Royals seem like good trade match with Yankees

Alex Gordon is the type of player the Yankees need to target

The Royals are looking to contend in 2013 and appear to have the young offensive core to do so.  Their bullpen is also strong but they must improve their pathetic starting rotation to be taken seriously.  K.C. was 26th in MLB with a 5.01 ERA from their starters this year and are looking to trade from their strong young offensive core in order to improve their staff.  According to this article by  Tim Passan of Yahoo Sports, even MLB’s top minor-league hitter, Will Myers is available.

Apparently only young starting catcher Salvador Perez and starting SS Alcides Escobar are off-limits with the Royals willing to listen on DH/1B Billy Butler, 1B Eric Hosmer, 3B Mike Moustakas, OF Alex Gordon and OF Myers.  The article explains Kansas city’s budget parameters as follows:

“The Royals’ payroll commitments are around $69 million, leaving them two options to stay within their expected payroll around $73 million: They can pursue a young starter with a cheap contract but not as much experience as the Royals want; or deal for a veteran with a higher salary whose cost would cause them to deal a veteran.”

What could the Yankees offer KC?

The Yankees could offer a package centering around Phil Hughes or Ivan Nova with David Phelps, Joba Chamberlain, Adam Warren and Brett Marshall as other possibilities.  The Yanks could also explore a 3-way trade in which they trade players like Curtis Granderson or Eduardo Nunez for pitching that they could flip to KC for a bat like Gordon.  There are several contenders in the market for a CF this year and many teams would plug Nunez in as their starting SS. Gordon will make $9M in 2013 and go up to $12.5M in 2015.   That is a high price for a team with a $73M payroll andhuge pitching holes. Gaining Hughes and another cheap starter like Phelps or someone acquired for Granderson/Nunez, KC would plug 2 rotation spots and save money to spend on more pitching.  Myers could replace Gordon’s bat in the lineup and KC would be a more balanced team.

It’s time for the Yanks to look at players and decide if they are part of the team’s plans in 2014 and beyond.  With Granderson, Hughes and Joba as FAs in 2014, will NY be willing to pay them on multi-yr deals?Will they ever be comfortable turning the SS position over to Nunez?  If the answers to those questions are no as I expect – now is the time to move these guys. Getting a player like Alex Gordon back would be a great return and is precisely the type of player they should target.

Gordon will turn 29 next year and is under team control for 4 more seasons at an AAV of $11 Million per season. That is fair value for a 2-time Gold Glove OF who could hit 3rd in the lineup and become the team’s new leader as they transition away from the Core 4 Glory Years.  Over the last 2 years he’s hit .298/.372/.478/.850 with an average of 48 Doubles, 5 Triples, 19 HRs, 80 RBI, 14 SBS and a 133 OPS+.

Yankees in 2013

The loss of Hughes could be offset by signing Dan Haren or Edwin Jackson.  Haren is one of baseball’s most consistent pitchers who had a down 2012 due to back problems.  Signing him now after a down season would be wise.  Jackson seems like he’s been around forever but is still only 29 yrs old.  He has an excellent arm and has been a consistent Innings eater averaging 32 starts and 199 IP over the last 5 seasons.  He’s posted a 105 ERA+ over the last 5 years so he’s been 5% better than the average starter.  Pitchers like Jackson often don’t hit their prime until they are about 29-30 when they learn to pitch and harness their great stuff.  I believe either Jackson or Haren would be an improvement over Hughes and have the benefit of staying with the team beyond 2013. The rotation this yr would be a solid CC/Kuroda/Pettitte/Haren or Jackson/Nova or Phelps.

Losing Granderson’s power would hurt but Gordon is a better all-around offensive player and Gardner could move to CF.  Ichiro could be brought back for 1 year to play RF along with a RH hitting OF like Scott Hairston, Chris Denorfia or Red Johnson. Then in 2014, hopefully one or more of Tyler Austin, Slade Heathcott, Mason Williams or Zoilo Almonte could be ready to join the OF.

In the IF, David Adams should be brought up to play 3B when ARod DHs.  Corban Joseph could also be brought up to DH some against RHP and to rest Cano at 2B. Either Adams and/or Joseph could also become a backup 1B for Tex.  Rather than bring back a 41-yr old like Ibanez to DH some vs RHP,  give a young player like Joseph a shot.  A veteran like Ibanez can always be acquired mid-season.  The Yanks have also been linked to veteran IFs like Jeff Keppinger and Stephen Drew who could play the Utility role Adams & Joseph would.  I’d like to give the young guys a chance because I believe in both of them as hitters.  Either way, the Yankee lineup would look something like this:

RF Ichiro

SS Jeter

LF Gordon

2B Cano

1B Teixeira

3b/DH ARod

DH/3B Adams/Joseph or Keppinger

C Martin

CF Gardner

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About fishjam25

Was a 4-yr Pitcher and Communications Major at Seton Hall University in the 90s. His knowledge & opinion of the game comes from his background as a player and ardent lifetime Yankee fan. However, Fishjam also incorporates sabermetrics and statistical support to form a well-rounded view of the game.

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  1. Fish –I like this alot now why not add to it by trading Grandy and the BIG LONG CONTACT coming in Cano restock farm and then whatever it takes for Stanton. Thats 2 pieces for 4 years or more, why stop I still like either Upton or Reddick with Adams/Cujo at 2nd plus Keppinger we are younger have replaced the offense and cheaper for 2014

    Ya I know a dead horse—just sayin

    • John ….nice to have a nice liberal view on getting younger like I am. Though I am a little husky for my age….I still know baseball. What about you, Doug and oldyankee07 ? Did you all meet in the old testament? Or at a bingo game?

  2. Great article Fish. I’m with you 100%,the other guy I like is McCan even up for Granderson.

  3. Well fishjam…
    I had a very complimentary comment all set to go but, being the old guy with this iPad thing. I messed it up, big time. Being as I am out of town, I thought I would try it out…bad idea!
    Good job anyhow!

  4. COW GIRLS IN THE SAND, and you too..OLD YANKEE7…….My priest, at confession today, said I was hopeless, dumb, and not telling him all I’ve done wrong. I couldn’t argue, when your right, your right!
    ANOTHER VISION…I had another dream, re: the 2013 Yankees. This could work…Swisher is gone, I love Granderson, but “package” him somewhere…..Trade Hughes, the not so Killer Bees, and that SS, who can’t throw to first base, …..for KC’s Gordon. Sign Hamilton…….presto!!, here is your 2013 Yankee outfield…Ichiro, Hamilton, Gordon….joined by Gardner, and a replacement for Jones……Next up, the infield….and what to do with Alex.

    • I will settle for your dream, if I cant have mine.

      • Hi, John…
        I would go for an OF of Hamilton, Gordon and Brett over Itchy, Brett is a true CF and younger. Brett is better as a CF then any of the others and had a very good start to the season until he was hurt. The Yankees need what he has to offer; great speed, great defense (something all pitchers welcome), and cheep.
        I still have worrys with Hamilton, even as I would welcome him and his talent.

        • Not that i don’t like Gardner just am not confident he can stay on the field and hit enough to make his speed worthwhile. For sure willing to leave him in center with 2 run producers at his sides

        • old yankee, Gardner is all those things which makes him the CFer. I think trading Grandy,Hughes or Nova, Phelps,and Nunez make sense if the Yanks can land a good starter like Haren and another outfielder who is an upgrade and is under control. Besides Gordon the might be able to make a trade with the Cubs for Garza and one of their young outfielders, or the Braves for a young pitcher like Teheran or Minor for Grandy and a prospect like Adams.

          • doug…
            Trading for a very good starter is not all bad but, I don’t think I would trade Phelps. He looks like a fine pitcher to me…maybe not a #1-2 but a starter somewhere.

            • old yankee, I like the pitchers the Yanks have if Pettite signs, but if your thinking down the road the Yanks need to sign at least one more pitcher long term. I like Haren and Jackson, they both would upgrade the staff.

              • I agree Doug. I’m starting to worry that Cashman has very little planned for this offseason other than re-signing their own FAs (Kuroda, andy, Mo, Martin, Ichiro) Granted they were a 1st place team but I don’t think they’ll be as lucky in 2013. Jeter was a huge factor and I don’t see him leading the league in hits again and everyone else is a yr older. Swisher’s production will be gone although if Gardner stays healthy that will be a big help.

                I just really think this team needs to make some trades for a big OF, look to sign a starter and incorporate some youth (Joseph, Adams, Mustelier). It sees their plan is to maintain the status quo this year, strip down to get under the cap next yr and see what happens from there. Not very encouraging to those of us that wanted to see some change.

                • Fish……I too am fearful of a status quo. A-Rod, Teix, C.C., and Jeter combine for 78.5M for 2014 add 20+ for Cano leaves very little by Yankee standards to fill in the rest.

                  Let do something NOW to prepare. For me, eliminate the temptation of long term expensive deal for Cano by trading this off season also granderson. Chips from those deals should bring along with some of current prospects the ability to replace offensive losses and get younger and cheaper.

                  • john….
                    I also have trouble with the new wave of numbers but, I am 74 now, I like a player or I don’t, by what I see (also with a bit of numbers help). I use the numbers only to know where a player is weak, and use my own judgement as to if it can be fixed easily or not.
                    Their are one or two on this sight that have more expertise in explaining hitting or pitching. I go by hands on as a mgr. (sand lot ball) but, those two are good at putting things in easy to understand order.
                    I too am in the camp of those that would trade Granderson and Cano.

                    • Oldyank—-so good to hear we agree….though I am but a lad of 67

                    • john…
                      you young guys don’t know what the bygone players were really like? LOL :) That is an old saying but, a true one, none the less!
                      Younger fans see pitchers of Babe, Cobb, Wagner, and see players out of shape and old and think they wouldn’t be able to play in today’s game with the numbers they put up in the old days. I beg to differ, the players of today would have trouble playing in the old days with the same fields, equipment and players, look how many errors they make in the minors because of the fields…heck the fields in A and AA are better than the one the old guys had to play on.

  5. DATELINE….MIAMI, FLA….The Miami Herold reports today, that Kevin Long was over heard telling his golfing buddies….that Jeter will use a 27oz. bat, when he hits from the left side. When asked why, Long said…” the bat will increase Jeter’s torque, and put less strain on the damaged ankle.”

    • Happy T-Giving Patrick – Neither Jeter or Long live in Miami. The Yankees facility is in Tampa. That is also where Jeter lives in the off-season. KLong lives in Arizona.

      • fishjam….thank you,, and the best to you, also. Yes, I have been to the facility in Tampa, many times………. And, I know Jeter, and Long…live in different parts of he country……but the Miami Herold has a link to Long…for what ever the reason. That is the link I am putting up. Take care.

  6. john…dreams are great. Irish dreams, can be bazaar! ….trust me. What do you think, it would take to get Stanton away from the Marlins? He is a monster, just emerging……And, Josh Hamilton, manager Joe, will watch over him. Imagine….in another time….Billy Martin, was Hamilton’s manager? The first round, is on me.

    • Patrick…..I am no expert on other teams, not even our Yankees. I am a “gut” guy I read all the “expert” info put out by others then use my own opinions and voila. I have the answers.

      The economics are way over my head.

      The sabremetrics i try but struggle with. I do accept arguments against some of the old standards of evaluation.

      Never have had my heart broken by a “prospect”

      Sooooo——2014 & 189 ok no biggie, get smart and keep winning.

      Back to the beginning now what would it take to get Stanton? Lots and lots but can be done. This is a more than “one:” deal to get the job done.

      • john…are you, and I, related? Read your post twice…..a few years back, I could of written that, almost word for word. You are more of an expert, then you think. Your vision is clear. And, you have passion……and spunk. Like that. Others take this stuff too deep, and envision themselves as the upper tier. You know as much, if not more than they. Take care.

  7. DELIA E…..evening. Just making a point…..’The World Baseball Classic’. No Yankee player should ever be allowed to play in that thing! So many injuries…. In a tournament, during spring training? And, for what? Who remembers anything from the last go round?…..only the injured pitching arms. Dumb.

  8. DIM-JIM…………yes, 24oz. bats….yes, Sylvia Montoya ( Coco Crisp’s aunt ) and Jeter have been seen together…yes, a broken armed reporter. Who will no longer speak, and now tells a different version of the dust-up. Money, will calm the seas.

  9. thanks, cauise i was about to email matt on it, copying and pasting all the negaticve stuff against me,….

    i dont attack posters on here , not once,.. i say my opinions as to sports and athletes,.. but i bdont attack posters,

    and i expect nmot to be attacked in return

    i’m not on here to play these games

    i put up stats, opinioons, and stuff like that

    but youve never seen me attack another poster,….

    and patrick has wailed against me for zero reason

    • JIM2244………..Relax, my brother. We all have opinions. I do humor, you do stats. So….?
      James, I’ve been at this a long time, and you were not “attacked”.
      And this line….”patrick has wailed against me for zero reason”….No, that is untrue, also.
      This is a fine baseball blog site, and you my brother man….should not jump on others coat tails.

  10. More from the MIAMI HERALD……”Coco Crisp, has arrived in Tampa today. Kevin Long says, that Crisp will be a major key in Jeters transition to switch hitting. Long noted, that he is pleased Derek will be using 22-24oz. bats……”makes mine, and Coco’s job easier.” Long, did comment on a report of an incident….. in St. Petersburg yesterday….”what happens in St. Pete, stays in St. Pete”.

  11. JIM222443………I lifted one of your lines, from a comment of yours today…I can do that.
    “anbd francesa as a catholic manm,.. should wise the f-ck up”….I cleaned it up.
    You, who rides the coattails of others, that address me…..should look in the mirror, and you will see a moron.

  12. Martin goes to the Pirates, plan B.

  13. WINTER MEETINGS!!… Nashville, Tenn…The GM’s arrive on this Sunday. Bar room talk that night, and it begins on Monday. The shaping of the 2013 squad, the foundation for signings, and the formulation of perhaps a blockbuster? No, not the video store.
    Scott Hairston’s name keeps coming up. Kills lefties. The new Jones?

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