trick or trading as the Pillsbury Dough Boy ….it was fun until everyone start poking me in the belly…… embarrassing.

  23. At school kids follow me around with a yellow sign that says Wide Load….. How embarrassing …

  24. TONIGHT,… Fatboy….you are a Cow Girl. No, it is not a Jerry Sandusky pick up line…… I am not, one of those posters that ignore you. I learn from you, on a daily basis. You did leave a donut, for Ballpark? You can learn a lot from him. He is aware of you.

  25. It’s OK Patrick….I am fat and stlim. Others can choose what to like. I don’t like skinny as I afraid their bones will break

  26. I know Ballpark well. I took batting practice in his batting cages. Unfortunately balls kept hitting me in belly and getting caught in rolls. Hurts….and embarrassing…

    • Fatboy…next time you see Ballpark, while taking batting practice….ask if he can make you a switch hitter, it shouldn’t take long. Those older guys in tight sweat pants, over in the other batting cages……..did they ever offer to take you to a Penn State game?

  27. the point i was making was rock acts make money based on people likeing them,,masses of people, around the world,…. and it could last for decades, maybe longer,.. we are in new ground here,……. but ball players are paid whether the masses like them or not, want to pay them or not,….

    arod getting paid the same exact amount, based on his his contract whether or not people no longer him him,…

    whereas rock acts only get paid as long as people like them

    for the most part this is true, 90% on both sides

  28. i dont begrudge paul macartney making money,, because he makes money because people like his music,……. it is my right as a fan to begrudge a ball player, like arod, for making his money,.. cause he makes the same whether or not peoiple like him anymore,……… WE HAVE THE RIGHT TOI BEGRUDGE THAT ASPECT

    • Jim2244…
      It sounds to me that you have been trying to find a reason, other that jealousy, to hate A-rod. Who cares if a player is liked or not….Ty Cobb, Joe D and Teddy Ballgame were just a few of the players that the media didn’t like, but they were paid much more than other players of that time. In todays market they all would demand and get a contract larger than the one A-Rod had! Then what, You are going to hate four of the all time greats (Ty, Joe, Ted and Alex) of baseball?
      Bottom line, the contract ballplayers get, is because of their Talent, not how much fans like them. Like or hate anyone of them, is your right as a fan but, to say any one of them was less of a player because some players are jealous and the same with other media and bloggers.

      • UMM, NO,,.. THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY OF THIS,…… the topic is,…as brought up by mike francesa on wfan ,…. is this ——– generaly, why do fans tend to begrudge players their money and not music artists,…… and i went onto explain why i thought that was.

        arod doesnt make money becausae masses of people around the world enjoy what he doies,… he makes moneyt because the yankees gave him a 10 year 275 million dollar contract to polay baseball,…

        the yankees get the moneyt from the fans,. whether we like arod or not,

        paul macartney doiesnt get my money unless i like him, buy a concert ticket, buy a beatles cd, or download a ring tone, you know

        • Jim2244…
          Respectfully, you may be missing the whole thing.
          Paul gets his money from the fans that like him.
          Ballplayers like Jeter and Alex get their money from the company (Yankees), your like or dislike of the players has nothing to do with the money they make…your like of the team is what gets your money.
          You are comparing apples and baseballs, there is nothing to compare them to accept, you pay for them.
          Me, I like progressive Jazz, almost singers, like the Beatles and others like them, are a dime a dozen.

          • exactly my point,… the peopole of the world have no control over wqhat arod makes,, but have every control over what music people make– thats why i dont begrudge the artistsm,.. BUT I BEGRUDGE SPORTS PLAYERS — CAUSE THEY TAKRE MY MONEY WHETHER I LIKE THEM OR NOT,….. I HAVE THE RIGHT TO BEGRUDGE THEM IN MY THINKING

            • Jim….my dad says you DO have the right to begrudge anyone you want. I however don’t know what begrudge means…….does it mean dislike someone because they are overweight?


  30. I am confused by this man that yells about sports and politic as and now music. Reminds me of my bus driver.

  31. hey, are you talking abouit mike francesa,, cause thats what he does 6 days a week on wfan

  32. Fatboy & Jim234324….why do I get attracted to guys, like you mugs? Fatboy, Jim is a bit nuts, but you can learn a lot from him. I never knew he had a music side to him. Remember the English group Slade? I think two hits. Look them up…………………any donuts?

  33. My mom only buys me donut holes ….says there is less fat them. Does Slade Heathcott have a band? He better because CashMan will never use him

  34. I don’t believe Jim22224444 is legally insane ….just keyboard impaired.

  35. well,.. here is another one,……. and patrick,, ive been musicaly oriented my entire life, and been showing it since the dat i found this blog site,.. just ask anyone… so here’s on for ya,….live from the 2002/20o3 world tour

  36. GOOD NIGHT….Cow Girls.

  37. tou think 40-50 years from now,maaes of people around the world are going to be paying big time money to watch arod a tap;e of arod hiotting a home run in 2003 on hgh in texas?

    wake up

    mike francesa on this on is totally oblivious to reality]

  38. Jim, your totally wrong on this one, name me one other profession that people complain so much about how much money they make. There isn’t one! No one cares how much money Mark Sanchez makes.

  39. Jim, you don’t have to like or dislike a person to complain about how much money they make. LeBron James isn’t well liked and no one cares how much money he makes. See how much money it costs to go to a Knick game, yet nobody cares how much money they make, only baseball players.

    • Doug—-I believe people complain about baseball players because we all played at some time. Apparently they believe they could so the same thing in MLB haha

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