Prospect Profile: RF Tyler Austin

Future right fielder?

Future right fielder?

Tyler Austin

DOB 09/06/1991
6’ 2” 200 lbs. R/R
Drafted 2010, 13th Round

The numbers:

Tyler Austin, originally a catcher, was drafted as the 415th overall pick in the 2010 draft and hit the ground running as a 19 year old. He lasted all of 82 AB’s in the short season GCL, where he put up a 1.060 OPS and another 96 AB’s in the NY Penn League where he put up a quad slash of .323/.402/.542/.944, hitting a trio of home runs in each league. While in short season leagues Tyler was used at both infield corners, which wouldn’t last long. In 2011 Austin was shipped to Charleston, where he took over right field to give way to fellow RoverDog Dante Bichette Jr. at third base. Low A ball proved to be no match for him either; he ripped up the Sally League to the tune of a 1.003 OPS, good for a .442 wOBA, 170 wRC+, 12.3% BB rate and 22% K rate. His 14 HR’s, 22 2B’s and 3 3B’s earned him the best hitting prospect in the SAL award, along with the #4 overall ranking. He punched his own ticket to Tampa, but it was set back a bit when he took a pitch to the helmet and sat for a couple of weeks recovering. It was terrible timing too, as he was set to represent the Dogs in their home park for the SAL All Star game and home run derby. Tyler managed to get 134 AB’s in at the Florida State League, hitting to the tune of a .391 wOBA and 144 wRC+. He did undergo a bit of a power outage however, his ISO dropping from .278 in low A to .157 in Tampa. Both his walk and strikeout rates dropped as well, to 8.1% and 18.9% respectively. Despite the dropoff in power numbers, Tyler was sent to Trenton at the very end of the season, getting himself 7 AB’s in regular season play and a trip to the playoffs with the Thunder where he picked up a few more.

His Swing:

We might as well start here, as this is what is going to carry him to the majors. It all starts with a short stride, a small leg kick and getting his lead foot down quickly. He loads up in a hurry and stays back on the ball, clearing his hips early generating a lot of power through his lower half. His compact swing and easy bat speed allow him to let the ball travel into the zone and choose his pitch to hit. He has extremely strong hands too, which also lends to his ability to wait on his pitch and lay off the junk. Tyler is a line drive hitter that shows power to all fields and has the ability to generate plenty of lift. His swing stays on a single plane, which some say may give him trouble with pitches high or low in the zone but he has plenty of time to work on it. On the other hand it shows consistency in his mechanics, but he’ll still need to be able to make the adjustments during his swing. He looks to go with the pitch, and altered his approach a bit in 2011, aiming for the right of the batters eye. His focus is to stay short, smooth and lethal he says, utilizing the entire field and not fighting the pitch. Like many of his fellow sluggers he looks to punish anything middle outside, but he can also pull the inside stuff with big time power. Pitchers may start to try and beat him in on the hands, but his strength and bat speed should be enough to allow him to turn on them and put the ball in play, if not out of the yard. He’s aggressive early in the count, makes solid contact and can draw his walks, but could put up an even better OBP if he focused on it. His potential is that of a middle of the order hitter that puts up a solid average as well as plenty of power.

On the Field:

Getting moved to the outfield to make room for Bichette was pretty fortunate. It turns out that his defense plays up better in right field than any other position he’s been at. As far as the wheels are concerned, he’s somewhat lacking as his raw speed grades out at a 40 out of 80 which puts him just below average. He’s not going to get any faster and could actually lose a step as he finishes filling out. This does come a bit puzzling however, as he is adept at swiping bags. He’s nabbed 23 bases in 25 attempts, which in part can be attributed to the opposing pitchers and catchers but it also points to his ability to pick his spots and get a good jump. He’s been clocked in the 4.4-4.5 second range to first, but expect his SB numbers to fall as he faces better batteries on the mound and behind the plate. I wouldn’t count him out completely though, and wouldn’t be surprised to see him take advantage of lesser opponents. His agility and athleticism are average and he shows good instincts in the field and a high baseball IQ which makes up for his lack of blazing speed. He gets good reads on the ball from right field and makes the plays you would expect him to along with a few you might be surprised at. His arm is strong and fairly accurate which plays just fine in the right corner. Overall he’s a tick above average at his current position. There have been talks that they could move him back to the hot corner, but the organization agrees that his skills play best in RF.


Like his ability to drive an outside fastball into the cheap seats, his drive and determination does not leave for wanting. Despite his early success Tyler continues to work hard and improve on the previous day. When asked about his 2011 season he had this to say: “I can say I put a lot of extra work in after practices last year, if I wasn’t pleased with my day or past few days. I put in a lot of work….” He is known to be mentally strong and tenacious as well as a leader on the team. He’s willing to put in every bit of work that it takes and so far that work is paying off.


There’s really nothing to not like about the guy. He could show a bit more patience at the plate, draw some more walks and strike out less but you can say that about 98% of the guys out there. The good news is that he has the physical tools to allow him to do just that. For him it’s a matter of approach and the ability to make the adjustments as he moves up the levels. Assuming he remains in the OF he grades out as an above average fielder and he certainly has the bat to carry a corner outfield spot. He has the instincts and a high IQ that allows his tools in the field to play up a bit, and that kind of stuff you just can’t teach. A strong makeup has been a focus of the Yankee brass the last couple of years as they feel it allows a player to take things to another level, and Tyler has what they look for. Mike Newman of fangraphs wrote that there is no player in the Yankee system with a higher ceiling, that Austin profiles as a solid average regular with room for a bit more, and that he’s the safest bet to hit for average and power as an every day starter. Despite lacking in certain categories, his acuity and “want” as Jason Parks likes to say, can help carry him to that next level. That big bat he carries doesn’t hurt either. Look for Austin to either start out at or be knocking on the door to Trenton in 2013, on schedule to make an appearance in the majors in 2014.

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  1. When I met cashman late last summer we talked about numerous things but he said one thing that was really interesting and kinda cool “I love tall pitchers”. You gotta think the Yanks are gonna give Betances another chance in the AAA rotation. You can interpret many things from this but mind you that this was also right before we talked about Betances.

    • Cashman’s other interests include: bad trades, married women, unstable women, overvaluing lefty power hitting, and constructing ignorant and insane rules designed to ruin young pitchers.

      • Michael P….asking you, not this site.
        Do you ever have anything pleasant, or uplifting to say?

        • I sure do Patrick, but at this time I am as angry with the GM and owner of the Yankees as I have ever been in my life, as our most knowledgable fans.
          The owner of the team, who INHERITED the team from his father, which is the most valuable sports franchise in the world with an estimated worth of 2 BILLION dollars, has decided that he’s on hard times and must cut payroll.
          Will he cut concession, ticket, or parking prices? LOL!! No shot. Will he lower the cost of carrying the YES network to cable companies? NO WAY!!
          The GM hasn’t won a trade since the Clinton administration, which has exacerbated the problem with the owner.
          What would you like me to be pleasant about? The fact that on paper that the Mariners look as good as the Yankees?

          • Hal sold the Yes network to Fox sports or a controlling interest in it. I think I heard it right at the time.

            Is their anyone that heard about it at all? If so please enlighten us! I could have been having a bad day and thought I heard it!

          • Actually Cashman won a few trades. Betemit for Swisher, Tabata and some horrible pitcher for a half season of in his prime Xavier Nady [personally i like tabata but he isn't getting playing time any time soon and he is getting old for a prospect], D.J. Mitchell for Ichiro, the Hairston and Hinske trades were very very important to 09′ club, the Montero trade is up in the air for now [Jose Campos anyone?], the big ones that he messed up on were later justifiable. Kennedy had 1 really good year and then turned into a number 3 in the NL West [aka a number 4 here], and the Austin Jackson trade. We kinda lost that trade but if we had kept Jackson, Gardner might not have ever been given a chance. So really, D-backs got Kennedy+Edwin Jackson. Tigers got Scherzer and Jackson, and Yankees got Granderson+Gardner. But thats my personal opinion, I don’t think they would have given him a chance at all. BUT even if I’m wrong, thats 1 bad trade. Just 1.

            • I hated the Montero deal and question if Pineda will ever be a consistent starter in NY. But getting Campos in that deal may salvage things down the road. I interviewed Campos’ pitching coach today and he raved about him. Not just his stuff but his pitchability, smarts and intangibles. Also said he’s now healthy and has been throwing down in Tampa.

              • I’m excited about the kid. Haven’t heard a bad think about him yet. Btw I’ve been scouting the minors all around baseball recently for special players, I’ll share what I’ve found in a couple of days.

                • james…
                  Sorry about cutting up your name but it adds to much time as I am as slow as two fingers can be!

                  You are in the right spot to do the scouting and I for one want to hear much more from you, I will try to get around to the teams during the year and see as many as I can also! With your advanced scouting it would help me to pick some of the guys you are sold on and add to my list also.
                  I knew there was a reason for you coming back here, you were good before let’s see some more of your good work!
                  Bye the way, thanks for being on the spot, let us know what you can find out about Campos, both fishjam and I have liked this guy from the get go. He mentioned him above!

          • Michael P…
            I have a question for you; Is there anything about the team you do like other than one or two of the players?
            What is wrong with someone inheriting a team worth $2 B and deciding not to spend money he doesn’t have too? Besides, many big money decisions such as that, are made in the board room, not by Hal himself.
            You seem to blame Hal and Cashman for every thing but the rising taxes. Why not take him at his word? He says he is done paying about $100,000,000 every year to the other teams.
            I don’t think there is anyone on this blog that likes what is going on but, true Yankee fans take the bad with the good.
            Some fans actually think, it is a god given right for us to win the WS every year but, the baseball gods don’t pick the winners…that little white baseball bounces funny like it did for Pittsburg so many years ago.
            Michael P, you are much smarter then your rants show you to be, look deeper into things and you will find some good things to write about.

            • This is a con job by management to try and convince us they can’t spend any money. It’s sickening and a real backstabbing of the fans and current players. I find it nauseating.

              • Michael…
                Well, join the club! Many of us feel that way to some extent or another but, it is their team! It still stinks!
                I would have liked to see Josh and a few others in pinstripes but, ain’t gonna happen! :(

  2. Speaking of Austin—I hope he gets here sooner rather than later as their will be no Morse in NYY Pinstrpes.

    My hopes are fading fast. Hmmm think I maybe not renew my Extra Innings and cancel my Yes package.

    That will show them for sure!

    • jamesmoosescott

      Smart trade for each team, Oakland is probably going to go after Soto and Viciedo over the next year because they seem to actually understand the strength of platooning [much more important then most would think. Mariners get ANOTHER bat and now look to have an above average offense next year. Nats get Cole back. Yanks should consider something like this deal to bring back Montero, he would be a perfect fit DH/C/1B [backup at the later 2]

  3. jamesmoosescott

    Mariners hitting after today:
    CF: Gutierrez
    LF: Morse
    RF: Bay
    3B: Seager [kyle not his brother]
    SS: Ryan [mid-year could shift to either franklin or andino temporarily]
    2B: Ackley
    1B: Smoak
    DH: Morales
    C: Montero [or Zunino???]

    great defense at CF, SS, and 1B, horrible defense at C[maybe not?], LF, RF, and eh defense at 3B, and 2B.

    they really must see their young propects actually being relevant this year [Hultzen, Paxton, Walker, Franklin, Zunino]

  4. What exactly this has to do with the article at hand I really don’t know, but if you all would like to replace it with your own then feel free.

    • Jimmy, great article. Don’t be upset about that comments not concerning your article. We all want to scream about what Steinbrenner is doing to this team, or NOT doing, as is the case here.
      The Mariners just were able to grab a guy we wanted, who would ever have dreamed it?

      Guys like Austin can’t get to the bigs soon enough for me.

    • Jimmy…as long as you are asking…
      Yes, at this point in time, it has nothing to do with your article. So what?
      No one cares to comment on it right now. It happens to the best of us.

    • Btw Jimmy, I’m sorry i wasn’t being very relevant. It was a well written article, I should have gave ya credit. My bad.

  5. Austin’s a good kid and has a very advanced feel for the game for a young player. He could be advanced quickly.

    Now that Cashman missed the boat on Morse, he should swoop in and sign Napoli from Boston. apparently he’s only looking for a 1-yr deal now.

  6. “9:46pm: Brian Grieper, Napoli’s agent, says it is “reasonable to expect” that Napoli will have made his decision about signing with the Red Sox by next week, ESPN Boston’s Gordon Edes reports”

    Mr. Cashman, you have one week.

  7. May want to write that to Hal, Randy care of Cashman!

    • jamesmoosescott

      Agreed, Hal and Randy and co. seem to have stopped cashman from doing his job. In fact it was reported that happened with 2 deals fairly early in the winter. On was about Mark Reynolds, I have a feeling that the cashman wanted berkman early in the winter but management wasn’t buying it. There was one more but I forgot.

  8. Austins mechanics look shaky.

    • Ballpark, your back! good!
      Don’t the kids at his age always (or mostly) look that way? They have been rushing him somewhat, maybe he can work it out. We keep hearing he has very good work habits but, we hear that a lot from the coaches don’t we?
      Good to hear from you, I haven’t seen him at all but, maybe this year I will.
      How is your hitting school doing? Any Yankee kids show up?

    • Ballpark….can you go into some detail what you think is shaky?

  9. His swing looks long,his back elbow starts too high and he bars his lead arm.He has a slight hitch.
    I don’t like his lower body due to his leg kick and his back leg stiffens as his hips rotate.
    Over all he isn’t fluid and does not appear to be real athletic.
    Hey Ken ,How are you doing?I follow the site from time to time but just haven’t had the time to blog like the old days.

    • Ballpark…
      You always do good when you do show up….OK, we’ll forgive you, just because you have a real job!
      Come back soon, and as often as possible. We forgive you old people for dereliction of duty! :)

      • You got it old friend.I also find the new regime very boring as do most fans.Attendance will continue to drop for the 5 th straight year and this year could go under 3 mil if the Yanks don’t do the 2 for 1 ticket sales they had last year.Also the Yes viewers were down 10% last year.
        The Yanks are riddled with what ifs and ? marks for this season and it gets much worse next year when the genious of Cashman will have to replace his 2-3-4 in the rotation,that I want to see.

        • ballpark…
          As always you got it, 2-3-4 pitchers will be in need. 4-5 are there already in Nova and Phelps but one guy I think could help is Campos from the trade last year.
          Phelps needs a bit of improvement but Nova needs only to understand he needs to pitch as he did in 2011 not like last year…he is a ground ball pitcher not a SO pitcher!
          We will need a stud for the #2, not a good pitcher, better then ok!
          I realize I am being to optimistic but, I think it can be done.
          I hope you realize I didn’t use the two bad words; IF or MAYBE!
          Just thinking about that the last few days, with all the talk of trading away people we are going to need in the future…I hate trading away players with a good high end, for some guy we may need today for only one year! I think we will have to get use to the IF’s and ??? marks, from now on!
          Have good days until you show up again, and stay healthy! :)

        • ballpark, you could make a case that quality of players and play have little to do with attendance. Like everything else in society the economy may have more to do with it. Teams like TB, and the A’s have good teams and dont’t draw, while others like SF are good and their attendance went down even though they won the series. The big market teams like the Yanks still draw. The Yanks attendance per game was 43733 last year second to Philly in the majors, not bad. All teams have ifs with the Yanks usually having fewer than other teams. As for the pitching next year, there are some good free agents next year and though the Yanks will lose some pitchers they will also lose their high salary. At this point in time I would think that a staff of CC, Haren, Pineda, Nova, and Phelps would not be out of the question next year

          • Doug, attendance is on the rise throughout MLB yet the Yankees had their lowest attendance since 2003. It has EVERYTHING to do with the price of tickets, parking, concessions and fans being not as excited about the team on the field. The yanks will always be near the top in overall attendance because they have the largest market by a huge margin and are pernnial contenders but make no mistake, many fans are not happy with the direction of the franchise and aren’t going to the ballpark as much.

            • fishjam, we agree to dissagree on this one!

            • I’m with you Fish.The Yanks are now going to feel the loss of taking down the most prized building in sports history.They chased out many of the long time fans with the Museum stuffy stadium .I for one don’t think going to the new stadium is worth the price or trouble it is not hallowed ground and will never be!!!!!
              Someone should go to jail for tearing down the house that Ruth built.

    • ballpark, what do you think is more important, ability or swing mechanics?

      • Doug it Depends on the player.A supreme athelete can get away with some flaws ,an average athelete needs to be mechanicly sound.

        • Sorry ball park, I was wrong again you were not at work.
          This always gets me, in two lines you cut through all the bull and got to the point. Fishjam and you are good at that, me I go where my old brain takes me…mostly wondering off topic!

          • Thanks Ken but I don’t know a whole lot about hitting mechanics. My mechanics sucked as a hitter though I always did well despite them. However, i will take credit for one hitting flaw i saw. I have been saying most for a while and throughout the 2nd half last year on this site that ARod had no flexibility in his hips and was not getting drive from his lower half anymore. Wasn’t suprising to hear his doctor say in the Post the other day that he had almost no flexibility in his hips left due to the labrum problems.

            • fishjam…
              I was trying to remember who said that about A-Rod last year, back when it was printed here, I never gave it a thought, because I thought…ok, thank the gods I don’t have to write some excuse for his hitting. Twasp would have been all over me on that one.
              That was a good call,on your part! :)

              • Old Yank….. Too bad Yuri spent so much time shooting Boli in Aroid’s hips. The damage has effected his hitting……

                • twasp…
                  You are a true Liberal, you spout off about things, you think are right but, are nowhere near being so.
                  You guys tell a story so often that soon people believe it to be true, even those telling the story.
                  You know more about drugs than I do but, I read that Andy said he didn’t like the idea of shooting himself up in the stomach. So, why the heck would you say that is why he has hip troubles. Are you going to say, all the players that have had that problem are or have been on the same drugs as he was? And your statements of him using before Texas and even while with the Yankees is dumb and stupid. Your hate trip makes you want to believe all that garbage because it makes you think your hero is a better player. Go back and look at some of the 19-24-year-old pix of A-Rod, he was a skinny kid at 18-19 that grew up, just as Jeter has.
                  Why do you continually pick on the really good players of baseball and see not one thing wrong with you hero Jeter, everyone knows he has never been a gold glove SS (he got them because of his hitting and who he is)!
                  But, may the gods help one that has eyes enough to see he is and has been a great hitting SS and very sure handed on anything he gets to but not much range.

      • doug…
        to late for Ballpark, he is real busy on the weekends. But, even though I coached hitting while being manager and player up untill 2010-11 maybe 2011. If I recall, you did also.
        Any how to answer your question…ability/talent! One can be taught mechanics but, talent is there or it isn’t.
        I don’t know about you but I would make suggestions to a hitter and if he was interested he would come to me asking questions but these were all grown men not kids. So, it was a bit different.
        This is why I get upset with some of the fans criticism of Long not working with the hitters…one can’t teach some one that doesn’t believe there is anything wrong with his swing.

        • old yankee and Ballpark, people who can judge talent are worth their weight in gold. I heard a story about Rogers Hornsby when he was the hitting coach with the Cubs. He would line all the minor league hitters up after watching them hit and say you’ll make it, you won’t make it. The 2 players he picked out one year to make it were Ron Santo and Billy Williams. Two players that come to mind with ability and poor mechanics were Dave Winfield big hitch, and Roberto Clemente hit off front foot, back foot off ground. There are many different techniques of teaching hitting and the terminolgy changes, but hitters like Cano are Naturals. I remember going to a baseball clinic in Cherry Hill, and Ron Polk of Miss St. was talking about 2 of his players Rafael Palmero and Will Clark, He said Clark needed alot of hitting instruction while Palmero was a natural. He said, in 4 years at Miss St. all he said to Palmero was way to go Rafael, way to go.

          • I have never and will never argue with a man telling the truth.
            Ballpark knows more about teaching hitting than anyone I know! I always look for a weakness in anything, hell even a cup of coffee, it is my training. I have never tried to teach anyone how to hit, I have made a suggestion on how to tweak this or that and if they want more I would work with them, one on one. I am a, “let me show you” type of guy.
            Ballpark could teach a stone how to hit! A few years down the road, I take that stone and help adjust it back to where Ballpark had it or maybe a bit different. Ballpark and I look at hitting much differently, when I have them playing with me, they are older and set in their ways and can’t see what is wrong. What works for one is not going to work for everyone. How a hitter looks as he sets up, means nothing…the basics are the same…except for those you mentioned (and some others) and me.
            Bottom line, Ballpark is the consummate teacher and I fiddle. :)

          • Thats funny Doug….Winfield immediately came to my mind when I read OldYankee ask about ability/mechanics. He was a great athlete with great hand/eye coordination. Sometimes that makes up for poor mechanics. just like textbook mechanics won’t help a guy hit if he doesn’t have the following abilities: bat speed, vision, strikezone recognition, pitch recognition, hand/eye coordination and the ability to compete.

        • OldYank – There are many hitters and pitchers in MLB with less than good mechanics. It’s hard to get a guy to change when he’s done it his way for years and had success. Look at 2 pitchers in the Yankees bullpen, Joba & Robertson.

          Joba has brutal mechanics BUT God blessed him with AMAZING arm-speed which allows him to throw 95+ without using his lower half or following through.

          Robertson on the other hand is 5’10 and maybe 180 pounds. He gets all of his velocity from excellent mechanics. He uses his lower body to drive off his back foot and gets maximum arm extension and follow-through which allows him to release the ball about a foot in front of most pitchers and get late life on his fastball.

          If Joba had Robertson’s mechanics he’d be unhittable….but every player has their own gifts, abilities, shortcomings, basically strengths and weaknesses. You have to work with what you have and there are more than one way to be successful in baseball.

          • fishjam…
            You are writing what I have been saying for many years, every coach has a style they think is the best for a batter or pitcher! I have found that over the years one has a problem with his finger or a sore foot …anything at all and try to work around it by changing something very slightly. What ever the reason is, they get out of whack, as I am sure you had been a time or two.
            My MOM taught me to play baseball and after a year or two, I had to finish the job by reading and watching the good pitchers and hitters. I taught myself.
            I would think you had fine mechanics, well I didn’t, I was told to go back to football. But they changed their minds .
            Anyhow, to make a long story longer, setting up in the box to hit one has basically the same rules as pitching or playing 2nd base, Balance, bat speed, vision, strike zone recognition, pitch recognition, hand/eye coordination, talent. An eye for picking a batters weak spot (just watch his knees/legs) out! The same for pitchers! That is called Baseball instincts (see Jeter and A-Rod).

            Yes, I did copy that one part from you, you had written it much better than I could have.

            This one is because I am restless, with nothing to do, so you have to pay for it! :)

  10. A follow-up on fact and fiction regarding Mickey Mantle and drinking/smoking.
    Fiction….Mickey was drunk almost every game——-
    Fact…He was drunk for one pinch-hitting assignment, because his manager Casy told him he need not worry about tomorrows game. So, with a free, ticket he drank much too much.
    Fiction…Mickey use to go up the tunnel and smoke!
    Fact…sorry, that was Earl Weaver, not Mickey!
    As with a player we have on the team, someone make a half ass joke and some dumb “want te be reporter” will report it as true…then it becomes a fact not a joke. :)

  11. Mickey was asked why he was successful…….he said even though he drank a lot and saw 3 baseballs….. He would swing at the one in the middle.

    • Sorry Twasp, you have the quote wrong, as has a lot of writers and others. It went something like this:

      Mickey was asked by a media guy, why did you say, “If they only knew”…….he said he drank a lot last night and saw 3 baseballs… I swing at the one in the middle.

      That only happened one time as far as most of those close to the situation know. He was a big time drinker and alcoholic but, not before a game. Maybe you have forgotten the times he played. The other teammates wouldn’t put up with him drinking on the job, they made their money on the WS bonus!

      Now comes the rest of the story, He had played in about 8-9 games in a row, so Casey said have fun to-night you have tomorrow off. So, Mickey being Mickey he came to the game and had his spikes in the locker room, while he was sleeping it off, the game came to the spot Mickey always liked…clutch time…Casey called for him to get up and ready, he was going to hit next. Needless to say, he was drunk and so the story got mixed and mashed until it was nothing like the real thing.

      Just for your edification, Mickey had a bad habit of not following up and explain why on what he said, what he said was what he ment to say, if you didn’t want to know the truth don’t ask him a question.

      For some reason, over time it was made to sound as though Mickey was drunk during games…this is not true other than that one game.

      Nice to see you posting again! :)

      • Ken…..good to see you defending your heroes. Read the 1994 sports illustrated cover story where Mickey admits to many times playing with a “buzz” after a night of lavish drinking at his own bar. And how he regrets it.

        • twasp….
          Yes we all know about the games he had a buzz on for a few of them. But being drunk and a buzz are a bit different. But, again you miss the story, Mickey was trying to be the spokesman for “NOT doing as HE had”! In other words, stay clean and take care your body etc.,!

          It is not that I am sticking up for a drunk, but half-truths are not to be glossed over! I remember being there when he would talk to a reporter a few times in the real early 50′s listening to the questions and answers. Many times he would answer a question and the reporter would say something like; Mickey, you ran into the 2nd baseman on purpose? Mickey may say something like Ok, that’s it or good enough!

  12. Here’s a true story from Jim Bouton…….Mickeys teammate.

    Jim drove him somewhere and when they got out of the car He saw a drunken Mickey put change into the parking meter. When the dial pointed to 60 Mickey shouted ” Wow…. I’ve lost 100 pounds ! “

    • twasp…
      Jim Bouton took many Libertys with his book but, he pointedly never gave many dates or time of day.
      He told a lot of stuff about his fellow pitchers, some true some not so much.
      The three things he had going for himself in this world was: When he pitched, his hat fell off a lot of the time, the book and being a Yankee pitcher.
      I read the book years ago, didn’t like it any more then the Yankee team.

  13. One time Mickey fell off his chair , drunk as a skunk, and ended up under the bar. A bartender came over to Mickey laying on the floor and said “what happened” Mickey replied ” I don’t know I just got here.

  14. Mickey was also addicted to something else. ;

  15. Here is Mickey admitting to another time he was drunk on the field. Some opposing player went out with him the night before the game and they got drunk.

    So drunk that he got himself thrown out of the game on purpose!

  16. Ken – PEDS commonly cause hip lesions Due to the increased strength they put into surrounding muscle tissue and the naturally increased torque on the Hip joint.

  17. Ken…you shouldremember that the hip is a favorite place to shoot PEDS. Mickey got a hip abcess from shooting PEDS or vitamin b into his hip. And missed a WS game.

  18. Mickey was a hero , an amazing combination of speed and power…..but a very flawed human being. By most accounts a profane, womanizing alcoholic.

    The writers of the time were
    rewriting the quotes to make him more articulate, withholding the truth about his sexual indiscretions and his alcoholism, painting him as even more heroic for playing through debilitating though self-inflicted pain.

    • Good morning Urban Bloggers:….Where is everyone? All weekend, just Ken?
      For those that follow my road in life, I have just returned from purgatory. I went there
      to find peace, instead I found…..the rear end of a horse.
      Twasp, I had met Mickey Mantle twice. And, he was very nice to me, and not once…..drunk.
      Brian says have faith. I do.
      Where is everyone?

      • Back in the early 50′s-mid 50′s they use to have kids work out with some of the players, on a week day morning! Being one of the “Kitchen Trash” we got in more then most of the kids did!
        I was about 12-14 years old, but I remember he and I once or twice warmed up each other, I had heard about his knuckle ball (I was 14 at that time?) being so great, I threw him mine, he laughed and yelled out to Eddie (Lopat), “You been teaching these kids how to throw my pitch?” anyhow we mixed in a k-ball every so often. I think I played catch with him once maybe twice but once for sure
        Eddie Lopat and I had been conversing for years, well to me it ment something, to him just another kid.
        And yes Eddie tought me one hell of a lot about pitching and how to pick-up keys on a hitter. He showed me how to make three pitches into 9 pitches.
        Rizzuto was the guy that helped me push and pull a bunt, soft and hard and to bunt for a hit Left handed!
        The guys seemed to like the easy way Casey did things, they were always relaxed and having fun.
        Casey would walk around and make or show someone how to do a certain thing the right way.
        I think I was at maybe 10 to 15 of those AM get togethers, over a three to five-year time line. I moved away soon after that.
        I remember Joe “D” as an ornery so and so. He never would answer one of the guys questions, it was as though we were not even there.

        • Kenny…that was your best post ever. A part of history, never to be seen again.
          So much is posted on blogs, that is boring, and dumb. Not that one.
          That last one was special. Thank-you.

        • Now that is a good post Kenny. Rather than defending womanizers, PED users and drunks…….this post is where you are the best.

          • Twasp…
            Maybe you forgot, I and many others “Defend the rights of the USA”. One I have always liked is Defend those that can’t do so themselves. Guys you dislike; Babe, Mickey, and A-Rod it’s funny, they can’t defend themselves, two are dead and one can’t because, anything he says will be taken out of content and made to sound like he is trying to alibi out of something that happened years ago.
            Which is something he hasn’t done, like I said, he is a man and has been a stand-up guy. He is paying for his mistake every day he steps on the field but, takes it…like a man. That is what makes him a bit different from some of those that are always crying about how they are be judged unfairly etc.,! If one has to tear down one person to make another look better, that means he truly is lacking in some skill the other has!
            Damn, this is getting better every day! :)

            • Mickey told a story to Bob Costas that showed how he inflicted pain on himself:

              “Me and Billy were out on the town one night …..a few six packs of Pabst Blue Ribbon and a carton of Camels…… Well the next day we both had a pretty good buzz on , so Billy sat out the game but I played. First ball hit to me , I damn stumbled over a rain drain. A drain I saw every game but this time I was too hungover to see”

    • What the hell are you talking about…”Self inflicted pain”? He had osteomyelitis in his leg bones.
      I once saw a picture of his injuries, none were caused from his drinking. He was also the fastest healer I ever heard of.
      He played with pain and injuries everyday of his life, there was no faking it! I think he had about 20+ injuries over the years! I know he was taped up every day from head to toe…except for one of his shoulders.
      As for all the rest, you got it but, isn’t everyone flawed to some extent?

      • old Urban Blogger Kenyankee-7….good morning. Where is everyone?
        I met Mantle twice. When I was 9-10 years old, and just before he past. Nice man. Gentle.
        He had many maladies, and we are all human. Don’t get mad at Twasp. He is only pushing
        the envelope. Him, and I, are big fans of old-7.
        Where is everyone?
        Talk later. Take care.

  19. I GIVE-UP!….where is everyone hiding? At a saloon celebrating Obama’s swearing in?…Jesus!
    I know where one is, I left him this morning.
    That said…..No Yankee player smoke signals. I’ve checked all over the blog world. Nothing.
    The real winner this weekend…David Wright. Have you seen his fiancee? Beautiful.

    • Twasp and I have an understanding…I am the Aggressive Alpha Male, he is the passive alpha male.
      What do you think does that work?
      If I didn’t answer his stuff the way I do, he would refuse to play any more. I am having fun the way things are going.
      Sorry I had to cut and run this AM but, house work was calling me to remember the only 2 LAWs in this house, set down by the boss herself is: “I am the boss and the second rule is, Never ever forget the 1st law. So the Bosses “Honey Do List” must be done on time or I sleep with the dogs for a few days.

      • oldKenny-7….Working with a ex-Special Forces guy, who served in Vietnam….65-72.
        He taught me a new term…..”ghosting”: regarding another’ work habits.
        Do you know that term?….was new to me.

        • Tell the truth that was a bit after my time. I have heard that word used but, am not sure if I can relate the meaning right, it was a year or two back. About like phoning or texting it in;

          Phoning it in, means doing something without giving a shit!
          Texting it in takes not caring about something to new heights.

          You know, like Joe T’s book. When asked about specific things in the book, he didn’t even know they were in it!

  20. Yankee-7Kenny…………….the example of ghosting, as explained to me.
    Sgt, where is Private Dan? The Sgt responds, I don’t know, he disappeared…he’s ghosting.
    In the fleet, we called it skating. ( When it’s time for work, you can not find someone )
    Joe T’s book….how could he know anything, he did not write it….Not again, a Ghost writter!

  21. YANKA-FAN………….from MLB Trade Rumors:
    “The Yankees don’t have interest in Jim Thome, Hale reports.”

  22. jamesmoosescott

    Yankees need a low cost, power hitting righty, and God responds with the World Baseball Classic being this year, I’m praying Jose Abreu escapes during this time. He is the perfect fit.

  23. I’m beginning to think it’s us! Ex-patriots from iYankees caused a strike. A walkout.
    Yeah, that must be it.
    No trade winds……..we are becalmed.

  24. posted an interview with Austin. Covered a lot of the same topics I did when I interviewed him this Spring but also mentioned he was invited to big league Spring Training.

    My interview with him from May 2012:

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