Morning Bits: A-Rod, Three Yankee Prospects on top 100 list, PED’s

mug3Who said it’s been a slow news winter for the bombers.   Unluckily for the Yankees A-Rod’s mess never goes away.  Let’s get right to the links….

Bryan Hoch of reports that A-Rod denies being linked to the clinic in Miami.

Three Yankee Prospects (Williams, Sanchez, Austin) landed on MLB’s top 100 prospect list.  Click the link to see where they landed.

Ian O’Connor of ESPN NY asks if A-Rod is the greatest (Cheat & Liar) ever?

Jayson Stark of ESPN writes that the penalties have to get stronger for PED’s.

Wallace Matthews writes that the Yankees are looking into voiding A-Rods contract. (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!)

Paul White of USA Today writes that it won’t be so easy for the Yankees to void A-Rod’s contract.

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. Arod, better known as Afraud needs to just go away. I know it will not be easy for the Yankees to get rid of him, especially with Scott Boras as his agent. But its clear that Arod is not liked throughout baseball as well as New York. He needs to settle with the Yankees ASAP.

    • Caryw30 welcome to the blog. It’s going to be a long drawn out process if that happens. Trust me I’m with you I’d like to see it happen. Never was an A-Rod fan to begin with but the Yankees are so strapped with his huge contract.

      Who is your favorite yankee on the current roster?

      • Other than a player here and there, where are these players that hate A-Rod and if they do why?

        Is it not funny, until he showed up in New York, A-Rod was well liked by most everyone in the game.
        He comes to a new team and instead of being welcomed, he gets put down by the click. Ever ask yourself why?

        And then all these bad storys start showing up in the press, nobody seems to know where they came from it was always ….”some players say, blablbla baaaaa” or “I heard some one talking about this that and another thing.” Who on the Yankees had the ear of the press and would write anything he asked them to? It sure wasn’t one of the players
        That is the way politics works, take out your enemy any way one can.

        • Ken, ARod was hated well before he came to the Yankees. Many of his peers thought he was selfish and phony. When he first hit Free Agency in Seattle he said he was going to sign with the team that gave him the best chance to win and didn’t feel it was Seattle. So imagine Seattle’s fans distaste when he signed with the last place Texas Rangers for that massive contract. Then, after some amazing seasons in Texas, the Rangers hated him so much they were willing to EAT $67 MILLION to trade him to the Yankees. The trade to the Yankees made him even more hated because he was first traded to Boston but the deal was blocked by the MLBPA because it decreased the total dollar amount of his contract. So, that part wasn’t his fault but it made all Boston fans and everyone else who hates the Yankees hate ARod too.

          So as you see, Alex was hated by almost the whole league BEFORE he came to the Yanks. Then he didn’t help his image by playing horibly in the post-season for most of his Yankees career until 2009 and the steroid bust, denials and what most people though was a half-hearted admission saying he only used in Texas.

          • fishjam…
            I think we could go on and on with that stuff because, A-Rod said what most free agents think makes him a selfish player?

            Anyhow, I know what and how you look at the whole thing and understand it, believe me.

            The thing is, in my job I was A-Rod, so I understand a lot about how he thinks and reacts on many levels. My first few years on my job, many others thought I was to tough on my people but, when my people kept coming home, and we got the job done quickly. They got the idea!
            So, he and I have a lot in common, from the same sort of back ground (me, the kitchen) my talents and his are about equal but, not in the same field of endeavors.

            Of course, if he is involved as they say, may the gods have mercy on him because, I sure won’t!

            Thanks again fishjam, for your input and perspective!

            • Aroid is guilty…..
              he admitted to it……
              now he is going to have to admit he lied again..
              and that he used hgh with the Yankees
              what a fraud

              egg on your face . big disgrace

  2. Futures looking nice. I think Tyler Austin should be higher. Other then these three we have a plenty at the lower levels. 2014 and beyond looks like a light at end of tunnel

  3. FINALLY…SMOKE!!!…… Attn:…all BBNY
    Lifted this from RAB today.
    Bradford: Yankees might be nearing deal with Travis Hafner
    Via Rob Bradford: The Yankees might be nearing a deal with free agent DH Travis Hafner. Dan Barbarisi says Pronk is believed to want more than a minor league contract, and Jon Heyman says the team is talking to other players as well.
    Hafner, 34, hit .228/.346/.438 (119 wRC+) in 263 plate appearances for the Indians last season.

  4. Travis Hafner….Continued.

    Hafner hit free agency after the Indians chose a $2.75MM buyout over a $13MM option earlier in the offseason. The 35-year-old hit .228/.346/.438 with 12 home runs in 263 plate appearances for Cleveland last year. Hafner, a left-handed hitter, has a career batting line of .287/.391/.534 against right-handed pitching.

    • Hafner is old and made of glass, but if he could stay healthy he could be this year’s version of Ibanez.

    • he can’t do anything but hit RHP, but if they can get him on an MiL contract or a non-guaranteed deal just to get him to ST then why not? if he can actually stay on the field he could put up some pretty good numbers in YS3.

  5. ATRIPTIC…Travis Hafner….lifted from Chad Jennings/LOHUD…today.

    “The year before last, he hit .302/.404/.482 against right handers.
    He has a terrific clubhouse reputation and it seems unlikely that he’d require more than
    a one-year deal.
    One source said that Hafner could be a perfect fit for Yankee Stadium.
    This is the kind of guy the Yankees have had success acquiring this time of year.

    With the right-handed outfield market growing increasingly thin — the Yankees signed the best available option when they got Juan Rivera on a minor league deal on Monday – it seems that the last hole free agency can fill is the DH spot. At the very least, Hafner could be the left-handed part of a platoon (maybe Eduardo Nunez could handle the right-handed part?).
    It’s worth noting that Bobby Abreu, Casey Kotchman and Jim Thome are also still out
    there from the left side, but I’d have Hafner at the top of that list.”
    True, he should never play in the field. but this is a good fit.

  6. Patrick . a Nunez hafner platoon sounds good.

  7. Twasp…the egg man.
    The Yankees must have that LH power. I think, he will be reborn.
    This is a good guy.

  8. they have LH Cano, Tex and Grandy …hafner would be icing on the cake

  9. Twasp…the egg man.
    This has been a long off season, so many names. But, this one resonates.
    He fits well. A veteran power lefty, is part of the Yankee engine.
    Gardner?…why does he look different to me?
    That Blue Ridge Mountain look is gone.

  10. Ken Reed/oldyankee-7/Western New York Bushmaster:
    So many names, and I could go on.
    You dropped the F-Bomb tonight!..What is going on? Thought it was Dan L, for a second.
    I thought, I was the last one to drop that bomb?
    Don’t get so rattled by silly stuff. No long essay is required. I’ve known you too long.
    The best to you. A child from Hells Kitchen. Take care.

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