Mark Teixeira admits he’s overpaid


Mark Teixeira is a key piece to the Yankees organization. He’s one of the best first baseman defensively and he’s a good home run hitter, but during an interview with Dan Barbirisi from the Wall Street Journal, Teixeira had a shocking (okay not really) confession to make: He’s completely overpaid!!

“I have no problem with anybody in New York, any fan, saying you’re overpaid. Because I am.” Texieria said. “We all are.”

“Agents are probably going to hate me for saying it, you’re not very valuable when you’re making $20 Million. When you’re Mike Trout making the minimum, you are crazy valuable. My first six years, before I was a free agent I was very valuable. But there’s nothing you can do that can justify a $20 Million contract.” Teixeira added.

In the interview, Teixeira also spoke about him being almost past his prime. Teixeira turns 33 in April, meaning that he’s slowly accepting the fact that his body will start to break down.

“Maybe I’m slowing down to a tick. Look, I’m not going to play forever. Eventually you start, I don’t want to say declining but it gets harder and harder to put up 30 homers and 100 RBI’s.”

Teixeira had admitted that he had tweaked his swing in order to please the fans, wanting to be that .290 hitter that he was when the Yankees signed him to an 8-year deal in 2009. The reality is, Teixeira realized that he wasn’t playing to his strengths, getting off to another slow start before changing his adjustments again in order to fit the way he plays the game. 

“You can’t make everyone happy.” Teixeira said. “I need to concentrate on what I do well. And what I do well is hitting home runs, driving in a lot of runs and playing great defense.”

“I’d love to be the player who hits home runs, drives in runs. I’d love to get back to the player that I’ve always been, but if I hit .250, .260 instead of .280, so be it.”

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Click to read the entire Mark Teixeira interview with quotes from Brian Cashman on the Wall Street Journal
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  1. Tex is going to need to produce this year without A-Rod out for the most of the year. The pressure is going to go on him and Cano in the meat of the order to get things done.

    • Now BOW BEFORE me fellow contributors!! This BUM not only agrees with everything I’ve been shouting, but it takes it to a NEW level of “Bumdom” by making the following absolutely INCREDULOUS statement “I want to be the player who hits home runs, drives in runs. I’d love to get back to the player that I’ve always been, but if I hit .250, .260, instead of .280, so be it.”

      UNBELIEVABLE!! So be it? So be it Mark, you underachieving, payroll wrecking, postseason choking disaster?

      Yes, so be it indeed.

      • Mike p……
        your rant sounds as ridiculous as one of TWASPs rants against CashMan or Aroid.

        under achieving the last 2 seasons yes. an offensive disappointment in the postseason yes.

        But a BUM , Tex is not.

  2. SNOW ON THE COWGIRLS…this winters morning.
    I can not comment on the Michael P article…re: Teixeira.
    It very well could of come, out of the Creedmoor Psych Center News Letter.

    That said, good morning to all. Trade winds are non-existent at the moment. Take care.

    • It is Delia’s article. I also don’t appreciate your comment.

      • Matthew S….If you are addressing me, patrick, and I am not sure you are,
        then you are too quick on the trigger….
        This was for Matthew P, and his comment I thought was a bit nuts. (ie: Creedmoor)
        For you to bring Delia into this, is you reading it the wrong way.
        I think she can handle herself, just fine.

  3. agreed the “so be it” comment is annoying

    • The so be it comment is the WHOLE interview as far as I am concerned and tells you everything you need to know about this BUM’s mental makeup.
      He appears on Entourage, Broadway, his charity events, etc and has the time of his life yet apparently has no problem with his own premature decline at 22.5 mill a year and brazenly mocks how overpaid he is.
      Yep, that’s a bum.
      You didn’t hear Jeter talk like that during his bad 1 1/2 seasons, he said he was going to keep working until he fixed it and he DID even though he was 5 years older than Tex at the time.
      This guy obviously has no problem with not playing anywhere near his contract and rather than work hard to raise his average and OBP back up he has decided that if he continues to hit .250 then “so be it” and tells everyone this is an interview.
      Wow! The man has no shame, he wasn’t even sorry about his underachieving.
      I had him pegged right the whole time.
      What a terrible time for NY Yankees tradition, class and honor with Arod’s embarassments and now Teixeira brazenly stating how overpaid he is and “so be it” if he isn’t the same player.
      If George were alive you can bet he’d have gone INSANE over Teixeira’s remarks. It’s time like these I really miss George.

  4. Mike p ……..the remark was made in a way that it could be construed that he’s not going to do all he can to get back to 300. no fan or owner wants to hear tthat

    if Tex is lazy or does not go all out to earn his salary then I am ok wih a fan calling him a BUM..

    I interpret his remarks to mean

    ‘ each year you get older and your numbers will trend down eventually

    if in my decline my numbers trend to 260 but I go 30/100 I’m ok with that’

    for me t-wasp my bottom line is his playoff numbers…….if he hits 260/30/100 , continues to play great d and has good postseasons then I’ll be happy.

    • Damn, you do have a brain, you should use it more often!

      Question, how do you like me doing to others as they do to me.

      Don’t cry about it, I won’t do it any more, just remember, one may hate but not have to be an ass about it!
      One can disagree with you or anyone around here and not be a hater!

  5. ha ha we need 2 surveys

    is Tex a bum?

    is Mike p nuts?

  6. now we know there are other Yankees besides A-Rod that can put their foot in their mouth

  7. I thin k the shift is freaking Tex out as more teams employ it

  8. Bill James said Tex is the 4 th best 1st baseman in baseball Is he nuts?

  9. Ken what slugger beat Mickey Mantle in a HR Derby episode?

  10. Ken – who wrote the book Juiced and the sequel Vindicated.

  11. Ken – you are not a hater……..I think you like TWASP more than you are willing to admit.

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