Yankees Offseason Notes: Cashman speaks little about A-Rod saga

Brian Cashman was on ESPN radio with Stephen A. Smith and Ryan Ruocco earlier today, and one of the most popular topics was Alex Rodriguez. Now, Cashman didn’t get into details about A-Rod, but he did acknowledge that he was aware of the situation.

– Before we get into the Alex Rodriguez drama, Brian Cashman confirmed the Yankees signed Travis Hafner with a plain “yes.” That’s all. Now, onto A-Rod.

First off, Brian Cashman wouldn’t comment about the Alex Rodriguez saga which isn’t surprising. The Yankees released a statement earlier this week saying that they had no comment. “I am not commenting other than we are in full cooperation with Major League Baseball.” Cashman said that he did find out about the New Times article last week when the Yankees received a letter about the article, wanting a comment from the Yankees. “Our immediate reaction was, once we saw that, we turned it over to Major League Baseball.”

Earlier this winter, Cashman said that the Yankees might not expect A-Rod to play this season and he’s also not certain as of today, but is expecting him for the summer.

“Alex, we’re expecting back in the summer. If we can get A-Rod back under that scenario as expected, that will certainly be a significant contribution as we move forward. But to count on it, I think, would be a mistake from my position as a general manager.”

The biggest question for Brian Cashman? Would the Yankees try to void Alex Rodriguez’s contract?

“I’m not going to comment on anything. I could say, and would say, those types of suggestions and speculations are all premature until you have all the facts (from MLB investigation.”

– Now to move on from the Alex Rodriguez soap opera, Cashman spoke about Derek Jeter and his ankle injury, believing he would be ready for Opening Day.

“We’re just going to take him out slowly because we have time. The goal is starting shortstop Opening Day against Boston. There’s no reason that’s not going to happen. He’s really 100% healthy and he’s just now knocking the rust off.”

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About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. The enticing, Delia……….
    The biggest, and most important part of Brian’s interview was….The New York Yankees have
    not contacted Alex Rodriquez, their highest paid player. Speaks volumes.

  2. Oldyankee-seven…You are back!. Two ‘Our Fathers’, will work wonders.
    Did you give thought to jumping on an ice flow, going up the St. Lawrence seaway?

  3. Big Popi…David Ortiz is a specialty player. A DH, who can not play the field.
    If it’s good enough for Boston, than the Hafner signing is not an issue.

    • I’m not sure we should copy anything Boston does as they won 69 games and came in last place.

      But you can’t compare Hafner to Ortiz. Ortiz is still one of the best hitters in baseball and crushes both LHP and RHP. Hafner is a specialty player or platoon player who can only play against RHP. Hafner hit .228 with a .784 OPS while Ortiz hit .318 with an OPS over 1.000. Also, Ortiz can at least play 1B in inter-league play or in the World Series at a National lg park……Hafner hasn’t used his mitt in 7 years.

      So the question is….is Hafner that much of a better hitter than guys like Dickerson, Joseph or Zoilo that it’s worth blocking young players again and carrying a guy who can’t take the field at all? If he hits like Ortiz he is….if he hits like hafner in 2012….no. We’ll see what he does….as I originally said, i have mixed feelings.

      • fishjam, I think Cashman is just stockpiling players, if Hafner doesn’t hit he can move on to the next man.

        • Doug…..he was stockpiling the other guys like Matt Diaz, Juan Rivera, Canzler, etc but Hafner got a guaranteed Major League contract for $2 Million plus incentives. The rest got minor league deals with an invite to Spring Training – no guaranteed money.

  4. Excellent in-depth interview with Cashman about philosophy and management style. Among the things I found interesting:

    1) The yankees stats or Quantitative Analysis department now consists of 14 people!!! I knew Cashman hired Michael Fishman years ago but 14 guys crunching numbers surprised me.

    2) He essentially said he runs the team, not Girardi. This is something I’ve always thought since Girardi was hired. All of the people who kill Girardi but give Cashman a pass should read this. He said he tells Joe what roles players will have and says Joe executes Cashman’s philosophies.

    3) He really like Nate Schierholz but he went with the Cubs. Maybe if Nate signed they wouldn’t have brought Ichiro back or would have dealt Gardner? Could have changed the offseason entirely.


    • Fishjam
      Yes it was a great read, now maybe some will understand why Joe T got let go/fired, which ever you way you wish to put it.
      Can you see Cashman and Showalter working together? Showalter would eat him alive!

      • Joe Torre wasnt fired or let go ……he was given an offer that he found was insulting. Joe could have taken the offer and stayed with the Yankees if he wanted.

        • BS, don’t lie to yourself!

          I have been there and done that!
          When a contract is up for a guy, I would make him a good offer, IF I thought he was worth it.
          If I thought he was a disaster waiting to happen, I would offer him a contract of less value than the one he had. In real’ville out there in the mid-wast we call that being let go or fired.

          As Cashman said, he was the boss and as such his employee (Joe T) should follow orders or quit! Joe did neither one of those things, He over worked Scott Proctor….after being told to give him a bit of rest every so often…Cashman ends up trading Scott hoping to save his arm…it was to late! Thus, the Joba rules made to keep Joe from overusing him, as he did with Scott.

          So, you have an employee not following orders, overworked one and complains to his buddies in the press about him being the manager and manages the games, Cashman’s job was to give him a winning team, not tell him how to manage the team.

          I think I would call that as a guy, that reads his own press clippings and thinks he is such a good manager he can go to sleep in the dug-out and manage the team at the same time. Remember the game in Clev, when the nats attacked Joba? He can out of the dugout, only half awake and had to ask the ump how many times he had been out to the mound, and then does a dumb move…he keeps him on the mound to pitch.

  5. Now maybe some will understand that Cashman’sand Steinners to blame for the Yankees only winning one championship in the last 12 years. It wasnt Girardi’s fault or Torre’s fault.

  6. why do you hate Torre and the great Jeter?

    • Sorry to read about your trouble with reading and comprehension! twasp! I don’t remember writing anything about Jeter in that comment.
      I write facts about someone and I am a hater!?
      You write things that are not backed up by fact and throw out your own twisted opinion as though it were fact….but I am the hater.
      Maybe you should look and see who is writing hateful things about a player (10 comments).

      If you were to look around the comments you would see very few are being nasty, with their comments as you seem to be!

  7. Ken….none of my comments call you names or curse. I am Amish and don’t appreciate such behavior.

    • I don’t care if you are the great god Zoanyt, like you have said many times; “Do the crime do the time”!
      Some day more of commenters will see that your greatest contribution to this Blog is how you try to instigate trouble between fans.
      fishjam and I had some words to write about A-Rod, I respected his out look and agreed with many of his thoughts.
      As far as I know, you are the only one I have had trouble with…day after day. Oh there are those that don’t give a rats ass about what I write, they just will never like me. Even so, I don’t call them names, nor do I care about their likes or dislikes. As long as we can discuss Baseball, which is obviously beyond your capacity!

      Bye the way, I don’t remember calling you a name and being Amish gets you no free pass with me. I treat everyone the same, I don’t care who you are, turn about is fair play!

      • Ken….you always instigate fights between T-WASP and Aroid. arod is a big millionaire …t-wasp a small insect but remember

        blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.

        book of revelations . verse 02>13

        • Only if King Obama stays in office and the Dem’s don’t get marched out of the Senate and House of Reps.
          The Book of Revelations has nothing to do with who inherit’s the earth…only King Obama can part the seas and lower the seas…don’t you know?

  8. and the guilty shall be condemned sayeth the Lord

    the book of revelations . verse02>13

  9. Ken – you are correct I reap what I sow…..I am an Amish farmer……..cursing. makes you look classless

    • You have no idea how classless I can be, twasp! How come you are using a Computer if you are Amish?
      I am a Fighting Irishman, that doesn’t give me any special treatment, because you are Amish has nothing to do with who you are, only your religion!

  10. Im using a mechanical computer, no electricity needed.

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