Winter Meetings Day 2: Would you trade Curtis Granderson?

Earlier today, the Yankees made clear that Brian Cashman would become open to a trade for Curtis Granderson. Curtis Granderson has an interesting case. He’s a free agent next season, he strikes out about 200+ times a year and he’s not the best defensive CF in the whole entire world. But what makes Granderson so special, so unique that it would become hard to part with him? It’s simple, the man has hit 40 HR’s and has driven in 100+ RBI’s since the Kevin Long tutorial. Now, we all know the Yankees list has gotten longer and longer, but the fact of the matter is, trading Curtis Granderson wouldn’t be the way to get the players we need. I made a poll on Twitter today asking fans if they would be interested in trading Granderson and why. Here were some of the responses I received:

As you can see, the favorite answer is no. Although it would make sense to trade Granderson since he is a free agent next season, like @venomous1913 said, 40 HR’s and 100 RBI players don’t grow on trees. If the Yankees were to trade Granderson, it would have to be for the right price.

In Other News

– If Alex Rodriguez were to sit out for the 2013 season, the Yankees would get insurance on the contract–but it would count against their luxury tax in 2014.

– The Yankees made no deals but they did talk a lot: They spoke with Kevin Youkillis, asked about Marco Scutaro and of Jeff Keppinger.

– The Yankees have to look for a catcher, right fielder, DH and a third baseman. The Yankees are adding assistant hitting coach to the list to work alongside Kevin Long. Is this a panic move I sense?

– If you’re interested, the Red Sox signed Shane Victorino to a 3 year deal meaning that Nick Swisher is no longer considered for the Red Sox RF role. A source close to Swisher did say that if the Yankees or the Angels/Dodgers didn’t want him he would love to go to the San Francisco Giants.

*I had so many responses for my Curtis Granderson twitter poll that I couldn’t use all the answers but thank you everyone for sending in your input. I appreciate your enthusiasm and your answers.
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About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Why would the Yankees be looking for a right fielder if they have Ichiro very interested in staying with them???

    • Jim………maybe, like last year, Ichiro is the left fielder……and they want a masher, in right?

    • jim, as well as Ichiro played at the end of the season his skills have deminished the last few years.

    • A couple of reasons Jim:

      1) The team and the OF in general has a ton of LH bats. With ARod out, Swish & Martin gone, that’s 3 significant hitters vs LHP gone

      2) It seems to be their one area to possibly pull off a trade for a younger player. They have so many 1-yr deals and not much in the Upper Minors to provide immediate help…..they need a young position player and corner OF has better options than their other openings (C & 3B).

      3) Ichiro is still a strong possibility but I think they want to make sure nothing better & younger is possible yet.

  2. Maybe because Ichy is 80 years old?

  3. Gardner is the left fielder……right Delia?

  4. Delia E….”Would I trade C. Granderson?”…on his last year of a contract, and the Yanks can improve?
    Sure, why not! Package him, with Hughes or Gardner… could be great. The Miami Herald, reports today…that Yankee LF, Kevin Gardner, was seen with Sonia…………………..

  5. Just heard Phillies GM Ruben Amaro interviewed and he’s looking for a CF, left-handed power and set-up relievers.

    Really seems like they would be a good place for Granderson but I don’t see much in the way of young players they could trade for him. Their top pitching prospect Jesse Biddle would be great but can’t see them trading him for 1 yr of Granderson.

    I don’t know what Philly would give up that we can use.

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