Would the Yankees mind if A-Rod never came back?


UPDATE: per Daily News, ARod, Melky, Gio Gonzalez, Nelson Cruz and others linked to Anthony Bosch, who is target of HGH/drug investigation by DEA & MLB.  The below is straight from the Daily News:

As the Daily News first reported Saturday, federal investigators from the DEA and Florida, as well as MLB’s Department of Investigations, have been probing the link between Bosch and the Yankees’ third baseman, and as many as 20 other active players, for several months. According to sources, federal agents have already interviewed Bosch.

“It’s the tip of the iceberg,” said one law enforcement source.

Rodriguez’s name appears many times in Bosch’s reports and in a notebook, according to the Miami New Times, under his own name as well as the aliases “Alex Rod” or “Cacique” — his nickname at the now-shuttered clinic — as having received testosterone cream and insulin-like growth factor and other types of growth hormone.  Rodriguez’s account with Bosch was “paid through April 30th” of 2012, according to the records cited by the newspaper. The account dates back to 2009, according to the report. Rodriguez still has five years, $114 million remaining on his Yankee contract.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: I was skimming through the New York Daily News website on Saturday to read the sports section wanting to know what some of the columnists had to say about the idle Yankees, and there was one article that caught my eye. Under the Yankees section of the Daily News, Bill Madden wrote about the on-going Alex Rodriguez saga. We all knew that Alex Rodriguez was going to have hip surgery. We all knew that he could have been out at least until mid-July. But the title of the article had me wanting to read more. “Yankees would not be at all unhappy if Alex Rodriguez misses next season or never comes back.

Would the Yankees miss A-Rod if he decided to never come back?

Would the Yankees miss A-Rod if he decided to never come back?

Brian Cashman made a call to WFAN to talk about Alex Rodriguez possibly missing the season and while he showed some uncertainty over the future of A-Rod, he didn’t seem all that sad about it. It could be because he’s a business man and is supposed to be professional about his players but from the way Cashman spoke on the phone, his tone implicated that he wasn’t at all concerned.

The Yankees went out to get a new third baseman in the former Red Sox turned Yankee, Kevin Youkilis, probably meaning that if Youkilis performed up to par then the Yankees wouldn’t miss A-Rod as much. Alex Rodriguez is easily one of the most controversial Yankees of this decade, practically being paid gigantic money for mediocre numbers, also adding to the fact that A-Rod had taken PED’s in his past.

I understand that the PED’s was a mistake (as most ballplayers that are caught using steroids say), but A-Rod’s on-going antics on the field is what get’s fans riled up, and not in a good way. Last season, A-Rod was constantly injured, had an abysmal postseason which we could easily say was the hip injury and flirted with female fans, while the Yankees were losing! The New York Post front cover after the Yankees were eliminated from the playoffs still hurts to this day.

The good news is that the Yankees would easily be able to eat up A-Rod’s contract, keeping the $28 Million promised to A-Rod due to having an “insurance policy” on the player. The insurance works if a player has missed more than four months of the season and it’s minimal unless the player misses the entire season. (To answer questions before they are asked, neither Mariano Rivera nor Brett Gardner had insurance policies in their contracts even though they missed almost the entire season last year).

From a business stand point, the Yankees would probably want A-Rod to never come back since it would eat up his remaining contract and save them more money in the long run. I personally will always be grateful for the 2009 A-Rod run to the World Series, but honestly, I think this time he might want to consider hanging up his cleats for good. His body is breaking down, and fans don’t want to pay money to watch A-Rod decline if he ever comes back.

To read the Daily News article, Click Here
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About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. I wouldn’t mind. I wish they could void his contract and be done with him.

  2. The Yankees would be ESTATIC if ARod never comes back. If he can never play again due to injury, they would recoup approximately 85% of the $114 Million they owe him plus not have to pay the $30M in performance bonuses. Hal would do fucking cart-wheels if he could save the $100 Million plus from ARod and if this newest steroid/HGH stuff can be proved, maybe Alex will use the hip injury as a reason/excuse to ride off into the sunset. He’d still collect his $114M and he wouldn’t have to deal with the scrutiny. That’s basically what Barry Bonds did, although with him it was the government coming after him hard also. Perhaps the DEA will start putting pressure on ARod at MLB’s behest.

    It’s not clear how much of a luxury-tax savings it would be if Alex never came back but it would have to be significant. All of this is still a long-shot but not entirely impossible.

  3. I read the article also, it is another hit pice on A-Rod. Nothing but innuendos and supposition, with his opinions thrown in for good measure.
    Right away he has a built-in readership just by putting A-Rods name in the head lines. But the thing that I dislike about almost every reporter is they, as do most fans, buy into all the unsubstantiated story’s as if they were the truth, when in fact it was all guesses and opinion, nothing more! At the end, as with most fans is a trial, conviction and sentencing of a Yankee player for being injured off and on the last three years.
    When healthy, he is still one of the better players in the league. The only other player I have ever seen hated by the Yankee fans is, the pitcher we had for three (?) years and only pitched about two or three games.
    Some of you read about A-Rod and believe every word printed therein! If the same pice was written about, lay’s say Cano, would you find a way to say; “Prove it” but not with A-Rod!

    I think A-Rod crossed the line by using PEDs but, he hasn’t as a Yankee, I don’t have respect for him as a person…but as a ball player, he is a Yankee. I don’t leave my people behind, as some, seem to have with one of our own. When will he no longer have to prove himself as a player, has anyone ever heard him ask for forgiveness….I, think not? I won’t ever forgive him…as a person.

    Grow up, the world is not a fairy tale, it is real life, with real people, that make mistakes, 90% of the stuff you see and read about him is made to look or sound much worse than it is, because it sells.
    I don’t enjoy having to stick-up for A-Rod all the time but, if I don’t …will any of you?

    Fire away… :) :(

    • Ken, in my book, I give every one in life the benefit of the doubt on allegations because I know how easy it is for law enforcement and other powers that be to make allegations, especially against the little guy. However, first off, ARod has made $500 Million in baseball so he is no “little guy”. Secondly, people lose that benefit of the doubt with me when they lie to me. ARod lied for years about PED use and only made a partial admission when caught red-handed. And now, his statement regarding this latest situation, sounds like a statement made by Bill Clinton when he got caught.

      He said he was never a patient of Anthony Bosch and never met Anthony Bosch. OK, well that is a difficult thing to prove 100% so it’s a safe comment. BUT, what speaks volumes to me is what he DIDN’T say……..he didn’t say that he has not done any steroids or HGH since 2003. If he were totally innocent of these allegations, he would say that. In the past when asked, he also never said that. What he says is “I have been tested many times and always test clean”. Once again, lawyer speak.

      And this isn’t me picking on ARod. Roger Clemens was a childhood HERO of mine. Do I believe he never took steroids…….no way. I think he’s guilty also even though he wasn’t convicted by a court of law. O.J. got off too…..when you have money in this country you can get away with a lot of things.

      • He’s also into black magic; somehow he managed to be in a clinic in Florida in April and at the same time in Yankee stadium. Pretty awesome.

        Does anyone know urgent paper that released all this stuff is the least bit legitimate, or is it the equivalent to the National Enquirer?

        Will anyone in baseball give a s*** that one of the better pitchers in the NL last year was implicated or is all Arod all Day? Lol.

        Not to say that I’m not disappointed in Alex, but let’s be honest….the jerkwads that run this show are a bunch of pansy’s that turned the other cheek while the money was rolling in, and then once the gov’t got involved they still made but a half assed effort to curta PED’s.

        Maybe Alex needs Ray Lewis’ PR people….that guy was caught cheating and implicated in a pair of murders and all people can talk about is his great career and what an outstanding guy he is. Derp.

        • “urgent” should be “about”

          Eat me, autospell.

        • Jimmy, the referenceto April 13-18 only said “I need to see him between April 13-19, deliver troches, pink cream, and… May meds” It didn’t say ARod had to come to Florida. I think the word “deliver” infers the opposite.

          I don’t know anything about this paper that ran the report. All I know is what I read in Daily News which referred to it as an up in coming indie paper kind of similar to the Village Voice.

          I don’t KNOW this is true but according to ESPN the Yankees are exploring ways to get out of ARod’s contract. We shall see…..it will take a lot of time to determine. the outcome.

      • you won’ t find Jeter in Bosch’ s appointment book

      • fishjam…
        Not to put words in your mouth but, you are fine with Andy, even after he lied and told three different storys before he settled on one?

        Everyone that got outed lied at first, so I ask again…why the big hate for one player?

        Not trying to be disrespectful of your likes or dislikes, i just can’t seem to get it.
        That’s the only reason I asked!

        Like I said before, I have no respect for A-Rod as a person but, while he is a Yankee he has my backing all the way, as does the bench players.

        • Ken, the difference between Andy & Alex is Andy never denied using. He was named in the Mitchell Report and days later admitted to it.

          And yes, when it comes down to it, I give Andy a little more credibility for being a family man, Christian and someone who carries himself with class. Doesn’t mean he’s not really a dick but he’s managed to keep a great image all these years.

          Also, the biggest thing with Alex is the nosedive in performance after the steroid allegations. He is a mere shadow of a player since 2009 and went from an ironman to a guy who can’t stay on the field.

          But for the most part, most of the steroid stories we have heard have eventually turned out to be true, so I don’t think we should believe this one is automatically a hoax.

          • We have been hearing about him using for years but, he is tested more than most and found to be clean. Proof, is what the name of the game is!

            Andy had two storys he floated out there, and chose one. So, he lied, I hate lies more than anything.
            So maybe you can understand, I have no respect for A-Rod at all. But I want Proof, the media trots him out on any slow news day and make an accusation about him…its good press!

            Thanks for letting me know your reasoning! :)

            • I’m far from an expert on PED testing. But the way I understand it is Steroids are very easy to test for. That is what the 100+ players tested positive for in 2003, including ARod.

              What the players in this report are accussed of taking is HGH – human growth hormone. It is extremley difficult to test for HGH. I believe only a blood test is considered remotely accurate and only when compared to previous samples of the person to guage testosterone levels. Only this year did the MLBPA agree to blood testing. The drugs in this report (the creme and lozenge form) are said to be extremley difficult to detect because of their rapid release from the body.

              So that is one possible reason for clean tests. Also, there are dozens of ways to cheat a drug test. Lance Armstrong passed repeated drug tests for his entire career yet was using PEDs the entire time.

  4. well put Fish……….only the complete naive believe what Aroid says.

    • In the statement he issued he never denied using HGH or testosterone, so what’s not to believe? It’s very likely he didn’t deal directly with Bosch, so technically he isn’t lying.

      Did he use? Very possible, but then again he didn’t say he wasnt.

      • That’s exactly my point. If he is clean, just say he hasn’t used like Gio Gonzalez said. He hasn’t refuted the story at all…..he’s giving a guarded answer which leads me to believe he is hiding something.

        • fishjam…

          He has been there and done that, he has to make sure none of his words can be twisted to mean something other than what he said.
          This is Gios’ first time in the hot seat

          “There is this little thing that makes you (the accuser) prove him guilty, do so!
          The reason it is set-up that way is very simple….it is impossible to disprove a negative!”

          It’s just like the time they tried to link A-Rod to gambling at a private poker party and using Drugs.

          • I never said a word about the gambling story because it was meaningless. I don’t care if a player plays poker in his private time. This is different.

            And how is this accusation any different than the accusation made by the Sports Illustrated reporter the first time he got caught?

            Everyone said the same thing then….that Selena Roberts was trying trying to persecute Alex and that it was innuendo. Well, it turned out to be true. And I don’t see MLB or the new York yankees coming to Alex’ defense right now.

            And like I said before, I really don’t even care if he used again or not. The only reason why I want it to be true is hopefully it will make ARod and his contract more likely to retire. If Arod was still hitting 50 HRs a year with a 1.100 OPS, i would feel differently. It’s not a personality thing with me but a value thing. For the same reasons i wanted Kei Igawa, AJ Burnett and Carl Pavano to go away, I want Alex to go away. That $114-144 Million can be spent a lot better for this team.

            • Fish noone leaks a story like this without having their i’s dotted and their t’s crossed. I’d love to believe he’s innocent but I see little chance of that.
              His judgement is as bad as any player since Gooden and Strawberry were blowing HOF talent(pardon the pun)

              • Probably right Mike. If it was just the newspaper I might not believe it, but there is definitely a DEA investigation and neither MLB or the yankees have said a word to defend anyone.

                • Feds never allow leaks until they already have everything they need. It’s time for Selig to do what Ozzie Guillen said to do two summers ago, just leak every name on the original list of cheaters, everyone whose tested positive before or since, and everyone involved here or these never ending incidents will just keep arising and casting a huge shadow on the game.
                  Until this is all flushed, it will just keep eroding at the game.

                  • “Feds never allow leaks until they already have everything they need.”

                    You have got to be kidding with a statement like that! They do it all the time.

                  • Michael, you are assuming that the list is all the players that took PEDs. I think the list is just the tip of the iceberg. Have you ever looked at most football players, they are all taking something. It’s a joke to me, that baseball pays so much attention to PEDs while football gets a free ride.

            • fishjam…
              I have no idea, if the story is true or not but, I brought up the other story to point out how the media will take a, someone said because he was in town etc., he had to have been at the poker game etc!

              In other words, A-Rods cousin is in Fla. therefore A-Rod is using again, in other words they are making 1 + 1 = 3 but, that’s ok, because the story could be true, that’s why he is here right?

              If the story were true, would he not be considered the dumbest user in the world.

              Then i May be wrong because I want him to play as you pointed out.

  5. Some of you read about A-Rod and believe every word printed therein! If the same pice was written about, lay’s say Cano, would you find a way to say; “Prove it”, you are darn right you would but….not with A-Rod!

    There is evidence showing him as being clean as a Yankee!

    Where is the proof he hasn’t been?

    There is this little thing that makes you (the accuser) prove him guilty, do so!
    The reason it is set-up that way is very simple….it is impossible to disprove a negative!

    I knew I would be taken to task (in a very round about way) for writing what I did, so I have no ill feelings about anyone jumping all over my comments. Have at it, I knew how each of you all thought about A-Rod, everyone except one of you.

    Have a good pm, later! :)

    • ken, you are right. I would give Cano and anyone never caught before the benefit of the doubt. But ARod’s previous lies leave him open to doubts.

      I don’t neccessarily hate ARod as a person….I really don’t care either way. I root for the uniform, My only rooting interest in this is for my team….the New York Yankees. And it is in the best interest of the Yankees to try to get out of this contract which is THE worst deal in the history of sport and greatly effects their ability to field a winner for the next 5 years. If this means they can void it or if it helps put pressure on Alex to walk away from the game so the Yanks can get the insurance money….its a huge win for the team and the fans.

      • fishjam…
        Ok, I’ll by that, I may add; doubts are doubts not an indictments!

        I got it now, I too would like to see him walk away with a small buy-out but, only if he can’t do the team any good. I honestly think he will walk away if, he can’t play at better rate than most other players.
        If he can come back at 3/4+ of what he was, I’ll take it to the bank.

        In baseball nowadays a contract is a contract, both partys signed it in good faith. Both have done their part to uphold the contract. It may be (and is) good business to void the big contract but, very risky!

        • Agreed, the yanks have no one but themselves (really Hank S.) for the contract. But it could be that he was using steroids up until 2008 when he got caught and hasn’t been the same player since without them. In that case, they could argue they were mis-led.

          And Ken you are right….this story could be complete bullshit. I have doubts about ARod but I also don’t know ANYTHING about the paper making the accusation. They could be less credible than Alex….time will tell.

          • I don’t think so fishjam! The thing I read about it stated the MLB had the list or knew the names on the list long before A-Rod left Texas. When he came to the Yankees he had a full check-up/examination, they started testing him along with others that year.
            His hip problem has nothing to do with PEDs or anything like that. One of the things I found out was Leg and Foot problems are the first signs of PEDs.
            A-Rod has had the same hip injury as many other baseball players have had over the years, it started about 2009 remember!

            Anyhow it rally doesn’t matter, we are stuck with him until or unless he walks, which I think he will do.
            Again, you maybe right and they void the contract on those grounds.

            Who knows!….tomarrow!

            • Aroid knew he wasn’t going to be tested for HGH that’s why he switched
              from boil to hgh.mlb didn’t start testing for hgh until this year

  6. This is a joke, all atheletes are taking PEDs to survive in their sports, football players are the worst victims.

  7. This is a joke, all atheletes have taken PEDs to increases their chances of being successfull.

  8. next press conf will be Aroid admitting he did do high with the Yankees but he thought it was Ben gay.

    • twasp…
      join in or not, but let’s keep it on track here. Until one is PROVED guilty…….well you know the rest of it!

      I am trying to find how and why some fans turn on a player but, let others slide. I don’t understand it!

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