Morning Bits: Rumors, Jeter, Thirdbase

mug3Good Morning all.  Let’s get right to the links.

Andrew Marchand of ESPN NY has a rumor roundup.

Fox Sports is reporting that Jeter should be ready for opening day.

Lohud mentions the Yankees options at third are dwindling.

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. Just read that the Yankees are listening to all offers for Hughes, Nova and Granderson.

  2. YOUKILIS…..before we all get Cowgirl again,…someone brought up a great point recently…..
    Terry Francona, whom Youkilis is very fond of, is……………..the manager of the Cleveland Indians.

    • patrick, good point, I was also thinking that backing up A-Rod would be a tough act to follow with alot of media scrutiny.

      • Doug….afternoon. Yes indeed, scrutiny will be there, and waiting. It will come down to the new individual himself. A strong person, with character will do just fine. Names not yet written, I think, will form this 2013 squad.

  3. BRING BACK?…BRING BACK?…..who are those names? TWASP, are you saying six names are for the same person? Seems like someone is using characters…that’s not allowed!
    One name, one life. No justice, no peace.

    • That was my thought also.

    • Well we all know Twasp uses characters as he is also Fatboy. It’s annoying in my opinion as I think it is not necessary.

      No need to hide “use” a character. I like to see more Yankee related comments and post on this blog.

      Moving forward……

      Cashman has a lot of work. Remember not all moves need to be made at the winter meetings. Cash still has plenty of time to work the phone lines.

      • Matthew S. …Twasp is Fatboy? No way!………….fooled again.
        But if he is Fatboy, then it’s for humor. Another may hide behind a character, because it allows him to post again, after the former character has been banned.
        I’ll end this part now….I used characters for humor……ALL knew it was patrick.
        Back to baseball/moving forward: ….there is work to be done. Many reporters are now saying, Cashman can not call his shots. Not so. I must believe that there is a plan, and players are now targeted. All will be fine.

      • Matthew…..”hide behind a character”……….nailed it. No need to change it. Good work.

  4. Just looking over the internal outfield options, Zoilio Almonte, Mustileir, and Dickerson don’t look like bad options for this year. Heathcott and Williams will be in AA ball this year, and not far behind. In the infield Adams and Joseph appear to be ready, with Austin moving up the ladder fast. This is a good group of position players that I would think some could make the team by 2014.

    • doug…can any of those options replace Swisher? You know the answer.
      It can’t be internal, unless you want to finish 2-3 place.
      The infield guy? None of them, sorry. None ready. What have they shown?
      Names will surface……….all will be well.

      • I believe Mustilier is the most ready for the job.

        I would rank it


        Dickerson is solid player as well so I wouldn’t be upset to see him getting a shot.

      • patrick, Swisher wasn’t rated that high when he came to the Yanks so you never no. Look at the O’s last year, they kept running players out there until somebody looked good, like McClouth.

    • Doug yes I love your thinking. Mustilier should have been given a look late last year. I hope he gets a chance during Spring Training. I’m for a stop gap this year in the OF to replace Swisher so we don’t get tied up long term with the promising group we have coming up.

  5. doug………..none of these names mentioned tonight, have shown anything. Until they step forward, they are prospects only. Your right field guy…will have MLB experience. A power guy. These others, sorry, are just question marks who may never make it.

  6. If the Yanks are looking to trade Grandy, I would trade him to the Braves for Teheran or Delgado. This would give them another starter for the future, and a 5th starter for this year. It would open up trading Hughes for an outfielder. Sign Youk for one year and the Yanks win. Now I need a trade for Hughes and Nunez for an outfieder.

  7. How about Hughes and Betances for Gordon.

  8. That would give us a rotation of CC,Kuroda,Pettite,Nova, and Teheran, with Phelps as a long man and #6. The outfield would be Gordon, Gardner, and Ichiro with Youk at 3rd.

  9. 2014 rotation CC, Pineda, Nova, Teheran, and Phelps or Baneulos.

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