Yankees Offseason Notes: Yankees interested in Javier Vazquez?!?!

When Hal Steinbrenner said the Yankees weren’t done yet, I had to admit I was a bit suspicious as to who the Yankees were interested in. Well, the suspicion has led me to holding up warning flags: the Yankees are reportedly interested in Javier Vazquez, according to the Boston Globe. Yes, the same Javier Vazquez that played for them in 2004 & 2010! The same Javier Vazquez that was less dependable than A.J Burnett (sorry A.J, still love ya though).  It’s reported that the Yankees are observing his winter starts and possibly if they like what they see–I’m afraid to end that sentence. Anyway, let’s looked at the two failed Javier Vazquez experiments.

2004: 14-10, 4.91 ERA, 32 G, 198.0 IP, 195 H, 114 R, 108 ER, 33 HR, 60 BB

2010: 10-10, 5.32 ERA, 31 G, 157.1 IP, 155 H, 96 R, 93 ER, 32 HR, 65 BB

As you can see, the numbers above are simply dreadful. Why the Yankees would even consider Javier Vazquez is a mystery to me. He’s obviously a National League pitcher so even observing him is an utter waste of time. The only thing I can say to the Yankees is this–the experiment failed twice. Do you really want to try again for a third time?! Have you not learned your lesson? With expensive ticket prices and cutting the payroll, signing Javier Vazquez will most likely cause Yankees fans to revolt, knowing that the money the Yankees do have could be spent somewhere better. So if any of the other 29 teams are interested in signing Vazquez, please do before the Yankees get even more ideas! Please?!

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About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Guy’s:

    As many of you know I am very critical of Brian Cashman, I view him as a 2nd rate GM that won the majority of his WS Championships with the rosters of Michael and Watson. He has been able to buy his way out of bad situations, however now he has the Bean Counter named Hal who now has a budget on his ass. The real GM is coming out with his inability to make deals. Why is that you say? First he has a crappy farm system at best and his only real talent is below double A ball. Him and Oppenheimer have done a lousy job in drafting and scouting and brining in talent to replenish the farms system.

    I have written about Cashman’s inability to gauge talent especially with pitchers. I have pointed out signings and trades with pitchers naming Pavano, Wright, Weaver, Brown, Igawa, Burnett, Feliciano and Vazquez not once but twice and to think that the repelling elf would even waste a dime of money scouting this clown is disgusting. It didn’t work not only but twice and to think we would even sniff the idea of signing him again is reprehensible. I have been saying it for a long time but Cashman needs to go and Hal needs to sell this franchise to someone like Mark Cuban who wants to win and doesn’t need to cash a check like Hal does.

    • leftee, I have to dissagree with you on pitchers they get hurt all the time and are hard to predict. Many pitchers on other teams have come to the East and failed just as much. Many have been saying what you have said for years and every year the Yanks make the playoffs. Sooner or later you will be correct with your assumptions.

    • Call me crazy, I like Vasquez he was one of the best pitchers in baseball for 10 years, except when he pitched for the Yanks. I can’t blame Cashman for his poor performance in NY.

    • Leftee….you are right on about CashMan ….he is a poor judge of talent and character…especially with pitchers.

      He is a second rate GM. Who has brown nosed the Steinbrenner family enough over the years to keep his job. The Yankee players hate him…enlightened fans like Leftee and FishJam and Michael P dislike him.

      They should get rid of him now before it’s too late.

  2. Fangraphs has Vasquez fouth in WAR from 2001-2009 at 44. Same as CC.

    • doug….I have seen many players come to New York and fall flat on their face. These players were stars before and after the Yankees had them. Vasquez just joined a bunch of other players that couldn’t handle New York. Not their fault at all, it’s just “sh-t happens”!

      On the flip side, there are others like; Bucky Dent, Steve Sax, Maris and Nettles just to name a few off the top of my head! These guys were good enough but nothing special, until they came to NY, then they became Yankees and top-notch players.

      So, who knows how someone will act or react? :)

  3. Doug…. Ken is right ….Vazquez has no heart and cannot handle the heat of the big city.

    • twasp and Ken, that is my point, you can’t blame Cashman for a player not performing in NY, he’s not a mind reader. Kuroda on the other hand was the Yanks best pitcher for most of last year.

  4. Javier Vazquez???? Who is next Nick “the hurt locker” Johnson?

  5. Doug …we feel bad that you have not been able to afford to go to a game in 20 years. Blame it on Corporate Greed!

  6. If the Yankees resign him then they are officially INSANE!! Doing something over and over,and over again, expecting a different result means you are insane!!

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