Yankees Offseason Notes: Russell Martin signs with Pirates

The New York Yankees ended their day with a serious blow when catcher Russell Martin signed with the Pittsburgh Pirates for a 2 year, $17 Million contract joining ex-Yankee A.J Burnett as his teammate. According to a source, the Yankees never made an offer to Martin with good reason–the Yankees were busy taking care of their rotation first like they do every offseason. The Yankees attention could now turn to A.J Pierzynski who is the second best defensive catcher on the market behind Martin.

In Other News:

– The Yankees signed closer Mariano Rivera to a 1 year, $10 Million deal which includes incentives such as award bonuses.

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Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. I’m kind of surprised Cashman didn’t bring Martin back. Sounds like he is totally committed to not addig any money to net year’s payroll at all. I don’t know where this leaves us. I would go hard after Pieryznski on a an overpriced 1-yr deal. Like $8-10 Million for 1 season should do it since he made $6M last yr and has never topped $6.25 in his career.

    AJ would be a good fit as a LH hitter who hits for a good average. They could use Cervelli or Stewart against a lot of LHP and have prety strong production from the C spot.

    Now that the Braves paid big money for Upton, perhaps they will look to move McCann’s $12M salary. He’d be a possibility although he maynot be ready to catch a lot in the beginning of the yr due to his shoulder. Arencibia & Saltalamachia also may be on the trade market but no way Boston or Toronto trade with the Yanks.

    Other than that I don’t know what they can get. Nothing appealing on the FA market. Maybe take a flyer on Yorvit Torrealba? I don’t know….we’ll see what Cashman comes up with.

    • Fish I honestly think the current management couldn’t care less about winning. It appears to be all about the money.
      Montero never should have been traded when he was traded. Forget that disgusting Shrek Pineda tore up his arm, thats not the point. Montero would have been a better option in the playoffs this past season with his bat and could have backed up Martin.
      Wouldn’t it be nice to have him now ready to catch this year making the major league minimum?
      Yes, management has handcuffed Cashman now as far as money goes, but the real problems with stem with Cashman’s incredibly awful trades, especially since the title of 2009.
      It isn’t just that he pissed away Kennedy, Coke, Austin Jackson, Melky, and Montero, its what he got back for them which is nothing.
      Our GM lost every trade for years and now we pay for it with a slow slide down the ladder. It is really that simple.

      • Michael – Yes, Montero would be nice. I never would have dealt him for a player like Pineda and still think he’s going to be a big-time hitter. It appears the goal this year is to spend nothing towards the 2014 budget. They have put getting under the Luxury tax threshold in 2014 above all other goals which is laughable when you consider how much money this franchise rakes in. They just made another huge $$ deal with the YES Network deal with Fox/Newscorp.

        Attendance has been down the last few years and there is more apathy towards this team in quite some time. I don’t mean to paint a bleak picture for the franchise because they still sell a ton of tickets and bring in more cash then any other team. But the team is a bit stagnant and boring right now and refuse to spend the money that used to cover up the poor trades/decisions. The Core 4 and ARod are on their last legs and there is little in the way of young, dynamic players for the fans to get excited about. Cashman traded away what would have been the young core of the team and got back next to nothing…4 years of Granderson who will be gone after this year. Without some trades this team will be boring and old for the next 2-3 yrs until the young players in the Farm mature enough to help. I would much rather see them trade away anyone who will leave as a FA after this season for younger players. Granderson, Hughes, Joba, Logan, etc are very unlikely to return in 2014 and they need to decide on Cano. If they aren’t prepared top pay him or think they can’t sign him, look at trading him too. I hope they can bring him back for no more than 6 yrs with an option.

        • The Nationals could potentially trade Michael Morse (via MLBTR) now that they got Span. Anyone interested?

          • I read that also Mike. Morse is definitely a nice hitter and could play the Swisher role as corner OF and backup 1B. He’s coming off a down year but is a quality hitter who hits for average and power. Only downside with him is he’s a FA after this season. But that actually may make him attractive to Cashman since he can’t spend beyond 2013. But I think he’d cost too much to make it worth getting him for 1 year. Same thing with Choo.

            Although I wouldn’t mind trading Hughes straight up for Choo. Both are FAs after this season and Cleveland badly needs pitching. But I think CLE would want prospects under team control for Choo.

            • fishjam, best case scenario is that the Yanks finally see progress from some prospects like Heathcott,Joseph, Adams, Austin, Williams, and Pineda for 2014. If they come through the Yanks will be fine.

          • The Nats could trade Morse or keep him at first base. Watch out for the Nats getting Greinke, if they do they will have the best staff in baseball. Lerner’s have the money!

        • fishjam…
          The problem I see with waiting until a year before FA to trade a player is…we wouldn’t get as much for our player. Why would any team trade a good player under control (younger player) for one year of our player? Exception being Cano, he is such a good talent, a team with the money would take a chance on him…I think!

          • fishjam, I think everyone is thinking of the Beltran- Wheeler trade. If the Yanks could pull off a deal like that for Grandy then I’m all for it.

  2. Well put Mike!!!!!!!

  3. Bah humbug, our problem is that we are spoiled and as the hype is all about winning each and every year that we believe that crap. No matter what that cannot happen even if we had an unlimited payroll.

    Yes, they’re unpopular decisions made according to the fans (me included) yet we continue to at least have a chance. I am wondering what the thinking is for the future.

    For me fill that RF and Catching holes, then the bench and lets see what we have.

    I have expressed my “DREAMS” and stick by them even if they are but a dream.

    Of course the management team cares about winning, winning puts butts in the seats that buy,buy,buy. I think they, more than any other organization understand that is the key to financial success in baseball.

  4. john, you make some good points, the Yanks need to maintain their competitiveness while lowering their budget. This is a tall order. I excited about the moves that will be made toward those goals. I hope that some of our prospects can make a contribution towards that goal. Teams that live in the free agent market over pay for their players like the Braves did with Upton. The Yanks are top heavy due to their free agent signings in the past. Cano will be another big contract. The Yanks need to have at least 5 starters that are in house going forward to offset free agent signings. I think a players like Williams,Heathcott,Baneulos,and Pineda need to be key members of the team going forward for the team to be successfull.

  5. JORDAN WALDEN….Calif. Angel, traded today to the Braves. BUT, check out River Ave Blues today, watch the video, in Mike Alixa’s post…….. here’s the tease, an air born pitcher.
    “He hops in the middle of his delivery and is literally airborne for a fraction of a second.”..Mike Alixa.

  6. All The Fresh Scrubbed Faces!…Terrific turn out today, in anticipation of the Winter Meetings, that begin Monday. We may know soon enough, if the Yankee budget is for real.
    Checked all sources, that I go to…..nothing in the wind. That will change.
    Again, good to see all the regulars back up on the board.

  7. NON-TENDERED DEAD LINE…tonight, 11pm. No big deal? A catcher?…check this out.
    “The non-tender deadline is 11 p.m. today……. However, the Yankees did get Martin after he was non-tendered by the Dodgers following the 2010 season so there is a chance the Yankees could add a piece”
    New York Post.
    Interesting. A good GM, who has done his homework, may know something.

  8. Sal Hepatica? The salt laxative drink, and Old iYankees7′ drink of choice….You may want to have one, for here are your, at the moment, this years non-tendered catchers.

    Jesus Flores (C-WASH)

    Koyie Hill (C-TEX)
    A.J. Pierzynski (C-CWS)
    Brayan Pena (C-KCR)
    George Kottaras (C-OAK)
    John Baker (C-SDP)
    Taylor Teagarden (C-BAL)
    Welington Castillo (C-CHC)
    Anthony Recker (C-NYM)
    Steve Clevenger (C-CHC)

    • No need to go after a catcher if they are not a BIG step up from what we already have in house!
      The years of Posada spoiled the fans of New York. I don’t see anyone there being worth the money they would ask for signing on the line for the Yanks. Some players or agents think the Yanks are the same as before—New Flash, they AIN”T the same, they will not over pay for a player anymore.

  9. Who’s in the weeds?……..maybe Mark Reynolds, non-tendered Oriole.1B/3B…RHB?
    or….Nate Schierholz, non-tendered Philly, OF…LHB. Names that were out there today. Names that would be bench players. But….its staring.

  10. patrick, I like the platoon of Schierholz and Hairston, and maybe at Soto as the catcher platoon.

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