Yankees Offseason Notes: A lot of questions left unanswered for the Yankees

It’s November 30th and Winter Meetings are on Monday. But when this should be a joyous time of year to watch other teams moves, hear other team rumors, this year it’s slightly different. The Yankees have no right fielder, no legitimate catcher and ten million questions for Brian Cashman. Although Cashman says the first priority is a right fielder, fans can’t help but worry about if the catcher should be first on the list. They are the ones that stop the pitches from hitting the backstop in every game you know. Given the Yankees current roster, here is how the Opening Day lineup would look (I factored in that Jeter most likely will be able to play shortstop on Opening Day)

SS Derek Jeter
2B Robinson Cano
1B Mark Teixeira
3B Alex Rodriguez
DH ???
CF Curtis Granderson
RF ??
C ???
LF Brett Gardner

Some of the main questions for the Yankees could possibly, who will the Yankees bring to be the everyday catcher? Can the Yankees really count on Austin Romine to be ready for Spring Training despite the back issues? Can the Yankees really count on Francisco Cervelli‘s bat? Can the Yankees count on Chris Stewart to take on a bigger role? Can the Yankees bring back Ichiro Suzuki to the team for another year? Who will the Yankees chose to be the DH for the 2013 season? Can they get Raul Ibanez or Eric Chavez back into their roles for another year?

And…the questions go on and on. What questions will be answered and which ones will remain a mystery? Stay tuned to find out.

In Other News

– Curtis Granderson signed up to be an ambassador this off-season and will fly to Korea and Japan.

– Who remembers seven years ago to this date where Brian Cashman was planning to use Bubba Crosby as the everyday CF for the 2006 season? Then they signed Johnny Damon and Bubba Crosby was traded. Well, the first part mirrors the catcher predicament. Cashman believes that any of the catchers in the organization can replace Martin. I bet he makes some kind of deal for a catcher by January.

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About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Still totally shocked Martin is gone. Seems like we just got him, and it’s a disgrace the Yankees didn’t even offer him anything. He loved New York and all it would have taken was matching the Pirates’ offer and he’d be back.

    It really makes you think that the Yankees are on a budget so much so that they can’t even sign free agents they like. It’s as if they’re forcing themselves to bottom feed to fill roster spots while their competitors add payroll and prepare to go way over the luxury tax next year.

    Martin was a solid defensive catcher for us which matters way more than his offense, which wasn’t all that bad considering the power he had and how often he put the ball in play. He played the game hard for the Yankees, but at the same time, he deserved the right to test free agency and sign with any team he pleased.

    The only problem is the Yankees were that team, but they let him fall right through their fingers.

    • Brian, let’s face it Martin wasn’t worth the money he got. He barely hit over the Mendoza line. This could be a blessing in disquise, I liked Martin’s hustle and work ethic, but he was just average as a catcher.

      • If we trade for a guy like Jon Jaso, or Ryan Hanigan, then yeah, good riddance Monsieur Martin. But right now we have no one to bridge the gap to Romine and I doubt he’ll ever hit enough to be a major league starting backstop. Sanchez maybe, but he’s even further in the future.

        But then again, everything seems to work out for the Yankees. Somehow, someway, they end up in the playoffs and things go swimmingly. At some point though you gotta wonder when in-house solutions and bargain-bin free agents stop fitting the bill, especially in New York….

      • Hey Doug I agree with you,time to move on .Yanks are loaded on the farm behind the plate.Romine is a complete player and will be better than Martin once he establishs himself and stays healthy.
        I think the Yanks should look at a Granderson for McCann swap ,they match up well

  2. now teixeira, cano,, jeter, arod, granderson, sabathia, kuroda, petite, mariano== 9 players = 156.5 million base salary in 2013,…..
    if this were 2014,… the yankees would have about 23 million left for 16 players on the 25 man roster, an average of 1.44 million per player ( to ensure a 40 man roster under 189 million)

    1.44 million each, for 2 starters, 6 more relif pitchers, and 8 more hitters

    the have and have nots team

  3. what year they got their 3500h hit in

    rose ——– 1980
    aaron —— 1973
    musial —– 1962
    speaker — 1928
    cobb ——- 1924

    arod——— 2017

    next player——– not born yet

  4. 17,941 players have played all-time. Of those, 8,674 pitched. I can’t easily say how many pitched and played a position, though.

    subtracting the 2 numbers, you get that there was 9267 players in mlb that never pitched,….. just played other positions, what one may call hitters.

    the number is actually higher, because by virtue of the calcultion, we are subtracting out babe ruth, and anyone who might have pitched an inning that was an outfielder or something,…. that happens from time to time.

    we can use the 9267 number though

    1000 players have reached 1160 hits

    1000/9267 (100) = 10.8% chance in history of reaching 1160 hits after wearing a mlb uniform and never pitching.

    10 players have officialy reached 3300 hits

    10/9267 (100) = 0,108% chance in history of reaching 3300 hits after wearing a mlb uniform and never pitching.

    thats one tenth of one percent.

    thats how great jeter is,….. in the top one tenth of one percent of players that ever played

    jeter being the only player to ever reach 3000 hits, 1700 runs, 1200 rbi, 240 homers, 340 stolen bases
    —– thats the top of the mountain, the best

    jeter playing 5 or 6 more seasons to add onto 3304 hits, 1868 runs, 1254 rbi, 255 homers, and 348 stolen bases……

    could end up with 4300 hits, 2300 runs, 1500 rbi, 300 homers, 400 stolen bases

    then it shgould be clear to all those not yet convinced, that jeter is the greatest there ever was

  5. some players are great speed guys,, some are great power guys,, some are great contact hitters,…. some players put together 3-6 great seasons in a row,…some players win multiple mvps,…

    but Jete rand Bonds are the only players to put it all together in one package

    Jeter and bonds are the only 2 players in history to reach 1700 runs, 1200 rbi, 240 homers, 340 stolen bases (but bonds was black-balled from MLB for using hgh or something and failed to reach 3000 hits)

    if not for the hgh/steroids/testosterone — whatever we think bonds used (and most everyone believes he used something to turn himself into a machine; and bonds is not out their denying anything) Bonds would be considered the best player ever, no one would even be close.

    Bonds has been vacated fromthe top spot,. leaving Jeter as the greatest player ever.

    Because what Bonds did was so bad for the game of baseball,.. he must be forgotten about. Not just must be, but is , is forgottenby virtue that it is sickening to look att he numbers and know he cheated over a very very long period of time.

    That leaves us with Jeter

    • Jim2244…
      I mean no disrespect but, you are the most myopic individual I have ever had the displeasure to read.
      You ask, being made to look insignificant with storys such as the one above!
      “Jeter, as the greatest player ever”! You were joking right?
      I will show you some numbers and ask you who is the much better player;
      Player A—-RBI–1950, HR–647, SB–318 and Hits–2901
      Player B—-RBI–1200, HR–240, SB–340 and hits–3000+
      You are going to tell me Player B (Jeter) is better than Player A? I use player A because we all know him well but, there are many more players out there, from days gone by and to day, that are much better players then Jeter.
      Everyone knows Jeter has been a very good SS for the Yankees but, to say he is better than just the Yankee players in the HoF is ridiculous and argumentative.
      If you believe it and think you are right…point out that it is your opinion…anyone has the right to have an opinion.

      • Arod cheated,,his nyum,bers are meaningless, garbage,., to be forgotten about,, wiped away,, turned to dust,…

        • jim, unlike you I being an ex player realize that many ML players have cheated for years and many have taken PEDs even some in the Hall of Fame. To me players like A-Rod, Bonds, and Clemens are the best of all time and would have been regardless. Writers like to have their favorites and push some players but they have a warped view of the game. Players like Biggio, Schilling, and Piazza couldn’t hole these guys jocks and they know it.

          • doug…
            Very good, I told you before, I always hope one of you good writers come along and explain things much better then I do.
            You played minor league ball? Good show man. I only played sand-lot ball when I wasn’t out on one of my jobs. I was good at 2nd and Closer…for a SAND-LOT player but, never really thought of organized ball for two good reasons; Wasn’t good enough and in the Army a few years.

          • Doug…..my dad says it is most likely that Arod took PEDS through most of his career. Take away the PEDS from a skinny SS and you take away his power. And you get Jeter numbers.

            • fatboy, it’s hard to tell, Bonds was a HOFer before he took steriods. It’s all speculation, and what if 75% of the players he played again’st took steriods, then it was an even playing field. I know that many of the players took amphetamines also, people are just being selective with PEDs

              • Doug – Mickey Mantle did not use steroids probably. And he played at least half of his games drunk as a skunk. And he still hit 500 hrs. How?

          • well,.. check the bible,, and then get back to me,…………WE ARE GODS CHILDREN, AND HE WANTS US TO DO AS HE WOULD,… AS HE ASKS US, AS HE TELLS US TO DO,…. STUDY, STUDY, STUDY, STUDY, STUDY,,,… i cant say it enough,…… greed like that is not kingdom worthy,….. people are giving up their eternal life to make extra money in this life,.. while Goid is very clear on this subject ,….
            challange me on this point,….. you can not win

        • Jim2244…
          As I stated before, you have your opinion and I have mine! If one looks at the numbers A-Rod put up in Texas you will see a little improvement in his power numbers. What the numbers don’t show is almost every power hitter to play in Texas has always had about the some % of improvement as to power.
          A-Rod admitted to using in Texas for parts of 2-1/2 seasons. He had hrs years of 52, 57 and 47 while in Texas. His next 5 years in New York he had HR years of—38, 48, 35, 54, 35…so, in Texas I would say he had one Outlier year and that is it. Also, he was 25 to 27 years old in Texas and 28 to 32 in New York.
          If it makes you feel better about Jeter always having to play in a better players shadow his long career and trying so hard to show Jeter is better than A-Rod, it’s fine with me!
          Just get off the; “Jeter is the greatest player ever” kick, you know he has never been and never will be the greatest…if you use all the numbers, not just the ones you like!

          • Doug/Jim……

            You are both correct.

            1. Jeter is a great hitter without PEDs

            2. Arod without PEDS is still a great hitter just without the power.

            3. What Jeter lacks in power he makes up with in leadership, character and savvy which leads to winning baseball!

          • cheating you brothers and sisters out of money, for greeed, fame, pride,.. whatever it may be,.. good luck getting in the kingdon , …..

            evil will not get in

            forget the hall of fame

            start getting to know jehovah

      • Mr yankee07……. Can you tell me what myopic means? We haven’t gotten that in 5th grade English class yet…

      • oldyabnkeez,……. myopic?, that mean nearsighted– to see distant objects cleary,….. in other words, what you mean is,.. i cant see the TRUTH,….I SAY TO YOU, SIR,.. AS JAMES WOULD SAY IN HIS ADMONISHMENT ,… THAT YOU CAN NOT SEE THE TRUTH CLEARLY,.. …….. THAT YOU SIR ARE BLIND ,…… THAT YOU SIR NEED TRO STUDY THE BIBLE, OVER A VERY LONG PERIOD OF TIME, AND GET TO KNOW WHO YOU FATHER IS,.. WHO THE CREATOR OF EVERYTHING IS,…….


        you can not win on this agaiknst god


        study, study, study,.. learn to truth,…

        • Aroid cheated and then lied about it…… He will go to hellll unless he repents!

          Jeter is a morale man….a good man….say hallelujah …..

          • no,.. wrong,.. study study study,…… there is nbo hell,.. theire is 2 things, . life and death,…. thats it,…….there is in this world good and mosdtly evil,..99.99999999999999999999#evil, bad, against God,….

            when we die from this world, we are dead,…………. when we are resureected through chist,, our sins are forgiven,,… but we are who we were,…… all our thoughts, deeds, hearts, soul,…. what we think,.. have tought,.. everything, ….. we ae resurected as we were,.,….

            anyone can get into the kingdom,… god our father wants us all to be kingdon,…..

            but he knows most will not even accept it, his will,… even after we are resureected

            to be ahead of the curve, if you will,.. we are all asked to start now, in this life,….

            the more you hurt your brother in this life, the harder it will be in the resurection,


            • Yes Jim, I will study…..but how can I believe in Christ when the Twinkies factories have been shut down. All the other kids in class laugh at me and say I will now starve.

              • they say twilies last forever,……. but their is obnly one eteral thing,,.. thats the word of god

                • Jim2244…
                  I must apologize for being disrespectful of your Jeter writings but, when you get carried away with bits a pieces of numbers to make one player look much better than he truly is…that’s not right.

                • The great Instigator says;
                  1. Jeter is a great hitter without PEDs
                  2. Arod without PEDS is still a great hitter just without the power.
                  3. What Jeter lacks in power he makes up with in leadership, character and savvy which leads to winning baseball!
                  2–you call 647 HRs NO power? He didn’t hit them all in 3 years.
                  3–No, all that leads to is being brought up with-in a very good family and the PC he has learned as a kid. Not all players are that blessed.
                  But, I have never seen any of the 3 items mentioned win ONE ball game. If you mean baseball instincts by using the word savvy, that’s different but, A-Rod has been given praise many times for his great baseball instincts also.
                  By the way, if you are going to say something derogatory about players, tell the truth not your overinflated BS.

                  Just think about it, I gave my honest opinion about Jeter, which is still ok in this county. Yet you and other fans jump all over me for putting factual numbers down to prove it but, you come on here with your many names and try to get things going just as you did at the other site.

                  Others may think you are a great guy, and that is ok with me! But, I have seen you and those like you all over the world. Not being able to deal with you the way I usually do, has gotten me a bit testy. It will not happen again, for you do not exist!

                  • Dear Mr Yankee07….you must have me confused with TWASP. My name is Slim….. Fatboy Slim.

                  • Mr Yankeeo7……. Mr TWASP does exist and he has opinions that differ from yours…..that’s ok….my classmates say I’m fat…..I say I’m slim. Difference of opinion. That’s all…..no need to get testy.

                  • There is enough circumstantial evidence from numerous sources that have given many people the opinion that Aroid has been using for many many years. You must learn to deal with it.

                    You may not agree but that’s ok. Everyone is allowed their opinion …no need to get testy.

                  • Dear Mr Yankee07……

                    Leadership and character do win games……example Mark Messier 1994 6th game of playoffs with FpDevils. look it up.

                  • Wow mr yankee07……I’ve been posting so much I forgot to eat my Stew Leonards Turkey snack.

        • Jimmy2244…
          I got one better than that, and you can take it to the bank….”There are no atheists in a Fox Hole”, been there and done seen it.
          Politics were bad enough but religion is even worse!

  6. as far as this seasons roster goes, I had wrote over a month or so ago that Martin needed to be signed first,……. but I have no problem using cerveli, stewart, and romine from the 40 man roster.

    what tyhe yankees are involved with right now is extremely complicated, because granderson and cano are free agents after 2013,…… and in 2014 the roster absoltly has to be 179 million to have the 40 man roster under 189 million, to avoid paying 40 million in luxury tax in 2014.

    that means if the 40 man roster is 189 million 100,000, the yankees have to write a check for 40 million to MLB.

    The stock holders really can not afford that right now,….. you are talking about peoples pensions, medical, that work for the yankees,……insurance monies,…. what they can pay stadium workers, … etc,….. the whole gambit

    so the roster right now is very complicated to put together

    one of the complication is arod contract,…..arod has a base salary in 2014 of 25 million,, but if he hits incentives, it can go to 30 million,…. that extra 5 million can cost the yankees another 40 million, for going over the 189 million mark

    thats party why we are seeing 1 year deals now, and ichiro will probably be next to sign a one year,.. if he really wants to play here like he says,….

    • jim, Cashman has done the right thing signing the pitchers first, they are the most important part of the team. The Yanks can get by with Cervelli,Stewart,and Romine. It’s not like they let Yadier Molina go.

    • JIM – You are absolutely right that the Yanks are hell-bent on getting under $189 in 2014 but you’re mis-informed on some of the details.

      1) If the Yanks go over $189 they don’t have to write MLB a $40 Million check. Their penalty for going over the Tax would rise to 50%. So if their payroll is $194m, they would pay 50% of the $5m over the limit or $2.5 million. So that is not the main incentive.

      By getting under the Tax, they reset their penalty rates for going over in future years. Rather than keep paying penalties of 50%, they would pay 17% the first time they go over, 30% the 2nd yr, 40% the 3rd yr and 50% in all subsequent yrs. So that adds up to decent savings when you consider they have been over the Tax threshold by anywhere from $20-50M per season. The club has paid over $206 Million in Luxury Tax penalties from 2003 thru 2011. So knocking down their tax rate from the new 50% is a major incentive.

      The other big incentive is that starting in 2016, the teams in the top 15 markets will be ineligible to receive Revenue Sharing payments. So teams like Washington, Atlanta, Oakland, Houston & Toronto won’t get money from teams like the Yankees anymore. That money will be rebated back to the teams that pay into the revenue sharing ONLY IF those teams are below the Luxury Tax threshold. So the Yanks would receive sizable rebates if they are under the ta in 2014, 15 and/or 16. They receive some money back for getting under in 2014 and significantly more if they are under all 3 years. That is why no one is sure if the Yanks intend to get under in 2015 & 2016 also, or just in 2014.

      2) The other thing you need to remember is for Luxury Tax purposes, MLB uses the Annual Average Value of a player’s contract. So while ARod’s salary drops to $25M in 2014 and $21M in 2015, the AAV of his contract is $27.5M per season (10 yrs $275M). So he counts $27.5m towards the 189 in 2014. You are correct that if he hits 13 HRs this yr, he gets a $6M payment which would appear to count against the team’s Tax totals. So ARod could count $33.5M towards their payroll in 2014. There are some questions as to whether ARod’s milestone payments count against the Tax because they are termed a Marketing Agreement as oppossed to an Incentive. However, most believe it will count the same as an Incentive.

      • Fish – why not approach KC about getting the Moose in a trade. At 3B in Yankee stadium he would hit mover 50 hrs. We could package Grandy and Hughes.

        • Twasp – KC has a lot of promising young hitters that would help the Yanks….they badly need pitching and have budget issues. Granderson would be of little interest to them. The Yanks could trade Granderson to another team that needs LH power and a CF like Philadelphia for a pitcher and then flip that pitcher and/or Hughes to KC for Moustakas, Gordon or Wil Myers.

          The just non-tendered Ian Stewart is a bit interesting. He was a major prospect in the Minors who had a couple of strong yrs in Colorado but has been injured the last 2. He had wrist surgery in July so he may finally be healthy in 2013. He’s a LH hitting, strong defensive 3B. He could be a younger version of Chavez with great upside considering he’s still only 27.

        • Fish……yeah I like that idea. Key is to get a young lefty 3b with power and move Arod to DH.

      • fishjam25….good evening. Thank you for your time, and effort, to explain the Luxury Tax.
        Yes, it is complicated…..and at times confusing. But, you did well. I learned a lot.

    • My name is Slim……..Fatboy Slim.

      Aka…….Fabian Boyer Simmons.

      My favorite players are sandoval, fielder and CC.

      Why do people laugh when I tell them my favorite players?

  7. MIAMI HERALD…reports today, that reporter…Larry Talbert…has been fired. The newspaper offered no further information……………….Derek Jeter, attending a fund raiser, in South Beach…. for ‘Children Born with Dreadlocks.’ (CBD)…when told of the firing, wept, and high fived his companion, Sonia Montoya, and fell to the floor. …..Ms. Montoya, speaking for Mr. Jeter, said… “if I had a knife, I would stick that reporter person.” Quite a week for the Yankee Captain!…..UPI.

  8. I am beginning to feel or think like Cashman the more i dig on these available or maybe available the more warts i find

  9. wondering if free agent Geovany Soto is worth pursuing as catcher???

    • Jerry – Soto is definitely a possibility. He has skills as evidenced by his great rookie year. He fell off a cliff the last 2 years which is why he was non-tendered but can he be any worse than the guys we currently have? At least he has upside.

  10. CATCHER?…..I don’t think the Yankee starting catcher, for 2013, is on the team yet.
    That name, Nate Schierholtz, keeps showing up……..
    Ichiro….he played very well on the Yankees. The team liked him.
    Staring shortstop…yes, Jeter. But when, and how good?
    Much work to do………..it begins, Monday.

  11. Look at the Cowgirl showing some offseason smarts.

  12. Fatboy Slim……Haiti, in the running to land the Twinkie site. A little voodoo, in your snack, will have you beefed up in no time.
    Thanks…a guy sometimes has to be a Cowgirl.

  13. I always wanted to be a cowboy. When I was younger my dad took me horseback riding. Dont ask! Poor horse….rip.

  14. Fatboy……..your father should be in jail.

  15. Not just my father but my mother too. She used my shorts today to cover the furniture while the living room was beeing painted. Embarrassing !

  16. It’s not easy being husky.

  17. I feel like everyone is laughing at me. Except the hyenas ……they don’t think it’s funny.

  18. I stopped going to the zoo. I stopped going to the circus. I only gjo to Yankee games now . Section 312. Yeah, the whole section.

  19. I had luxury seats but they took them away from me…..free food service girl died from exhaustion. Yeah, just like that poor horse.

    • Twasp, Old Yankee, Doug, John, Matthew B, Patrick, Ballpark, Mike D, Mike P, Matt, Delia, Jim, Jerry, etc……everyone please chime in her…..

      In all seriousness, what do you think of the Yankees austerity plans to lower payroll and seemingly refusing to sign any significant Free Agents (with exception of 1-yr deals) or acquire any major pieces in trades the last 2 years?

      Do you think it’s a smart move to save the team millions of dollars they can use in later years. Or do you think the Steinbrenner boys along with Lonn & Levine are being greedy and just looking to pocket more cash while the fans are left with expensive ticket prices and a old, somewhat boring team to root for?

      • A FISHJAM25 ALERT?….I thought you were going to call a blockbuster! My heart raced.
        My take, say a prayer, and hope someone takes A-rod. That brings you under.
        Time to cook sausages. Talk later.

      • Fish – I think CashMan, Hank and Hal together have an IQ of 99. What’s been going could be a number of things

        ,1 the brothers are greedy
        2. The brothers are stupid
        3. They have lost confidence in Cash and are afraid to pull the trigger on major acquisitions
        4. They feel they HAVE done the right thing …the team was good enough to win. The playoffs were random(tm). PS Dougs choice

      • I think its pretty absurd and disappointing. I am probably being a little spoiled but the breaking point for me is when they wouldn’t sign Martin for what was easily market value. Sure, you should be able to win with a 189 million payroll, but when you got players like ARod and Tex not living up to their money it makes it a lot harder. The Yankees have plenty of money to pay the luxury tax of they chose to. Look at the Dodgers payroll right now. Do the Dodgers have more income than the Yankees? I seriously doubt that. The fact that they are charging ridiculous ticket prices while spending no money makes it that much worse. George is rolling in his grave.

        • Matthew B…
          I think most of us would agree with some of what you wrote as well as the other fans above you and I.

          I would add, the idea of getting under the cap has been in the works long before the “Kings” demise. Cash said (with the blessing of “The King” and his kids) business the old way has changed. The idea of over paying for players is over and the same holds true with trades. Geo. was tired of paying other teams to build up their teams using money gotten from the Yanks being over the Cap all the time.

          If one looks closely, I think one will find most of the teams spending money have been under the cap for a long time, and will (I think) be excused for the 2014 cap until 2016 or 17. Once the Yankees get under the cap, they will have free access to spending whatever they so wish.

          One thing for sure, this is a good year for any player from the farm to come out smoking in the beginning of spring training!

          Believe it or not, we all could be half right or half wrong! lol :)

        • Brian – why so down? Look at the positives this season. Kuroda outstanding pitching, Ibanez key hits all season and unreal in playoffs, Iichy getting the groove back, Soriano was Mo like, Jeter and Andy found the fountain of youth, Cano was awesome,. Hey give CashMan credit a lot of his moves worked and we won the division despite a lot of key injuries.

          Don’t let the playoff collapse taint the whole season. Lots of good stuff still left.

          • You’re right, you’re right……still pretty bitter over the way the season ended but even still you can’t guarantee the guys up there in age can duplicate the success they had this year. The Yankees have been extremely lucky the past 3-4 years that the core of their team from a decade ago still produces like they always have. Most players, even immortal, begin to fade in their mid-to-late thirties. Yankees are truly blessed and so are the fans, and there has to be a tipping point to all of it.

      • I really have no conception of where the Yankees go from here. They seem reluctant to sign Napoli or Pierzynski, which is smart, but then seem to be in no talks with other clubs on trading for a catcher.

        If this was 2005, they’d be looking at perfect right field options in Raul Ibanez and Ichiro, but it won’t fit the bill in 2013. DH is also vacant and say what you want, but right now our bench needs work as well.

        I also think it would be smart if they’d go out and get another starter to solidify the back end. Wouldn’t surprise me to see Hughes post a 5 ERA next year, and either Phelps or Nova to have their share of struggles.

        This team needs a ton of work and yet Cashman seems un-willing to put in that work. Fish, you’re right, this team is boring and old, and no matter the success, overall it’s a stale product which is the #1 reason fans simply didn’t show up to the postseason games and turned on the players.

        Right now and even if anything happens in the coming weeks, I can’t see this 2013 team turn out to be even close to 2012′s….

        • One thing I don’t buy is that they’re boring because they’re old. If they’re winning I don’t give a damn what the age of the players are. And Hughes isn’t going to have a 5 ERa next year.

          • Ibanez was one of the most exciting players and he’s what 80?

            Didnt find them boring as they scored a lot of runs hit hrs and won the division.

          • Being old doesn’t make them boring. I just find certain aspects of the team the last couple of years not as interesting as in past seasons. This may come off as being overly critical and spoiled but I guess I am. I have come to expect greatness from the Yanks and the last couple of years haven’t supplied that IMO. To give some examples:

            1) This is a biggie to me….the lack of good young homegrown players to root for, follow and watch develop is lacking. There is something exciting about watching young players because you don’t know what you are going to get. Without injuries, vets will be close to the back of their baseball card.

            2) So many players who are past their primes. While they still have use and can be productive, they aren’t as interesting as when they were in top form. That’s why players like Cano, Robertson & even old man Mariano intrigue me. They have unique skills that are some of the best in baseball – to me they are players I’d pay to watch play.

            3) The lack of action the past couple of off-seasons. Not even that they haven’t signed anyone to more than a 1-yr deal, it’s just the fact that I know they aren’t even in the running and most players are not even a possibility because of their contract demands. Call it spoiled, I probably am. It just sucks going into the offseason knowing none of the top FAs are even a possibility for the team. In the past NO ONE was off-limits or not a possibility of coming to NY.

            4) The general style of the offense. HRs are cool but I wish they had a more diversified, dynamic offense. Walks help you score runs but nothing exciting about a walk.

            5) General poor defense. Incredible defensive plays are exciting to behold. Having Gardner back and Swisher out will help there. Cano and Tex make incredible plays which are great. The OF defense was real bad this yr but could be much better in 2013.

            6) Lack of rallies and comebacks. They had an uncommonly low number of late inning comeback wins in 2012. I don’t expect the incredible 18 walk-off Wins like 2009 but they were dead when behind late in 2012. Ibanez provided some spark in the playoffs which was incredible.

            • fishjam…
              I have seen this before, the team gets old all at the same time and then…..King Geo steps in to save the day, right? Nope, he signs some over priced and over valued player to save the day, and waste money on. Now that was King Geo., how soon some forget!
              Those down years back in the 60s and 80s were exacerbated by his lack of knowing very good talent from over the hill talent. It was so bad, the very good younger players didn’t even consider the Yankees as a good place to play.
              If one looks at things as they have been the last few years, The only high-priced players signed by Cashman has been, CC and Tex, CC has been great for us and Tex has been ok, not what we thought we were going to get! Tex and Cano have developed that Right Field fence phobia and both are going to pay for it in their Batting Avg. We have talent in the farm system, some are ready to play now and some may be ready in the spring of 2014-15 and 2014-15 we can sign anyone we can get our hands on.

              So have good thoughts and hope for the best, the team can do no more than it’s best…their best has got to be good enough to get us to the play-offs+. I still think Gordon would make one heck of a difference in our chances next year!

        • Brian, if anything the Giants and Cards have shown that you don’t need a star at every position to win. You seem too pesimistic.

          • Trust me, I fully understand that. I’m not asking for a superstar at the current vacant positions in Yankeeland. I’m asking for guys who can simply get the job done. I can’t see Cervelli, Stewart, and/or Romine carrying the load successfully as catchers. Can you? Trade for a guy like Jon Jaso; very undervalued catcher who the Mariners could look to trade if they sign a Pierzynski or instill trust in Montero…..or Ryan Hanigan….or A.J. Ellis. These aren’t superstars and they shouldn’t cost a whole lot.

            Right field could be solved by signing a guy like Cody Ross or Nate Schierholtz, or take a risk and bring back Ichy.

            I am honestly not used to the Yankees not spending money, and so maybe that’s where my anger stems from. But I’m not arrogant enough to say they should sign Hamilton, trade for Upton, and why not acquire James Shields. I’m simply saying they need some help, whether it comes from the free agent or trade market, and whether they’re superstars or role players. Cash needs to do something.

      • Honestly, I think the way that Cashman is managing the Yankees right now is going to come back to haunt us. He wants to be smart with the money but how is the team supposed to get better if he refuses to even spend money. Almost all the good pieces in the FA market are gone and all Cashman had done is sit there. The Red Sox did something, the Orioles did something, the Blue Jays obviously did something and the Rays are about to make some moves. What are the Yankees doing? Obviously staring out the window until Spring Training comes with holes in the team.

  20. Fatboy…husky is not fun, is it? Not healthy, either. Your mom sounds a bit crazed, also.
    Do you have a walk-in refrigerator at home?

  21. Fatboy….your humor is priceless. So quick on your feet.

  22. My Mom is still trying to win Powerball….

  23. Fatboy…..I’m afraid to ask you, if you know what running the table means. But we can do it in 5-6 posts.
    Lets give it a shot?………..Before, I cook on the grill.

  24. Quick on my feet? Thanks, but probably not the best expression to describe me.

  25. Dont mention grill, it makes me hungry……then again most words make me hungry.

  26. fishjam25……..you heard from Fatboy, and patrick re: the Yankees, and their budget.
    Now………what say you?

  27. COWGIRLS of BLOGGING…..Lifted from River Ave Blues:
    “My gut feel: the Yankees will make a move this week, something more than a little waiver claim but less than a true blockbuster. Maybe sign Nate Schierholtz, that would be neat.” Mike Axisa, RAB.

  28. the curtain comes down…..THE MIAMI HERALD reports today..that Derek Jeter says he will donate
    $100.00 dollars for every hit, while batting as a switch hitter, to his CBD Foundation.
    ( CBD, is the charity for Children Born with Dreadlocks, of which Mr. Jeter is Chairman.)

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    your website? Its very well written; I love wha youve got to say.
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