Yankees Offseason Notes: Alex Rodriguez will not retire; Yanks sign Travis Hafner

Once again, the main focus of the day belonged to none other than Alex Rodriguez in his ongoing saga about the PED report. For fans that were hoping that Alex Rodriguez would retire out of shame–it’s not happening. A source close to Rodriguez spoke to the press today, addressing the fact that Rodriguez will not retire, meaning that it would take a bigger effort to strip A-Rod of his contract, should the report be true.

“Alex has no plans to retire at all.” The source told ESPN New York early Thursday morning.

While the media continues to buzz about the story of A-Rod possibly using PED’s again, a spokesperson for A-Rod spoke on behalf of A-Rod’s, discussing his rehab and him possibly returning to the field–if he’s not caught cheating and suspended first.

“Alex says he’s working diligently on his rehabilitation and is looking forward to getting back on the field as soon as possible.”

If A-Rod is working to get back on the field and if all of the allegations are proven true, I believe that this could be the last we see Alex Rodriguez in Yankees pinstripes. It would be hard to strip them from him, but if true, a man that repeatedly cheats the game of baseball isn’t worthy of wearing the sacred pinstripes that stand for all that is good to the New York Yankees.

Yankees sign Travis Hafner to one-year deal

The Yankees have signed Travis Hafner to a one year deal, filling the role for the DH–at least against right handed pitching. The numbers of the contract haven’t been revealed as of yet, but he will don pinstripes for the Yankees, filling a vacant role that previously belonged to Raul Ibanez during the 2012 season. Hafner spent nine seasons with the Cleveland Indians, before the Indians declined his option for the 2013 season, sending him to the free agency market.

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About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. As much as we’d love to see him just “go away” we know it won’t happen. There is little ground for MLB to so much as suspend him at this point and with the Feds saying they aren’t handing anything over to MLB then there means there will not be some sort of discipline in his future.

    Earlier this off-season his doctor described the damage to his hip as “less than what was anticipated” so any attempt to claim a medical retirement would be fought by the insurance company who’d be on the hook for like 85% of the remaining $114M on his deal.

    That leaves us with one scenario that would give us our pipe dream…Arod just up and retiring, walking away from all that cash.

    Not going to happen.

    He can just pull an Albert Belle and literally ride the DL…and get paid.

    He can wait for the Yankees to just release him…and get paid.

    It all ends with him “getting paid”.

    • djposal…good to see your words again.
      You bring up many good points. However…
      The word around the Big Apple is, because this is A-Rods second time
      down this road, the Yankees will do their damndest to end this now.
      We shall see.
      dj…I had two great weeks at Assateague Island/Ocean City, many years ago.

      • Lord I wish we could jettison him but if the league has no cause to suspend him (and it doesn’t in any sense of the word, it is 100% hearsay at this point) then there is zero chance the Yankees can void a contract.

        Ryan Braun essentially got caught with more testosterone in his system than the East German women’s power-lifting team and THEN told several different stories, blaming it all on media hogwash, corrupted samples, impropriety by the test administrator before finally saying “well, only my teammates REALLY know because I told them in a closed door meeting” and he got a clean walk.

        Compared to that case, the “evidence” versus Arod is about as solid as a skyscraper made of toothpicks and yesterdays bologna.

  2. When BILL MADDEN writes, take it with a grain of salt.
    ie:..today…”A-Rod may never play for Yankees again.”…Really? Says who?
    He always repeats what others say…for seems like 40 years. No facts.
    A journalistic ambulance chaser.

  3. Kenny Reed…Point man on a night patrol.
    F-Bombs are what they are. Say two Our Fathers, and move on.
    No picking up the marbles talk.
    Now, get back on point ….bushmaster.

    • Patrick – Kenny is mad becAuse no one is buying his bizarre defense of a fraud. even fishjam had to try to show him the light but Kenny will go down with the ship.

  4. THEY CALL HIM PRONK, but his name is Travis Hafner.
    Right now, over at River Ave Blues, the have a Travis Hafner home run video up.
    Good stuff. And, he actually can run…pretty good.
    Reports say, he is training now, and only pulling the ball to right.
    A good fit, for a good guy.

  5. ROBINSON CANO….one more time.
    If this guy says “no family discount, and Scott Boras will get me the best contract.”
    Than put his name out there, tempt someone. Because when this guy is gone, and he will
    give it his best shot. You will never have this opportunity again.

    • I heard one fan say yesterday on this blog, er, I read, he said; When A-Rod was in Washington, he told people he was going to get the most money he possible could from whom ever wanted him. Something about like that, anyhow. The gentleman went on to say, other players thought that showed him to be selfish. Up to then, they had no problem with A-Rod, he was a good team-mate and played to win.

      It sounds a bit like what Cano has been saying for the last year or so. Question, does that make him a bad team-mate after all these years? Or, would it show how some Players were jealous of him…..meaning either one of them.

      It really doesn’t matter much anyhow, fans and team mates are going to be what they are …people…they always have a reason for what they do or say. It’s like anything else in life, one is in one camp or the other! Have you noticed How the reporters keep saying what the Yankees are going to do with A-Rod, then another says something completely different.

      I wonder what is true and what is just a story because, someone saw A-Rod with his cousin, read about the FBI raid on this Doctor….put 2 and 2 together and it came out 5 instead of 6 er I mean 7 or something like that! But one must forgive them, they were brought up in the public school system! It seems the answer to any question is ; “What ever!” they were close enough so, give them a “A’

  6. DAVID ADAMS…is this his moment?
    On the fast track, until injured. But he is back, and on the 40 man.
    If Nunez is packaged, is this Adam’s time to step up? Perhaps.
    Rangers vs Pittsburgh, I’m moving over there. I tried my best here.

  7. LOOK AT THE TOP 3 COMMENTERS this month….
    oldyankee-7, patrick, and the world famous Twasp. A coincidence? Hell no.
    Check out their lineage. The roots of their raising. Good work hammer heads!

  8. Twasp…this was left with me, so I see no reason not to pass it along to you.

    “I wish you all a Happy New Year! Twasp, I know from Matt that you were asking about me. I appreciate that, if you desire to sift through this site (iYankees) to find my email I will respond.
    ……Dan L.”

  9. Dan L is a good guy. I’m looking forward to his return.

  10. Matt s do you think Arod is that stupid thAt he would use his own name when purchasing high?

    • Would never call anyone stupid. I think he has made some bad choices. I think MLB needs (and it looks like is starting) to set up there own investigation. He will be dealt with. The contract won’t be voided the players union is strong. He will be ridiculed more in every ballpark than ever before when he comes back. I doubt even YSIII will welcome him back.

      I don’t get though how fans get all over A-Rod but Pettitte and others get a pass. Pettitte preached the bible preached being truthful and things of that nature and he cheated as well.

      • I don’t remember Andy lying about using hgh.I think when he was named he admitted to it.I think a lot of fans aren’t as mad that players used because everyone was doing it and there was gray area regarding its legality. what many fans are more mad about are the liars that denied it…..arod, palmeiro, Clemens…..

        • people should be more angry that Andy contributed to letting a perjurer Clemens walk free.
          at the first trial Andy said Clemens told him he used. at the second trial he said he might have misheard. what nonsense.

        • Andy is different from A-Rod though. For one thing, Andy isn’t making A-Rod money. Second of all, Andy admitted using while A-Rod continued to deceive everyone until he couldn’t lie anymore. That’s why fans were able to forgive Pettitte for what he had done and still scorn A-Rod. A-Rod deceived baseball. Andy told the truth as soon as it came out.

          • yes Delia you agree with my first comment above that we the fans don’t like being lied too. arod lied Andy didn’t.

            but what about my second comment how do you feel about Andy hedging his story to get his friend Clemens off the hook?

            • Well I felt that’s between Clemens and Pettitte. I guess Pettitte didn’t want to see his friend go to jail and didn’t want to break the friendship to the point where they hated each other. Maybe it was a moral value for Pettitte, so if he felt he did the right thing, then I can live with that. As long as he doesn’t have a bad conscience.

              • yeah . could be

              • Andy Lied about Clemens and didn’t tell the truth until he was outed for sure..then he told two different stories. A lie is a lie, who ever tells it, it is a lie.

                Delia, you are right about one thing, the biggest difference is the money!

                Andy knows, a friend is a friend and the government is BS! I’ll give him a bit of a pass for standing up for his bud!

                • Ken, you are mis-remembering things a bit, lol.

                  Andy, Clemens and about 100 other people were named in the Mitchell Report. Clemens and most all others denied the reports and said, “prove it”. Andy did not, he came clean. That is why he came out of it looking good. Clemens on the other hand, decided to fight it and he won in a court of law spending millions although took a HUUUUUUGE hit in the court of public opinion.

                  Pettitte told the truth about himself and cooperated fully with MLB’s investigation and truthfully answered questions about his best friend Clemens. That testimony was never suppossed to be used in criminal prosecution by the government. Only later when the Federal Government tried to use Andy’s statements to try and put his best friend in jail did he stop talking. He only said “it’s possible I could have heard Roger wrong or misunderstood what he said” when asked direct questions by Clemens’ lawyers on the stand. Like you said and I agree with 100%, when the Government wants to use you to go after your best friend, he did what he had to do to not hang his amigo.

                  • I hope I was wrong about Andy but, if I remember it right, he said one story first and a few days later changed it. Now maybe the lawyers got to him or something but what ever it was I remember two different storys. I didn’t say he said he never used any drugs, if i did I am sorry to have done so.
                    Two different storys makes one of them a lie, right….not as egregious as the others but still…

                    Really, it doesn’t mater at all, does it?

                    • You are correct…doesn’t really matter. I’m so tired of PED talk. In 20 years they will probably be legal.
                      But for the record, the 2 stories from Andy were:

                      1) he originally said that Clemens acknowledged using HGH in a conversation they had in 1999/2000. He made that statement to Congress when he admitted to his own use and it was just for information purposes….there were no criminal prosecutions at the time. And even then he said he may have misunderstood him.

                      2) After the Government tried unsuccessfully to prove their case against Clemens in 2011, they then pinned their hopes on calling Pettitte to the stand to testify against his close friend. Clemens’ lawyers asked him on the stand if it was fair to say he may have misunderstood Clemens in that conversation 12 years ago in 1999/2000 and Andy responded “I could have” and when they asked him if there was a 50-50 chance he misunderstood Roger, Andy said “I’d say that’s fair”.rr

                      At that point, it was up to the prosecution to pin Andy down to ask for his definitive understanding of the conversation BUT THEY NEVER DID. Andy didn’t do anything wrong…..Clemens’ lawyers did their job which was to create some doubt and the prosecution dropped the ball. the Judge in the case even said the same thing.

                      From an article on ESPN:
                      The judge seemed to agree, openly wondering why Pettitte wasn’t asked for a current, definitive recollection of the conversation. He repeatedly berated Durham (prosecutor), who was also part of the government team last July when prosecutors showed the jury a snippet of inadmissible videotaped evidence, prompting the mistrial.

                      “I was waiting for you to ask, and you didn’t ask that,” Walton said.

                      “My understanding is that (Pettitte’s) position is at this time, he is conflicted. … His testimony now before the jury is ‘I don’t know,’ ” the judge continued. “I thought that what we would hear is, ‘Mr. Pettitte, currently, what is your memory of what Mr. Clemens told you back in 1999?’

  11. FINALLY!!! Some actual baseball news! Travis Hafner…..I have mixed feelings about this signing….

    I like Hafner and he can rake when healthy. Out of the lefty DH types, he was the best of what’s left. But, he is a total specialty player….can’t field at all and can’t play vs LHP. The Yanks only carry 13 position players, can they afford to have 1 that can’t field or play vs LHP?

    The Yankee way for roughly the last decade+ is to always go with the veteran player. This has led them down a bad road. It seems like a minor thing but why do the Yanks always have to go with the declining vet instead of giving a young player a chance. Just last year….Andruw Jones over Justin Maxwell, Chris Stewart over Cervelli, Freddy G over Phelps/Warren.

    Will Pronk be that much of an upgrade over Corban Joseph, Dickerson (i know they dropped him already) or Zoilo.? Those 3 all have great numbers vs RHP and have the added advantage of having young legs and can all contribute defensively. Would give them a chance to look at these players to see if one of them can step in to take a larger role in 2014 when they will have to have young, cheap players.

    Just a thought….I like Hafner, but can we ever give an unproven player a chance? Guys like Hafner are ALWAYS available during the season if needed.

  12. to get back to the original question…Ken asked why fans give Andy a break and are all over Aroid_____

    the answer …Andy came clean and didn’t lie about using. Aroid lied and said he didn’t use

    the . 2 stories were about Clemons using……..and the fans gave Andy a break because he was protecting a friend.

    the prosecution was just horrible . as bad as the OJ trial.

  13. The media and owners turned a blind eye when it came to steriod use. To this day their have been no records that have been taken away. Now the writers want us to think they are high and mighty, I’m sorry I don’t buy it. This is the PED era no way around it. Let’s quit wasting tax payer money going after athletes, it isn’t worth the fight. I for one am sick of this subject.

    • Yeah Doug and IM sick of reading about murders……lets let all the murderers out of jail.

      Don’t do the crime,if you cant do the time!

      • I believe A-Rod still has over 110 million left on his contract, and I don’t see him getting less money or being convicted of anything, at this point he is clean. If his lawyer is as good as Braun’s he will stay clean and play out the rest of his contract. The hypocrites are the Yanks, now that he isn’t playing up to his contract they want him gone. I don’t see that happening

        • Doug – Aroid is as clean as Melky. Juicers. juice. They dont stop. They just switch to a PED that is not being tested or hard to test

      • twasp, in the US your are innocent until proven guilty.

        • Yes Doug….and Aroid will be proven guilty again…..very soon.

          Don’t do the crime if you cant do the time!

          • If the syringe do fit, you cannot acquit!

          • twasp, A-Rod has never been proven guilty of anything, he admitted he took steriods after it was leaked. There is no crime to do the time. He will play out his contract the way I see it.

            • Doug . …arod is guilty of doing illegal drugs.he has not been found guilty in a court of law yet…but it will happen.

              if the syringe do fit, you cannot acquit . Johnny cochrane

  14. Let’s wait for the evidence to be checked out and proven, one way or the other before we use our opinion as the same as everyone else thinks.

    Not every fan hates A-Rod, not every fan thinks he is guilty this time.

    I am just as sick of this thing as anyone can be, like the old song by Doris Day; “What ever will be, will be”!

  15. Que Sera Sera….Arod is guiltyguilty.

  16. TWASP loves the PEDS stories . Lets get all the punks who ruined baseball and convict them for something.

  17. Sounds like someone is jealous because he had no talent in baseball! He had to go to work like the rest of the kids with dreams of becoming the hometown hero.

    Talk about a fan that hates a ball player unreasonably…”You Da Man”! Others don’t like or even respect a player but not you. Then you poke fun at a guy trying to be reasonable about it.

    It is a shame, I see a fan with all sorts of writing talent, with a quick wit…but, really is a small man…damn shame too…”he could’a ben da champ!”

  18. Ken . thank you for the complements

    please don’t get personal with your name calling

    • Why not, you have been giving me a lot of nasty names for the last 4 (?) years, calling one a name is personal, I should think!
      You always act as though you are the victim, boo hoo! Little boy can’t seem to handle; “what ye sow, ye shall reap”!

      • Ken what do you think of this debate…Is Tex a bum or not?

        • Not at all, he answered a question truthfully, the problem is with the fans and media. They have been hand feed the PC junk for so many years, they are shocked and put off by a player that tells it like it really is.
          Good stand-up in your comment trying to explain, what you think Tex ment. He made a bad choice in a few of his words!

      • Ken got you there Twasp….he said if you don’t like it then BOO HOO! LOL…..good one Ken! :-)

        Tex has definitely been a disapointment compared to his contract and hasn’t lived up to the player he was pre-2009. His post-season weaknesses are especially frustrating.
        BUT, most don’t get on him because he’s a wizard defensively and continues to put up 30-100 when healthy. The shift has definitely eaten up about 30 points of BA per year and the other 10-20 points is lost due to age.

        Guys like Cano and jeter continue to hit over .300 because they use the whole field……being a dead pull hitter may have worked for ted Williams but nowadays there is far too much information for coaches to position their defenders. If you only use one/third of the field, you won’t get many hits to fall.

        • Ken is a great writer with a great wit. I wish he would just leave me alone I’ve had to put up with his taunting now for 4 years. From now on he is dead to me…boo hoo…

        • FISH – agreed but you are not agreeing with Mike P comments labeling him a bum. are you?

          • Twasp, to me a bum is a guy who is underachieving and won’t put in the hard work to make adjustments. Like Fish said, all pull won’t work these days. I believe that a guy making that kind of cash has an obligation to try and do the work necessary to attempt to perform at a high level.
            He’s also choked miserably in the postseason and to me that’s the surest sign a guy is mentally weak.

            • Michael P…Twasp is Amish, and therefore unable to inflict
              verbal harm onto others. Thought you knew that.

            • Michael P…
              That choke you talk about isn’t true, the guy can’t hit a breaking ball into him. He always misses it with a good pitcher throwing the pitch. The only ones he hits are the ones that he gets lucky on or don’t break enough or to soon. Sometimes he knows it is coming and can’t center it. He is a FB hitter!

              That is one of the reasons he is a no show in the Championships.

              fishjam or someone may disagree…or not….but that is what I have seen for the last few years. Almost every pitcher has a breaking ball but, some aren’t as good as it really takes to get a big time hitter out.
              In the playoffs those guys don’t pitch! A very good curve and or change-up, is a hitters worse nightmare! One gets to the bigs by hitting a fastball, you stay there by hitting mistakes or adapting to the pitchers!

          • I wouldn’t say he’s a bum. It’s disappointing he’s not the same player who finished 2nd in the MVP in his 1st year with the team. But he plays hard and by all accounts is a hard worker. I wish he would use the whole field more and he tried to change his approach last year. It wasn’t working and he didn’t feel comfortable so he went back to what’s comfortable. I think that’s what he is saying in the article…..that he tried to make changes last year to hit the ball to all fields more but he was uncomfortable and the results were even worse. So now he is going to play the way he’s used to and if the best he can produce is .250, 30+, 100+ then it is what it is.

            • Exactly Fish……to take what he said and interpret it to mean he doesn’t want to put in the work to improve and thus a bum is incorrect imho

              • It’s also refreshing to hear an honest answer. He basically said I tried but I’m not good at being a spray hitter. It’s like asking Jeter why doesn’t he hit more hrs. …..it’s not his game. No matter how hard Jeter worked he would not be a 30/100 guy.

  19. I remember how Jeter was being trashed a few years ago, it’s all about the numbers. If A-Rod comes back as a DH in July and leads the Yanks to another championship all will be well with him. If he comes back and stinks it out, he will be crusified, as Tex said, no one is worth 20 million a year, with the emergence of Trout and Harper all free agents look like a bad deal.

  20. I hope Arid comes back and has a huge season. great drama. but he better have Yuri in his suitcase.

  21. MATTHEW S….are you nuts? Is there something wrong with you?
    patrick, never mentioned Delia, and besides , she does not need you to care of herself!
    patrick, never mentioned people being in a psych ctr.
    Check your facts.

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