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Good evening everybody.

Let’s recap today’s events:

— The Yankees and Brett Gardner avoided arbitration and settled on a $2.8MM salary in 2012 – the mid-point between his asking price and the Yankees’ offer.

— Via Mark Hale, Jorge Posada will announce his retirement at a press conference on Tuesday of next week.

— The Yanks lost a very plausible DH option in Carlos Peña today, as the slugging lefty signed with the Rays for 1 year at $7.25MM.

Although it would have been nice for the Yankees to sign Peña, he may have taken a bit of a discount to return to the Rays organization. I don’t really think that the Yankees would have been willing to spend much closer to the $10MM mark. There are still options though, as players like Wilson Betemit and Johnny Damon are free agent possibilities.

Here’s your open thread. Enjoy the night.

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Morning Bits: Posada, Trenton Thunder, Cashman

Good morning as the Yankees meet to discuss their payroll among other things news could break any day with a deal.  Stay right here with us as we will give you the latest details.

Now on to the links….

* Bryan Hoch writes about how Posada left an incredible impression in the Bronx.

* Ticket packages for the Trenton Thunder go on sale today.  Looking at the prices you can buy a full season plan for less than one of the expensive one game tickets at Yankee Stadium.

* Cashaman and Theo Epstein are going to be together to talk baseball at Sacred Heart University on Jan. 31st.  Tickets for the event are $35.

Spanning the Yankee Blogs: Posada, Hamels, HOF, Hughes

Lot’s of topics among the many Yankee blogs, so let’s get right into it…..

* An A-Blog for A-Rod has their take on Jorge Posada’s retirement.

* Bleeding Yankee Blue has their thoughts on why waiting for Hamels is the right move.

* New York Baseball Digest says it’s time to hold writers more accountable for their HOF vote.

* Pinstripe Alley talks about Manny Ramirez in pinstripes.

* River Ave Blues scouts Phil Hughes.

* Road to Yankee Stadium has Mason Williams as their #5 Top Prospect.

* The Yankee Analysts have their expectations for Montero in 2012.

* Yanks Go Yard predicts Sabathia’s 2012 season.

Morning Bits: Posada, Low risk options, Bernie Williams

It’s Tuesday of a long week- away we go with the links….

* The Yankees will survive Posada’s departure.

* Is Posada worthy of the hall of fame?

* Articles like this make me cringe. Low-Risk options remain for the Yankees.

* Discouraging start for Bernie Williams Hall of Fame prospect.

Morning Bits: Posada, Mariano

Good morning all.  New week and mostly likely more news to come this week with what the Yankee are going to do with the bench or maybe pitching.  Keep it here for all the latest.

Let’s get right to the links….

* The New York Post says it was the right decision for Posada to retire.

* Mariano is making progress after his throat surgery.

Morning Bits: Posada, Cashman, Andy Carey

It’s Sunday and for those in the New York Metro area a big day with the Giants playing today.   News yesterday of Posada retiring not that would of mattered to the current team but it’s still news anyway.

Let’s get right to the links….

* Posada is going to retire and we have lots of articles about that.

* AL East clubs ready to roll after a quiet off-season.

* Cashman says he is still interested in acquiring a starter and bench help.

* In sad news Andy Carey, Third Baseman for the 1950 Yankees, dies at 80.

Jorge Posada will retire after 17 seasons with Yankees

Jorge Posada will retire after 17 seasons with Yankees

By Delia E.

After 17 seasons in pinstripes, Jorge Posada has decided to retire. Jorge will make the announcement official within the next 2 weeks. It was previously reported that Posada might continue playing in 2012, but that has changed. He has hit a career .275 AVG with 275 HR & 5 All-Star nominations. He was drafted by the Yankees in the 1990 draft in the 24th round.

Morning Bits: Kuroda, Change of times, Posada, Milestones

Morning all it’s already midweek.  Slow week so far with baseball news but that’s the norm during this week.

Let’s get right to the links….

* Are the Yankees bluffing on Kuroda?

* Yankees end days of splurging on talent.

* Phillies among teams talking to Posada.

* Milestones dot the Yankees 2011 campaign.

REPORT: Tampa Bay Rays are interested in Jorge Posada

REPORT: Tampa Bay Rays Are Interested in Jorge Posada

By Delia E.

Everyone knows that Posada isn’t coming back to the Yankees, but that doesn’t mean that Posada is done playing. According to & NBCSports, it is reported that the Tampa Bay Rays are interested in inking a contract with the 40 year-old veteran who has played 15 years with the Yankees. The Rays view Posada as a DH, backup catcher & a 1st baseman although Posada would only be an emergency catcher.

Posada has also had discussions with teams such as the Baltimore Orioles & the Philadelphia Phillies according to his father.

Posada News….

Posada News….

by Matt S.

Jon Heyman of reports that Jorge Posada would like to continue playing in 2012 and his preference would be to sign with the Marlins.

Posada lives in Miami and at this point in his career would probably be fine with being a backup, so there could be a fit. The Marlins have Brett Hayes to back up John Buck, but they might value Posada’s leadership and ability to also fill in at first base. He’d have to be reasonable about his salary expectations, though.

Yankee News on Mariano and Posada

Yankee News on Mariano and Posada

by Matt S.

Mariano Rivera will undergo surgery Friday to remove polyps from his vocal cords.

He is expected to need a couple of weeks of recovery time, including one without speaking, but it shouldn’t have any impact on his availability for spring training. The 42-year-old posted a 1.91 ERA, 44 saves and a 60/9 K/BB ratio over 61 1/3 innings this season and should be one of the top closers off the board again in 2012.

According to Ken Rosenthal of, Jorge Posada’s agent Seth Levinson denied a report that he has reached out to the Mets.

“There is no truth to that report, said Levinson. None.” It doesn’t make much sense, anyway, as Posada would be of little use to a National League team, especially one who is in search of a defensive-minded backstop. The 40-year-old appears determined to continue his playing career, but he may have a hard time finding a guaranteed major-league deal.

Yankees Mailbag: Part 2

Good afternoon, and here is the second part of this weekend mailbag. Thank you to those who asked us their questions, and please continue to send them in!

Brian Cashman has explored trade possibilities the first time around, and is not overly enthused by the prices at the moment.

@NataliaYank25 asked:
Cashman said he’s talking with other teams about trade possibilities. Who do you think they can trade for?

You can never really tell the full extents of who’s available and who’s not available in the trade market. However, there are plenty of rumors. Some trade possibilities Cashman may be talking about could be for White Sox pitcher John Danks or Oakland lefty Gio Gonzalez. There have been the brief mentions of the Braves possibly shopping Jair Jurrjens, but not at the price the Yankees are looking for. In addition, there’s been some speculation that the Phillies may look to see what they can get for Cole Hamels, who will be in his final year of his contract; but a trade for him would be of huge cost. Beyond what I listed above, you can list other names, but really out of speculation, no real substance. I think there are definitely options out there for Brian Cashman to make a trade, if he wants to. Right now, he’s simply letting the market settle, waiting for the prices to drop.

@Kimtheluck asked:
Are they going to resign Russell Martin? If yes when are we going to know it?

To which @NataliaYank25 replied:
Do they need to sign him? He’s under team control.

Russell Martin is arbitration-eligible for the fourth time this winter as a Super Two player. In simpler words, Martin will either be offered a new contract, or he will not be offered a new contract by the Yankees. Cashman absolutely wants to retain him, and if (more like when) they do, it will be somewhere around or a bit north of $6MM in arbitration. The free agent arbitration offer deadline is actually pretty soon – at midnight on November 23. Then, the deadline to accept those offers is on December 7, so you’ll know whether Russell will be back next year (for sure) sometime very soon. But don’t worry, I’m willing bet a boatload of money that Martin will be donning pinstripes again next year.

@Kimtheluck asked:
Is there any chance the Yankees will give a new contract to Jorge Posada?

I’d say there’s a 0.01% chance Jorge Posada will be offered a contract by the Yankees. He has already publicly said he will most likely not be returning to the team next year. There’s simply no place for him on the Yankees, and Jorge knows that. His two options will be to hang it up and retire, or to put on a different uniform than that of the Yankees.


That’s it for the Yankees Mailbag: Part 2. A reminder that if you have a question you’d like to ask for next weekend’s mailbag, either email me at or contact us on Twitter at @yankeefansunite. Have a great rest of the day.

Morning Bits: Ramos, Montero, A-Rod, Posada

Good morning all. Here are your links:

— Nationals’ catcher, Wilson Ramos has been rescued and returned safely.

— Jesus Montero, who lives about 10 minutes away from Ramos, talks about the impact the traumatic event had on him.

— Alex Rodriguez is determined to rebound next year for the Yankees. He called last year “close to embarassing” and “the worst year of my (his) career”.

— Former Yankees’ catcher, Jorge Posada will set his focus on his charitable foundation this winter.

Joe Girardi press conference: Sabathia, Posada, Montero and pitching

Joe Girardi press conference: Sabathia, Posada, Montero and pitching

By Delia E.

Joe Girardi hasn’t spoken in a press conference since the end of the 2011 season, but he finally spoke to them this morning at Yankee Stadium. He didn’t give any news, but he gave his thoughts on certain players such as CC Sabathia, Jorge Posada, Jesus Montero & finding starting pitching. Here is what Girardi had to say on each subject.

On finding starting pitching: “I think we will try to add some (pitching) depth like we did last year. This is an organization that feels like you never have enough pitching, and that’s the way we approached it last year. The way I look at it, it takes two people. It takes our organization, and it also takes a player wanting to come here and this being the right fit for him. I’m sure were going to be active, but it also takes two. I know we have great things to offer here, I do know that, and I think the players that have come here have been very happy.”

On re-signing CC Sabathia: “Obviously he had the right to opt out in his contract. I felt that, what he has done here in the first three years, and his love for this team, I always thought he would be a Yankee, that something would be worked out. I’m glad I was right. I didn’t want to imagine life without CC.”

On Jorge Posada: “It’s hard to imagine him in another uniform, but it’s the desires of the heart if he wants to continue to play and there’s not a spot here, I would encourage him to do it because as a player, I think you have to make sure that all of that is out there for you before you decide to retire.”

On replacing Jorge Posada: “Our DH is something that might be a rotating DH a little bit next year. I’m not sure. You’ve kind of  got to see how things shake out as we get into December and January.”

On using Jesus Montero next season: “We believe that this kid has a lot of talent. He’s a work in progress. He’s got great bat speed, and we think he’s going to be able to provide some offense for us. You’ve got to see how a young player does and how he approaches spring training, comes into spring training and does his job. We see him as a guy that can do some different things for us. You think about how old he is, we’ve heard about Montero for so long, I think we all think he’s about 24 or 25 years old. He’s a baby, and there’s going to be some growing pains as you go through with him, but I think the kid is extremely hungry, I think he’s talented, and I think he can help us.”

On Jorge Posada’s Hall of Fame chances: “I think he has a very good chance, I do. When you look at the catchers over the last 15 years, Jorge has been one of the most dominant catchers.”

On A.J Burnett: “You look at the game that he pitched in the playoffs for us and you try to feed off of that. To me it’s just trying to shorten (the amount of time) when he does go in a little rut.”

Joe Girardi also says he could see Hector Noesi as a rotation option next year and metioned David Phelps, Adam Warren, D.J Mitchell, Manny Banuelos and Dellin Betances as pitchers that could compete for a rotation spot if neccesary. “If we need one spot, the they are all going to compete for a spot.” Girardi said.

Also, Joe Girardi said that the Yankees have not finished signing on the coaching staff. When asked if everyone will be back next year, he replied “I think our guys did a great job last year.”

Girardi has seen the Yoenis Cespedes viral scouting video. When asked to comment on that, Girardi said, “Obviously he’s a very impressive athlete.”

Girardi admits that he did not see every inning of the 2011 World Series since he was spending time with his family, but he did remember watching Game 6 where the Cardinals mounted a comeback and forced a Game 7. “I’m happy for Tony LaRussa, for what he means to this game.” Girardi mentioned. “I had a chance to play under him for one year-unfortunately I was hurt a lot of the year-but I was impressed with what he did and loved to pick his brain. I’m really happy for him.”

Morning Bits: Buehrle, Posada, Spring Training

Good morning all. Here are your links:

In the opinion of Jeff Bradley of the Star-Ledger, Mark Buehrle could enhance the Yankees’ rotation, as Jimmy Key did in the 90s.

— Joe Torre and David Cone talked about Jorge Posada’s career as a Yankees. Torre said he thought Posada was Hall of Fame-worthy.

As you know, the Yankees’ Spring Training schedule was released yesterday. Click this link to see the official press release.

Have a great Friday.

A Letter To Jorge Posada

Dear Jorge Posada,

You made us laugh, you made us cry but in the end you were always there for us when we needed you. When we entered the Great Hall in Yankee Stadium heading to our seats we always saw you either chatting up Derek Jeter or you were in your catchers gear warming up for the game ahead. We will forever miss chanting “Hip Hip Jorge” in the stands when you came to bat, and we will miss John Sterling’s homerun call for you whenever you hit one into the seats (Jorgie Juiced One).

Everyone has that one special fond memory of you but the memory that I have is so special that it could never be replaced in my heart. On August 13, 2011 I was lucky enough to get tickets to a Yankees game; it had also happened to be my birthday. I remembered that morning before the game hoping that Joe Girardi would put you in the lineup. When he put you in the lineup I had a feeling that it was going to be an amazing day, but that’s not the memory. I remembered being glued to my seat when the bases were loaded you were at the plate. There was tension throughout the stadium hoping that the runners would not become stranded. You did not disappoint us. One swing of the bat and the ball went bye bye into the seats. I had never seen a grand slam in person, but watching it on my birthday was incredible! It was the single most amazing thing that I have ever seen. You capped a 6 RBI day and made my birthday the best birthday ever.

A moment that I had shared with Yankees fans was watching you catch for the first time in 2011 since you became a full time DH. It was unfortunate for Russell Martin to become injured, but when you walked behind the plate in catchers gear there was not a dry eye in the house.

We are forever honored by the presence you brought to the stadium and to the clubhouse. You are an icon to us and no matter what you decide, no matter what you do; you will forever be a Yankee.

We love you and good luck Jorge on your journey ahead!


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