Trenton Projections

Last month John Norris from Minor Matters wrote up his projections of the 2013 Trenton Thunder roster. John, along with Mike Ashmore serve as beat writers for the Yanks’ AA affiliate and do an excellent job of relaying information to us fans. With the 2013 roster likely to be a pretty exciting one with all four of our top prospects having a shot at making an appearance in Jersey this year I thought an article was in order. It really doesn’t get any better than what these guys do as far as keeping us in tune with Trenton, so I’ll refer to their take on the upcoming season. Below is John’s projected roster:

1 – J.R. Murphy – C
2 – Jeff Farnham – C
3 – Kyle Roller – 1B
4 – Jose Pirela – 2B
5 – Jose Mojica – SS
6 – Kevin Mahoney – 3B
7 – Slade Heathcott – OF
8 – Ramon Flores – OF
9 – Tyler Austin – OF
10 – Rob Segedin – OF
11 – Jose Toussen – IF
12 – Adonis Garcia – OF
13 – Jose Ramirez – SP
14 – Nik Turley – SP
15 – Zach Nuding – SP
16 – Mikey O’Brien – SP
17 – Shane Greene SP
18 – Tommy Kahnle – RP
19 – Branden Pinder – RP
20 – Dan Burawa – RP
21 – Kramer Sneed – RP
22 – Graham Stoneburner – RP
23 – Cory Arbiso – RP
24 – Rigoberto Arrebato – RP
25 – Manny Barreda – RP

I can’t really disagree with much here at all. Aside from some minor issues that are dependant on where the rosters of other teams end up I think he’s pretty spot on. JR Murphy made his way to AA last year and got off to a slow start. This is nothing new for him, so some more time in Trenton could very well see him take a step forward from last years performance. Both Heathcott and Flores are all but sure bets to start the year in Trenton; they both put up very good numbers in 2012 and Heathcott, as everyone is probably aware by now tore it up in the AFL and got people talking about him again. Kyle Roller and Jose Pirela, who had a bit of a breakout last year are also shoo-ins for the right side of the infield. Relievers Kahnle, Pinder and Sneed are a safe bet, along with Barreda and Arrebato. Danny Burawa is coming off a season long injury but should be ready to go come spring, and could join recently converted Graham Stoneburner in the bullpen. The starting five all look to be locked in as well, and it looks pretty good for the Thunder. YFU favorite Nik Turley will take the hill in 2013 after a nice 2012 campaign. He’ll be joined by Jose Ramirez who had a rebound season and with a breaking ball that he’s finally comfortable with and two plus to plus plus pitches they look to be a very good 1-2 combo. Zach Nuding looks to get back on track after a bit of an up and down season, and he’ll be followed by Mikey O’Brien and Shane Greene, who both had their share of inconsistencies but have some upside.

There are a few question marks however; both Rob Segedin and Abe Almonte could end up getting the initial nod in left field pushing Tyler Austin back to Tampa. I’m not really opposed to this, as I don’t think he’d be there long. He held his own in Tampa but was missing a bit of power. He did look good in his limited AB’s at the AA level last season and in the playoffs but getting him going in Tampa and then turning him loose for the Thunder wouldn’t be the worst thing. So long as he’s not wasting away down there I have no problems with that. The shortstop position could also change by the time they hit the field. Walter Ibarra spent a bunch of time on the DL last year and is a MiL FA this year, but if he gets re-signed he’d slot right in at short.

The Thunder made a great run last year, helping manager Tony Franklin win the manager of the year award and making a playoff run. Much like the Charleston and Tampa rosters of 2012 Trenton looks to feature quite a few future major league candidates and take another stab at the post season.

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  1. Ken – congrats on your new gravatar . Haven’t seen such a happy couple since Morticia and Gomez.

  2. Ken…did you know Mickey Mantle would take his teammates up to the hotels roof to go, what they called, beaver hunting? He would bring binoculars and they would look into other guests windows to see naked women.

    Role model? Hero?

    • Twasp, have you forgotten, I was the one that told you about that book you quote from. You should be ashamed of yourself, you are always miss quoting things. When you change one or two words in a quote it changes the whole meaning of the quote.
      You keep forgetting, I was running around back in those days. Much of what you write is just not exactly how things happened.

      I don’t get it, you are so quick to criticize some of the best of the best ball players with stores that have been told and retold so often they have little truth to them any more. What you printed did happen but not as you say it did.
      1–Mickey didn’t bring anyone anywhere they did it all the time…
      2–they all (mostly) had binoculars
      3–Role model? Hero?

      Yup, you damn right he and the others you keep trying to slander are some of the greatest players to ever play the game. But, because they have been human and had fun you rant on them. I will bet they lived and had more fun then your boy has had in his life. I have never seen him enjoy himself ever.

      You always bring up how the older reporters would protect the players. Jeter can go out with some of the best women and nothing is ever printed about them. A-Rod do the same thing and it hits the sports pages, like, sense when has it been a no, no for a girl to feed her man pop corn? That is news? come on….

      I know you always want to push things, so be it, but don’t be such a hypocrite. Players are more business now days but, back then, they had to kill time before or after games.

      Other than that, your rants were bad, and a bit false as usual! :)

      • Ha ha……all my facts come from teammates quotes. Gotta believe they knew more about the truth regarding Mickey and Arod….than you do.

        • Yes you are right in that one fact but, you forget human nature! A story is talked about and talked about then someone will write it in a magazine or book. Sometimes the story is changed just a word or two (you know how it’s done) to make it funnier than it was.

          As for the stories, you keep telling about A-Rod using from high school on to and with the Yankees. Just because one or even a few say it is something they heard from this guy that heard it from this other guy…bottom line is, no one knows these other guys at all. You know it is untrue but, like a good liberal, you can’t let it go, it fits to nicely into your twisted agenda!

          You must lead a very sheltered life, if you believe everything you read! You sure haven’t had to deal with hundreds of different personalities…now that is what I call fun.

          Speaking of which, are we having fun Now?

          Now is when all good men go to bed…I have nothing to do tomorrow but, still it will be tomorrow, right?

          • Ken….we don’t know if Arod used from HS on. I never said he did. I never said he didn’t. But if I had to bet…..I wouldn’t take his word for it…as he is a liar.

            • If he is, then so is Andy! But for some reason, I never hear a word from you, or anyone, about him being a liar.

              And yes, you pointed out others had said he used all that time…question; by others you mean…..?????
              And that is called, perpetuating a lie, which by definition is a lie!
              Damn, I’m having a great day, how about you?

              Ok, that’s enough of our little cat fight, this is a sports blog for the Yankees, to embrace them and be positive and up lifting for the players…let’s get back to the bacics…the team! :)

              • The reason you never hear anyone criticizing Andy is because he never lied. He never said ” I didn’t do PEDs”. He admitted to it right away.

                Aroid went on national TV and lied. How can you trust him when he says he used for only 3 years? I don’t think you are that naive. Are you?

                • Now that is a lie, he said he didn’t then came clean later when he had to, and tried to alibi out by saying he took it to heal faster. Come on Twasp, what is good for the goose is good for the gander right? When A-Rod got outed, he took it like a man, no excuses at all. I have no knowledge of anyone…that was outed…not lieing, until they were made to admit it.
                  Those that haven’t admitted to it didn’t get in the HoF, did they?

                  • I don’t remember Andy ever saying he didn’t do it…….. Before you call it a lie…….do you have proof he denied it? Or are you telling a lie because you know Arod ia a liar and a cheat. Just like Mantle who took greenies and cheated on his wife.

          • Ken … is the story straight from a teammate who was there:

            “We have been out the night before, having a few drinks, and Mickey came to the clubhouse the next day, and he was a little hung over. So, you know, Ralph Houk said, ‘Don’t worry about it. Sleep it off in the trainer’s room. We’ll put somebody else in center field.’ Anyway, the game goes extra innings. We need a pinch-hitter in the 10th. Somebody went to wake up the Mick. He comes out, put a bat in his hands. He walks up to home plate, takes one practice swing and hits the first pitch into the left field bleachers, a tremendous blast.

            “Guys are going nuts. He comes over, crosses home plate. Actually, he missed home plate. We have to send him back for that. He comes over to the dugout, and he looks up in the stands, and he says, those people don’t know how tough that really was. Then after the game, the sportswriter said, ‘Mick, how did you that?’ … And he said, ‘Well, it was very simple. I saw three balls and hit the middle ball.’ “

  3. Ken …Did you know Arod , during the playoffs against Detroit, when they were getting pounded, was flirting in the dugout with girls in the stands?

    And people say he changed?

    • Tommy T…you were right, There were three kids, who passed out after smelling
      the beer on Mantles glove. Sept. 1960. The little one, called Charlie, went on to
      become the Mayor of Poughkeepsie, NY.

    • The first pictures showed three (?) others there with him but, the picture that was printed showed him alone. Much better story isn’t it?

  4. TRY THIS ONE….Jason Kubel.
    Jason James Kubel
    Positions: Outfielder and Designated Hitter
    Bats: Left, Throws: Right
    Height: 6′ 0″, Weight: 220 lb.
    Born: May 25, 1982 in Belle Fourche, SD (Age 30)

    I’ve thrown everyone out there, except BCD…Big City of Dreams

  5. Babe Ruth – women and hot dogs

    Mickey Mantle – Pabst Blue Ribbon and Camels

    Joe D. Coffee

    Billy Martin – Schlitz

    Darryl Strawberry – coke

    Aroid – Boli

    Derek Jeter – no vices – class act

    • Tommy T….you forgot one:
      Ramiro Pena…Bullfighting and Chinaco Blanco Tequila

    • Twasp…
      Wrong again, Joe “D” Coffee and Camels.

      Jeter Nothing at all, that reminds me of the reporters covering up for the Yankees all those years.

      Class act would have been for him to welcome A-Rod to the Yankees, but he NEVER welcomed him at all, in fact, he and Joe T, made it known they didn’t want him on the team.

      Jeter came out and backed Jason and Andy when they admitted to using the same as A-Rod…they even denied it for a very long time. Where is it printed he has ever come out and backed anyone on the team other than his personal pals…Mo, Posada, Jason, Andy and Bernie. He is not a Captain at all, a captain takes the side of his players and protects them from management and the world if need be!

      Are we having fun yet!? I am! :)

      • Jeter didn’t like Arod after Arod disrespected him in SI.

        Torre didn’t like Arod becausevArod was a Prima Donna.

        The other Yankee teammates didn’t like Arod because they thought he was a fraud.

        You reap what you sow……don’t blame Jeter.

        • Jeter didn’t like Arod after Arod disrespected him in SI.—–True but Captains and real team mates, let that stuff pass. He was just mad because A-Rod told the truth.

          Torre didn’t like Arod because Arod was a Prima Donna.—–No, not at all, that was a story made up by Joe T., Joe had complained to Cashman about A-Rod coming to the Yankees, before he ever got there.

          The other Yankee teammates didn’t like Arod because they thought he was a fraud.—–The word FRAUD came from Joe T himself, when asked about A-Rod he said he was the biggest fraud on the team. Also, put it in his book!

          You reap what you sow……don’t blame Jeter.—-Why not? If he had just stood up and acted the part of Captain, welcome a new player to the team, much of this could have been cut short.
          By the way, who do you think the players would back in a silent war between Jeter and A-Rod when the manager and the Captain have both made it clear they don’t like A-Rod? Jeter is the answer.

          After Joe T. was fired (in reality) he got mad at Cash for not backing him up. Here is a guy that was a looser his whole managing life and thought he was more important than his boss (Cash) and didn’t have to follow orders if he didn’t like them.

          After he was gone, things started to change, the players started to take A-Rod as he was, not the way they were told he was. Heck, even Itchy knows how good A-Rod can be.

          That is enough for tonight but I have a question for you…are you having fun yet? :)

    • Ruth- hot dogs and Coke which had cocaine in it at the time.

    • Doug…what did you think of the baseball writers keeping out the juicers?

  6. True story – John Milner. Former Met, said that Willie Mays kept a bottle of red liquid in his locker, that he drank before games. Liquid amphetamine. Juicer. Is it as bad as MacGuire juicing with steroids? Or Clemens with HGH? Or Bonds with Testosterone?

  7. Patrick/Ken…….what do you think of the Baseball writers not voting in any of the juicers to the HOF? Are they right to keep Clemens, MacGuire, Bonds out?

    • I think so but, only because they juiced and then went on to set records and also used for many years.
      Guys like Andy, A-Rod and a few others we all know tried but quit, should have to wait for a couple of years more.

      Bonds is the one I really was distressed about but, only because he would have been able to be in the record books with out the juice. Someday they will come up with the truth about many other guys, guys like, for example; Reggie Jackson or even Jeter and CC…who knows, who was and wasn’t using? I wouldn’t be surprised to find some players already in that should not have gotten in but for the help of PEDs etc.!

      • Ken…if Jeter was using don’t you think he would have bulked up like Bonds, macGuire, Sosa, palmeiro, Aroid, Canseco etc..

        Don’t you think he would have had more power and hit more home runs?

  8. Fish – I think this years team will not be so one-dimensional. Their offense will be equally potent ..power and speed.


    A rod



    When the home runs are not coming…we will be able to manufacture runs.

  9. The difference between Jeter and Arod dating…….Arod dated Hookers (strippers) when he was married..and had a baby girl. Jeter dates nice girls.

  10. Something new…patrick’s Farm Team Reports.
    Tonight: The Charleston RiverDogs.
    Last year they finished 34-35. Right behind August, for fourth place.
    Note, starting times for Saturday home games in 2013, will be 6.05 PM.
    Wade Boggs, will be here for a meet, and greet. More on that later.

  11. According to Bouton…..he once saw Mickey close the bus window on some kids hands when they were looking for autographs. Mickey was in a bad mood from a hangover headache.

    • Now, That is a big stretch. Kids are about 5′ 6″ at tops right? Have you ever tried to reach into a busses window? Can’t be done, the busses in those days were big high things. But it helped sell books!

  12. Patrick….what other former players are scheduled for meet and greets this year?

  13. TWASP…glad you asked. Also scheduled for meet and greets this season:
    Moose Skowron, Hank Bauer, and Marcus Thames.

  14. Isn’t Moose dead?

  15. T…Re: Skowron…as Hillary Clinton said today…”what difference does that make?”

  16. Don’t awaken the pompous ass! Good night, Cowgirls.

  17. Jimmy T. Nice article. THis is going to be the team to watch this year. So many guys on the cusp of being house hold names.

    Status: Free agent

    Full Name: Daniel Ryan Johnson
    Born: 8/10/1979 in Coon Rapids, MN

    Bats/Throws: L/R
    HT: 6’2”
    WT: 210
    Bio >

    Debut: 5/27/2005
    College: Nebraska

  19. Ken Reed, TWASP, and now Doug….STOP-IT!!
    You three are like old women. Widowed, old women!
    Everyday, over and over…Mantle, beer..Alex, hgh..Jeter, no wife/gay pride? Enough, already!
    Follow my lead. I’ll get you back on track.

  20. Patrick/Kenny – who is the only player in the history of baseball to win both the All Star MVP and the World Series MVP?

  21. Finally, the Yanks have some real prospects in Trenton. Last year they had some nice players like Zoilo, Marshall & Adams but no major prospects.

    This year’s OF of Slade, Austin & Flores will be awesome to watch. Murphy is a nice hitter and the pitchers will be fun to watch also. Ramirez has an electric arm, throwing upper 90′s and Turley is a poor man’s Andy Pettitte.

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