Morning Bits: Romine to start in the minors, Cashman still trying to add pieces

mug3Good morning all let’s get right to the links…

Anthony McCarron of The Daily News reports that GM Brian Cashman believes Austine Romine will start the year in the minors leaving one of Cervelli or Stewart as the catcher.

Bryan Hoch of writes that Cashman is still looking to add meaningful pieces.

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  1. OK let’s look at the picture here and again we can focus on how inept Cashman is. First it is being reported that Cashman believes that Romine will be starting the season in the minors. What’s wrong with this picture? Well Cashman banished Cervelli to the minors the whole season and when he was called up he barely played, yet this guy is going most likely going to stick this season. So tell me what happened to Cervelli from last year to this year? Did he get better? I don’t think so. So we have a situation where the repelling fool has taken one of our best young catchers and slated him for the minors because he didn’t go through the Brian Cashman required minor league experience where you have to go from rookie ball to A ball to AA ball to AAA ball to the majors. Please someone tell me where in the baseball 101 does it require the player to hit all levels before he makes the show? Romine can do exactly what Cervelli does and probably better defensively. Wait maybe Romine makes to much money and will break Hal the Bean Counters budget this year lol

    • lefty, to me the Yanks are the model francise that all teams are trying to beat since they make the playoffs every year. The playoffs are a crap shoot. I view Cashman as one of the best GMs because of their success, all GMs make mistakes and none are more successfull. Romine missed so much time last year, it wouldn’t hurt to start him in AAA. As for Cervelli, sure he was pissed being demoted to AAA, but if he does well this year teams may view him as more than a backup.

      • Dough I hear you but blatantly disagree with you on Cashman. First you’re right every GM makes mistakes I agree, however we are not a model that clubs follow as we always bought our way to the playoffs, maybe the Dodgers are following us now but lets be honest here our farm system is pathetic at best, especially above A ball. Let me show you why Cashman is inept with the farm and please I don’t want to hear from anyone about Oppenheimer because Cashman is the boss and the buck stops and starts with him.

        Take for instance the Rays, now everyone is going to say well look where the Rays draft compared to the Yankees and I am going to show you why the Rays have a better scouting department and better all around draft success without drafting in the first rd, especially with pitchers. Alex Cobb is considered on of the best young pitchers on the rise. He was drafted in the 4th rd not first rd in the 2006 draft and the 109 player taken. Yankees had three rounds to draft him, instead we drafted Joba who I liked at the time but Cashman ruined him with the Joba rules and Ian Kennedy who Cashman traded and then in rd three we drafted Zach McAllister who I am not sure where he is right now. OK now in 2008 Tampa in the 8th rd drafted another young stud named Matt Moore with the 245 pick in the draft, again the Yankees had 7 rounds to choose him. Instead we did draft a stud but Cash couldn’t sign Gerrit Cole in round 1 and then in rd 2 we drafted Jeremy Bleich and Joseph Bittle rd 2 and Brett Marshall rd 6 and by the way that year we didn’t sign our top 3 picks so a terrible year in the draft for us

        Tampa in the 2005 draft picked another one of their starters, Jeremy Hellickson another 4th rd pick and our first pitcher drafted was in rd 2 by the name of James B Cox who didn’t even sign and our first pitcher we signed in that draft was in rd 4 Lance Pendelton so again we could have drafted Hellickson 3 rds ahead of Tampa.

        The pattern I am getting at is that we have a terrible scouting program and have drafted players in the first three rds a few times without being able to sign them and Tampa who I feel has so much better young pitchers then we have doesn’t always draft them in the first rd and other teams have had the opportunity to draft the same players in earlier rounds. We need to stop patting Cashman on the back for getting us into the playoffs because we all know the pen is mightier than the sword and the Elf has been able to buy his team and buy his way out of problems and now he can’t do it with Hal in charge. He isn’t capable of making a positive move first because he doesn’t have anything in the farm system that is close to being ready and second no one wants Cano or Granderson or Tex now, however when we are sitting in third place or fourth come the trading deadline those players I mentioned will be more in demand to put teams over the top and the little womanizer better trade them away for prospects. On my pride side I want to win it all every year and hate to lose, on the side of my head I want us to get throttled and hope that Hal gets hit in the pocketbook and he sees a sharp decline in attendance and overall revenue so he either learns a lesson or speeds up the process to sell the team.

      • who cares about making the playoffs? How many times do we have to hear about how “great” Cashman is because he’s had over 2 billion in payroll in the last 11 years and won all of one title while the Red Sox, Cards, and Giants have won TWO!!!
        Oh I’d just like to scream when I hear about the playoffs and the Yankees.
        The only thing that matters are titles and Cashman is failing.

        • Michael I agree with you brother time for Cashman to leave, however Hal the mizer won’t pay two gm’s at the same time and Cash has one more year after this season unfortunately

    • Yankee rookies have to be at least 25 years old to play. That is the Cashman method. What a trainwreck this is.

  2. RobbinsDynasty

    I like cervelli starting the season and if needed Romine could get called up. Like the piece stated Defense is focus batting over .225 anything else is a plus.

  3. I’m pretty sure nothing will piss me off more than them starting Cervelli after saying they didn’t want AJ because of defense. Cervelli would make AJ look like a gold glover. Cervelli is not a ML caliber starting catcher an never will be. Absurdity

    • Ya he was banished last year because the Great Cashman thought he was terrible, yet this year he is good enough to be a starter for us. Someone tell me what am I missing here with Cashman? I guarantee you Cervelli didn’t get better from last year so what is the real reason?

    • Matt this team could easily come in last. I’m not kidding one bit either. Cashman should be run out of town on a rail.

      • They aren’t going to go from a 95 win team to last place. Swisher and Martin are worth a lot but not that many wins.

        • Matt other than that 36-13 stretch the Yankees were a .500 team last year and that was with Jeter blazing at his age. No Arod, no Swisher, Jeter a question mark especially off that surgery, and Granderson just absolutely crashed and burned the last two months and pitchers know he can’t hit anything but that thigh high fastball that he simply won’t see as many of this year.
          I’m telling you, this could be ugly.

          • ZiPs has them at 87 wins right now which is about right. They still have one of the pitching staffs in the AL and at least a league average offense Losing 30 games more than u did last year takes a lot more than losing Swisher and Martin. Not saying they are a championship team because obviously they are not just saying last place is a bit of an overreaction.

  4. Oh, by the way, ARod’s surgery hasn’t even been SCHEDULED yet. No way does he play this season at all. If his hip is so bad that it still can’t even be operated on, then it is very unlikely that he will return in any type of baseball shape, ever.
    On the bright side, if he cannot return and play baseball I believe he has to retire and that money comes off of our payroll even though he has to be paid.

    • Michael, some would say that this team will hit for a higher average, steal more bases, play better defense, and hit better than last year’s team with runners in scoring position.

    • Michael P…
      I think you may misunderstand why the surgery is being held up. It is because he needs to get it ready before the operation. Athletes recover stronger, faster, and better than they might otherwise…thuse the delay

  5. doug..BBNY: Two fabulous posts. I saw the Berkman reports. Looks like the
    Texas teams have the edge. I know about the Cards, and Giants, But these are
    the Yankees. They scare opposing pitching. They win on one swing of the bat.
    Boston will laugh at them, as put together now.

    • patrick, Cashman is trying to move to a more balanced attack improving their abilities agains’t good pitching, hitting for a better average, less Ks, and hitting with runners in scoring position.

      • doug…BBNY: Lance Berkman to sign with the Rangers. $10-11 million.
        A balanced attack? There is no attack.
        Every rookie pitcher they put out there to face the Yankees, will have no fear.

  6. A bit of my bio
    I spent 21 mos, including two full winter off seasons, posting by myself at another site.
    This is easy for me, to ramble on, in silence. But, I thought those days were over.
    Where is everyone? When it goes below 32 degrees, do you turn your computers
    off? I can see Ken chasing his wife, and failing every time. But all the rest of you?

    • Patrick…
      I must resemble that nasty remark, or is it rebut, any how, for your information I caught her the other year ah, I mean week or…well anyhow I think I did. Just have trouble remembering what I was chasing her for! Oh well, I will one of these days.
      How many times must I tell you 50 degrees and under is to cold for me.
      Are you still going to that water wonderland and freeze to death? Hell, even the sharks don’t go there, it’s to cold. Let me know how it went!
      While you are freezing, I’ll lay back in my recliner and listen to 78 rpm. records of; Dave Brubeck, Oscar Peterson, John Coltrane, Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra, Gerry Mulligan, Miles Davis, Julie London, and Rosemary Clooney…yes, she is Georges Mommy..he has many of her mannerisms and looks a lot like she did.

      • oldyankee-7..Ken: Morning. You can be very funny. I have visions of you running around
        your house, chasing you’re wife. All the while, shes in bed sleeping.
        Long Beach Polar Bears…Superbowl Sunday..1pm. No sharks. Must go under water.
        New Gravatar?….Mitch Miller?….Burl Iives?

  7. No One Knows The Sorrow, I knows……….
    The family priest told me today, that the Yankees have enough talent, and young chips
    to correct…..starting catching, a power LH/DH, a power corner OF. Even a new CF.
    All I did, was buy him drinks, and listen.
    Argue with a man of the cloth? Not this son of Ireland.

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