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Bleeding Yankee Blue: Lincecum for Montero?

Our friends over at Bleeding Yankee Blue have a good article and I wanted to pass it along. Please give it a read:

Let’s face it, the San Francisco Giants can sit there and respond to media reports that Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain (Read HERE) are untouchable and insist they not leaving the San Francisco Giants all they want, but the reality is, the Giants would love to have someone like Jesus Montero and the Yankees need a real stud to get the rotation in order following CC Sabathia. I mean, why wouldn’t Tim Lincecum be available? Bottom line, everyone is touchable these days….everyone.

Jesus Montero wasn’t just showing the Yankees and the fans what type of hitter he was in September, he was auditioning, whether he knew it or not is another story. Every team needs hitting and every team needs pitching and right now, in a full hitting Yankee roster, it would make sense for the Yankees to unload a young hitter for a Freak like Tim Lincecum, especially if they can. Yes, Brian Cashman has always stated that the Yankee kids are untouchable, but we all know that when it comes down to it, you really have to wonder just how strong that statement is…right? Cashman’s a liar and I love that about him. He doesn’t lie to be disrespectful to the fans, he does it to get the other teams’ GM’s off his trail. It’s brilliant actually. If Brian Cashman were to call up Brian Sabean right now and try to make a deal, a deal would be made, especially if the 2 saw a fit. Money may also have to be exchanged, other players may also need to be offered up, probably from the Yankees side, but ultimately, you cannot sit there and tell me that a deal WON’T get done. I’m telling you a deal CAN get done and I have a sneaking suspicion that a deal will get done. Now, I’m going to get comments suggesting I’m wrong, and that’s fine. 90% of these rumors are speculation and a source that usually doesn’t know butkus. I’m telling you, sometimes rumors stem from truth and while this one is out there lingering, I believe it could start to simmer on the hot stove.

Yes Yankee Fans, you can sit here and scream that dumping Montero would be the biggest mistake in our lives but let’s face facts… Can Jesus Montero pitch? Because with all the hitting we already have, you know and I know we could sacrifice him for a top pitcher. Bottom line, we don’t play for the future, we play for now, and if a Freak like Lincecum falls in your lap, or at least dangled in front of you, you try and take him and you give whatever you can, within reason, to get him.

Yes, it’s hard to part with such a talent like Jesus Montero, hell, I love watching him hit, and I have always said I’d hate to give Montero up, but Lord knows Montero’s biggest downside is he can’t catch and if the Giants can better utilize him and a handful of other youngsters for a star like Lincecum, there is nothing wrong with rolling the dice on that. In the end, both the Yankees and Giants win. Hell, this the off season; I’ve heard crazier trade proposals and I’ve heard crazier free agent signings in all my years of reading about baseball… remember last year? Remember Jayson Werth and Carl Crawford’s deals? Those deals were nuts, they make this idea of a Lincecum for Montero trade perfectly normal and acceptable.

This trade may be the greatest trade of the decade, especially if both Lincecum and Montero could perform in opposite leagues. Lincecum may just be what the Yankees need right now and it may give a kid like Jesus Montero a new beginning to be one of the biggest hitters of his generation. That’s my opinion at least, what’s yours?


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