Morning Bits: Mariano Rivera, Yankee Prospect Rankings

mug3Good morning all.  Let’s get the week started right…..

–  Nick Saban coach of Alabama used a film of Mariano Rivera to show his players the importance of focus.  Story by Lenn Robbins of The New York Post.

– Yankees prospect rankings are updates on MLB.COM’s minor affiliate page.   Click here to check out the Yankee Rankings.

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About Matthew S.

Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. Matt this prospect list really displays what Yankee fans have just got to come to terms with, and that is it really is unrealistic to think that any of our prospects will be ready to start and contribute any earlier than 2014/2015.
    Any notion that farmhands will come riding in to save the day this season or next season is absolutely preposterous.

    • Michael P…
      I don’t understand why it is you and a few others have nothing good to say about our system. It isn’t great but, compared to what it was l in 1996…it is super now!
      Remember; the team has no need for a star at every position, they have proven it doesn’t work to well.
      Give me a team of very good players and I’ll win for you, give me a team of stars and I’ll win less games, as well as block the players coming up!
      Many times players do much better in the Show than they do on the Farm. Donnie “Baseball” is one of the players that was said to be ….good Avg. No power! Boy were they wrong! :)

      • I didn’t say it wasn’t ok, I am simply reiterating that noone is ready to start anytime soon. Do you disagree with that Ken?

        • Michael P….
          Heck no, I don’t disagree with that at all!

          Just reminding you and some others that the jump from AA to the Show is not as great as some make it out to be. In AA ball you have competition from the big club coming back from injury getting into shape for the club again, also, guys that are AAAA players playing for the AA team so as not to take up a spot on the AAA team…all though some will disagree with that.

          When I played in the army, there was a AA team in the town down the road about 50,000 miles (it seemed) we played against them about 5-6 times a year…well, the year I was there anyhow! The first three games we did good 2-1, then the next game, they put this guy on the mound;
          He must have been 12′ tall and the ball was hitting the catcher’s mitt like a rifle shot, hell the ball was past me before I could even flinch, he got me out 2 of 3 times because I was half in the batters box and half of the way back to the dug-out. He reminded me of big Ryan Durin, wild as hell, my knees were knocking standing there being a target for him, I got mad and hit one right at him. The only thing bad about it was he ducked but, I got my hit.

          Bottom line is the guys in AA, AAA are damn good, if anyone wants to put a ball player in his place because of a big head…have him play against these guys. The biggest difference I saw between them and the big guys was the experience factor. :)

          • oldyankee7-Ken….Your spelling is as bad as your collection of Gravatars.
            Ryan Durin…tonight’s FUBAR.
            Rinold George “Ryne” Duren….2/22..1929-1/06..2011.

            • You young wiper-snaper, ain’t you got no lernings? Never correct your elders, we sometimes have a hickup in ar getty-up but we is still yous betters. Me’s spellen ts bettern den yous is!
              Now dat dar is more funny! :)

          • Ken, I simply don’t see any future stars in this organization other than Sanchez. Cashman is always behind the curve, always, and will hold on to these lower level prospects in a death grip after trading away so many young and talented players in bad trades the last 4 years.
            In other words, he’ll lock the barn door real tight after the horses have already gotten out.
            I’d prefer he trade as many of these current prospects as possible for players ready to help now and let someone else worry about developing this group of maybes.

            • Michael P….
              This is one of the reasons we have the mess on the farm now, you said it, words from the mouth of George himself!

              “I’d prefer he trade as many of these current prospects as possible for players ready to help now and let someone else worry about developing this group of maybes.”

              Read what I commented below! Michael P…buck-up, ideas are to be discussed here, not I nor anyone else is right all the time, well I am but, I’m the exception! :)
              Have fun Micheal P, life is short. :)

  2. Michael P…and no, we are not piling on.
    Found this paragraph, from “Baseball Prospectus”…April, 2012.

    “As Yankees team physician Dr. Chris Ahmad noted, Pineda’s rotator cuff is undamaged, a key detail when it comes to his outlook: “When the rotator cuff is damaged as part of the injury problem, that has
    a much worse prognosis and influences velocity and ability to pitch. His rotator cuff looks great, and this is isolated to his labrum, and that’s why we feel more optimistic about him having a good result.”

    Have a truly great day, my brother man.

    • Yes, the YANKEE team physician, who is employed by the YANKEES tried to find a bright spot. Oh yes, Patrick, that just fills me to the brim with total confidence that he will be a beast.
      Now if only he can report to the team sober and weighing less than 300 pounds………

  3. Michael P……….Dr. Ahmad is the team physician, not a snake oil salesman.
    He had to take an oath, in front of his parents, and sisters.
    Hippocratic Oath: One of the oldest binding documents in history, the Oath written by Hippocrates is still held sacred by physicians: to treat the ill to the best of one’s ability, to preserve a patient’s privacy, to teach the secrets of medicine to the next generation, and so on.

    That’s good enough for me.

    • Patrick……Pineda was last seen driving after ingesting enough beer to sedate a herd of water buffalo. Last spring Pineda was bigger than a Volkswagen Bug. You’ll have to excuse me if I doubt he has the work ethic necessary to overcome a serious injury.

  4. Michael P…..are you saying that Pineda is…….Irish?

    • Hay, don’t give the Irish a bad name, not all Irishmen drink! Well, I take that back, I too drink…Pepsi. While you guys were all drunk, back in the day, I was taking care of the lady’s, er, I mean driving them home. Off hand, I would say, having 5 sisters gave me a little break, along with keeping my mouth shut, wouldn’t you?
      Us guys are easy to figure out, most want an ice cold drink, an easy chair and the ballgame! LOL
      Women, what do they want…ain’t got no clue and never have had?
      Same with Cashman and the Yankees, only the Bosses know what they are going after. It’s funny how writers can write about how this or that team need so and so, if they are so smart, they should be in baseball making a lot of money!

  5. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH…on a cold January 7th. night.
    oldyankee7-Ken, Michael P, and patrick…just ran the table.
    20 posts, down the runway…..and just the three of us.
    Were is everyone?
    I know it’s not baseball chatter, but it’s close.

    • Patrick..I think this avatar is better, beside I was only 69 at the time…I think.

      • Kenneth…you are almost hopeless.
        It is Gravatar, not avatar. Yes, it is better, than that women’s underwear salesman.
        I’m closing my tent show, for the night.
        On vacation, but working harder than ever, on my home projects.
        The floor is all yours. Take care.

    • Patrick, I truly believe that even those who belittled folks like myself(who have been screaming about what Cashman has been doing to destroy this franchise since the end of the 2009 title season) have now seen the light and don’t feel much like chatting.
      Let us be REAL clear about this situation. Management’s obsession with cutting payroll to 189 million by 2014 wouldn’t be so apocalyptic if not for the Cashman moves since the end of the 2009 season. Ian Kennedy, Phil Coke, and Austin Jackson for Granderson. Melky and Vizcaino for Javier Vazquez. Montero for Pineda. As the Yankees search for a catching solution, as the Yankees pay old tiers money to pitch another year, as the Yankees sign old man Ichiro to a two year deal worth 13 million, keep in mind that the Yankees could have an outfield with Jackson and Melky, Montero behind the plate, and Kennedy in the rotation at a much cheaper price and obviously with a much better roster.
      What was done was done with the money committed to Tex and Arod and I cant fault Cashman on Arod(he didn’t want the deal) and Tex looked like a great signing when he was signed.
      Those two deals did eat money, but it was the horrific trades that wiped out the young talent base for garbage in return that put the Yankees where they are now, which is in big trouble for at least the next two years.

      • Michael P…
        If you think I or patrick belittle you, may I say you are in error! Neither one of us would do such a thing to a commenter. Hay, you have a right to have a different opinion then others have around here, I sure do but, I don’t worry about what others think, never have never will!

        For once and for all, let me put some light on the situation with a few of those people;
        1–Austin…malcontent, didn’t want to play for the Yankees!
        2–IPK…has had one good year out of four, in the NL. Just think how he would have done for us, nothing at all.
        3–Phil was a bad move, I agree!
        4–Melky and Vizcaino for Vazquez…not good!
        5–Montero and Noesi for Pineda and Campos…Noesi is nothing and Monty hasn’t really shown too much but, he should get better. Pineda/Campos we have not had a good look at…I have no choice on them!
        6–We traded Nothing for Ichiro maybe 50/50 on that deal.

        My point is #’s 1,2,5,6 are more in our favor than first light may show us. I don’t think they were that bad of trades. Have a good one to-day and want to see what you have to say about this! :)

        • Michael P…morning.
          I, patrick, put my X, on everything oldyankee7-Ken said. He knows his stuff.
          ‘Belittle’…we may disagree, but nothing more.
          Like when you said Pineda, drank like an Irishman.

        • Jackson was no malcontent, that was simply a “friends of Cashman” cover story put out in advance in case he went on to excel in Detroit. Not one bad word has been uttered about Ajax or his work ethic since he has gone to Detroit. Montero had a great season in his away games, safeco is the worst hitter’s park in the AL, he would certainly be starting this season in NY over Cervelli.

          • I disagree Michael P. He didn’t want to play for the Yankees at all. He thought he was to good for the minor leagues. There was a blurb or two for a whole year of him being set down, suspended and pulled out of games, this is what I had been told! I just want to clarify one point but, i heard it from a couple different people! So, take it for what it is worth.
            What you are talking about is what the Bosox tried to do to the players that left them, you know that perfect manager they use to have.

  6. Michael P……you never address my question to you re: Pineda.
    Third time is the charm? Let’s see. Yesterday, you wrote this…..
    “Patrick……Pineda was last seen driving after ingesting enough beer to kill an Irishman,
    or to sedate a herd of water buffalo. Why does he always drink green beer?
    Last spring Pineda was bigger than a Paddy Wagon.”

  7. HERE WE GO! …Trade Smoke!….Just put up.
    MICHAEL JOHN MORSE….Available.

    Michael John Morse (The Beast)…Washington Nationals.
    Positions: Outfielder, First Baseman and Shortstop
    Bats: Right, Throws: Right
    Height: 6′ 5″, Weight: 245 lb.

  8. or Cano for Morse and Lorgordozzi! All good deals for both teams.

  9. OK, lads…young lads with fire in your eyes!
    doug, let me toss you a cutlass.
    Mike D…a cutlass, and a sidearm.
    Michael P….you can stand down. Perhaps some soup for the boys.
    Matthew B…a copy of San Tzu, for you!
    Our moment may be fleeting. Go for the gusto. And, stay thirsty.
    On the whistle, all lads over the transom….and lets go get this guy, MORSE!!

  10. Though I would rather get somebody younger, who is on a longer-term contract than just 1 more year, Morse is just the kind of bat the lineup needs this season.

    2010: .289 AVG, .352 OBP, .519 SLG, .377 wOBA, 134 wRC+
    2011: .303 AVG, .360 OBP, .550 SLG, .390 wOBA, 148 wRC+
    2012: .291 AVG, .321 OBP, .470 SLG, .340 wOBA, 113 wRC+

    Had a down year last season, but I think that was because he had an injury early in the reason, right?

  11. So what would it take to get Morse who is signed for 1 more year? Speculation is that Washington is interested in a LH reliever but he’s worth more than that.

    I’d offer choice of Joba or Logan PLUS choice of Adam Warren, Brett Marshall.

    Washington probably counters with……give me Hughes, Nova or Phelps & Logan.

    OR does Washington like Nunez? Better question, do the Yanks have confidence in Nunez at SS?

    Morse is a good hitter but he’s also only had 1 full season in his career and is a FA at the end of the year.

    • fishjam25…..I’m not in their heads. but why not be creative, and bring in a third team.
      Maybe get Morse, and a catcher. Morse, and a power lefty bat.
      All this, while Hairston is trying to make up his mind.
      His ship is casting off lines.

    • fishjam, Logan and Marshall might get it done, but there are 4 other teams at least that will be after Morse.

      • Yeah, it won’t be easy. The fact that he only makes $7M makes him attractive to an awful lot of teams. And if Washington wants prospects, the yanks take a back-burner to teams like Seattle and Tampa Bay who have more mature prospects. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Yankees system but their best prospects have yet to reach AA.

        • Not sure about you guys but these reported teams interested stories seem like they never go the Yankees ways. Usually the Yankees sneak in and pounce with surprise attacks. I’d love Morse on the team though.

        • fishjam, true but the Nats seem to be a now team, and the Rays don’t give up prospects too easily.

  12. I will be happy to make Morse a part of NYY for 2013. He is not any way part of the dream I have been rooting for , yet January 8 says make a move, RH bat at a position needed. So with an everyday OF then package Granderson + + + whatever it takes for the young stud of the future. Thank you very much BBNY

  13. john/doug…BBNY. It begins. Good to see you guys back, and ridin’ hard.

  14. I Apologize….(not again!)
    This time for not acknowledging….the great, the legendary..Mike D.
    You should come back. Too young to hang up your mouse.
    Fly with Twasp, and I. He is on assignment, at this moment.
    Think about it.

  15. John has my choice of a player to be traded for Morse, Granderson and a pitcher.
    I understand the reasoning behind some fans wanting to trade Joba but, I think he still has a few years in him. Besides, there have been pitchers with the darndest motions they, didn’t all end up with arm trouble.
    As Morse has only one year before FA, his trading power is low, therefore Logan and Granderson (they flip Grandy)!
    Adam Warren, Brett Marshall, Hughes, Nova and Phelps are not to be traded. Warren and Marshall are part of the future…don’t touch!
    Hughes must learn another workable pitch CU is the one he needs that way he can use his high FB only once in a while and inside more, I like it inside at the hands.
    Everyone said Nova didn’t SO many hitters so he started doing that…look what happened, he got lit up. When will people in the pitching business understand…Nova is a good pitcher that throws GROUND balls, that is good in Yankee stadium.
    Phelps is nothing great, he just gets the job done, after 2012 he should have picked up how to adjust to the hitters from one inning to the next.
    I don’t want to trade them at all but the two for one deal should be enough for a one year player! :)

    • oldyankee7-Ken…better than the last two nights…ehh?
      So what do you think, does it get done?
      They have the players to do it. I could see Granderson, money reasons.
      This could be expanded, add another team….pick-up another needed piece.
      Bailing out soon……you will be in the dark, again.

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