Morning Bits: A-Rod, Yankees looking Feeble, Hamilton a Yankee?

mug3Good Morning all.  Away we go with some links….

Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports writes that A-Rod’s hip injury reveals fragile state of the Yankees aging roster.

Bob Nightengale of USA Today says the Yankees look feeble and futile.

Andrew Marchand of ESPN NY mentions that Jim Bowden believes the Yankees are laying in the weeds ready to snatch up Josh Hamilton.

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  1. No way do I believe the Yankees would be in on Hamilton. If they do get rid of Granderson then I would start to believe it.

  2. Delia, you are right at this point, but the Yanks are dangling Granderson at the winter meetings, if they can trade him for a young pitcher they will go after Hamilton.

  3. The second paragraph of this article has the Yankees written all over it.

  4. Sometimes free agents go to places they like when the money is close, Kuroda could have got more from other teams, but he chose the Yanks. Haren may have done the same with the Nats.

  5. This is first time I thought about it but if the Yankees believe Cano will walk as a FA next yr, Hamilton could be a possibility. I think it would be very, very difficult to get under 189M next yr with both Hamilton & Cano signed to big bucks but if Cano leaves, Hamilton might make sense and as a bonus they’d have both of them in the lineup this yr along with 1 more yr of the veteran pitchers (Andy, Kuroda & Mo) to make a run at a WS.

    They could trade Granderson to free up $15M and then sign Youkilis to a 1-yr deal to play 3B and Ichiro & a RH bat like Hairston or Cody Ross for the OF & DH. Payroll would be high this season to go all-in for a ring before going with a lot of youth in 2014.

    I wouldn’t do this because push comes to shove I’d rather give Cano a big $ deal than Hamilton because he’s more durable, 2 yrs younger and has put up better numbers the last 2 seasons. Plus he plays a premium position while Hamilton’s days in CF are numbered.

    • With Hamilton in the lineup and Chavez and Keppinger at third they don’t need Youkilis. I really believe that Rodriguez is done…I think the Yankees will eat his contract whether they like it or not…the contract was a very bad business deal and the proof has now come home to roost. The quicker the front office buys into that defeat the quicker they will move on Hamilton…Cano is not going anywhere as the Yankees will not let him leave Yankee Stadium. Granderson will be gone and might very well be tied to a 3rd baseman deal.

      • Hamilton isn’t impossible although fitting him and Cano under 189 next yr would mean very little money to spend on pitching next yr. The only pitchers signed for next season are CC, Nova, Phelps & Pineda……A LOT of question marks.

  6. ALLSTATE is on your side?………………………………

    ” Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports writes that it’s possible doctors could eventually find the Yankees slugger physically unable to perform.
    If that were to happen, Rodriguez would still receive the remaining $114MM on the last five years of his deal, but the Yankees would get the opportunity to collect insurance on a large portion of it, says Rosenthal. According to Rosenthal’s source, the Yanks are insured for more than 70% of A-Rod’s salary. Wallace Matthews of hears that the Yanks could even recoup at least 75% and up to 100% of the money remaining on Rodriguez’s deal, but the third baseman would have to be disabled for a full season before the team could begin collecting on the policy.

    According to Matthews, it’s unclear whether the contract is insured for its entire length, or whether the policy would be voided based on certain kinds of injuries.”
    My understanding is….the his salary will still count against the luxury tax.

    • patrick, this would actually be the worst case scenerio for the Yanks, they would not have A-Rod playing, and they would still have his money going agains’t the cap.

      • doug…..evening. I don’t know if you can get the YES Network, the Yankee network. They are live in Nashville, for the meetings. Their show was on 6-6:30 tonight, but they rebroadcast later at night. Check their scheduling. They had very nice things to say, regarding Keppinger.
        You made a good point, on Alex. Girardi, said tonight, that Alex hopefully will come back…strong. I think Chavez, and a Keppinger, can hold the fort down, just fine.

  7. Hamilton could very well become a Yankee by the end of this week…Granderson is a goner and will most likely be used in a trade for a 3rd baseman. The Yankees are in must do something position now that Rodriguez is out for half the year with no guarantee of returning anywhere near his former numbers. Also with Swisher gone they need to replace his power numbers as well…I just don’t see the Yankees leaving Hamilton on the table.

    • Tommyeagle…………good afternoon. Welcome. I like Josh Hamilton a lot also. I like your positive attitude regarding him. “By the end of the week”…….do you know something?
      We have another Tommy here, so feel at home.

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